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Top 15 Games to Play With Your Partner Over the Phone, Free Couple Games

One of the best ways of entertaining your girlfriend or wife is a physical or online game. If you are looking for phone games for couples, we have created a list where you’d find the best games to play with your partner over the phone. Most importantly, we have played all of these games before enlisting and reviewing them. Interestingly, each of the games on our list has a different genre and gameplay but a similar purpose of letting couples have a fantastic time.

We include those phone games for couples, primarily available for Android and iPhone devices. Moreover, we review multiplayer mobile games for couples allowing you to invite your partner easily to the game and start playing. Ultimately, set your requirements, like your favorite game genre and device, and start having fun as a couple.

Best Phone Games for Couples to Play in 2022

We welcome you to the list of best mobile games that you guys can play regularly with your girlfriends and wives. You will find multiple game types here, meaning you can select the most suitable game for yourself. Most importantly, all the games reviewed here are available for Android and iPhone devices. So, explore the list, choose your favorite game, and have fun. 

The Sims Mobile – Simulation Game for Couples

Phone Games for Couples

The Sims Mobile Review:

Numerous couples have been playing The Sims Mobile game over their phone for a long time. There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of this game among couples. First of all, it is a free-play mobile game that lets girls and boys connect through their phones. Secondly, it is a simulation world game where you pretend to spend your life. During the game, you will encounter many exciting and romantic challenges you need to accomplish with your partner.

Furthermore, both male and female characters can create their virtual world. This is how you can surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend in the game by adding exciting things to your virtual world.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best games for couples to play over the phone to complete multiple romantic in-game challenges with the help of your partner. Furthermore, this game also lets you engage with your friends and family members. Lastly, it is a trending iPhone and Android game for couples to play in 2022.

Download The Sims Mobile

Virtual Families 3 – Fun Phone Games for Couples

Virtual Families 3


Virtual Families 3 is one of the best mobile games to play with a girlfriend and wife at the same time because the story of the game is about spending a life in a family. In this couples game, there are multiple characters. Therefore, you can choose your character according to your gender, invite your boyfriend or girlfriend, start a new life, and live with your family. In addition, the game allows partners to interact with each other romantically.

Moreover, as soon as the time passes in-game, you will have children to manage. As good parents, you don’t only have to take care of them but also guide them about how to spend life and many more. So again, the in-game challenges will give you strong vibes of married life for you and your partner.

If you wish to know what kind of life challenges you will face while playing this couples game, read our post on Best Sims 4 Challenges. In the end, it does not matter if you are an android user or iPhone; Virtual Families 3 is available on both Play Store and App Store.

Bounden – Dancing Game to Play With Girlfriend

Games to play with your girlfriend over the phone

Bounden Game Review:

Next, we have one of the best fun phone games for couples to play in 2022. Bounden is a fantastic game that lets you spend a lot of fun time with your girlfriend or wife. Firstly, it is a video game, and it revolves around dancing.

The most exciting feature of this mobile couple game is that it is multiplayer, which means you can invite your partner and start dancing with him/her. Furthermore, you can effortlessly download the Bounden game for your Android and iPhone devices.

Reviewing this partner’s game, we would like to enlighten you that this dancing game has a twisting and twirling option. This is because your dancing moves work through the motion sensors in your devices. Moreover, your character’s rotation in the game also relies on the movement of your arms and how you rotate them.

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Therefore, you and your girlfriend will need a little time to dance perfectly. However, dancing with your partner is as simple as tilting your phone in different directions when you are in good form.

More Info About Bounden Game

Dog Sim Online: Rise a Family

Best Phone Game for Couples

About Dog Sim Online:

It is another simulation game on our list, like The Sims Mobile, which is considered one of the best phone games for couples. Although this simulation game is about pets, it is still playable with your girlfriend. If you and your partner like having pets in real life, you must play this game together. As the name suggests, the game is about raising dogs. Moreover, the game is multiplayer, which allows you to dress up and customize your favorite dog with your boyfriend.

If we discuss this dog-raising game a bit more, it has eye-catching graphics giving you the vibes of real family life. As soon as the game progresses, you can start your marriage life, have kids, and grow them with care.

