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Pokemon Fan Games, Top 40 Free Pokemon Fan Made Games

Top 40 Pokemon Fan Games – Play the Variety of Fun Pokemon Games Made by Fans for the Fans.

Pokemon is one of the most well-known brand in the video gaming world.

If you own a Nintendo console, chances are you have played at least 1 or 2 Pokemon games.

The good thing about these games is that they usually offer endless re-playability, and there are usually new creatures being introduced in each new game.

But, you can also find plenty of fan games that are created around this popular brand.

These fan-made games are available in various platforms, and they offer different stories and features that are usually quite interesting when you compare them with the official releases.

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Best Pokemon Fan Games Listed

Here are the top 40 Pokemon fan games made by the fans for the fans:

Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum is the ROM hack version of the Ruby Version, which features plenty of changes and additions that will make this one of the best fan-made Pokemon games available.

Pokemon Light Platinum

You can play this game on the Gameboy Advance platform

It is available in English and Brazilian languages.

With this game, you can see various changes, such as a new region, new tiles, new events, a new final event, and more.


• You can find new final event, which is Pokemon World Championship.

• You can play this game with the GBA emulator.

• You can catch all Legendary Pokemon.

• You can explore the new region called ZHERY.

• You can catch the Pokemon from all regions.

Pokemon Insurgence – Pokemon Fan Games

Pokemon Insurgence is a fan-made game that allows you to experience the world of Pokemon better, whether you are a casual player or a hardcore player.

Pokemon Fan Games

With this game, you can also access the online features and connect with other players worldwide.

You can play this game both on Windows and Mac operating systems.

You can find various features in this game, such as a new story and region, delta species, new mega evolutions, and much more.


• You can see various new things, such as new mega evolutions, delta species, a new story, a new region, and more.

• Online mode is available for you to connect with other players worldwide.

• There are various difficulties to choose from.

• You can customize your character with various options.

• Your Pokemon can wear armors to increase their defense points.

Pokemon Godra: Remastered Version

Pokemon Godra: Remastered Version is the remastered version of Godra that was made by a fan.

Pokemon Godra Remastered Version

The difference in the remastered version is that it uses the graphics similar to the one available for the Nintendo DS.

This game uses the RPG Maker software for most of the remastered work.

Although there might still be some bugs, it is a great remastered version for the basic Godra release, with new features and enhancements.


• The graphics are updated to resemble the style of the Diamond and Pearl version.

• It has finished the latter half portion of East Godra.

• After beating the Elite Four, you can go to other regions and battle the gym leaders there.

• It uses the Luka SJ’s Elite Battle System.

• The number of starter Pokemon available is 216.

This is by far one of the best Pokemon fan games.

Download Link

Pokemon Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash Gray is the fan-made Pokemon game that tries to bring back the original story of Pokemon anime series where Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist with his trusted Pokemon, Pikachu.

Pokemon Fan Games

You can play this game to follow the adventure of Ash Ketchum to catch all Pokemon throughout the regions.

The story follows closely with the story told in the original anime series.


• It brings the original protagonist of the anime series, Ash Ketchum, in this game.

• The game follows the original story of the anime series.

• This game features the story of the anime series up to episode 50.

• Various events are available in this game.

• You can play this game online via your web browser.

Pokemon Dark Rising & Kaizo Version

Pokemon Dark Rising & Kaizo Version is the fan-made game that allows you to play a new and exciting tale in the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon Fan Games

It has great game designs and other features that are worth to play, whether you are a new or seasoned Pokemonplayer.

In this game, you will embark on an adventure to save the world with your Pokemon partner, starting in the Core Region.

This game is based on the hack of Pokemon FireRed.


• If offers beautiful game designs and an exciting storyline.

• You can find a total of 386 Pokemon in this game.

• You can win 8 badges in total from the gym leaders in this game, each with a different signature.

• You can see some newer generation moves in this game.

• You can play this game on your GBA emulator.

