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Sims 4 Legacy Challenges, 20 Great & Fun Sims 4 Challenges

Top 20 Sims 4 Legacy Challenges for 2020 – The Great and Fun Legacy Challenges in The Sims 4 You Can Play Today

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that keeps giving you the new gameplay experiences every time you play it.

Among the challenges available for this game, there are legacy challenges that will require you to control your sim characters throughout multiple generations.

Legacy challenges in The Sims 4 bring you lots of new gameplay experiences, as well as a longer time to enjoy this game.

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Our List Of The Best Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

Here are the top 20 great and fun Sims 4 legacy challenges that you can play today:

Sim Crossing

Sim Crossing is the challenge in The Sims 4 that is made to have a similar theme as the Animal Crossing series.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

This is a legacy challenge which requires you to control your sim characters throughout generations.

It can also be played with a single sim.

This challenge brings your character to live in a small town where you need to befriend other people, build the town, and do various things to complete the challenge.

Important Points:

  • Your goal is to rebuild the new town where you live.
  • You need to befriend your neighbors to build your relationship.
  • You need to fill the museum in the town with various collectibles.
  • You need to upgrade and decorate your house and make it worth 100,000 Simoleons.
  • You need to earn money by selling your own products, not by getting a job.

More Information

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a popular fantasy series from HBO where there are various houses or families trying to destroy one another to get to the highest throne.

Game of Thrones

This challenge will attempt to recreate the feel of Game of Thrones into your Sims 4 gameplay.

It will be carried over 10 generations.

Important Points:

  • You will need to create a different house for each generation, such as House Arryn for Generation 1 and House Targaryen for Generation 2.
  • You need to collect points by doing certain things in each generation.
  • The more points that you have accumulated across generations, the better.
  • The points can be earned by doing things like getting an insane trait, marrying a specific person, and so on.
  • You can also add the throne room to make it look and feel more like Game of Thrones.

More Information – Game of Thrones

10acy (Tenacy)

10acy is a cross-generational challenge in The Sims 4, where your goal is to complete the life aspirations of your sims by doing certain tasks, as well as following their whims and fulfilling their needs.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

For each action that you take and complete, you will earn certain points.

These points must add up to 10 points.

Important Points:

  • You need to keep your sims happy by fulfilling their needs and following their whims.
  • Each action earns you certain points, and you need to complete your sim’s aspirations by combining these points until they reach 10 points.
  • There are various generational goals that you can achieve.
  • There are various combinations for your career, relationship, and the number of children you can have.
  • Whims cannot be canceled except if you have completed 5 whims.


Generation is the legacy challenge that spans for 10 generations, which requires you to achieve certain objectives in each generation.


The objectives are to make each generation unique from the previous or subsequent generations.

You also need to endure when certain events happen in your sim’s life.

Important Points:

  • You can choose the gender for the generations to be female only, male only, alternating, or equals.
  • You can also choose the blood for the generations to be related by blood, foster only, or equals.
  • You can also choose the heir for the generations to be the firstborn, youngest, friendship, or pool.
  • Each generation has their own objectives that you need to complete before moving on to the next generation.
  • Each objective that you complete will give you some points.

Hurry Up

Hurry Up is the challenge that requires you to get married and produce children as quickly as possible.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

This challenge spans for many generations.

Your sims need to produce the next generations as quickly as possible and build your legacy in this way.

This is an improvement or modification of the Speed Legacy challenge available for The Sims 3.

Important Points:

  • The main rules still follow the Speed Legacy challenge from The Sims 3, whereby you need to create as many descendants as quickly as possible.
  • Your sims will need to have a short lifespan.
  • You can lengthen your age in any way.
  • You will earn scores if you complete your main aspiration, but you can change it to other aspirations.
  • You can’t move out other sims from your house, except if they die.
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I’m a Lover

Being quite a popular challenge in The Sims 3, I’m a Lover is getting reworked for The Sims 4 to provide you with a fresh new look in this game.

I’m a Lover

This is a challenge that requires you to explore your sim’s love life throughout generations.

Finding the true love is one big objective that you need to achieve.

Important Points:

  • You need to create a sim that has the romantic trait as the founder of the generations.
  • For each generation, you need to complete certain tasks or goals that will determine the love life for that generation.
  • You can play as a male or female sim with the Soul Mate aspiration.
  • You need to complete various love-related tasks for each generation before you can move on to the next.
  • Each generation will also have its own recommended aspiration that you need to complete.

Royal Kingdom

Royal Kingdom challenge is the legacy challenge that you can play in The Sims 4, which is the improvements of the same legacy challenge available for The Sims 2.

Royal Kingdom

In Sims 4, you have similar rules as the previous version of this challenge, with slight improvements.

