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Best Active Games Like Animal Jam, Top 20 Free Online Animal Chat Games

Millions of people like to play Virtual World games in 2022. Therefore, popular organizations keep making new 3D games to entertain people. Animal Jam is one of those games that is trending in 2022. It is an online game that allows you to choose your animal and interact with other players in the virtual game world. The game is mainly designed for children, providing a safe and suitable virtual environment to interact and communicate with other players online. Due to its popularity, people demand Virtual World games like Animal Jam to have unlimited fun. Therefore, AndroidCompare has gone through a lengthy procedure to find the best free alternative to this game in 2022.

Let’s discuss Animal Jam a bit more. This game also provides the parents with the tools they can use to monitor their kids while playing. While the basic game can be played for free, you can also join a membership club to obtain various new things. Like the other 3D games, such as The Sims, there are many noticeable features in this game as well. The major ones are that it is a multiplayer game and multi-genres, and it’s free to play. Also read, Games Like The SimsGames Like Second Life.

17 Best Games Like Animal Jam in 2022

AndroidCompare gives you the list of best games like Animal Jam that every Virtual World lover would love to play in 2022. So, go through the options we have reviewed, choose one that suits you the most, and start creating and living in your Virtual World with friends from worldwide.

Wizard101 – Best Games Like Animal Jam

Games Like Animal Jam

Wizard101 is an old game entertaining gamers since 2008. There are many significant challenges you need to complete when playing this Virtual World game. The most exciting challenge is saving the spiral using Ravenwood school’s role. Moreover, this game is for kids focusing on multiplayer fantasy adventure gameplay. It is set in the world called Wizard City, and your job in this game is to protect Wizard City from attacks from evil forces.

It also adds the element of magic card duels, which allows you to collect all kinds of unique monster cards to strengthen your deck. There are many great characters that you can choose while playing Wizard101. The most significant reason you should play this game is that it is trending in 2022 and free of cast. In case you wish to use premium items of the game, you will have to pay for those items.

Why Wizard101:

  • It is set in a fantasy world where you can embark on an epic adventure to save the Wizard City from monster attacks.
  • Many exciting challenges in the game entertain people a lot.
  • The card battle duels can be initiated to battle your enemies and collect new creatures.
  • There are various mini-games that you can play in this game.
  • You can also interact with your online friends throughout the game.
  • You can get special rewards every time you win the boss battle.

Visit Official Website

Webkinz – Animal Games Like Animal Jam


It is one of the best free games like Animal Jam in 2022 that provides unlimited entertainment. Interestingly, it has won the award of the best Virtual World games. Webkinz is a game about pets and lots of pets. In this game, you can choose to take care of the pets you like. There are plenty of pets you can choose from, and you can interact with your virtual animals in this game just like when you interact with pets in real life.

There are also many mini-games that you can play. Moreover, you can also build a family of cute pets in your world to have maximum fun. If you are finding games for your kids, you must go through the features of the Webkinz game about animals. Most importantly, you can make friends online playing this game and achieve multiple tasks with your favorite pets.

Webkinz Features:

  • There are plenty of mini games that you can play in this game in-between your regular activities of taking care of your pets.
  • You can give your pets a house, and you can also customize your pet house with various decorations.
  • You can take care of your pets by feeding your pets and dressing your pets.
  • There are plenty of other activities that you can do in this game to win various interesting prizes.
  • You can get the plush dolls that represent your virtual pets once you submit the adoption code to the system.

Bin Weevils Rewritten – Games Like Animal Jam

best games like animal jam

We have replaced Bin Weevils Rewritten with the Bin Weevils that was shut down in 2021 due to a technical issue. Therefore, we added the most suitable alternative to Animal Jam and Bin Weevils. So, as a kids’ multiplayer game, Bin Weevils rewritten provides you with various types of in-game activities that you can do. In this game, you will meet animated characters designed based on weevils, the real-life beetles. This game allows you to choose your personality, and then you can also customize your characters with various customization options.

It has many noticeable advanced features in 2022. First of all, it has eye-catching Virtual World graphics that attract many kids gamers. Secondly, you can decorate multiple places such as nets, towns, gardens, and party places. Moreover, it assures you engage with your in-game friends from worldwide. In short, if you used to play Bin Weevils and loved it, you will surely love this new version too.

