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Best Games Like Mass Effect – Top Space, Action, and Shooter Games 2022

Mass Effect is a game that allows you to experience adventure in outer space, where you are free to explore the world, interact with people, fight monsters, and do various other things. The genres of this game are science fiction, Military, and Space opera. It is available on multiple platforms Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, iOS, etc. This game can give hundreds of hours of massive adventure where your choices matter and where there are various side quests you can complete aside from the main story missions. The users are satisfied and consider it worth playing as the primary reason is that it is a multiplayer game. A team of four players can have fun together playing Mass Effect. On the other hand, there are also similar games like Mass Effect that you can play in 2022, giving you freedom of exploration, character development, and plenty of leisure activities to do.

People have been demanding the best alternative games to Mass Effect. Therefore, after long and deep research, we have short-listed the 20 best games like Mass Effect that you can play with your besties in 2022. Interestingly, all our suggestions are multiplayer games and will remind you of Mass Effect if you have played it before. To select the best option, we recommend comparing the features of each game.

20 Games Like Mass Effect | 2022 Additions

If you like playing Mass Effect, you should also enjoy playing these similar games that will remind you of Mass Effect. We have created the list of the top 20 that will give you excellent science fiction/fantasy adventures. The most related features are multiplayer, Science genres, available on different platforms, etc. So, let’s begin the review.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic | Games Like Mass Effect

Games like Master Effect

It is created with the idea of a fictional universe of star wars. Star Wars video game takes place four thousand years before the advent of the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars universe. This RPG game allows you to play as the Jedi knight battling the forces of Sith trying to destroy the Jedi Order. As the last hope among the Jedi, you will be tasked to save the Republic from the attacks of the Sith. Using the Force, you will need to battle your enemies as you begin your adventure in this epic Star Wars story. It gives you high vibes of Mass Effect, with smooth graphics and the same experience.


  • You can embark on the epic adventure to save the Old Republic in various iconic Star Wars locations.
  • Playing this game gives you an extraordinary experience about star-wars.
  • You can choose nine customizable characters from various races, such as Droids, Wookie, and more.
  • You will travel with your starship to various worlds that are featured in Star Wars.
  • Even in 2022, gamers like this science genre video game because it assures maximum adventure.
  • You will use the Force to fight your enemies, and you can customize your Lightsaber.
  • It is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.

If you are willing to play Star Wars on a laptop, we have got a guide for your the laptop specifications that you will need.

Official Website

Osiris: New Dawn | Similar Game to Mass Effect

One of the best games like mass effect

Along with the demand for the best games like Mass Effect, people in 2022 want survival games. So, this option on our list fulfills both of the requirements of gamers. Osiris: New Dawn puts you on an epic space adventure that allows you to explore various alien planets from first-person and third-person perspectives. With its open-world universe, you can freely explore, visit, and do multiple things in different worlds. You can also craft your weapons, build your vehicles, and gather the materials to survive your adventure. Most importantly, you can have unlimited fun alone and with your buddies as this similar game to Mass Effect offers single-player and multiplayer modes.

Osiris: New Dawn Features:

  • You can take the adventure by yourself or with the help of other players via multiplayer mode.
  • You can visit any alien planet and gather resources for your survival there.
  • It is one of the best survival games with many satisfied gamers.
  • The second genre of this video game is an adventure.
  • It is an open-world adventure that allows you to freely explore the various worlds in the universe.
  • You can build your land and space vehicles and use drones and robots to your advantage.
  • You can switch between a first-person and third-person mode in a single click.

Dragon Age: Inquisition | Game Like Mass Effect on PS4

games like Mass Effect

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, it is all about surviving in the midst of dark fantasy chaos in your world. You may not know, but this game on our list has won the fun of the year award once. More about the game, there are wars between nations, wars between mages and Templars, a cataclysmic event, and the Dragons that are making the sky darker. You and your allies are forced to take some actions to restore order in the world. This is where your adventure begins. You must explore the lands and battle your enemies to reach your objective. Moreover, it is also a multiplayer game like Mass Effect with relevant genres. The supported platforms are PS4, Xbox One, Linux, etc.