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-based Pokemon game made with RPG Maker, which you can play on Microsoft Windows and Mac.

Pokemon Uranium

The development of this game takes about 9 years from 2007 to 2016.

In this game, you will be able to explore the new region called Tandor, with more than 150 new Pokemon that you can catch throughout the game.

Despite having a legal problem with Nintendo, this game is still available online to this day.


• You can catch more than 150 custom-made Pokemonthroughout the game.

• You will explore the never-before-seen region called Tandor.

• You can play this game on Windows and Mac.

• You can access the online battling and trading in this game.

• It is made with RPG Maker engine for Windows XP.

Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is a fan-made game based on PokemonEmerald.

Pokemon Fan Games

In this game, you can explore the new region called Reborn City, which is a crumbling city in need of a true hero.

You will play as the true hero that will reclaim the glory of Reborn City.

This game features various Pokemon that are available through Generation 7, with the total of 807 different Pokemon that you can catch.

You will also need to battle the 18 gym leaders in this game to reclaim the glory of the Reborn City.


• A total of 807 Pokemon creatures are available for you to catch and train.

• It features the field effect system that affects your battles.

• You can battle 18 gym leaders in this game.

• You can choose from among 21 Pokemon as starters.

• You can do online battling and trading.

Pokemon 3D

Pokemon 3D is a fan-based game that is trying to combine the elements from Minecraft and Pokemon series.

Pokemon 3D

It is mainly based on Pokemon Gold and Silver version, featuring the 3D viewpoint from the trainer’s point of view.

This game features all generations and regions of Pokemon, and it aims to bring as much nostalgia for the players as possible.

With the 3D environment, it also brings a new experience in the gameplay elements.


• You can find all generations of Pokemon in this game.

• You can find all regions in this game.

• This game brings a new gameplay experience with its 3D environment.

• It is available for Windows operating system.

• It is based on Pokemon Gold and Silver Version.


Pokemon SPECTRUM is a fan-made game created with Essentials and other resources, featuring more than 100 Pokemon that you can find throughout the game.

Pokemon Fan Games

In this game, you will explore the new region, starting from a small town called Lildune.

This game allows you to beat 3 gym leaders, and you can also learn about various myths revolving around various Pokemon in this game.

Your goal is to be the top trainer by defeating all the gym leaders.


• You can explore a new region in this game.

• You can beat 3 gym leaders and find more than 100 Pokemon.

• It features the trainer customization and animated sprites.

• The shiny rate has also been increased to provide better graphics.

• It is made with Essentials, RPG Maker, and other resources.

Pokemon Island

Pokemon Island is a fan-made game that is based on the official games released on the GBA/NDS, with some differences.

Pokemon Island

In this game, you will be able to play the game in a more linear gameplay, albeit there are still many challenges that you need to face throughout the game.

It takes place on the fictional Pokemon Island, which is an island inhabited mostly with Pokemon.

However, because of the existence of Mew on this island, it has become an island full of trainers looking to catch Mew.


• There are no gyms and gym leaders, but you can find the Colosseum instead.

• More than 600 Pokemon are available for you to catch.

• You can choose from among 8 different characters.

• It uses the graphics from Generation 3.

• A different linear gameplay is introduced in this game.

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Pokemon Apex

Pokemon Apex is the Pokemon fan game unlike any other.

Pokemon Fan Games

It is created with a more mature storyline geared towards mature players.

Some languages featured in this game might not be suitable for children.

This game is made using the Essentials framework from RPG Maker XP, and it is currently still undergoing development.

However, you can easily play this game by downloading it from the official website, although various aspects of the game might be changed later.


• It features a more mature storyline suitable for mature Pokemon fans.

• It features a more difficult gameplay suitable for the mature players.

• It has improved moves and custom character sprites.

• You can play the side-quests aside from the main storyline.

• It has custom tile sets and audio.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a custom Pokemon game that is created based on Pokemon Fusion Generator.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

The main feature offered in this game is the DNA Splicer, which was available on the Black and White 2, which allows you to combine 2 different Pokemon into a new Pokemon.