Why Bin Weevils Rewritten:

  • Everyone loves to play this Virtual World game because of its excellent graphics.
  • The game becomes exciting when you decorate your world with your friends in the game.
  • There are many more exciting activities that you can perform while playing this game.
  • Lastly, you can choose characters that suit you the most and have multiple noticeable abilities.
  • You can customize your characters too, if you are bored with the previous one.
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Secret Builders – Online Games Like Animal Jam

Secret Builders

On our list, it is one of the old yet best Virtual World games in 2022. Also, it reflects the features of the Animal Jam game, like pets’ appearance in the game, multiple characters, a Virtual World, etc. Secret Builders is a platform consisting of various games designed for the kids to learn about different things and enjoy the process of learning.

The developer teams up with other developers and publishers to create engaging games for various themes designed to make the kids willing to learn new things. Moreover, it is a multiplatform game that mainly focuses the kids. Therefore, if your son or daughter is aged between 5 to 14, you can confidently install this game for them. Also, you can access this game via laptop, PC, iOS, and Android. In the end, it is a free-to-play game like Animal jam.

Why Secret Builders:

  • There are plenty of games that you can access in Secret Builders, such as Last Brain Standing, Royal Family Hidden Hangouts, Around the World Adventures, and so on.
  • Most games can be played for free, and the teachers and parents can also participate in the children’s learning process while they’re playing these games.
  • Trivia competitions allow you to earn various rewards from your activities.
  • Each game is designed to make learning a fun and rewarding activity for kids.
  • The platform is also designed to be a safe environment for children to learn about various things.

Star Stable – Game Related to Animal Jam

Star Stable

It is one of the top-rated games on different platforms. So we added it to our list to entertain the horse lovers. Star Stable is an adventure game that focuses on horse riding, where you can explore the fantasy world and discover various hidden things. You will take on an adventure with your horse and complete various quests throughout the game world. You also need to train your horses to improve their performance. As you go with your adventure, you can solve multiple world mysteries in this game.

To play this game, you must create an account and set up your character with unique names and abilities. You get the chance to do maximum customization in your character. The supportive platforms for Star Stable are Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Macintosh Operating Systems. Moreover, an excellent island named Jorvik provides extraordinary features and graphics.

Star Stable Features:

  • You can complete many quests, which help you solve the mysteries in the game world.
  • It is set in a fantasy world called Jorvik, where you can find plenty of magical discoveries.
  • Take care of your horse and train them to make them stronger and better.
  • You can communicate with other players and share your adventure with them.
  • You can also participate in various challenging competitions with other players online.

Lady Popular – Fun Online Game

Games Like Animal Jam

Apart from its specialty in a game like Animal Jam, it is even the best online game in 2022. The most significant feature of this game is that it is free to play on multiple devices. Lady Popular is a free fashion game for girls that you can connect online, allowing you to play with other players. In this game, you will play as a would-be star or supermodel that will go through the challenges in each stage.

Your goal is to become a famous supermodel; to do that, you will need to customize your character and ensure that she is groomed and beautified properly. Dressing up your character’s skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and other parts is great excitement for the players of this freemium game. To make up your girl character nicely, you need to achieve maximum level so that you can visit the VIP shop to collect more eye-catching dresses.

Lady Popular Features:

  • You can play plenty of mini-games that will help to earn you more points.
  • There are plenty of fashion items you can wear, and you can mix them to find the best style.
  • You can buy an apartment in any of your preferred locations, and you can decorate your apartment with various decoration items.
  • Also, find the perfect boyfriend for your character through various phases of romantic relationships.
  • You can also adopt a pet and personalize them to match your style.

Poptropica – Games Like Animal Jam 2022

Games Like Animal Jam

Let’s discuss this role-playing Virtual World game that assures maximum fun to young adults. Poptropica is a multiplayer game for kids that takes you to a series of islands that you can explore freely. In this game, you can pick a character called Poptropican, and you can customize your character and embark on a quest that kids can play safely. The narration brought out in this game is made to be understood by kids easily, and it is often rooted in facts or history.

You can perform activities while playing Poptropica, like traveling, playing other mini-games within this game, and taking part in a head to head exciting competitions. Also, you can easily chat with the other available characters in the game for more excitement. There are many new islands introduced in the game where you can read books.

Why Poptropica:

  • There are various Poptropican characters that you can choose for your adventure.
  • You can explore various islands in this game, with each island having its unique challenges and mysteries.
  • In this game, you can adopt your pet and change your pet to your style.
  • You can connect with millions of other players worldwide, interacting with them and sharing your adventure.
  • In the current year, many new islands have been added to Poptropica to ensure maximum fun for girls.
  • You can complete quests, play your adventure, discover various hidden things, and uncover the island’s mysteries.

