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22 Alternatives To Hamachi For VPN & Virtual LAN Gaming!

No doubt, you have seen many posts with even 30 Hamachi alternatives but none of them is updated & worth using. Read till the end and setup a secure VPN in minutes!

PC games over the years have been the comfort zone for computer gamers and this can be achieved with the online platform or the creation of a local area network (LAN).

With the comfortability of the online platforms, most gamers still embrace the use of LAN in the creation of a LAN party.

A popular option for LAN creation back in the days was Hamachi but with the improvement in all spheres there are Hamachi alternatives which can effectively replace it for LAN gaming

Hamachi is easy to set up and takes less than 10 minutes while providing you with secure remote access for your gaming experience.

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Our List Of Top Hamachi Alternatives

You can check through the list we have provided here which presents all the reliable alternatives to Hamachi:

Tunngle |Exclusively For Gamers|

One of the best alternatives which is obtainable is Tunngle captioned “Made By Gamers For Gamers“.

It is designed with the sole intent of gaming and beaming it’s light on LAN gaming only. Though Hamachi is a multi-purpose VPN creator, Tunngle is a community of gamers.

hamachi alternatives


It offers you the chance to become a part of this gaming world and add various games to your profiles too. Like Hamachi, this app also installs its own local area network(LAN) adapters.

  • Firewall Protection:

The Tunngle application has its powerful firewall protection to provide maximum security while hosting a private network that can connect up-to 255 members which is a significant improvement on the number of users possible with Hamachi.

  • Subscription:

As a user, you are requested to sign up into the Tunngle community after which you can add games to your profile. Tunngle also provides an ad-free platform that makes socializing possible with other gamers.

If you like playing games such as Minecraft, call of duty among others, you’re at the appropriate platform with p2p VPN intended to provide you with internet gaming experience.

  • Online Support Forums:

Since this app is mainly centered around gaming, they also provide a forum with a huge community of gamers, where you can share you issues and get solutions.

Download (Free, Basic – $1.18/Month, Pro – $2.37/Month or $23.74 one-time payment)

Evolve |Great User Reviews|

The world of gamers, who love Virtual LAN Gaming can’t be complete without this great Hamachi alternative named Evolve. In just a fraction of time, Evolve has already won the trust of millions of gamers out there.

hamachi alternatives


Evolve is an improvement to virtual gaming with notable advancement in the space of LAN gaming. A testimonial by large number of gamers attest that evolve still remains the most productive alternative to Hamachi.

It provides a large number of machine connectors which makes interchange possible amidst different drivers.

  • Tunneling Features:

To improve the communication further, it also has its network adapters and tunneling features, just like Hamachi. Evolve has a user interface that is much similar to Steam with playing its part in literally thousands of games.

  • Partnerships:

There are many gaming companies like Green Man Gaming which have partnered with Evolve ad you can only buy these games from the Evolve software app only.

It also has a social platform to it providing highlights like amazing mode, matchmaking modes for Facebook, YouTube etc.

Download (Free, Party Plus $4.99/Month)

Wippien |Free|

Among the choices available to Hamachi in the apps market is Wippien, coming in with a 2MB estimate and still very reliable. A simple and easy to use program which prevents your device from muddling up by providing you with exactly what is needed.

hamachi alternatives


It is free and open source with a user friendly interface, VPN affiliation and p2p affiliation. Wippien assigns to clients an IP deliver to improve gaming experience with other users giving a feeling of close proximity.

  • Similar To Hamachi:

Wippien provides basic similar setup as Hamachi with some remarkable contrasts setting up direct connections between PCs, utilizing the open source XMPP informing convention, to oversee client accounts.

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NetOverNet |Dedicated IPs|

In love with Hamachi but bored down with its complexities and complications, NetOverNet is just the round peg in the round hole. Very easy but still a utility non negligible option, fitting perfectly as Hamachi replacement.

It’s usage provide users with unique log in details and provide maximum security over gaming experiences. It can be used as a VPN emulator and can connect a lot of devices unlike 5 credited to Hamachi.

hamachi alternatives


It works very well as a basic solution in creating virtual local area networks(LAN) that can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Dedicated IPs:

NetOverNet like other VPN clients isn’t just focused in gaming but still it can be comfortable used by gamers. It creates a secure space with the help of a VPN and each computer in that VPN has a dedicated IP address which can be accessed by only the people who are allowed to access it.

  • Data & File Sharing:

This VPN client has great reviews as far as gaming is concerned. Data and files sharing is another feature provided by this client.

You can access remote computers securely in a virtual network environment and can share files with them by just a few clicks.