It provides thousands of possible combinations for different Pokemon.


• You can combine two different Pokemon into a new one.

• The graphics are inspired by Generation 4 and 5.

• You can find 25 legendary Pokemon to catch in this game.

• You can complete more than 30 side-quests.

• You can obtain 16 badges from different gym leaders in this game.

Pokemon Sage

Pokemon Sage is a fan-made Pokemon game that revolves around the land of Urobos, which is full of mysteries for you to solve.

Pokemon Sage

You can also find many friends and fellow trainers in this region.

The land of Urobos is created based on the land of Latin America, including its history and culture.

You can catch and evolve hundreds of Pokemon in this game.


• It is closely based on Latin America’s history and culture.

• You can solve various mysteries in the land of Urobos.

• You can catch 200 new Pokemon in this game.

• Your goal is to become Urobos League Champion.

• Lots of friends, fellow trainers, and locales to meet in this game.

Download Link

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is a Pokemon RPG made by fans, which is created in the episodic format.

Pokemon Fan Games

It is built with RPG Maker XP and the Essentials engine.

It features the traditional role-playing theme and many other additional features not found in the typical official Pokemon games.

This game is set in the region of Hawthorne where you will begin your adventure to become the Pokemon master.

It is free to download.


• It is an RPG made by fans released in the episodic format.

• It will always be free to download and free to play.

• The Episode One is available as a demo for this game.

• Your choices matter in this game, and they will affect your story.

• You can enjoy new mega evolutions and forms.

This is considered to be one of the best Pokemon fan games.

Pokemon Empyrean

Pokemon Empyrean is a fan-made Pokemon game spin-off that takes place in the region called Omuran.

Pokemon Fan Games

Your goal in this game is to become the best Pokemon trainer and rescue your father after having kidnapped by an evil group.

In this game, your father was the one who has defeated this group in the past, but the leftovers of the group managed to capture him when you were in vacation with your father.


• It offers a fascinating storyline to explore.

• It can be played on Windows as well as Mac (using the Windows Emulator).

• There is the in-game cheat system available for you to activate.

• You can trade your Pokemon offline.

• You can enter the Pokemon League in the latest beta release.

Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark

Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark is the fan-made game that allows you to explore the region known as Rikoto.

You will embark on an adventure to become the best Pokemon trainer.

To achieve this goal, you have to defeat the gym leaders around this region and obtain all the eight badges from them.

After that, you will be required to enter the Pokemon League to battle with The Champion.


• You can find more than 300 new custom-made Pokemon in this game.

• You can explore the new regions in this game.

• You can enjoy a good storyline along with good graphics in this game.

• You can perform Mega Evolution for your Pokemon.

• The game is made with RPG Maker XP software.

Pokemon Rejuvenation

Pokemon Rejuvenation is the game that allows you to defeat lots of trainers in the Aevium region, with a nice story in your adventure.

It is a fan-made game that gives you the graphics from Generation 3 Pokemon games, but with the content availability through the Generation 7.

In this game, you will need to save the region of Aevium from the domination of the evil organization called Team Xen.


• It offers a nice storyline that tells the story about your quest to defeat the evil Team Xen.

• It features the graphics from Generation 3.

• It features the content from all generations up to Generation 7.

• You can find more than 800 Pokemon in this game.

• There are 18 gyms and 8 elite members in this game.

Pokemon Mega Adventure

Pokemon Mega Adventure is a fan-made Pokemon game that offers a regular storyline typical of various official releases, but with lots of new features added.

You are the boy that will need to embark on a journey to become the Champion in the region which is the Akito region.

You will have to choose between three starter Pokemon, which are Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Then, you can start your adventure to become the best Pokemon trainer.


• You will find three familiar starter Pokemon in this game.

• You can obtain Mega Stones to perform Mega Evolution for your Pokemon.

• More than 700 different Pokemon can be found in this game.

• There are Mystery Gifts available in this game.