  • You will take the lead among the legendary characters that will help you save the world and restore order back.
  • You can control various aspects of your allies, such as outposts, strongholds, Inquisitor, and followers.
  • After defeating many other best video games, it has won the best game of the year award, boosting its regular users.
  • It is one of the best games to play in 2022 with friends.
  • There are twelve different Agents of Inquisition that you can work with.
  • The multiplayer mode allows you to cooperate with other players to reach your goals.
  • There are various DLC packs available for this game: Trespasser, The Descent, and Jaws of Hakkon.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | Best Game Like Mass Effect

the witcher 3

This video game was released on 18 May 2015, and since then, it has had an enormous fan base for multiple reasons. Firstly, it has also won the game of the year award like Dragon Age. Secondly, it is one of the best games like Mass Effect. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues the story in The Witcher series. This time around, you are tasked with finding something called The Child’s Prophecy, which is something that can change the world. You will take this contract in the middle of the war in the Northern Realms, giving you more challenges throughout your adventure. It is a fantasy RPG that offers many story quests, both for the main story and the sub-stories. Moreover, the game has stunning graphics that allow you to feast upon the views of the Northern Realms throughout your adventure.

Noticeable Features:

  • You can fight and hunt various types of monsters in your adventure and earn multiple rewards each time you kill a monster.
  • It is a fantasy open-world game that emphasizes freedom and exploration.
  • It is among the best adventure genre games in 2022 that you can play with friends from anywhere.
  • You can make various choices in this game, giving each option different outcomes.
  • Many people started playing this action-role game after winning the award for the best game of the year.
  • You can meet various characters in this game that will give you contracts and quests that you can complete.
  • You can upgrade your weaponry by using the rewards you get after killing monsters.

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is the latest installment in the BioShock series that follows the storyline of its predecessors. It is among the top-rated games in 2022 on Steam, IMDb, and IGN. Also, the users’ reviews are satisfying about this video games like Mass Effect. In this game, you are the hired gun tasked to rescue Elizabeth, a girl imprisoned in Columbia, a flying city, since her childhood. Of course, there are still various threats that you need to eliminate as you go across the flying city of Columbia to rescue this girl.

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BioShock Features:

  • It improves various aspects found in the previous titles, with more fluid combat, better graphics, and many more weapons.
  • You can use the space-time continuum to your advantage by summoning weapons and other items whenever you need them.
  • You can explore the city of Columbia, a flying city with its own beauty.
  • If you have been playing Mass Effect with your friends, try this one because it is a multiplayer video game.
  • You can use weapons that can annihilate many enemies simultaneously, along with special weapons unique to the BioShock series.
  • You can unlock the 1999 Mode once you’ve completed the game in normal mode (which is set in 1912).

Official Website

Pulsar: Lost Colony | Mass Effect Alternative in 2022


Pulsar: Lost Colony provides a cooperative space exploration game with randomized galaxy environments full of planets, space colonies, and enemies. In this game, you can explore the vastness of the galaxy in your spaceship, with various classes for you to choose from. This game allows you to play alone or with your friends, and since the world is randomly generated, you will never find the same experience twice. An essential thing in the game is a ship; you need to take care of it, repair it, and maintain it because you can’t survive without it.


  • The randomized galaxy environment gives you an open-world adventure that is never the same every time you play.
  • It gives you different types of ships for various purposes, cruisers, carriers, and science ships.
  • Use carrier for farming, cruiser for combat, and in the end, science is best and multifunctional.
  • You can choose between 5 different classes: Pilot, Scientists, Captain, Engineer, and Weapons Specialist.
  • Like the other best games like Mass Effect, this one is also playable with your friends.
  • There are countless planets, space stations, and enemies to encounter in this game.
  • The multiplayer mode allows up to 5 players.

Borderlands 3 | Shooter Games Like Mass Effect

Shooter Games Like Mass Effect

Borderlands 3 is the latest installment in the Borderlands series, continuing the adventure as told in the previous titles. It is another multiplayer video game, a first-person shooter game that allows you to use various types of guns to shoot and kill your enemies. In Borderlands 3, the variety of guns you can choose is even more numerous than the guns available in previous titles. Like the earlier games, this game puts you on an adventure on another planet run by a wealthy corporation. The most exciting feature of this shooter game is the long list of characters. It has so many characters that you will be confused about which one to use for shooting the enemies.


  • There are even more guns available for you to kill your enemies.
  • It puts you in an action-packed adventure on a distant planet with many barbaric creatures to kill.
  • Every feature apart, it is the best shooter game you can play in 2022.
  • It has numerous characters with different exciting abilities.
  • A co-op mode allows you to play with other players to find various loots.
  • There are four new Vault Hunters that you can play in this game.
  • To save the galaxy, you will meet more deadly enemies in this game compared to the previous titles.

