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An Essay Sample Students Should Read Thoroughly!

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Parental Abandonment as a Trigger of Juvenile Prostitution

Juvenile prostitution is a widespread problem all over the world.

According to the World Health Organization, it constitutes a high risk for modern society as it fuels the transmission of sexual diseases, and it is also is a violent business many are forced to take part in.

Globally, child prostitution is linked to factors such as the use of drugs or social-economical background.

But in most cases, it is the absence of moral referents (parents), which leads them towards this vicious world.

A study conducted by Kelly Reynolds in 2016 from Bridgewater State University pointed out a pattern between young girls who would describe themselves as sex workers: they come from a broken family.

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The term abandonment is used to refer to someone who just walked away, but it cannot be simply understood as the absence of both or one parent.

Catherine Panter-Brick points out that abandonment should be seen as “physical and moral desertion”.

Therefore, we could say the two biggest abandonment acts parents can commit leave some serious problems in the family.  The first is economic.

Economic support is a fundamental thing parents should provide, and it is evident that the inability to fulfill basic needs as food and shelter may lead kids to desperate decisions.

The second void parents can create with their absence is emotional in nature.

In his book, The Prostitution of Women and Girls, R. Barri Flowers remarks that in most of the cases sex workers are recruited when the pimps are able to identify not just economic needs of potential workers but mostly their emotional demands (attention, love, respect) and fulfill them, at least temporarily to gain their sympathy.

To summarize, juvenile prostitution is a very complex phenomenon that cannot be explained with a single cause.

Many factors affect the decision of a child-teenager to become a sex worker.

However, it is possible to affirm the lack of discipline, stability, and strong moral values. A parent’s absence can lead a young mind to make tragic decisions.

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