• You can give Pixie Stone for Eevee.

Pokemon Floral Tempus

Pokemon Floral Tempus is a fan-made game taking place in the region of Rialtra, where the crime rates are rising rapidly.

The main character, which is you, is just ready to embark on an adventure in this region.

You came from Greenleaf Orphanage, getting ready to become the Pokemon master in this region.

At the same time, you need to get rid of the source of problems in the Rialtra Region and uncover its secrets.

This is the fan-made Pokemon game that offers an original storyline and various other features.


• You can uncover the original storyline around the Rialtra Region, which is geared toward more mature players.

• It uses the Elite Battle System and B/W Repel System.

• You can find new shiny Pokemon and new Pokemon forms in this game.

• You can join the Pokemon Rangers group to get some rare items in this game.

• You can perform Mega Evolution.

Pokemon Shiny Gold

Pokemon Shiny Gold is a fan game based on the Pokemon Gold Version.

It aims to add more colorful graphics to the original game, as well as a new gameplay style and various other features.

In this game, you will be able to explore the Johto region in the more beautiful graphics and more challenging battles.

As usual, your goal is to become the greatest Pokemontrainer in this region.


• It revamps the graphics of the original Pokemon Gold released on the GBA system.

• You can find some new places and new areas in this game.

• You can have a bigger Pokédex.

• It adds new gameplay elements not available in the original game.

• You can find new puzzles and new moves.

Pokemon Black Cinder

Pokemon Black Cinder puts you in an adventure as Sez, which is someone being sent in his first mission to investigate a strange fog phenomenon that causes the communications in the country of Artenia to be disrupted.

This once peaceful country was disrupted by a group of strange people that caused the havoc in the country, forcing you to start your journey to solve this problem.

You can find various starter Pokemon in this game.


• You can choose the starter Pokemon from the forest, mountain, and beach.

• The starter Pokemon you will see will be different based on the time of day.

• The starter Pokemon you will see will also be different based on whether you will be willing to spend money or not.

• It offers a good and original storyline.

• It offers quite a short gameplay.

Pokemon Zeta/Omicron

Pokemon Zeta/Omicron is a fan-made Pokemon game made with the RPG Maker XP software, which allows you to play it directly on your Windows OS without using any emulator.

It features more than 600 Pokemon creatures that are available up to Generation 5.

It gives you a long playthrough if you follow the story from start to finish, which is about 80 hours.

This game is nearly complete, and it is currently in the public beta phase.


• You can play this game directly on Windows without any emulator.

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• It features 649 Pokemon taken from the first to the fifth generation.

• There are also Mega Evolution and XY Pokemon available.

• You can explore two full regions in this game.

• It has a complete storyline with 80-hour approximate play time.

Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown is the game that you should play if you enjoy battling your Pokemon with others.

It is a battle simulation for Pokemon that you can play online, which you can customize based on your own preferences.

You can either battle with random team or you can customize your enemy for your own in this game.

Aside from allowing you to play this game on your browser, you can also install it on your Windows machine.


• You can battle other Pokemon teams online.

• You can choose whether to battle random team or customize your own battle.

• It has full animation to make each battle exciting.

• You can install this game on your Windows operating system.

• You can choose from among various Pokemon to battle with.

Pokemon Planet

If you love playing MMORPG and Pokemon at the same time, Pokemon Planet is the perfect game for you.

It is a fan-made Pokemon MMORPG that you can play online with other players.

It is free to play, and you can explore various big areas within the game to catch various Pokemon available throughout the game.

You can play and interact with friends in this game, just like any regular MMORPG.


• There is absolutely no money that you need to spend to play this game.

• You can play with friends online.

• You can explore massive areas in this game.

• You can find plenty of Pokemon throughout the game as you embark on your adventure.

• You can catch, train, and evolve your Pokemon and become the strongest trainer in the world.

Pokemon Reborn Dusk Edition

Pokemon Reborn Dusk Edition is an online Pokemon RPG that allows you to play this game with friends from all over the world.