FeralHeart – Animal Chat Games

Games Like Animal Jam

Before we start reviewing this game, we would like to tell you that it has been added to the list as a replacement for KovuLKD’s. It is one of the best animal games like Animal Jam that Virtual World lovers can play in 2022. FeralHeart is an online social game that allows you to take characters from various animals. You will need to choose a feral as your character and embark on an adventure full of fantasy in the animal kingdom. The gameplay style uses the traditional RPG style, in which you can gradually improve your character’s stats.

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One of its most exciting advantages is that animal chat is available in this game. After you are done with selecting and preparing your desired character, you can now march toward different cities in the world. Most importantly, you will meet various characters on the way, and you can make them your friends to have more fun and complete the challenges together.

Why FeralHeart:

  • You can take control of a feral that you can choose from various wild animals in this game.
  • You will live in the animal world, where you can roam the land and communicate with other players online.
  • We have played this game for a long time and have had a lot of fun that can’t be described in words.
  • We suggest you must play this game if you like playing Animal Jam.
  • It uses 3D graphics and role-playing elements in its gameplay.
  • It maintains a friendly vibe throughout the gameplay so that the virtual environment is safe for everyone to explore.

Pirate101 – Game Like Wizard 101 and Animal Jam

Games like Wizard 101

Pirate101 is an outstanding game for those who love multiplayer games in 2022. We added it to the list because it provides an online multiplayer adventure where you can play as a pirate that explores the seas with your pirate ship. In this game, you can explore the game world, battle other pirates, and interact and make an alliance with other online players. In addition, you can customize your ship with various decorations and additional items in this game.

One of the most exciting features of this game is the battles. You never enter a contest alone, as the friends in your Pirate crew will also be standing with you. Moreover, you are also allowed to play with all of the available companions in your selected crew. Also, don’t listen to the rumors about the shutdown of Pirate101. It is an even more advanced Virtual World 3D game that you must play in 2022 if you find an alternative to Animal Jam.

Pirate101 Features:

  • You can build your pirate ship and use it to sail the world and meet with other pirates.
  • Interestingly, you can recruit and train your pirate crews along the way.
  • You can make your pirate ship even stronger with the crew skills that can be improved throughout your adventure.
  • There are many quests in this game that you can complete, giving you some excellent rewards upon completion.
  • You can battle other pirates in your adventure and salvage their ships to make your ship stronger.

Club Penguin Rewritten – Games Related to Animal Jam

Games like Animal Jam 2022

Club Penguin Rewritten is the rewritten version of the original Club Penguin game made by Disney, which was discontinued in 2017. It still retains most of the gameplay elements like the original game, and it also includes the massively online multiplayer aspects. You can play various mini-games with other players worldwide in this game.

Features in Club Penguin Rewritten:

  • It is a fan-made game that still retains various aspects of the original game, and it also retains the working multiplayer mode for this game.
  • You can explore the Club Penguin world in this game while interacting with other players.
  • The game is still being updated on a regular basis.
  • You can play more than 20 mini-games to earn coins.
  • You can adopt pet puffles, customize your own style, and decorate your Igloo.

Neopets – Pet Games Like Animal Jam

Free Games Like Animal Jam

Neopets provides a virtual pets website that allows you to adopt various virtual pets, take care of them, train them, and play with them. You can earn the virtual currency of this game by doing multiple activities within the game and purchasing the virtual currency with real money. In addition, you can use virtual currency to buy various new pets, in-game items, customizations, decorations, and more.

Features in Neopets:

  • You can choose the mini-games from various genres and set your earnings and play time in each mini-game.
  • The World Challenge will give you various jackpots if you can win the games included in the challenge.
  • You can buy various in-game items for your virtual pets, yourself, or other players.
  • There are plenty of games you can play on this virtual pet website, and each completed contest will earn you points you can use as your virtual currency.
  • You can interact and chat with other players as you grow your pets and play various mini-games.


Online Games Like Animal Jam

MyVMK is the fan-made version of the original Virtual Magic Kingdom, an online multiplayer game made by Disney, which was discontinued in 2008. This game was first intended only as a promotion channel for Disneyland. However, once the promotion was over, the company discontinued the game, and people no longer had access to it. However, fans of Virtual Magic Kingdom then revived the game and named it MyVMK, which is available for free now.