You will be able to control different families throughout this challenge.

Important Points:

  • There are four basic types of family that you can control, which are Royalty, Noble, Merchant, and Peasant.
  • You can take control of the different families, each for 3-4 days period.
  • Each family has its own rules and restrictions that you need to follow.
  • There are different careers that are available for each family, and you can choose the careers freely.
  • Each child that is born in each family will have certain traits that are different from the other families and make each family unique.

More Information – Royal Kingdom

Random Legacy

The Random Legacy challenge for The Sims 4 provides you the unpredictability of life for your sims in each generation.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

Every generation carries their own randomly generated parameters that they need to follow, which is unique for each generation.

Your role is to ensure that you can endure the challenges in each generation and to make it through the 10th generation.

Important Points:

  • Each generation has their own parameters that are randomly generated, such as careers, aspirations, traits, and more.
  • Each generation will have a different set of parameters from any other generations in the 10-generation span.
  • You will complete the challenge once the 11th generation child is born.
  • The roles of heirs are determined randomly or through various different succession laws.
  • Each aspiration has their own restrictions which you need to follow.

Settler – Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

The Settler challenge is the one challenge that entails survival and struggle for your sims. In this challenge, you need to build a settlement or a colony around the area that is empty at first.


In this region, your settlement is the only one that exists.

So, you need to build your own colony from your settlement and expand it further in order to complete this challenge.

Important Points:

  • There are various restrictions that you need to bear, but you have to lift all the restrictions if you want to complete the challenge.
  • You can only take control of one sim at a time, and you will need to control several sim characters throughout the span of this challenge.
  • You need to populate and expand your colony as you lift all the restrictions for your sims.
  • You can build community lots by meeting their unlock requirements.
  • Each restriction also has their own requirements to unlock.


History is a fun challenge that will bring you to the unique experience in your Sims 4 gameplay.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

In this challenge, you will go through different periods throughout history to experience the events that are unique to each period.

You will be able to control the sim characters throughout different generations.

Important Points:

  • You will need to earn a certain amount of money for each historical era.
  • You will be able to go through various different historical periods and experience various events in each period.
  • The time periods or Eras that you will go through span from the pre-historic to the modern era.
  • You need to have random traits and aspirations in each generation.
  • Each generation will have a set of goals that need to be achieved before you can move to the next generation.

Going Solo

Going Solo is the challenge available both for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, which requires you to overcome life’s many struggles for your sim alone.

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You will take control of one sim and have life aspirations that you need to fulfill.

Your life will be dedicated into fulfilling your life aspirations, and it can also be carried over to your heirs.

Important Points:

  • You will start as one sim and going solo to fulfill your life aspirations.
  • You can have only one child without getting married.
  • Your life aspirations can be carried over to your child.
  • This challenge will go through many generations as you are trying to dedicate your life to fulfill all aspirations.
  • The goal of this challenge is to complete all life aspirations and careers once, no matter how many generations it would take.

Decades – Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

Decades provides an interesting generational or legacy challenge that will put you in different periods, with each period spanning a decade.

In each decade, you will experience different events unique to that decade, and you will need to adapt your sim’s lifestyle to that.

Various rules will be applied in each decade to make each of them unique.

Important Points:

  • The decades will start in the 1890s, which is the first period that your sims will live in.
  • As your sims live through different decades, they will need to change different lifestyles for themselves and their families.
  • Each decade will give their own rules, events, and restrictions.
  • Your sims will live in different decades up to the 2010s.
  • The new decade will start when your children enter the young adult or teen age.

Disney Princess

Disney Princess is the 10-generation challenge that will bring your sim characters to the lives of different princesses from Disney.

The stories for each princess are based mostly on movies released by Disney for each particular character.

In each generation, you will play as a different Disney princess, trying to live their life and follow their storyline.

Important Points:

  • You will play as a female sim character in each generation.
  • In each generation, you will play as a certain Disney princess, such as Snow White in Generation 1 and Cinderella in Generation 2.
  • Each generation has their own rules and restrictions that you need to follow, such as getting certain traits, not allowed to marry in certain events, and so on.
  • There are 10 main generations that you can play, and there are also some optional generations you can play.
  • The optional generations include Ariel, Pocahontas, Elsa, and Moana.


ISBI, or I’m Surrounded by Idiots, is a fun challenge that you can play in The Sims 4, which requires you to survive through 10 generations living with insane and crazy family members.

In this challenge, you can only take control of one sim at a time.

So, you will need to survive through the craziness of other family members throughout the course of this challenge.

