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8 Best F1 Games Ever Launched – Highly Ranked Racing PC Games on PS4

Coding a simple video game based on any sport played around the globe might be easy for modern-era programmers. But, when it comes to creating real-world scenarios for a Formula 1 game, things get difficult. Building a computer-generated race track along with fans cheering outside is a heavy task. Programmers with high skills and potential are hired to install physical characteristics to the objects involved in the virtual scenario of the game. Due to these difficulties, very few f1 games are globally recognized by gamers because they resemble the real world closely and leave a positive vibe every time you play. Let’s go through the characteristics of each of those best f1 games widely accepted by racing lovers.

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Perpetual Formula One Racing Games

Every one of us has played several different pc games, but do you remember the first game you played? As far as we remember, my first racing game was Need For Speed. It was about two decades ago, and since then, the gaming industry has seen immense exponential growth worldwide.

As per the needs of gamers, games-producing companies took the challenge seriously and ended up launching extremely quality games, be it any sport. Here are a few of the best Formula one game ever produced;

F1 2017 – Top Ranked Race Game

Best F1 Games

F1 2017 is a self-assured and full-scale pc game that got popular for multiple reasons. This game supports all rules and regulations applied in Formula 1 racing currently. You can challenge yourself by competing with your opponents on intense racing tracks. If you want to win against the opponents, you have to be volatile throughout the game.

As soon as Formula 1 season started in 2017, the officials changed some car regulations. Codemaster took the responsibility of installing the same rules on virtual cars being used inside the game. When you play F1 2017 with the help of a controller, you are going to feel the pad shaking even when your car gets a smaller bite.

Some newer features installed in the F1 2017 racing game were unavailable in the previous release. One of those features includes the availability of charming and distinctive retro rides having 12 additional F1 icons and five teams.

The racetracks are full of crazy events; you will have to be clever and credible to pass through the events successfully. As the commentators and the coaches say, most importantly, you will have to bring back the cars in one piece.

F1 Championship Edition – Racing Game On PS4

F1 Race Game

One of the most popular and the oldest F1 games have to be F1 Championship Edition. It came into the market when PS3 was launched. F1 CE was the first title racing game released on PS3. Initially, Sony took an interest in producing F1 title games, but Championship Edition was their last edit.

After that, Sony lost its license, and CodeMaster company took the responsibility of preparing and launching the best f1 racing games. When we played this game, we found that the game is pretty mesmerizing as well as accessible from the driver’s point of view. The view it provides makes it way more uncomplicated for the gamer to control the car on challenging tracks.

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The driver you choose in F1 Championship Edition has specific abilities. You will need to reach the game’s top level to access the best drivers with exceptional attributes. For example, if you are playing a challenging track game and you mess it up by taking the car off-road, the blame is not on your gameplay, but the driver has not got the required abilities to play well. You get retired if you completely crash the car by colliding with any other competitor or the outside world.

F1 World Grand Prix – Race Game

F1 Grand Prix

We have been the most prominent racing game lover, and the F1 World Grand Prix game is one of my favorite games by far. Most of the time, we go for arcade mode, and every simulated game blows my mind away. Grand Prix is specified for PlayStation, which was initially launched in 1996.

Everything in this game amazed me, especially the impressive graphics and fully loaded racing tracks. When we played the F1 World Grand Prix game for the first time, we were shocked because we hadn’t seen such realism in any game. The commentary by the commentator during intense gameplay was the cherry on top.

Two years later, the same game was available on Nintendo 64. Paradigm Entertainment took the credit for developing the whole game, and Video Systems launched it in the market. No other console-related game had features like this game. F1 is quite different from FIFA.

FIFA doesn’t give rights to anybody else for producing and launching a game by their name. On the other hand, F1 licenses are given to those requested first and are eligible to create and launch extreme quality games. The best thing about Grand Prix is that it has all the drivers from 1997. And all the tracks used in that season.

F1 2020 – Best Racing Video Game

Formula 1 is known for its well-known drivers. But having one elite-class driver in your team doesn’t win you the game. All the team members should be equally better than the competitors if you want to win the title. F1 2020 is undoubtedly the best translation of the facets stated about the drivers.

Inside the game, you will be allowed to manage your team from multiple angles. Unlike other ps4 f1 games, F1 2020 is more than just driver vs. driver. You can choose your favorite brand or organization to compete with rival brands.

A newer model is launched in the 2020 game version named team mode. If you are willing to see an impressive and habit-forming presentation of war between organizations, you must try F1 2020 team mode. Although in previous versions of F1, we were supposed to select and join an already placed team as a driver, F1 2020 allows you to follow the footsteps of great celebrities who build their team.