Moreover, you will come across enemies too, and you can compete with them by leveling up. In short, this is the game you can play on android and iPhone devices to have endless fun with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Word With Friends – Multiplayer Mobile Game for Couples

Words With Friends Game


It is another word game like The Sims Mobile, letting multiple players live in their own made words. It is one of the best phone games for couples, and interestingly, it is online. So, you just need to invite your life partner into the game and start living.

The game is about the pointing system, which increases or decreases according to your activities. Most importantly, Word With Friends is an evenly exciting game if you play it with your friends or family members.

If you wish to explore the words with your girlfriend, you must ensure that she has downloaded the same game version as you. Once the installation is done, you can effortlessly invite her to play together in your desired words. In the end, you will have several in-game romance chances with your partner. Overall, it is one of the best phone games for couples.

Guide About Words With Friends

Everdale – Free Phone Games for Couples

Games to play with your partner over the phone

Everdale Game Review:

On our list of couples games to play on the phone, Everdale is one of the best and most-played games by couples. The reason is that it provides unlimited fun to girlfriends and boyfriends. In this game, you and your companion are going to grow your village through different strategies in which you can also include your wife or GF.

Furthermore, you must guide your neighborhoods in a lush utopian community in Everdale. Doubtlessly, you will love the in-game entertainment and the whole game to play with your girlfriend or wife.

The most entertaining task in this best mobile game for couples is building a new society. For the competence of this task, you can surely get help from your in-game friends or invite a particular person to help you. Also, you will love the HD graphics provided in this simulation game, allowing you to have maximum fun in the game.

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Crossy Road – Best Phone Game to Play With Your Partner

Crossy Road Game Review

Crossy Road Game Review:

If you are finding arcade type of phone games to play with your girlfriend, then Crossy Road is a must choose for you. This game has been entertaining couples since 2014 because it is a multiplayer game allowing you to spend romantic time with your partner or friend.

Although it is available on Android and iPhone devices, we have observed that iPhone users play this game more. You must be curious to know why this game is enlisted in the list of phone games for couples. Don’t worry; we will let you know everything about how to have unlimited fun with your girlfriend playing this arcade game.

So, the game revolves around crossing different roads where you face several obstacles. As mentioned earlier, it is a multiplayer game which means you can invite your girlfriend, wifey, friends, and family members to cross challenging roads with teamwork.

Furthermore, there are numerous missions in this iPhone game for couples where you keep traveling. You will be rewarded with prizes and bonuses depending on how smoothly you cross the challenging paths. You can install it easily through Play Store if you are using an android device.

Sky: Children of the Light

couples games to play on phone


Next on the list is another video game like Crossy Road but in a different genre. Sky: Children of the Light is an incomparable open-world game that attracts many couples to play this game over the phone. Secondly, it assures indie adventure to all the players who play this game.

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Most importantly, it has satisfied customers from both iPhone and Android users, making it an obvious choice for girlfriend and boyfriend to have maximum adventure through their mobile. Sky: Children of the Light has an understandable game scenario of making relations with others.

Therefore, we consider it a good game for couples to play on the phone. This is how you will be able to interact strongly with your favorite person in this open-world game. Moreover, you can do multiple other things to spend an endless romantic time with your partner, like exchanging gifts, holding hands, going to picnics, etc.

Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

games for couples to play on phone


If you have been in a relationship for a long time and want to know how well your partner knows about you, the best Mobile Game for Couples has to be “Couple Game: Relationship Quiz.” Most couples ask each other multiple times, “How well do you know me.”

This question has to be the hottest one of all. This quiz-type game includes inquiries about meals, holiday destinations, movies, Spotify favorites, romantic chats, and intimate scenes. This game is best for people who are in love with someone who lives far away, like in a long-distance relationship.

Here is how the game pattern continues;

  1. You will have to answer some questions the app asks about your partner. 
  2. Then, your partner will be given a chance to answer the same questions. 
  3. After you both finish answering, both of you will be allowed to guess the answers to each other.

Draw Something – Couples Phone Game

Draw Something, Phone Game for Couples

Draw Something Review:

Don’t get your mind diverted by the game’s name because you are not supposed to be an artist to play the game. Doodles in the game and some energetic behavior are enough to play and enjoy the game with one of your best friends, lovers, or family member.

The game is played based on turns where each participant will have to draw something according to the given instructions. Your partner will have to guess the drawn object when you draw something. Draw Something is one of the best multiplayer mobile games for couples.