  • The game has been expanded since its creation in 2013, and it can be played on various devices, including desktop and mobile devices.
  • There are various mini-games that you can play.
  • You can explore various of Disneyland’s iconic places featured in the original Virtual Magic Kingdom game.
  • You can talk and interact with other players as you play the game.
  • The community for this game is made to be safe and positive for every player in the game.

Goatlings – Free Online Games Like Animal Jam

Free Online Games Like Animal Jam

Goatlings is a game designed to be fun for everyone, which can be played together online. This game allows you to choose various goat pets that you can take care of, raise, and train. There are plenty of places that you can explore in this game, and there are various game activities that you can complete. You can also battle the bad guys along the way.

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Most importantly, Goatlings is free to play in 2022 and suitable for all ages. Furthermore, there are numerous cute pets available in the Kingdom of Goatlings. Therefore, we consider it one of the best games like Animal Jam.

Why Goatlings:

  • You can explore the virtual pet world and choose your goat pet to raise and train.
  • You can discover various treasures in this game, including books, collectibles, toys, and many others.
  • In this game, you can play various mini-games while interacting with your online friends.
  • It has beautiful and mysterious places that you can explore.
  • You can also challenge and battle the nasty goats to earn more points in this game.


JumpStart is an adaptive curriculum system for kids that allows them to learn various topics by playing multiple games. This system offers games for children of different education levels, such as preschool and kindergarten.

Aside from that, they can also learn games that will teach about math and coding. You will surely love playing this game. It gives you vibes of Animal Jam game everywhere. Moreover, it is also free to play an online game.


  • Kids can learn a lot about various things, including math and coding, as well as preschool and kindergarten lessons.
  • The kids will interact with the games as they learn about various things.
  • It will also include a grading system to determine the learning process for the kids.
  • The curriculum will be adapted for the kids as they learn more about the topics.
  • The games are suitable for kids aged 3-8 years old.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Game Like Animal Jam for Android & iOS

Animal Games Like Animal Jam

It is one of the newest arrivals in Virtual World animal games like Animal Jam. It has been rocking since 2017 and is the most valuable game for kids in 2022. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the free-to-play version of the popular Animal Crossing game released for Android and iOS platforms.

In this game, you can create your character, communicate with other players, and live around the familiar Animal Crossing characters throughout the land. In addition, you can build your campsite and do various activities in this game.


  • You can play this game anywhere with your mobile device, in the world of Animal Crossing that is familiar to you.
  • You can build your campsite, decorate it, and invite your friends to talk and play with you.
  • There are plenty of animal friends that you can interact with.
  • Players can craft their furniture and other unique items in this game.
  • You can also do various fun activities, such as collecting bugs, fishing, gathering fruits, etc.

The Sims Mobile

Games Like Animal Jam in 2022

We include The Sims in our list whenever we talk about simulation, 3D, or Virtual World games. The Sims Mobile is the mobile version of The Sims game that you can play on your mobile device, providing the same gameplay style as the regular The Sims game.

In this game, you can manage your characters, build their personalities, lead them in their daily activities, and more. You can do almost anything in this game. Also, there is a chatting option available and making new friends online.


  • You can create your own Sims or characters and lead them on in their daily lives.
  • You can create a lifestyle for the characters in the game.
  • In The Sims Mobile, you can build the perfect home for the characters you have created.
  • You can do various regular activities in this game and participate in multiple events.
  • The connecting option with other players online is also Available.

Official Website – The Sims Mobile

Howrse – Farming Game Like Animal Jam


Howrse is all about taking care, raising, and training your horses. In this game, you can own multiple horses and manage your equestrian center. There are plenty of horse competitions you can enter, and you can also check your progress anytime since the game is available on mobile platforms.

Suppose you love any horse characters in the Howrse game and want to keep playing with it. First, make sure you take a lot of his care. Taking care of your horse can play with him for around 30 years.


  • In this game, you can manage every aspect of your equestrian center.
  • You can pick your own horses, raise them, and train them to win various horse races.
  • You can connect with other players and join a team to win competitions in this game.
  • You can also create, design, and customize your own horses.
  • Different horses can be bred to create better quality horses with improved skills.


You can customize your characters, buy various items, decorate your place, and many more. This game can be fun for kids, especially when they are still learning about online interactions with other players. There are many other best games, like Animal Jam, that you can play in 2022. You can play these games as an alternative to Animal Jam. These games offer similar gameplay as Animal Jam, and they can be fun to play for kids or anyone who want to try it. In addition, these games provide good social features that allow you to connect, talk, and interact with other players online. At the same time, you explore the game world and do various fun gaming activities.

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