FTL: Faster Than Light | Strategy Game Like Mass Effect

We added the Faster Than Light game to our list for the gamers who love to play with strategy. It gives you challenging tasks that you need complete. We suggest you play this game with your friends, which will surely remind you of the Mass Effect game. FTL: Faster Than Light is a game that gives you the role of someone who will save the galaxy in a dangerous mission. You will be given your own spaceship with your crew, trying to navigate and explore the universe that has its mysteries and challenges. Moreover, the galaxy is randomly generated, so you will find different challenges each time you play this game. It supports many genres like Roguelike, Indie game, Strategy, etc.

Noticeable Features:

  • Each challenge that you meet will be different from the previous playthrough.
  • Each challenge in the galaxy will give you various options to solve it.
  • The challenges you get while playing Faster than the light game are so much fun when you solve them in multiplayer mode.
  • You will explore the randomly generated galaxy with your spaceship and crew members.
  • Each choice and action that you take will produce different outcomes for you.
  • It gives a spaceship simulation adventure with realistic physics.

Gears of War 4

games like Mass Effect

Gears of War 4 is the continuation of the previous Gears of War title, a game that puts you in a struggle against fierce alien attacks on your planet. This game was released in 2016 with the title Third Person shooter video game. In this game, you will face new enemies that have put your loved ones in danger, and you have the task of rescuing them. You can use multi kinds of weapons throughout the different tasks. In addition to the single-player and multiplayer gameplay, you can also play this game in a two-player co-op in local split-screen mode. We suggest this game to all of those gamers who love shooting games in 2022.


  • You will fight new enemies in this game as you try to rescue your loved ones from the monster attacks.
  • Single-player, multiplayer, and local two-player co-op are available to play in this game.
  • On big gaming sites, it has good ratings with satisfactory reviews.
  • You can attack your enemies in various new action-packed moves, allowing you to kill them in different ways.
  • You can use new weapons to fight and kill your enemies.
  • The inventory of weapons is also quite interesting.
  • The Horde 3.0 mode allows you to battle hordes of enemies that are getting difficult in each wave.

Lost Planet 3 | Best RPG Like Mass Effect

If you are looking for the best games like Mass Effect in 2022, AndroidCompare advises you to play RPG once. Like the previous titles, Lost Planet 3 offers an adventure on a strange planet with harsh and unpredictable conditions. The difference is that this game has more intense challenges ahead of you. Your task is to explore the new and strange planet to find valuable samples of the planet’s energy supply so it can be colonized later. It requires strategies to complete the tasks, which insists people play this game with friends and family. As you explore this unknown planet in your adventure, you face multiple challenges as you uncover its mysteries.

Lost Planet 3 Features:

  • It offers a more dynamic and challenging environment as you explore the planet in your adventure.
  • The battles consist of regular on-foot battles and first-person battles.
  • We see it among excellent story games like Mass Effect.
  • You will need to explore the strange and unknown planet as you try to uncover the truth behind the environment.
  • The pc requirements for Lost Planet 3 are not too high. However, if you are worried about heating issues, use the best thermal pastes of 2022 to resolve the issue.
  • You can use various tools to help you survive the planet’s dangerous environments.
  • You can play in a single-player mode to uncover the main storyline or choose among various multiplayer modes.

Elite: Dangerous | RPGS Like Mass Effect

RPGS Like Mass Effect

Elite: Dangerous gives you a dangerous mission to explore the galaxy with your spaceship. This game is related to space flight simulation in which the players get a pilot role. You get unlimited arcade experience while playing this RPG like Mass Effect. There are three different modes for a player. You can select a solo role, a private group, or play with your friends or other random players. You are an elite team that needs to explore the Milky Way galaxy in the 34th century, trade with other beings, and fight your enemies in your adventure. The universe keeps evolving, and you will always find new challenges in your flight. As an elite team, it is something that you need to overcome.

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Features to Notice:

  • The universe in this game keeps expanding with new features and content from the developers.
  • You get a pilot role of a spaceship playing Elite Dangerous.
  • Like the other games like Mass Effect, you can play this video game solo, in a private group, and in multiplayer.
  • You will take complete control of your starship that you will use to explore the Milky Way galaxy.
  • It is a massively multiplayer game that allows you to meet with other players in the same universe and interact with them.
  • You can choose various ships to start your dangerous mission in the galaxy.
  • Your skills in navigating your ship matter for your survival.

Fallout 76 | Game Like Mass Effect 2022

Fallout 76

It is the latest addition to our list of best games like Mass Effect. People started playing it in 2018, and it is a beautiful RPG. The supportive genres are shooting, action, and adventure. As the newest game in the Fallout series, Fallout 76 takes you on a brand-new adventure in a post-apocalyptic world that you can explore freely. Compared to the previous Fallout games, this game offers new features such as a new event, game mode, activities, quests, and more. This game also provides better graphics and lighting than the previous Fallout titles. Most importantly, it updates its features over time to allow gamers more fun playing with buddies. It is also a more advanced game in terms of graphics and challenges than its first gameplay.

