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17 Best Games Like Second Life That Are Worth Playing!

This collection of the 17 best games like second life which are offered in 3D inspired virtual world at its best would, enable you to be social on the platform, create content and play games to your heart’s content.

Once you start on it, the interaction that you would build could be quite addictive. It would be quite difficult to let it go easily as it would keep you engrossed and interested all the way through.

Games similar to second life offer an economic and social flavor which is presented in a virtual world, they are specifically client focused and developed to ensure originality.

Some of the games that are listed would not require to be downloaded and are available and accessible exclusively online. This would be for those users who would prefer an online option rather than to engage on a download alternative.

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Our List Of Best Games Like Second Life

These Games are creating waves of unprecedented interest around the world.  They are the best social interaction platforms around that is gaining in popularity and would engulf the virtual world in the near future.

#1. Mabinogi

This game like second life would enable you to create your preferred anime life. An anime is the Japanese term for all forms of animation and found on all media.

Creating the anime that you like would allow you the use of content, its features and also provided with many options.



  • The anime created by you would grow in stature as the game progresses through different quests, umpteen opportunities and engagement with the social community.
  • It would also enable you to all these, by exploring the world of Erinn and keep you enthusiasm at peak levels. The uniqueness of the Mabinogi, which was initially launched in 2008, is the flexibility that is permitted where you could revive your character whilst preserving the skills acquires.
  • The limitations that you would be dictated to would be the race you would select which would be either, human, elf or giant and your role in the Mabinogi.
  • The skilled archers and the formidable users of magic are the elves whilst the giants are weak and would prefer to use brute strength in combat rather than guile and tactics.
  • The intended eligible age for the race players would be between 10 and 17 years which would need to be selected by them. This would have a direct and subtle impact on their character growth.
  • The rebirth or the reviving would be available after continuous endeavors increasing every week, culminating when the optimum age of 20 years is attained.

The Mabinogi would be different to other games like second life and is unique in many ways. It is more interesting, challenging and exciting too.

#2. GoJiyo

You could create your preferred personalized avatar which would blend with the virtual world and the social networking platform. It is a great game like second life and is facilitated by a large and dedicated community.



  • GoJiyo has some very unique environments to explore, new people to meet and explore very strange terrains. The game is browser based which ensures that moving around would very much easier and could take in every challenge that is made available.
  • The different settings would include cities, towns in as medieval setting, cities underwater and night clubs, with superlative ambience, moons, and a variety of urban settings.
  • Players are permitted to move from one to another within these environments. There are an abundance of adventures all of which enable you to blend into the game providing the right impetus to test your skills.
  • Socializing is countless with many waiting to chat and discuss different topics of mutual interest. Additionally this game would permit you to earn real rewards which would add spice to the experience.
  • It is a game like second life which you are bound to have all the excitement you need and an online experience like none other.

#3. There

This game which is aptly named There, was initially launched in 2003 but had a shutdown between March 2010 and May 2012. After it was reintroduced most of what was originally embedded into the game was retained with even the previous players able to revive their former anime avatars.

games similar to second life


Hence the break did not do much harm nor did it drastically change anything. A US $ 10/= per month membership fee is payable to access the game which is limited to those above 18 years of age which was introduced after the reintroduction.

  • You are able to create your avatar and add hair, eyes, skin and clothes plus any other option that you would prefer to make it stand out among the rest.
  • There are no limitations on what you could add to your creation, with a house, car and furniture also possible to ensure you have a very special avatar from what others would have created for their game.
  • There, offers some of the most unlimited possibilities, compared to other enables to keep your enthusiasm at optimum level.
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#4. Club Cooee

This game would have thousands of online users at any given time and is a great game which is just what you would want to engage with others in a social virtual world for chatting. Creating personalized chat rooms and specialized avatars and customizing it would be just some of the options that would be available to you.



  • You could have the 3D avatars virtually walking around when you are on the platform which brings that added sprinkle of excitement.
  • The chats would not be limited to text only but could be spiced with images, videos, and a range of other options are also available to you.
  • You are also able to create in the music room by pushing the DJ to dish out some quality sounds and keep the tempo at optimum levels.

