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Our Top 5 DC Comics Games of All Time! iRiverAmerica

Superheroes have become cinematic royalty. And DC Comics’ screenings are no exception as the enterprise continues its long battle with Marvel – who also produce some stellar movies and shows.

The great thing about DC Comics is that they often transpire into excellent video games. But what makes a good DC Comics game and which releases are the cream of the crop?

What Makes a Good DC Comic Game?

There are many aspects to an engaging video game, but when it is based on superheroes from comics and films, they require some special attention.

One of them is to accurate of real characters, places and narratives. Discrepancies between the movies and comics, and the video game, usually don’t go down well between fans.

Nevertheless, all of the same principles apply. They need to balance action with narrative interjections, quality visuals and also make the most of the music to maintain engagement when the story is not at the peak of its action.

Here are some of the ones we think have done this best.

The Best DC Comic Games of All Time

Injustice 2

If you have already played Injustice: Gods Among Us and have not played Injustice 2, you have missed a trick. Their first game was exceptional, but their sequel was even more special.

The narrative of the game built on the narrative from the first (which means you should probably play Gods Among Us first).

Yet, the overall presentation and visuals of the game also got turned up a notch. Not to forget the introduction of more characters. It’s one of the best DC Comic fighting games, if not the very best.

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Justice League Heroes

When Marvel served up Ultimate Alliance, DC responded in killer fashion with Justice League Heroes.

If you want an easy-going game without too much cognitive energy required, this is the game for you.

It is comprised of multiple levels where you take on challenges with not one, but two of the heroes.

You can switch between them as you go through the levels and notice familiar scenes and other characters.

The game was so popular that it was even crafted into an online slot machine called Justice League Comic.

best dc comics games
Slot Machine Image Courtesy of PartyCasino

Batman: Arkham City

Another sequel that beat an excellent first attempt is Batman: Arkham City. The game expanded on everything good about Arkham Asylum.

Some of the ways that the newer game topped its predecessor are seen in the visuals, an arsenal of new gadgets and improved fighting moves (the combos are significantly better in Arkham City. Fight away!

Scribblenauts Unmasked

Options, options and more options are what makes Scribblenauts Unmasked one of the best DC Comic video games.

By simply typing in anything you want no matter how obscure, you are likely to be greeted with a match and option to play with the character.

The design team of Scribblenauts really went the extra mile to provide an exciting gaming experience for the biggest DC Comic nerds.

Gotham City Imposters

This one is controversial. Who makes a video game about taking control of Gotham City without including the Dark Knight himself?

Well, it has been done – and done well. Gotham City Imposters is a roaring success based on the most famous urban population of the DC world.

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It is a unique shooter game played on a team to seize control and a novel gaming experience in the niche.

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