Important Points:

  • You can play with any type of sim, such as human, vampire, alien, or mermaid.
  • The torch holder must have the Erratic trait.
  • You need to have at the minimum of two children for each generation.
  • You only need to control one sim at a time, and while controlling the one sim, other sims need to live in the autonomous mode.
  • You need to survive 10 generations living with different types of crazy and insane sims in your household.

More Information – ISBI

Just the Way I am

Just the Way I am is a unique challenge that you can play in The Sims 4, requiring you to achieve all aspirations throughout generations.

However, there are certain rules that you have to follow in order to complete this challenge.

You will need to start with a single sim with any traits that you want, trying to complete different aspirations in multiple generations.

Important Points:

  • You need to create a single sim that has any traits, but the traits must be emotional traits.
  • You need to complete all types of aspirations throughout generations.
  • Only emotional traits are allowed to be possessed by your sim for the first 3 generations.
  • In later generations, additional type of traits might be added.
  • The different hair colors need to indicate the different aspirations that you are trying to achieve for your sim characters.

Complete the Family Tree

Complete the Family Tree is a challenge that gives you a mission to put the photographs or paintings of each of your family members.

Then, you will put their paintings and photographs on the wall in your house.

It is quite a simple challenge, but it is fun to do.

Important Points:

  • You need to create the main sim with any traits and aspirations that you want.
  • The main sim will be tasked to take photographs or paintings of the other family members and put them on the wall.
  • Each photograph and painting need to be taken when the target sim is still alive.
  • You will need to take the photographs and paintings of the main family members, as well as the secondary family, the grands, the steps, and the in-laws.
  • Each photograph or painting that you have taken will give you certain scores.
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Bunker Legacy

The Bunker Legacy challenge is the challenge that will set you up on the post-apocalyptic world where the planet has been devastated by a huge asteroid.

As the whole world plunges into destruction, there are bunkers all around the world that have been prepared just for this situation.

However, only the lucky ones will be admitted to the bunker. You are one of them.

Important Points:

  • Your goal is to survive in the bunker throughout generations.
  • You will need to survive with only the necessities available for you.
  • You will need to live in the bunker and start your family there.
  • You will have children and descendants that will continue living and surviving in the bunker.
  • Your family needs to live in the same lot throughout this challenge.

Apocalypse (Version 2)

Living in the age of Apocalypse will be difficult for everyone, especially your sims.

In the Apocalypse challenge (Version 2), you will need to endure to live in the age of Apocalypse.

You will need to survive, as well as do various things that will guarantee the best life for your sims.

Important Points:

  • The end goal for this challenge is to lift all the restrictions being imposed on you from the beginning.
  • You need to achieve various careers that will allow your sims to experience a better life.
  • Each career has its own restrictions.
  • You can unlock the restrictions associated with a certain career by completing that career.
  • You need to unlock all restrictions by completing various careers throughout generations.

Highlander Crest

Highlander Crest is a mysterious vial containing the secret of a long life.

Anyone that is blessed with the Highlander Crest will be able to live through 10 generations without dying.

In this challenge, you are the sim character that is blessed with the Highlander Crest, meaning that you can live through 10 generations without fearing about death.

Important Points:

  • The goal of this challenge is to live through the 10 generations, experiencing all the events involving your family and descendants without dying.
  • You will start as a young adult sim, whether it is male or female.
  • You will then start your adventure as a long-living sim to witness your family throughout 10 generations.
  • You will need to have at least 1 child throughout this challenge.
  • You can use certain cheats that are required for this challenge.

Parentcy – Sims 4 Legacy Challenges

Parentcy is a legacy challenge spanning multiple generations that will bring you to the various experiences of parenting.

In each generation, you will need to complete a certain parenting goal, allowing you to learn about each parenting style thoroughly.

There are goals for each generation, and each time you complete a goal, you will earn some points.

Important Points:

  • Different parenting styles will become the theme for each generation, such as Single Parent for Generation 1 and Workaholic Parent for Generation 2.
  • Each generation will have its own objectives.
  • You earn points every time you complete the goals in each generation, as well as when you move on to the next generation.
  • The subsequent generation will have more complex parenting style than the previous generation.
  • There are 12 generations + last generation that you need to complete in this challenge.


The developers are still supporting this game with expansion packs, meaning that they are still giving you new ways to enjoy this game with new stories, gameplays, worlds, and so on.

Aside from installing expansion packs, another way to enjoy The Sims 4, especially in 2020 (5 years after its initial release), is to play the various challenges created for this game.

If you want some new experiences for your Sims 4 gameplay, playing these challenges will give you a fresh dose of fun activities in this game.

These are the top 20 Sims 4 legacy challenges that you can play today.

So, pick the one that you like and enjoy your new gameplay experience!

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