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Top 18 Survey Bypass Tools To Bypass Surveys Instantly!

No doubt, you have seen many posts with upto 30 Survey Bypass Tools but none of them is updated & working. Read till the end and get rid of surveys instantly!

Generally, in our daily tasks, problems or situations arise that present the need to look for information to reduce levels of uncertainty in decision making.

In order to obtain the necessary information, we usually resort to a person, an organization or an object that provides us with the data of interest. In other words, we turn to the sources of information. The survey is a technique used to obtain first-hand information.

The information sources are consulted about certain characteristics that we wish to analyze, by means of the implementation of a questionnaire that is applied to a representative sample of the same.

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Our List Of Top Survey Bypass Tools

In order to skip these surveys successfully, below is a highlight of top 18 survey bypass tools that are highly effective:

Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher is an excellent tool in the field of bypassing surveys on the Internet. When placed in comparison with other Survey bypass tools, it practically does the same work.

survey bypass tools

It’s also quite simple to use, as all you’ve got to do is paste the link of the website containing the survey and start altering the site in order to discard the surveys once for all.

It is fast and effective, will get rid of all the surveys for you to provide you with a seamless experience.

Firefox Redirect Bypasser

Firefox Redirect Bypasser is an add-on for Firefox PC browser. Its is an effective survey bypasser and also tends to protect its users from any infected links that could redirect your navigation to harmful sites.

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survey bypass tools

This is one of the most powerful survey bypass softwares on this list and serves many purposes in addition to removing surveys.

It also acts as a guard for your browser and tends to stop it from following the redirected links that lead to the malicious sites. Thus it acts as a survey bypasser as well as a firewall for your computers.

Smasher Poll

With Smasher Poll, you can bypass any survey which would not let you go through or access your desired file. Smasher Poll is not limited to one type of download and has an easy-to-use interface.

survey bypass tools

Convert all link lists with one click, and there is no registration process to access the tool. This survey bypass tool is quite easy to use and beats all the other tools on this list for being multi-purpose and simple.


One among the 18 best survey bypass tools is “ScriptSafe.” This Google Chrome add-on ensures the adequate blocking of different survey scripts when browsing. It’s quite easy to use as swift as regards to speed.

survey bypass tools

It doesn’t require you to copy and paste the URL in another window, instead it removes  the surveys directly from the site in question. Due to the fact that it has earned great acknowledgement among the fans, now it is also available for Firefox and performs the similar function for Mozilla users too.

Download: Firefox, Google Chrome

XJZ Survey Remover

The XJZ Survey Remover is a great add-on for Google Chrome. As its other counterparts in the field of bypassing surveys, it does not require professional knowledge as regards its handling. After installing it in the Google Chrome browser, you can go ahead and use it without issues.

survey bypass tools

The only downside is that it it is an add-on so it will only work if you have loaded the particular website in Google Chrome. For other browsers you have to install their own add-ons or have to utilize other tools.

Survey Remover

The Survey Remover comes with some excellent attributes, as it also ensures access any blocked content using its swift unblocking features. Skipping surveys on the Internet by using this tool is quite easy, such as obtainable in other bypassing tools.

Survey Remover

This survey remover tool deserves a spot on our list because of its powerful operation, it makes sure that you are able to download the premium content which is locked behind the surveys, thus saving you loads of effort and time.

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Just copying the URL and pasting in the particular column in this tool is more than enough, as it will then load the site without any surveys and you can navigate it easily due to the cool and simple design.

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ShareCash Surveys killer

ShareCash Surveys killer is a great tool which adequately aids you in bypassing surveys on many websites. The ShareCash Surveys killer works like other survey bypassers and to use it in bypassing surveys, paste the link to the website in the space provided in this tool and click on run.

ShareCash Surveys killer

It will encode the web pages and remove the annoying surveys, thus boosting your overall experience in addition to saving your precious time.

All In One Survey Bypass Tool

The All In One Survey Bypass Tool comes as an excellent survey bypasser which is quite user friendly and does not require any technical knowledge for its operation. It has been making the rounds on the internet for many years because of its productivity and ease of use.

survey bypass tools

You just need to follow a few simple steps to remove the surveys with the help of this tool. After entering the site link, turn on the bypass knob and the job would be done within few seconds, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

ShareCash Downloader

This Survey Bypass software allows you to block numerous surveys. To use this tool, it is necessary to download the tool free of charge from the official site.

