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Top 5 Best Horses in Skyrim, Guide on How to Get Fastest Skyrim Horse

Skyrim has thousands of unrevealed facts, including exceptional horses, each having its properties and effects. Skyrim Enthusiasts have been playing this game for over a decade now. The purpose is to find out all the hidden assets inside the game. These hidden factors include questlines, armor, Easter eggs, and certain horses. In this blog, we will help you find the best Skyrim Horse by revealing all the secrets kept hidden by the game developers.

Faction questlines are the primary sources of revealing Skyrim’s wild & unique horses. DLC missions are also helpful in finding the fastest horses hidden in the Skyrim game. All of these best Skyrim horses have certain features, statistics, and a unique look. When you go through the process of availing each of these horses, you will see that it is pretty easy to unlock them, but they often get ignored due to unknown reasons.

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Skyrim: 5 Unique Horses

It is necessary to determine the gamer’s needs before buying the best Skyrim Horse. The speed, abilities, and stats of each horse matter a lot when you are about to travel for longer distances. Some of the given horses are also the fastest horses in Skyrim, making it easier for you to travel to the destination as soon as possible.

Arvak – Best Horse in Skyrim

Arvak Horse

Arvak Horse Details:

As per my experience and observation, Arvak is one of the unique Skyrim horses. The appearance of this horse looks like a skeleton, and you can get this horse by finding the skull. If you are confused about where to find the skull, we recommend you go to the Soul Cairn altar.

Once you enter this arena, you will find the skull easily, and after finding it, a soul will come into play to announce the description and abilities of the horse. The soul will also enlighten the process of how to manage the Arvak.

After learning how to control the horse, you can go through the best Mount in Skyrim. The unique ability of this horse is that even after its death, you can re-summon it. You can use it to sponge the damage again and again.

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This feature helps you while fighting the enemies by healing you up. The healing procedure seems to be a little slow, but it gives you the confidence to beat the most brutal warrior in front of you.

More About Arvak

Dwarven Horse Skyrim

Dwarven Horse Skyrim

Dwarven Horse Details:

Some of the Dwarven’s abilities take up the responsibility of competing with Arvak to become the leading horse in Skyrim. The competition between them is too high, and each of these fastest horses in Skyrim leads the table due to certain features. Features of both of them help the player in various cases.

For example, the Dwarven’s stamina is its most robust ability. When you ride this horse, you will not need to worry if your horse is tired or not. Another attractive quality of this best horse in Skyrim is that nobody can kill this horse.

Dwarven’s appealing design makes everyone love it. With a fantastic look and unlimited energy in the horse, you can travel without worrying about anything. No enemy will have any ability to send Dwarven to death, and you will not be able to make the horse tired due to its endless stamina.

More info About Dwarven Horse

Shadowmere – Best Mount in Skyrim

Best Skyrim Horse;

About Shadowmere:

If you are a regular player of Skyrim, you must be familiar with “The Cure for Madness” mount. Whenever someone needs or rides a brilliant horse, the player tries to give one try to this mount.

Whoever completes the Cure for Madness quest gets certain rewards. This mount belongs to the Dark questlines. Due to the immense popularity of this map, almost all players automatically unlock Shadowmere without even knowing it.

If you recently finished the mentioned quest, you must have the desired horse. The darker shade of the horse with red-blooded eyes makes every newbie fall in love with this game.

Shadowmere is one of the most uncomplicated horses to ride, obtain, and learn in the whole Skyrim game. When you have your first look at the mount, it will be coming out of a pool. The nature of this horse is kept different, which means it can regenerate health in favor of the player.

Frost – Fastest Horses in Skyrim

Fastest Horse Skyrim

Frost Horse Details:

Most professional and experienced players always keep this horse on their side for multiple reasons. Even a newbie can get Frost, a horse, after playing only a few games. Skyrim has a habit of releasing Frost as their first horse for people who have entered the game recently. The only thing Skyrim requires from you is to play and finish the “Promises to Keep” mount to get Frost instantly.

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Though the external look of the horse looks a simple one, the abilities of Frost are not as simple as its outlook. Frost is supposed to sustain all the tough challenges coming inside the game because of its over-average stamina as compared to other horses in the field.

The health of this horse decreases way slower than many other horses launched in Skyrim. Despite its crazy stamina and health-maintaining abilities, people usually get deceived by the horse’s outlook.

Karinda – Skyrim Wild Horse

Best Skyrim Horse

Karinda Horse Details:

Unlike the other horses explained earlier, Karinda is not the one who is a part of this sensational game. If you have ever played the “Whispering Door” map in Skyrim, you must have seen this horse appearing in the fields of the map.

A rider was sitting on it, and the horse quickly fades away from the eyes of the viewer. This horse was put to death by Frothar, which was initially controlled and instructed by Mephala.

If you have the ability to understand the gaming console, you can find Karinda in Skyrim; otherwise, you cannot. If you somehow manage to get this horse, you will not have to worry about its death as it is immortal.


How to get Shadowmere?

You will find Shadowmere in a specific questline called The Cure For Madness. Also, you will have to complete the quest before getting your favorite horse under you. This horse has got black color with red eyes making it scary and attractive at the same time.

Where is the unicorn in Skyrim?

Unicorn will be available inside the Wild Horses area if you have seen the newer update from Anniversary. If you want to get a unicorn horse, you must conquer the Horse Whisperer quest. After completing the quest, you will have to read a book to reach your favorite horse. You can find it nearby Lost Respect Mine.

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Where to Buy a Horse in Skyrim?

You will have to buy it from a stable. In the world, there are 8 different stables from where you can find and buy 8 different horses of your choice. The price of each of these fastest horses is 1000 gold.

Where does Shadowmere go when I ride another horse?

It is the rule of Skyrim that whenever you dump Shadowmere for some other horse, the game automatically deactivates Shadowmere and goes back to where you found it. You will have to play its quest again if you want to get it back. You will have to pay that price to get the horse back.

How to tame a horse in Skyrim?

When mounting any wild or unique horses in Skyrim, you must keep it for dear life unless and until it quits bucking. As soon as this procedure ends, you have successfully tamed your horse. If you want to stabilize it, just assign it a name by saddling it.

How to Get Frost in Skyrim?

You need to keep a promise to get Frost :p. We mean to say, you will have to play one of the most popular and most accessible quests called Keep A Promise. Once you complete the game, you will find a nearby pool.

How to Get Shadowmere back if you ride another horse?

You will have to play “The Cure For Madness” quest again, win it, and get your favorite horseback.


Horses bring life to Skyrim because horses can make most of the complicated things way more manageable. The Best Skyrim horse is supposed to help you when fighting the most potent enemies. The fastest horses in Skyrim make it easy for you to cover longer distances within no time. Similarly, some of the best Skyrim horses have unique abilities to regenerate health and unlimited stamina. We have explained the abilities of the 5 best Skyrim Horses that you may need in the near future.

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