It is the MMORPG that you need to play if you are a fan of Pokemon series.

As a fan-made game, it offers plenty of features not commonly available in the official release of Pokemon games.

You can do many things in this game, and you can play it for free forever.


• This MMORPG is free to play.

• You can explore various mysterious areas in this game.

• You can catch various Pokemon and train or evolve them.

• You can play with friends from all over the world.

• The world is keep on being expanded, and it is a never-ending MMORPG that you can enjoy in any way you want.

Pokemon MMO 3D

Pokemon MMO 3D is a 3D fan-made Pokemon online game that you can play just like any other MMO games.

In this game, you can explore the game world that is presented in 3D graphics, along with the Pokemon, trainers, and other characters.

You can play with anyone from around the world as you catch each Pokemon and explore each area in this game.

The game world is always expanding, and this game is free to play for everyone.


• It offers a vast world that you can explore together with your friends online.

• You can find a different Pokemon experience since this game is presented in 3D graphics.

• This game is completely free to play.

• This game has real-time battles that allow you to experience a dynamic gameplay.

• This game includes various arts and creations from fans of Pokemon series.

UnovaRPG Pokemon Online

Pokemon Online Game from UnovaRPG allows you to play online with friends and catch as many Pokemon as you can throughout the game world.

This game was previously called Pokemon Indigo, and it currently has more than 1,000,000 players worldwide.

In this game, you can catch various Pokemon from all generations, and you can battle your Pokemonwith other trainers from all around the world.


• It is an MMORPG that you can play with anyone from all around the world.

• All generations of Pokemon are available to catch, train, and battle.

• There are millions of players worldwide.

• You can play this game online without the need to download any software.

• There are more than 800 Pokemon to find in this game.

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends is a fan-made Pokemon game based on Pokemon Ruby, which is available for the GBA system.

In order to play this game, you need to download the hacked ROM and play it either on a real GBA console or via a GBA emulator on Windows or any other platforms.

In this game, you can explore the region called GENTO with four main islands to visit.

There’s a new story and various new Pokemon added from the original Ruby Version.


• This ROM hack is made based on the Ruby Version on the Gameboy Advance console.

• You can enjoy a new story and various new events in this game.

• You can also explore a new region called GENTO in this game.

• It includes special Pokemon, which are Shadow Lugia and Baby Lugia.

• There are new tiles and new evil groups.

PokéMMO – Pokemon Fan Games

PokéMMO is an MMORPG Pokemon fan-made game that allows you to play with other players online worldwide.

In this game, there are 3 different regions that you can explore, and you can also find Pokemon from various generations being featured in this game.

You need to register and download the game in order to play it online with your friends. It is a fun online multiplayer game to play.


• There are 3 regions that you can explore in this game.

• There are various generations of Pokemon that you can catch, train, evolve, and battle.

• You can play this game for free with other players worldwide.

• You can fight against other players online.

• The game is downloadable.

Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Pokemon Advanced Adventure is a fan-made Pokemon game based on the LeafGreen Version in the official release.

This game can be played on the GBA system or a GBA emulator on your device. In this game, you will play as a child from the poorest family in your town, which has a dream to become a Pokemon master.

You will be able to embark on an adventure to achieve your dream by exploring a new region and catching various different Pokemon creatures throughout the game.


• You can find Generation 5 Pokemon in this game.

• This game is based on the LeafGreen Version and can be played on the GBA emulator.

• You can explore a new region with the post-game storyline.

• You can see new Pokemon sprites and new tiles in this game.

• You can catch all Pokemon in this game with no trade evolutions.

Pokemon Clockwork

Pokemon Clockwork is a fan-made Pokemon game that allows you to explore the region of Rosari.

You need to save this region in time, or else, you will need to be clocked out.

In this region, there is the Team Epsilon that is full of secrets, and you have to discover their secrets in order to reveal the bigger mysteries of this world.