Features in 2022:

  • Using the new C.A.M.P. building system, you can build supplies, shelters, and other buildings anywhere you want.
  • It includes a new game mode called the Survival mode, which allows you to fight other players in PvP settings to determine the one who can survive.
  • The Fallout 76 manufacturers keep adding new things to the game. And that’s what gamers like about any game in 2022.
  • There are also new quests that you can play to uncover the mystery of your world.
  • The multiplayer mode allows you to explore the wasteland by cooperating with other players.
  • You can experience better graphics with better lighting in this game.

Official Website

Destiny 2 | Space Games Like Mass Effect

games like mass effect

Do you know the best thing about this game and why AndroidCompare added it to the list of Best RPGs like Mass Effect? Because it is free to play. Destiny 2 is an MMO game that allows you to take on an adventure in the solar system. Like the first Destiny game, this game offers fast-paced first-person shooter combat that allows you to choose various weapons to kill your enemies. There are also elemental powers that you can use to fight your enemies, and you can also explore the game world freely in your adventure. Moreover, this game is free to play in the beginning, but as soon as you enter the game, you will see many premium items in the inventory. But, of course, you will have to pay if you like to buy those items.

Top Features:

  • It is an action MMO game that allows you to fight in fast-paced combat action using various weapons, armors, and elemental powers.
  • You can visit and conquer various planetary destinations in this game.
  • If you want to start playing this game, it is free.
  • There are too many eye-catching items that you can wear and use in the game. But, unfortunately, you need to pay for them.
  • Each planetary destination will give you its challenges and dynamic environments.
  • Each class in this game has unique super abilities that you can use to fight enemies.
  • You can play co-op multiplayer modes with other players to destroy the same enemies.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Best Games Like Mass Effect

This game was launched in August 2016 for gamers who love to play action-role games. However, even in August 2022, numerous gamers have unlimited fun playing this game. Therefore, we recommend this to players who like to play in solo mode. It has multiple genres like action, adventure, solo shooter, and stealth games. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided takes you on an adventure where the glory days of augmentation are over. Now, you will live in a world where augmented citizens are regarded as outcasts. Moreover, and in the past, these people have been killed in an act called the Aug Incident. The Aug Incident was the day when augmented citizens were no longer capable of controlling their own augmented system, and many of them died as a result.

Features in 2022:

  • You are playing as a covert agent who needs to uncover the conspiracy in the world regarding mechanized augmentations.
  • You will be equipped with the newest augmentation system in your mission.
  • Gamers have to play it in a solo mode, and this feature of Dues Ex makes it different from the other RPGs on our list.
  • It would help to determine which person to trust and distrust in your adventure.
  • It has versatile genres of action, stealth, fun, and adventure.
  • You can kill your enemies in the open, or you can kill them silently.
  • You can upgrade your augmentations to obtain various new skills.

Jade Empire: Special Edition

Best Games like Mass Effect in 2022

Here is another role-playing game on our list with endless adventure and fun. It works fine on a smart PC, and you don’t need a high-end PC. Jade Empire: Special Edition is a game that puts you in the fantasy world where the empire is at stake. Your land is on the brink of destruction, and you are given the option of either letting it be destroyed or saving it. In this game, you will take on an adventure as a martial arts master that will use your skills to bring a new fate to the land. The choice is entirely yours, and all the options that you make will bring changes to your fate and the fate of the land. Most importantly, it has satisfied customer reviews and good star ratings on some high classified gaming sites.


  • Each action and choice you take will determine the overall fate of your land.
  • You have to choose whether to destroy or save your land.
  • It provides eye-catching graphics like Mass Effect.
  • There are plenty of characters to interact with and plenty of enemies to fight.
  • Each character has its abilities that you must explore before choosing one.
  • In the special edition, you can see various improvements in graphics, AI, difficulty level, and so on.
  • You can explore the land and find various interesting quests, items, treasures, and challenges.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew | Games Like Mass Effect for PS4

Best RPGs like Mass Effect

Star Trek: Bridge Crew gives you control over the starship, where all decisions will affect the fate of your crew and ship. While playing this game, you will have endless virtual reality action. You can play this game on PS4, Micro Soft Windows, and Oculus Quest. This game is set in the Star Trek universe, where you can explore the depth of space with your starship. You can take control of the various roles of your crew and battle enemy ships as you take your voyage in the universe. It is available both in VR and standard mode. People in 2022 consider it one of the best alternatives to Mass Effect and RPG to play. 

