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Your Ultimate Guide to Valorant Tips & Tricks To Win Every Time

Valorant, with its fans in all countries, is one of the most loved shooting games.

The game is somewhat like counter strike Go, but the strategies for each of the games are clearly different.

To be a pro in the game, you must learn and know about the perfect strategies and tricks which will ease the process of winning the game.

Along with the tricks, you should also know the hacks & cheats for Valorant.

In this short and crisp read, you will come to know and understand all the major tricks of the game.

List for Valorant Tips

This is the entire list of the tricks and tips which all the players will find useful while taking down their opponents.

Making the Most of Your Buying Phase

Your buy phase is the initial phase, where you make all the in-house buys. Use your gaming currency to make the best possible buys.

You must have a majority of the gaming coins on your weapons, abilities, and various armor.

The reason behind investing in various kinds of tools and shields is to have an edge and take all the necessary precautions and the best weapons. Many players think that it’s

unnecessary to invest in weapons. But if you are thinking of becoming a pro, you must have the weapons and learn to use them smoothly.

Remember that you may lose the game if there is a lack of all the necessary weapons.

Your credits will be much lower if you have a quick death and vice-versa.

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So use your game coins wisely to survive and make progress in the game.

The winning team gets around 3000 credits, while the losing team can only make a bare 1900 coins.

The weapons you need to choose depends largely on your style of playing.

You can go for the Phantom or any of the available weapons for winning and earning the desired credit points.

Prioritizing Your Armour

You may not directly buy the armors, but stack on the same. Just like your weapons, your armor should be on your priority list.

There are two major types of Valorant armors.

The first one is a light armor that costs around 400 dollars, adding up to 25 HP.

The heavier variant comes for 1000 dollars and adds double the number of HP added for the light armor.

Armors are needed, as they protect you while working the high-intensity matches.

So you must buy an armor, depending on the in-house gaming coins that you have.

Try to update whenever you get the chance and go for better armor.

You must buy Abilities in the First Round

The first round is crucial for every player who is starting with the game.

Most of the players don’t focus much on the first round and get excited to upgrade themselves to the other stages.

This messes up the entire game. You must remember that in the first round, all the players have the same sets of weapons, and therefore, you have a higher chance of winning the game.

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Set a goal of winning the game and earning the respective credit points.

Use that point for buying the maximum possible abilities, which help you in the coming stages.

Don’t Run and Shoot

If you have a habit of running and shooting, get rid of it right now. Most of the time, it will just lead to loads of misses, and you may end up failing.

Instead, think of a strategy, take a shelter, and shoot. Don’t run and gun if it is not necessary.

Try to be a bit more shrewd in your approach.

Learning about Your Agents’ Abilities

You need to know about the agents that you have got and the powers that each one of them carries.

Each of the agents has four abilities. While the signature ability is free for each of the rounds, you have to purchase the other two.

The fourth ability is the ultimate one. Knowing about your agents’ abilities is necessary, as you can use them to your benefit.

Some of the recommended agents are brimstone, phoenix, Jett, and many more.

These were a few tricks that a Valorant player must know for increasing their chances at the game. If you have further tips to share, you can connect with us through the below box.

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