The story of the game revolves around the Pokemoncalled Celebi, which is a mythical Pokemon that needs to be uncovered in order to save the region of Rosari.


• It features the Pokemon taken from the first-gen to the fourth-gen.

• There is a quest system and day/night system in this game.

• You can travel throughout the time in the past or the present.

• It features the dynamic battle system and new moves.

• It has an interesting story to uncover.

Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism is a game that is made based on the Crystal Version of the official release, allowing you to embark on a new adventure with a new storyline to uncover.

There are new areas to explore with many new challenges that you need to overcome in this game.

This game offers features that are not available in Pokemon Crystal, allowing you to control the team members directly.


• It has a new storyline with a unique story-telling style that you can enjoy.

• You can play as your Pokemon, directly controlling your team members.

• You can customize your trainer in this game.

• You can discover new Pokemon creatures and explore new regions.

• There are various challenges with new trainers and gym leaders to battle.

Pokemon Snakewood

Pokemon Snakewood is the ROM hack from Pokemon Ruby Version.

This game tells a story of you as someone who has lost your memory, waking up in the region of Hoenn only to find out that the region has been attacked by swarms of zombies.

In this game, your story is to embark on an adventure that will save the world of Hoenn from the zombie attacks.

Of course, you will battle those zombies with your Pokemon.


• It offers a unique apocalyptic story in the Pokemonuniverse, with a darker plot.

• The zombies are actually the zombie version of various Pokemon creatures.

• The difficulty level is increased when compared to the original Ruby Version.

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• It offers new scripts, worlds, and sprites.

• There are various custom-made Pokemon added.

Pokemon: Adventures in Aloma

Pokemon: Adventures in Aloma tells a story of a new trainer that has risen to embark on his adventure to become a Pokemonmaster.

You will need to defeat the gym leaders around the Aloma region in order to be the best trainer in the world.

Also, if you can complete your Pokédex, you will face an additional battle with a character named Leon.

This game is all about how you can get around the Aloma region and go through your way to the top.


• You can catch some legendary Pokemon in this game.

• There are also various Master Balls that you can obtain in this game.

• You can enter the Pokemon World Tournament.

• You can catch all Pokemon and put them in your Pokédex to unlock new battles with rival trainers.

• It offers challenging battles with various gym leaders around the Aloma region.

Download Link

Pokemon Aster Violet

Pokemon Aster Violet is a fan-made Pokemon game created with RPG Maker XP, which you can play directly on Windows without any emulator.

It allows you to explore the isolated region called Koris and challenge the 8 gym leaders around this region to obtain your title as the Pokemon master.

The region itself is based on Iceland.

This game offers some exciting features that are not available in other fan-made Pokemongames.


• You can battle 8 gym leaders in this region, before battling the Elite Four and the champion of the region.

• There are many areas and towns to explore in this game.

• There are post-game contents that you can enjoy after completing the game.

• It features Pokemon from most available generations.

• You can use the synthetic evolution stones as many times as you want.

Pokemon Alchemist – Pokemon Fan Games

Pokemon Alchemist is a fan game made with the Essentials engine, which offers the combination of Generation 3 to Generation 5 elements.

It doesn’t include any custom-made Pokemon, so it only includes the creatures from the original series.

This game is in a completely finished state, so you can enjoy its storyline from start to finish without any problem.

You can play this game directly on your Windows computer.

It offers various additional content once you’ve completed the game, such as gyms, regions, plots, and so on.


• You can enjoy the fun storyline in this game, along with additional stories and plots that you can discover after the game completion.

• There are 12 episodes you can explore after completing this game.

• This game mixes various elements from Generation 3 to Generation 5 Pokemon series.

• There are also many side quests that you can complete in this game.

• There are more than 20 gyms that you can find in the five regions within the game.

Pokemon Castaway

Pokemon Castaway is a completed Pokemon fan-made project that you can play on your computer.

In this game, the protagonist crash-landed on the island called Bermada.

With you being one of the survivors, you are trying to find other survivors of the plane crash on this island.