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Features in 2022:

  • There are new modes in Voyages, which allow you to patrol the galaxy or survive against the attacks of your enemies.
  • You can attack your enemies by adding more capabilities to your ship.
  • You can use Android avatars as your ship crew.
  • All aspects of the game are made to match the TV series, which is Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • You can encounter new enemies, which will attack you by surprise and relentlessly.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Games Like Mass Effect 2022

This RPG has been rocking in the gaming community since September 2017 and is still trending in 2022. It gives you a massive list of characters that have different abilities. You need to explore each one to use them nicely in the game. Divinity: Original Sin 2 takes place in a fictional fantasy world you can explore freely in your adventure as The Divine has died and The Void has approached your world. You are the one with the inner power that has been awakened amidst the chaos, and you can freely choose your path in the story. No matter what way you choose, you will get the outcomes of your choices accordingly. This game continues the original game, Divinity: Original Sin.

Updated Features:

  • You can play your adventure alone or with friends in multiplayer mode.
  • It has a fantastic award-winning storyline, which allows you to choose your path in your adventure.
  • You can choose among five different races at the start of the game.
  • You can create different types of relationships with the characters in the game.
  • Exploring the powers of given characters will help you thoroughly in completing the missions.
  • You can explore and do anything in this world without too many restrictions.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

Best Games like Mass Effect to play

With the excellent graphics and unlimited fun, this is the third last option on our list of best Games like Mass Effect in 2022. The good thing about this RPG like Mass Effect is that it launched for PS4. Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition takes you to the Final Fantasy adventure that you’ve never experienced before. It gives you the freedom to explore the game world, with main story quests and sub-quests to complete along the way. In this epic fantasy adventure, you can upgrade your weapons, use your magic, perform a summoning, and do various other things. You are playing as a young prince trying to regain his fallen kingdom from the Empire.


  • You can play in a first-person and third-person mode in the Royal Edition.
  • You can explore more dungeons, meet new bosses, and acquire new gears.
  • The Royal Edition includes the Season Pass content and various DLC content.
  • You can freely research the world on foot or with a vehicle.
  • Playing it on PS4 will give a remarkable experience.
  • In addition, you can do various leisure activities such as camping, training, fishing, and riding Chocobos.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Action Games Like Mass Effect

Skyrim is another action genre video game for solo players. You get exciting tasks during the game that you need to complete with the help of your characters’ abilities and not with friends. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a game that provides freedom of exploration in the world of Skyrim, and there are plenty of quests that you can complete in this game. This game is the continuation of the previous Elder Scrolls games, with dragons as its central theme. You are free to explore the world as the Dragonborn, a particular person who inherited the dragon’s power.

Action Games like Mass Effect

Updated Features:

  • It offers an epic fantasy open-world adventure that allows you to explore the Skyrim area in any way you want.
  • As you go through your main story adventure, there are also numerous sub-story quests that you can complete.
  • You can interact with the characters you meet in this game and choose different sides.
  • It assures you maximum adventure with quests, combat, and world-building.
  • You can create your character with various customizations to personalize your adventure.
  • There are many weapons you can find and forge in this game and other valuable tools.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning | Games Like Mass Effect on Steam

The last RPG on our is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Gamers have enjoyed this game since 2012, and still attract many gamers in 2022. It is the game that puts you in a fantasy adventure filled with epic storylines and challenges that allow you to choose your path. You can create and develop your character in any way you want as you set on an adventure to save the world. The combat style is intense, and the world is big enough for you to explore freely. Like many other games like Mass Effect on our list, this one is also for solo players.

Features in 2022:

  • It has a great storyline that you can uncover as you complete the story quests throughout the game world.
  • You can uncover the mysteries behind Amalur in the intense story that spans hundreds of hours.
  • It offers a dynamic combat system that makes every combat feels fluid and intense.
  • You can customize your character and choose your class to determine your play style.
  • Finesse, Sorcery, and Might are three class trees.
  • The world is massive to explore, and you can explore it freely as you uncover various stories behind each quest.

Official Website


If you like playing science fiction/fantasy open-world games like Mass Effect, where there are plenty of things you can do in the game, these are the alternative games you should also play. Our list contains multi genres of games like Science, adventure, space, and shooting. Moreover, you will find both solo and multiplayer options in these games. Most importantly, these RPGs are trending in 2022. These games offer a similar gameplay experience to the Mass Effect series, allowing you to explore your environment, interact with people, and do various other things. A few games on the list are free to play, but you must buy the premium items from the inventory. These space games like Mass Effect in 2022 are available on platforms like Xbox, Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, etc.

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