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Top 10 Games Like Maplestory in 2022, Best 2D Side Scrolling MMORPGs

If there is a king of 2D side-scrolling inventions then Maplestory has to be the undisputed candidate. Created by Korean developers, it went viral like a wildfire in States and European Countries. When it was officially launched, it had a free of cost model to play and enjoy the best MMO. It has been 19 years and the updates in the game are pretty consistent. People have started searching for similar online games like Maplestory and we bring the most similar 2D action MMORPGs games that will blow your mind.

Some of the enlisted games are also based on 3D but all of the selected ones resemble Maplestory in multiple ways. These games are free to download and start playing instantly. Moreover, highlighted MMORPG like Maplestory games are playable on any system and do not require heavy system requirements at all. Let’s dig deep into the qualities and features of each of the shortlisted games.

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Best Games Like Maplestory in 2022

According to human nature, people always want something new, be it in life or any game. Maplestory developers have given their best to bring in regular updates and continue the progression but it is now time to find and play games similar to Maplestory.

According to the vast search history of the netizens, gamers are looking for newer and similar yet the best side scrolling MMORPG games. Here is the description of all those games that have started getting popular due to the similarity score.

FlyFF – Online Games Like Maplestory

Video Games like Maplestory

FlyFF Game Review:

The game completely depends on no hand-holding, formed like an old school MMORPG. You will get enough awards for every effort you make during the gameplay. If you play inside a community of friends, you are going to get more than just rewards.

Your community friends will provide you the needed help during intense gaming sessions. Similarly, you will be the helper if one of your community friends needs help.

Most of the newest MMORPGs have forgotten the importance of prestige but FlyFF has seen the footsteps of Maplestory and is one of the most similar games to Maplestory. All the awards inside the gameplay are eventually distributed among the team members.

But if you give more time than required, then you can not expect extra security of awards or rewards as outcome. You need to slay down the monster and earn as many points as you can.

Official Website

Ragnarok Online – Games Like Maplestory

Best Games Like Maplestory

Ragnarok Online Review:

There are dozens of reasons to state that Ragnarok Online has been a well structured game for many years. Initially there were multiple issues found in the older updates like irritating map loading times, smaller map sizes, and no availability of satellite towns for each city.

As the time passed, the developers took the challenges seriously and overcame the issues one by one in each of the latest updates. Currently, the newest version of Ragnarok doesn’t have any flaws similar to the ones stated above.

The game stands between 2d and 3d concurrently where 2d characters are mixed with the 3d atmosphere. As the initial concept of the game was attractive, developers had enough monthly subscriptions to keep working on newer updates and each release had impressed the buyers with utmost satisfaction.

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Currently, the game runs on both models. One is free which obviously has limited facilities and abilities while the other model is premium where you have to buy the game for more exciting maps and enemies than ever.

The World of Magic – Games Like Maplestory for Android

Games Like Maplestory for Android

The world of Magic Review:

This game is older than a decade but it still has got footprints on the minds of kids who played this sensational 2d MMORPG. This was the first MMO released on the phone and hence the game is also available for people who use android mobiles.

There are more than a dozen valid reasons to play this old school game in this era and I will be stating only a few convincing ones here. The first and foremost reason for playing this MMO game has to be the increasing population and the availability of newer players.

The developers have continuously been updating the performance of the game which has undoubtedly convinced thousands of new entrants to play World of Magic. After seeing a great response from the netizens and gamers, the developers are looking keen to dislocate the flaws and introduce newer features to keep the newbies attracted.

In 2020, they released a newer server to reduce the map loading time which was pretty annoying in the earlier versions of the game. Now, it is quite fast and impressive to play a 2d action MMORPG.

Download Now

Dragon Saga – Games Like Maplestory 2

Dragon Saga Game Review

Dragon Saga Game Review:

In this review of dragon saga, we will look down to multiple facts of dragon saga including the gameplay, music track, story behind the game, and pve. The most essential fact of this game has to be its gameplay which is similar to Maplestory too.

It is the gameplay of Dragon saga which brings in the interest of the player and keeps the competition healthy. It depends on your chosen class and the gameplay will vary according to that. As soon as you cross level 20, you are going to get multiple functionalities and abilities in your character.

The track of music that runs behind the scenes is barely noticeable. It even mixes up with the music of your moves and doesn’t turn out to be disturbing at all. The basic story of this game is that your character is a superhero, a chosen one, and you have to make your character capable of saving the Saga world.

You will find multiple missions to complete in various maps of the game. You will have to face various monsters in each map. Once you destroy all the monsters you move up to the next level.

Soul Saver Online – Best Side Scrolling MMORPG

Soul Saver Online Review

Soul Saver Online Review:

Once you log in to the game for the first time, initially, you will have to go with only one server, the nearest one. Maplestory has the strategy of providing the nearest server and soul saver online follows the footsteps of Maplestory.

Though the gamer is not allowed to create a character of his own choice, this feature is also the same as in Maplestory. Sour Saver meets the requirements of Maplestory completely and can be offered as the best alternative. You can choose one class out of various classes according to your style of play.