Download (Free, Basic – $5/Month, Pro – $10/Month)

GameRanger |Security Focused|

Developed as a alternative to Hamachi for Mac OS users, it steadily gained prominence and recently introduced the Home windows shape to endear itself more to users.

It is trusted by most users of Mac OS as a reliable solution to LAN gaming, working much more productively on soundness when compared with Hamachi.

hamachi alternatives


It might be true that GameRanger offers limited features as compared to its counterparts but when we talk about being secure and stable, GameRanger has no parallel.

  • Highly Secure:

Game ranger is highly secure and protects gamers while having gaming experience, it works simply and can be accessed by both laymen and pro.

The reason behind this massive security and stability is that it doesn’t use any external drivers to provide the emulation, instead all these functions are completed by its own client.

  • Compatible To Selective Games:

An additional thing that you must know is that unlike Hamachi which supports every kind of gaming, GameRanger has as list of games that are compatible to it. If the game that you want to play is in the list, just go for it and you won’t ever regret.

Download (Free, Silver Membership – $19.95/year, Gold Membership – $39.95/year)

Cyberghost VPN

Coming from its name “Cyberghost”‘, this VPN is a highly productive web surfer which allows you to access the internet anonymously as it securely keeps your number in oblivion and from the view of others.

hamachi alternatives

Cyberghost VPN is one of the best possible Hamachi alternative that you can have access to, providing you with access to web pages on the web with no fear of security breach. This is really cool and if I were you, I’ll give it a trial.

Download (Free, Pro – $4.99/Month)

PD-proxy |Extra Security Layer|

PD-proxy is also one of the best VPN available. This app is very useful and also lay emphasis on the security of users. Once your ISP block content material, the PD-proxy is used to remove the blocked material in its entirety from your device.

hamachi alternatives


It also provides you with limitless web surfing and effectively secures your web connection or Wi-Fi connections.

It provides another layer of security by ensuring that your actual IP code is not visible to any other user thereby preventing people from identifying your Id while you are accessing the web.

Download (Free, Pro – $2.99/Month)

Comodo Unite

The last software that deserves to be in our list of Hamachi alternatives is Comodo United, it can flawlessly create a virtual private network among a group on PCs which helps the users to share and transfer data and files through a secured network which offers a high encryption.

Best Hamachi Alternatives For VPN & Virtual LAN Gaming


You can share your data, documents, files and desktops by creating encrypted private networks with the help of Comodo Unite. You can play multi-player games, can communicate securely via messaging apps and transfer data.

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You will need to create an account before you can become a part of Comodo community which offers a great 128-bit encryption.

Tunnelbear |Effective Shield|

Tunnelbear is another top notch application with premise on security using a bear grade AES 256-bit encryption to secure your connections .

Using Tunnelbear VPN will help to keep your IP address from prying eyes in form of personal details on web pages, hackers and advertisers.

Tunnelbear |Effective Shield|

This VPN effectively shields you from third party events, hackers on public Wi-Fi, ISPs and different other networks.

Download (Free, Pro – $59.99/Year)

ExpressVPN |Simple & Effective|

Simple to use yet effectively secure, that’s ExpressVPN. This community is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption.

ExpressVPN is highly embraced by users who value and cherish their devices, they want to keep laptop, tablet, smartphone or router safe in only one click on.

hamachi alternatives

As effective as this VPN is, it runs on the background without disturbing or interrupting users experience.

Download (Free, Pro – $12.5/Month)

Private Tunnel

PrivateTunnel is the must have for windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users. This VPN is advanced and a significant improvement cored with the traditional VPN provider.

Private Tunnel

It provides a 7-day trial period after which it can be upgraded to provide a standard bundle which is valid for 30 days.

Download (Free, Pro – $100/Month)

UltraVPN |Great UI|

UltraVPN is a device which allows you to pattern your internet connection via a safer route with a clear-cut goal of securing your information from hackers and any unauthorized third party.

Best Hamachi Alternatives For VPN & Virtual LAN Gaming!

The user interface of this Hamachi alternative is extremely friendly and efficient. It requires you to log in with a login details.

The ultraVPN depends on the openVPN application which allows it to use it’s element in establishing a safe connection.


Softether is another identified VPN programming application for virtual LAN gaming which is useful, efficient and multi-conventional. It is a efficient tool swap for Hamachi.


The software is entirely open-sourced and free. It is supported by the following operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD etc.


This is certainly not a household name but if you are intrested in creating your own virtual private networks(VPN) then this is a powerful and flawless Hamachi alternative.