Users could raise the levels by accessing Cooee points and buy them, to acquire more for use in various endeavors which would let them have great experiences in the virtual world.

#5. Twinity

Create and explore 3D virtual worlds which were the impetus to create Twinity which focused originally when introduced in 2009. Cities like Berlin, New York, Singapore and London were recreated on a virtual platform and were the game plans when started on open beta.



  • You are able to create your own personalize Twinizens and interact with others whilst building new friendships. Today the game like second life has taken a step forward and instead of known cities, creating fantasy environments have been initiated to add a twist to the game.
  • The interesting aspect of Twinity is the photofit option which enables players to upload a photo of them and then create an avatar that would look similar.
  • This endeavor is quite impressive as you could get a very similar image to yourself making the exercise a very personalized. The possibility of creating a range of clothing, new products to earn the Twinity currency called Globals and many more options are also available.

#6. InWorldz

This game like second life has built itself a reputation as one of the best in its class with many avatars and is a very attractive game to explore and the opportunity to build anything around you.

Meeting and interacting with new people and the way you would engage on the platform would be entirely your prerogative. The possibility to purchase lands which are virtual, no doubt has two options.



  • These lands are either private isles or mainland properties with the former providing different options and advantages to owners who would acquire them.
  • Join, create and explore which are all very convenient to explore and would take a very short time span over a few minutes only.
  • You would have some mentors when you would start on the game like second life providing the right opportunities to integrate with the community and build on it.

#7. Velvet Sundown

Set in the Caribbean in a virtual location with 11 characters with their personal agenda, all happening in a luxury yacht is a free social game. This is role playing game which would keep you engrossed and excited and there is no dull moment her.



  • Each character would play an intriguing game with the others and for you this is advantages due to the many life skills and numerous talents that would have been acquired.
  • It would be intact without being exhausted. This would also permit you to rejuvenate your character without much ado and ensure that all play the game to an exciting finale.
  • Velvet Sundown is a game of intrigue and it would keep each of the players who would be assigned one character to twist and turn the tables on each other.
  • It is this unpredictable happening which would keep the game exciting all through and ensure all players match their wits and skills against each other.

#8. Avakin Life

This is a game like second life which offers a unique opportunity to create a large social community to begin your own new life on an iOS or Android device.  Create and add whatever you would prefer to get the ideal avatar that would have in mind and also have your own apartment.

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Avakin Life


  • There are many people in a varied selection of locations to ensure that you would be able to keep in contact and socialize when you are on the platform.
  • Once the required avatar is created you have the option of personalizing it with all the trappings that you could think of to give a complete make up by adding hair, facial paint, skin tone, eye, ears, mouth and many more.
  • Adding other things like clothing, shoes and all other possible accessories would ensure you have just what you would need as long you could have it work. Avakin Life has three different sections which come together to ensure the game is exciting for all.

#9. Onverse

This game requires to be downloaded and is compatible on either Mac or Windows. It consists of a massive 3D virtual world which is there to explore to your heart’s content.


It would enable you to play for many hours continuously and it is interesting and exciting all rolled into one. The options to customize are numerous and the possibilities to chat, create and explore is as gigantic as the options built into it.

You could also have the option of creating some exciting adventures in many other locations that are massive in area and providing the right environment but which are fictional.

There are also fun activities lined up on the Onverse platform which brings a range of opportunities. These would be to decorate your home, play games and indulge in social interaction.

#10. Smeet

This is a browser based game which was initially launched in 2007 in Germany, and is an extremely exciting social interaction game. Its popularity then subsequently took it to other countries and was made available in different languages too. The 3D graphic that Smeet delivers are superlative and out of the ordinary.



  • It has most of the features that are instituted in other similar games and is generally easy to play and is enjoyable too. A feature that would be unique in Smeet is that once you register it would classify you into a specific age group which would split players form younger to older.
  • Registration would be free and this age breakup is to ensure a safety net for younger players so that they would not be exploited in any way by older players.

#11. SocioTown

This is a game which is free to play on your own browser and has a multiplayer option which provides an exhilarating experience. It is easy to setup and would take just a few minutes to get going.