When you make your own team in my team mode, you will be allowed to choose your favorite colors, logos, cars, management, and sponsors of your own choice. This feature was missing in the previous releases of the game.

F1 Race Stars – Formula One Racing Game for PC

Race Stars

Loops, powering pads, and Red hot missiles are not the expectation of any newbie in an F1 game. F1 Race stars are like a cartoon world in which your favorite racing drivers are transformed into minor characters. The game undoubtedly ignores the basic rules of physics, and fair play is considered a bad tactic to win the game.

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Catching one of the leading racers at the last corner might be difficult in other F1 games, but in Race Stars, you need a timely boost, and allowing the driver to take the shortcut over the castle helps you beat the leader of the game.

Initially, when you start learning the game, you will feel amazed by performing tricks and boosts during the game. However, the more you play Race stars, the more you lose interest. The reason behind interest loss is that the original world of F1 doesn’t match the fake realm of Race Stars.

There are twelve tracks based on well-known destinations according to the F1 season. The Hot goals played by most people include Great Britain, Monaco, and Australia. Some of the original world counterparts are installed in the game. They include some resemblance between the game and the real F1.

F1 2021 – Formula One Racing Game

F1 2021

Most Formula One game lovers eagerly await the newest release while sticking to their old-favorite game versions. F1 2021 is a top-ranked and most-reviewed game coming under the section of F1. Like FIFA, F1 is being released every year, and every new version has some more contemporary facilities or modes to keep the interest of gamers on top.

After playing a whole season on F1 2021, we can say that this year’s season was comparatively more fascinating than 2019 or others. 2020 F1 had team mode, which attracted thousands of gamers to play the game. Similarly, Codemaster came up with a whole new idea of providing a Story Mode this time.

After playing the story mode, most of the F1 gamers reviewed that this mode stays slightly short of being as dramatic as the original stories. Though the whole is super excited, programmers tried to execute it flawlessly. The story actually revolves around two drivers with significantly different natures.

These unreal drivers will displace actual drivers in the team you already selected. You can bench two to include the two fictional drivers. The story is from an extant life incident in Formula 1 in 2019.

F1 2019 – Best PS4 Racing Games

Racing game

CodeMaster has proved their worth by upgrading Formula One game every year. F1 2019 is solid proof of the success of CodeMaster. 2020 and 2021 versions are already out, but when F1 2019 was launched, it was not only the best F1 game ever, the game was and is still thrilling enough to make anyone fall in love with the concept of F1.

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Of course, watching an actual race only gives you joy but playing F1 on PC or PlayStation rewards you with more than just joy. The best feature of F1 2019 is the availability of a track that leads a gamer from Formula to the world championship.

The name of this new feature is the Standalone Championship. CodeMaster have added retro f1 cars, allowing gamers to choose their favorite color and other attributes. The contract and perk system is almost copied from the previous release. The R & D tree system has also been kept the same.

Moreover, the post-match interviews are upgraded a little so that the driver can explain more about the events during the race and the reporter is always eager to question more. Finally, a new garage section allows you to zoom the cars from any angle you want, and the garage also allows you to do necessary repairs.

rFactor – Best f1 Video Game

rFactor Game

Image Space Incorporated released rFactor in 2015, and more than 50 thousand gamers bought the game because of its highly nice graphics and resemblance to the natural world Formula One. rFactor allows you to create a car, create a driver of specific abilities, and drive through your favorite tracks.

The company already had the license from EA Sports to launch F1-related games. Some extra credits are required to unlock certain cars in the game. You earn credits when completing the challenges assigned by the game menu. Winning a game by a significant margin can give you more than you deserve.

Besides cars, tracks are equally fascinating. You will initially be able to start with five different ways. These tracks do not resemble any of the real tracks used for Formula one. Some of these tracks are oval-shaped, while others have diversity in shapes.

The game has some severe graphic displays compared to other games launched in 2005. rFactor was way ahead of other games because of its attractive features and better controls.


The gaming industry is getting bigger, while Formula One lovers always need awe-inspiring and real-world games. Formula One itself started launching different versions of PC and PS games, while the best game they ever produced has to be F1 2020. The F1 2020 race game has grabbed the most number of downloads and positive feedback from gamers.

In this blog post, we covered the nine best f1 games that were highly rated by thousands around the globe. We have personally played 7 of these suggested games, and my experience with them was better than my expectations. If you want to enjoy the original F1 games, you should consider buying the latest version of the game from the official store.

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