It extends its compatibility to almost all the famous platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Linux and others. Being open source allows it to offer free android and iOS apps.

Best Hamachi Alternatives For VPN & Virtual LAN Gaming!


This is an application which gives you all access to manipulate to your taste as the user, ZeroTier allows users to arrange controllers which can be used to create, view and monopolize web control boards.

Simple Setup:

It can be used to create and join virtual VPN servers and associate it with any device as quickly as possible. It also makes possible to setup and connect the virtual systems as efficiently as dialing a phone call or using a chat room.

Link up with any software or tools. Another plus point of this Hamachi alternative is that it utilizes standard conventions like TCP/IP in all its systems that are easily available and operate in an extremely simple manner just like your standard Ethernet.

Friendly User Interface:

This alternative to Hamachi has an extremely friendly user interface and it doesn’t require any kind of port forwarding. As its an open source app their is a lot of support available in various communities.

But if you want to get additional support and some premium features, you can always pay for the premium plan. Like Hamachi it is also an all round VPN app that creates, manages and secures the virtual networks for all your needs.


Neorouter is a start from scratch VPN arranger, providing you with the privilege of creating and maintaining LAN-esque private systems online.


NeoRouter is another alternative to Hamachi, giving you the freedom to create and control both the private and public servers with the aid of the internet.

It also prides itself with maximum security provision for web protection and helps to unblock some websites by substituting your IP address with another IP address from other VPN servers.


Freelan is another free, open-source, multi-stage and shared VPN programming that can manipulate work on a LAN over the Internet. It is compatible with the Mac OS, Linux and Windows.

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Best Hamachi Alternatives For VPN & Virtual LAN Gaming!

Freelan is superb and equal to the task irrespective of your desire, whether you need to interface your family computers, enjoy a game with your friends by using a LAN, or grant access to your private system for your colleagues. It will quite effectively complete all these tasks for you and you won’t another program for any of these tasks.


This is another virtual platform domicile online which permits users to create, manage and control personalized virtual private network (VPN). The ambition behind this is to make it accessible by different level of users.


When you create and log into DynVPN, you’re welcome onto a dashboard which represents your private system which implies an arrangement of hubs that are given access to integrate with others through shared and encoded channels which makes use of the DynVPN dashboard as its sole interface.

Shrew Soft

Shrew Soft provides a VPN that has been a powerful Hamachi alternative for years but came to the limelight when thousands of people began migrating to Windows 7 64-bit found that Cisco didn’t plan to provide the 64-bit compatibility soon.

Best Hamachi Alternatives For VPN & Virtual LAN Gaming

Wench Softworks has an integration a number of VPN servers including but not limited to IPsec, OpenSWAN, FreeSWAN, and StrongSWAN.


Remobo ensures that the activities of your IPNs as a cyberspace with complete privacy are maintained where only the allowed people are able to interfere, send or receive any records and you can rest assured that all your data is secure with its high encryption capabilities.


This application is top notch for those that need remote access to their PC, work in a safe situation, or simply need to realize and be confident that they’re trading records without third parties and hackers getting involved.

Cisco VPN

Cisco is a paid version of the VPN providers, the cost of running Cisco VPN is a decisive factor and it can’t be accessed as a free software.

Best Hamachi Alternatives For VPN & Virtual LAN Gaming

Though as a windows or mac OS user, you can download the free Cisco VPN customer which is limited in operations.


The developers of IbVPN didn’t put much effort into making it attractive or beautiful to inspire or captive users but with the sole of aim of discharging it’s responsibility with great accuracy coupled with most simple way conceivable


It’s however security conscious substituting your IP address with another from a VPN server, helping you to protect your device from web hackers and unblocking the restricted sites

Final Words

It is a device that creates a personal digital community for various computing units. Gamers who use Hamachi are in a position to play the multi-player video games albeit offline with the hooked up computer systems.

Hamachi seems to be the most effective but there are other options that can favorably fit into its role, relying on our survey of the alternatives available to Hamachi, we have come up with the best alternatives to Hamachi for you.

Hamachi is not fool proof, it has a maximum reach of users which cannot exceed five hence the series of improvement in virtual gaming options to address the short comings of Hamachi in the subsequent submissions.

Hamachi in its years of dominance can be and have been reliable for years, safely and securely providing gamers with the basics of the gaming world and experiences.

But with the constant discoveries and realities to meet the yearnings of game lovers, limitless software’s are developed and users are already tinkering with them.

The top 22 Hamachi alternatives are as just efficient and effective if not better off than Hamachi, check them out and give us feedback about our work.

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