  • SocioTown is designed to bring younger players into it and hence is just inviting for ages 13 years and above. A host of activities of different nature is built into it and every mission would be just as exciting as the one before.
  • SocioTown grows when it progresses and the activities that would be at hand would be boxing, fishing, riding a scooter, bug catching, sailing and many more.
  • It would keep you on pins and is just the game for those who would like to start early on any online game like second life.

#12. Active Worlds

This game has been in the public domain since 1997 and is one of the oldest around. Active World which is popularly abbreviated as AW has brought many, young and old into the virtual world.

Active Worlds


  • It has been moved around with many companies having ownership until it has now established itself. It has retained its original concept and AW claims most of what other more modern games offer in the 3D format.
  • It has been popularized due to its long standing on this platform. Users could build with already made objects and create new 3D content and explore a massive 3D universe.

#13. Winning Putt

Just the game for those golf enthusiasts out there who could experience an 18 hole course with all the trappings that would come with it.

There is an element of social interaction also mixed up into Winning Putt to create the right ambiance of the environment for a great game of golf.



  • It is when you get into the real crux of the game that you would realize that it is more than a game of golf. It has much more to offer and would keep the enthusiasm and the adrenaline at optimum.
  • The great simulation of ecstatic golf courses is the center of attraction in the game and would keep you in high spirits all through the game.
  • The game is simple to master and with many golf courses to select from your enthusiasm would not wane away as the choice for something different would always be there.
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#14. Garry’s Mod

Launched in 2006 it has made an indelible mark on the virtual world for it as an amazing game by creating the ultimate sandbox which would take you on an exciting journey.

Garry’s Mod


  • You can create your own experience and this has brought Garry’s Mod (GMod) into a steady success over the years that it has been around.
  • The battle royale, sandbox and the popular modes that play a supporting role playing endeavor has made this one of the best games like second life a very popular one.
  • You would need to own a game that uses the source engine and added to that you would also need to purchase Garry’s Mod.
  • You would be having a list of many things that would allow you to monitor and manipulate the world which would be at your disposal to do as you please.

#15. IMVU

This game is available online for free, and could be accessed through your browser with mobile apps on iOS and also on Android. Launched in 2004 it has caught the imagination of the players who have been on this platform and is as popular when it was first introduced.



There are millions of users registered worldwide and it has lived up to its expectations. It also has over the years accumulated millions of virtual catalogues all or most of it designed by the users who have cultivated an affiliation to it.

Your own superlative 3D avatars could be created and IMVU would let you meet people, take part in different games and also indulge in productive and safe environment.

It is made available to those as young as 13 years old and has kept the interest of those between 18 and 25 year olds.

#16. Planet Calypso

The Entropia Universe if you have heard of it, which is virtual and imaginative, is where this game takes its existence from. The game money and the real currency are tied together and the players would have an opportunity to profit from it.

Planet Calypso


  • Launched in 2003 it has grown in leaps and bounds making its presence known by its immense popularity. This is science fiction at its best with your own customized avatar in a virtual but impressive world out in an imaginative world out there.
  • It would be better and more interesting to invest some real money which could be recovered when playing the game. The game Planet Calypso is literally out of this world and would keep you spellbound.

#17. Oz World

You could get your own character created and dress it up in the clothing that you would like. Explore wherever you would want to and interact with others as you would wish.

Interaction and communication would be the hallmarks of this game. You could also engage in many different social interactions by indulging in fishing, home decoration, get married and do other exciting things.

Once you are in this games like second life, things would get very exciting and it is building relationships and other social interactions that are offered by Oz World.

Final Words

Launched about a decade and a half ago in the year 2003 these softwares brought a new dimension to the business marketing and social interaction platforms like none other developed before.

It has propelled the imaginations of those who are 16 years in age and above bringing in millions of registered users worldwide.

These registered users could add scripts that they like to the virtual objects that they would create and possess them to enable interaction with other players.

They would retain the rights to the content that they would have created and would be at liberty to sell these developed content for Linden Dollars (L$) a currency that has values comparable to real greenbacks.

The superlative and wide variety of experiences offered in the games that are offered, primarily focus intently on content creation and social interaction.

The advantage that the users registered worldwide on the games like second life will get is of a very unique marketplace, quite contrasting to other experiences on any other virtual world platform.

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