This is your adventure to find your way back to your intended destination before you were crash landed, which is the Alola region.

It is a short Pokemonfan game that you can enjoy in about 6 hours of gameplay.


• You can find various Pokemon creatures that are picked from Generation 1 to Generation 7.

• It is a short game with a good storyline and a simple gameplay that you can enjoy quickly.

• You can find creative dialogues among the NPC in this game, making it even more fun to explore.

• You can find various puzzles and challenges that are spread throughout the game.

• There are some extra secrets and extra bosses that you can unlock in this game.

Pokemon Attack on Silph Co.

Pokemon Attack on Silph Co. is a fan game that is made with the Pokemon Essentials for RPG Maker XP, so that you can play this game directly on your Windows computer.

It tells a story of a young person who needs to fight his way through the Silph Company in Saffron City.

You are to defeat the criminal organization in the city with your ability as a Pokemon trainer.

This is a short game that can be completed in just 2 hours’ time.


• This game is a suitable fan game to play if you don’t want to waste too much time playing it.

• You can find various Pokemon from Generation 1 through Generation 4.

• It offers a storyline that is unique and rich, making your time playing this game worthwhile.

• You can use evolution stones throughout the game to unlock the various Pokemon evolutions.

• There is a hidden event that is available in this game, which you need to unlock.

Pokemon Ditto Edition

Pokemon Ditto Edition is the Pokemon fan game that allows you to play as Ditto, which is a Pokemon that can change into different Pokemon forms freely.

This game offers you two languages, which are English and French, and it can be played directly on your Windows computer.

It is made with the Essentials for RPG Maker XP, offering many unique features not available in most similar games.

It also has a more difficult gameplay than the other similar fan games available right now.


• Your Pokemon, Ditto, can transform into 40 different Pokemon freely.

• You can enjoy a good plot in this game, which also offers a good difficulty for most players.

• The sounds in this game come from various sources, making it interesting to play.

• You can interact with other characters in this game, and you can play as one Ditto among the 3 available Ditto.

• This game is offered in two different languages: English and French.

Pokemon Five Nights at Mt. Silver

Pokemon Five Nights at Mt. Silver is a fan-made game that allows you to explore the region of Mt. Silver as a Pokemontrainer.

You will find various challenges along the way, and you need to uncover various mysteries of this mountain as you walk on.

There are five floors full of challenging Pokemon that you need to battle to the top.

This game is in the completed state, and it is created using the RPG Maker VX software.

You can download this game and play it directly on your computer.


• It offers a slightly harder difficulty than your regular fan games.

• There are various challenging battles that you can face in this game, offering lots of fun gameplay experience.

• It offers a good story as you embark on an adventure at Mt. Silver as a Pokemon trainer.

• You can play this game directly on your Windows OS computer and Mac.

• Various mysteries are there for you to uncover in your journey.

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If you would like to play some of these Pokemon fan made games, you can simply take a look at this list, because it features 40 best Pokemon fan games that you can play right now.

Official Pokemon games can be found only on Nintendo consoles, but you can also enjoy other Pokemon-related media in the form of anime series, movies, merchandises, and others.

The Pokemon series has attracted millions and millions of players and fans worldwide throughout generations.

New official games are still being produced and released for the latest Nintendo console, which is Nintendo Switch.

These are the top 40 Pokemon fan games that you can play right away.

All of these games are available for free, and since these games usually have simple graphics, you can play them on almost any computer with low to medium specifications.

Also, some games are available to play via the browser, so you don’t need to download any software in order to enjoy it.

If you are a true Pokemon fan, you should try these fan-made games to discover many new experiences with this series.

These fan games usually include features that are not normally included in the original and official releases, such as the availability of Pokemon across different generations, new areas, new trainers, new gym leaders, and so on.

Some of these games even offer exciting storylines that you can enjoy for hours and hours, and there are various mysteries to complete within the gameplay as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Play these best Pokemon fan games right now!

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