In the Draw Something game, there is a section named Guess Something where you can guess the already available sketches or the ones drawn by your love. In addition, you both can take part in drawing competitions to beat the chart leaders and unlock high-class coloring features in this game.

Dots and Boxes – Mobile Games To Play With Girlfriend

Games to play over the phone with partner

Dots and Boxes Game Review:

This game is taken from a basic concept of our childhood game we used to play with a pen on paper. The game continues with turns for each player, and each player will have a chance to draw a horizontal or a vertical line.

You have to ensure that the line you drew connects two non-connected adjacent spots. If each player completes a 1×1 box on their turn, they are supposed to get the point. Also, upon completing the box, the game will give the winner an extra turn to plant the next move.

The game ends when there are no more unconnected dots available on the chart. The player who has got more points will be named the winner. Unfortunately, the concept of this game is too old, and developers have taken it to another level.

PUBG Mobile – Best Game to Play With Your Partner Over Phone

PUBG Mobile

About PUBG Mobile:

PUBG is one of the most popular iPhone games for couples for various reasons. If a couple is addicted to PUBG, there could be nothing better. Each Programming and Coding expert wants a better half with excellent programming skills. Similarly, a PUBG lover always wants to have someone good at PUBG.

Even if you love and play PUBG regularly, and your partner doesn’t play it, you can convince him/her to play and enjoy unlimited fun. You can talk while playing an extremely intense battleground game.

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PUBG became viral in the 2nd decade of this century, and this mobile game for couples has made more matches than many popular dating applications. So many of my friends met new girls while playing PUBG; the fun fact is that my girlfriend taught me how to play PUBG. It is undoubtedly one of the best games for couples to play over the phone.

PUBG Mobile Lite – Free Online Fun Game for Couples

Game Description:

PUBG lite is a lighter version of the original PUBG game which is a perfect game for couples and friends to enjoy a slightly inexpensive version. If one of the partners doesn’t have enough space on the phone to download and play a game like PUBG, then you can go for PUBG lite.

The maps are the only difference between the original and the lighter versions. All the ammunition in both games resembles each other. Both games have common suits and gifts available for the players. Similarly, both games provide daily and weekly missions to PUBG lovers to complete and earn gifts.

The gifts that you earn in the game can be sent to your loved ones, especially those in a relationship. PUBG lite is one of those free couple games that allows you to do live audio calls while planning for a stage win.

Ludo King – Free Couples Game

phone games to play with your girlfriend

Game Review:

Ludo has a vast history and has been a sensational game to pass the time for ages. A maximum of four players can participate in one game, which means two couples can collectively challenge each other. Each player is assigned a color before the game starts. The four shades include blue, red, green, and yellow.

The partners will have to sit on a diagonal. If there are four players and two teams, the team who rolls the dice successfully to bring all eight pawns home wins. If there are two players or one couple, each player will be a team itself and has to take all four pawns home before the opponent does so.

Ludo has ranked higher among the best couples iPhone games because thousands of couples enjoy chatting, playing, and beating each other in Ludo King. There are many Ludo games available online. Unfortunately, some of them are not as responsive as they should be, while Ludo King still leads the chart of fun to play with your partner over the phone.

Guess the Song – Phone Games for Couples

This game has to be the funniest on our list of games for couples to play over the phone. There are four different modes available in the game. The first mode is to guess the title where some sound is played, and your partner has to identify the title of that song.

Then, another in-game mode is asking your partner to choose the name of the singer of a specific song. Finally, the next mode on the list allows you to think and find the name of the writer who wrote the song.

This game is specified for music lovers who love to listen to songs all the time. People addicted to music usually remember the music, writer, singer, and movie name to which the song belongs to. There are about 2000 questions in the app, meaning there will be no repetition of the questions as long as you play weekly.

Final Thoughts on Mobile Games for Couples

Phone games for couples is a common question by netizens on google. After the demand, we decided to suggest games that not only make couples enjoy but also strengthen their already existing bond. All the recommended games are available on either iPhone, Android, or both at the same time.

The best mobile games to play with a girlfriend are Ludo, PUBG, and quiz games. In these phone games for couples, you can chat, call, and enjoy the environment created by extremely impressive developers.

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