ShareCash Downloader

It is fast, flexible, having a simple and cool design, you will love this survey bypass software because of the ease of use that it offers.


TunnelBear is a lightweight survey bypasser, easy to use, and yet very powerful. It allows you to change the IP of your computer to a different one based on the country you choose.

survey bypass tools

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Everything will be clearer to you when we get to use it. Let’s just say that if the IP of the computer is Italian, the surveys will be in Italian, and ask for the phone number, probably to activate promotional scams.

While if we are going to choose, for example, an American IP, the surveys will be those corresponding to America, which only asks for an email. In this way, it is enough to create a false e-mail, with false data, useful only to overcome these surveys.

Creating a TunnelBear account

To download TunnelBear you must connect to the official website of the program, and click on “Get Started, It’s Free”; then you will have to create an account to use the software.

Doing so is simple, just enter your name, e-mail, and password in the corresponding sections, respectively in First Name, Email Address and Password.

Then you will be asked to verify the creation of the account and activate it; to do this, connect to your e-mail, you will receive an e-mail from TunnelBear, open it and click on the attached link, following the instructions. Then log in by entering the email and the password you have chosen before.

Once you have access to the site, the rest is all downhill. Press Download at the top right, and it will start automatically. The download time depends on the connection you use.
Installing TunnelBear

Download the executable file, TunnelBear – Install.exe, click on it with a double click to start it. Start by clicking on I Agree and then on Install; a message may appear from the User Control, press Yes or Allow.

Once the installation is complete, the software must be configured. First, in the window that opens, choose I already have a TunnelBear account and press Next; at this point, log in by entering your e-mail address and the password that you have chosen before when creating the account.

Using TunnelBear as a survey bypass software

Now you just have to click on Closest Tunnel to open the drop-down menu, choose the United States and press the knob written On and Off. Then just wait a few seconds, and the IP will change. Return to the survey page and update it by pressing F5. You will notice that by clicking on the surveys, they will only ask for an e-mail. Enter a fake email, and you can go on. Remember, after passing the survey, turn off TunnelBear by pressing the knob again.

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Bypass Survey

Bypass Survey comes as one among the most efficient tools as regards bypassing online surveys. With it, you can navigate around survey sites after entering the link of the site.

Bypass Survey

It also has options such as deleting scripts, URL encryption, allowing cookies ,page encryption, and allowing objects.

As the disclaimer on their website says, this survey bypass software was created to help you explore the premium content on the internet world without any hiccups. And! believe me, it serves its purpose quite effectively.

Do Not Survey

This is an extension of the Mozilla Firefox browser and unlike other survey bypassers, the extension automatically blocks all surveys you may have encountered without your interference.

survey bypass tools

If you are a Mozilla user and use it as a default browser you should give this add-on a try and I am sure you will love it.

There are a few cons of using this add-on, it interferes with the formatting of a website and can rarely create some compatibility issues that can hurt your user experience but if you just want to block surveys once in a while, this is the perfect solution for you.

Survey Remover Pro

The Survey Remover Pro is one of the most used survey bypass tools today. It has the added advantage of helping its users to successfully download the full version of softwares, Torrent links, compressed files, etc.

survey bypass tools

Polls Remover

If you are facing a situation where you need to download a file but its locked and a survey is needed to unlock it, then you are in luck to have stumbled upon this post.

Poll Remove does exactly the same. It will unlock the files which are locked with surveys and help you download them easily.

Polls Remover is a free software that allows you to download any file locked through surveys. Now you can securely download blocked files and avoid completing survey forms with this great survey bypass software.

Survey Remover Tool

This is an online survey bypasser that allows you to bypass or eliminate any online survey very easily. With Survey Remover Tool, you can visit any website and download files without having to complete a survey. It’s a free software, and you could block any survey site you desire.

survey bypass tools

The NoScript plugin

The NoScript plugin stops codes from coming from websites. It is not usually effective in few cases, though it never ceases to impress its users. You can get this add-on for free for Firefox, but it’s not available for Chrome.

The NoScript plugin

The Inspect item tool

To facilitate the circumvention of online surveys, you can make use of the Inspect item tool on your browser. This allows you to block irritating survey sites automatically when they are detected.