Each class provides you two different ways of approaching the gameplay. Maplestory also provides you a feature of selecting a class but in Soul Saver the working of classes is slightly different than its competitors.

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The initial classes are random and as soon as you reach level 60, the game will provide you an access towards the evil classes. Each class you select will highlight the foremost ability of that class. After choosing a class, the game allows you to change the physique of your character which is also the same in Maplestory.

Soul Saver Online Official Website

Dust: An Elysian Tail – 2d Side Scrolling MMORPG

Game Review:

This game is a perfect combination of extreme combat and lighter RPG functionalities having deep description of exploring and pre-tracking. These two functionalities are the most loved ones by the gamers and they always look for exploring newer things while tracking the enemies on a whole new level.

As soon as the game starts, you will come across various types of environments. As the game progresses, the visions and atmosphere only gets better. The animated character and the gaming graphics match successfully to attract the viewers to give this game a try.

The animated character looks impressive while darting backwards and forwards on the gaming screen. Meanwhile, when you force your character to use racking combos, things get more interesting. There are multiple characters involved in this game while each character resembles a furry animal of similar type.

During the gameplay, when you character swings the sword to kill the enemies, this scene gives an ultimate satisfaction. The core mechanics are immensely straight forward while eliminating the enemies.

Mabinogi – Games like Maplestory 2022

Mabinogi Game Review:

If we look into the graphs of gamers’ interest, MMORPG players are looking for games which resemble endgame, gear, collections, rewards & achievements, and similar things to that.

However, Mabinogi is slightly different than these pre-described ideas. In this game, you are going to write your own story while exploring different maps in the game. You go out on an adventure unless and until you find the best place in the world.

You can describe the gameplay of Mabinogi as a detailed form of Maplestory or runescape. There are multiple levels of skills inside the game and as you reach higher levels, the skills of your character get better and better level by level. In this game, you are initially going to choose a decent character from a society.

This game doesn’t represent your character as a superhero. Every character has to live a life according to the problems and you are the one who is going to find the solutions of the problems coming in your path.

Tree of Savior – Games Similar to Maplestory

Tree of Savior Game Review

About Tree of Savior:

The first scene of the game asks you to choose a class of your character among 4 different classes of males and females. There are swordsmen in male and female, archers, cleric, and wizard in both genders.

Once you select a class, you can edit minor details of the character including the outlook. After customizing the character, you will have to choose a city to start. Once you start the game, you’ll see some amazing graphics which attract any viewer instantly.

The main purpose of the map is to stop devils and demons from getting the light of salvation. Move your character with the arrow keys and use the treasures in the chests having specialized combat items related to your chosen class.

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A funky music is taken as the backtrack which doesn’t interrupt the gameplay at all. You will have to explore the map by going to each street and road. You will see the percentage at the top which shows how much you have already explored and how much is actually left.

LaTale – Games Like Dungeon Fighter Online

Games Like Maplestory

LaTale Game Review:

Every MMO lover is looking for a new adventure and LaTale provides extremely exquisite 2D side scrolling MMORPG. Initially, you select a map and a channel to start the game. The best thing about this game is that you are free to create a character of your own choice.

You do not need to select a pre-built character like in other games. Here you create the looks and the abilities of the character yourself. After character formation, skip all unnecessary details and move on to the gameplay.

LaTale is a game similar to Maplestory because in both games you are going to use your skills to defeat the monsters or devils residing in the selected map. You have to make use of the abilities you assigned to your character at the start of the game. The music of powers and attacks might disturb you sometimes, so if you are using headphones, we recommend you to keep the volume low.

LaTale on Steam

Nostale – Video Game Like Maplestory

Nostale Video Game Review

About Nostale Game:

Next we have Nostale video game which is an excellent choice for those who love playing anime or MMORPG games. Moreover, it is also lets you have maximum fun with your friends through the journey of a world full of mystery.

Interestingly, more then 70 percent of the users of Nostale game like playing it and give satisfying reviews. Last but not least, it is one of the best free games like Maplestory. One of the major in-game fun is customizing your characters. You can customize your character with the availability of the specialist cards.

There are several activities that you can perform while playing Nostale video game. The most exciting ones are becoming part of different journeys, traverse several eye-catching places around you, participating in fights against the challenging opponents.

Furthermore, you get to choose various weapons and characters with different powers that help you stay stronger against your enemies. Overall, it is one of the best alternatives to Maplestory game that you can play in 2022.

Final Words on Games Like Maplestory

Although, Maplestory video game was launched in 2003 but there are gamers who find its alternatives. After too much demand by the 2D side-scrolling games lovers, we decided to review some of the best games like Maplestory that are popular in 2022. There are multiple options available on our list such as online, free, paid, and games like Maplestory for android or iPhone. Go through the review of each game thoroughly and see if it fulfils your requirements or not. This is how we help you thoroughly in finding the most suitable game for yourself.

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