The Inspect item tool

For this, visit a website that contains a survey. You can use any of the main browsers to access the inspect element feature. This offers you the functionality to deactivate some elements of a website, perhaps including a survey.
Right click on the survey. Select “Inspect item” in the pop-up menu. A developer console will open at the bottom of the browser. As you move the pointer through different sections of the new window, you will see different objects highlighted on the screen.

Find the “survey” and “overlay” entries. As you highlight the different parts, look in the code for the words “survey” and “overlay.” These are the elements that block the content of the web.

Right click on the entries you want to disable. You will have to right click on the code entries and not the elements of the page. Select “Disable element” or “Delete node” to remove the item from the page.
Repeat the process for each element of the survey.

In addition to removing the survey itself, you will have to remove the top layer that prevents you from interacting with the content below. Removing it will “clear” the page and allow you to click on the elements under it. Removing the top layer can also cause the scroll bars to disappear; though you can fix this by using a mouse with scroll function.

Alternative Methods to Survey Bypass Softwares

If you don’t want to install any special tools or softwares to bypass the surveys, there is a quite simple yet effective method to get rid of these annoying surveys permanently without searching for any special tools. This methods uses Javascript, but don’t worry you don’t need any technical skills to implement it.

. Just head over to this link https://pastebin.com/MJKzu5zr and copy the code which is pasted in the dialog box below.

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. Now you need to create a bookmark in your browser and name it “bypass-survey” paste the code that you copied in the URL box.

. After this, whenever you encounter a survey just click this bookmark and the survey will be bypassed automatically, this is infact a Javascript code which will act as a survey bypass software for you.

This is the most simple and effective solution to bypass surveys, this works permanently and you don’t need to worry about all those annoying surveys anymore.

Can surveys be bypassed?

Theoretically, you can bypass the polls, but it always depends on the page. There are some providers of surveys where you can find many block-guides on the net.

Frequently, so-called content-blockers are used, which simply remove the window with the poll button and make the download or continue button accessible.

But there are now many survey providers where the content is unlocked after the survey, so you do not know the link of the content behind it. These surveys are almost impossible to handle.

This applies to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Sometimes simple systems can be outsmarted by turning off JavaScript, but that’s a rarity these days.

Since many of the providers of download servers or other projects finance themselves through the income from the survey, you should think about serious offers to spend a few seconds, especially if you like the project behind it.

But everyone has to decide for themselves, especially since there are also many very dubious providers in this area who are just stuck in a loop of surveys.

Final Words

The information is collected in a structured way asking the same questions and in the same order to each of the respondents. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) propose new ways of conducting surveys.

The ease of use as well as the interactivity and visual interest generated by the web pages make it increasingly common to conduct surveys in this way.

Furthermore, abuse of the online survey tends to be on the increase in recent times; thus prompting internet users to resort to bypassing them.How can one handle surveys on the internet and thus skip the sometimes quite lengthy surveys?

At one point or the other, you may surf the Internet, and before you can download a specific file, you must first participate in a so-called survey and complete it.

This can sometimes be quite annoying, especially if you just want to download a small file and because users repeatedly report that they sometimes contain high volumes of malware.

Although there are certainly many reputable providers, you usually recognize immediately that the surveys are no endless loop. As a result, the question of how to handle surveys on the Internet and bypass them is more often times asked.

In conclusion, how many times have you been online with the aim of downloading a file or to access a part of the site that caught your interest and there appeared an annoying survey? Too many times I guess.

Also, there were days when it was enough to just click on the download button to simply download the contents we desired, but now, it’s not like that anymore.

On our screen always appear annoying polls that ask us to answer some questions and other times instead ask us to fill our personal data such as email address, contact number, etc.

Nowadays, online surveys have become so popular that they could be said to be the number 1 resource used for data collection in studies and research.

These surveys are nothing more than promotional offers that provide for the completion of a form to go ahead, overcome them and proceed to the site or download.

Students, professors, entrepreneurs, among others, have shown great interest in this technique, but just as there are two sides to the coin, online surveys have a negative side, thus prompting internet users to seek for better alternatives through the use of the top survey bypass tools highlighted above.

So tell me in the comments, which one of all these survey bypass tools is your personal favorite and why?

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