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Best Apps Like Meetme, Free Meetme Alternative Sites for Online Dating

Meetme is a simple concept based on a combination of social media sites and dating applications. All users are free to contact other users on the same platform. The way of contacting other users can be in different ways. Some people like to chat with other users. The most common method of connecting with other members of Meetme is Stream. Discussion threads are also getting popular, allowing people to stay in touch with newly made friends. In this blog, you will find similar sites and apps like Meetme. All the given apps match Meetme in one or multiple characteristics. Let’s discuss Meetme in detail first before jumping onto the list of chatting sites like Meetme.

The working protocol of Meetme is relatively straightforward. The app collects basic information from the user and suggests some matching people. The information you’ll have to provide includes your location, name, gender, and preferred gender for dating and chatting. Due to the ease of use, over 100 million people have already subscribed to Meetme.

Meetme is one of those apps like hoop and sites like tagged, which attracts Single people to find new friends and dates for the near future. Both Android and iOS users can install the Meetme app from their related stores. Sometimes, there are fake profiles, but this is not the case in most cities. You will have to subscribe on a monthly basis to keep using the Meetme App.

12 Apps Like Meetme – Best in 2022

There can be various reasons behind your search for Meetme Substitutes. Some people claim that there are too many scammers and fake profiles, due to which they need apps like Meetme. Also, our research noticed that Meetme is not a suitable platform for finding people interested in a serious relationship. Lastly, Meetme doesn’t take serious action against the abundance of fake profiles. Hence, we have come out with perfect alternatives that do not have drawbacks like the ones stated above.

Lovoo – App Similar to Meetme

Apps like Meetme

About Lovoo:

Lovoo has to be the most similar site to Meetme. You will meet people of your own interest within a distance from your location. You can easily find dates if you have an excellent profile on Lovoo. According to a rough assumption, more than 30 million couples engage in a straightforward relationship every month.

Like Meetme, Lovoo provides you with a chat room to send as many texts to your loved ones as you want. More than 200 million texts are forwarded between chatters around the globe. Finding a permanent or temporary partner has become easier than ever with the help of the Lovoo app. The first thing you have to do is to create an attractive profile with some honest pictures of yourself. Opposite genders often ignore heavily edited images.

Show your authentic self and open the doors of more opportunities. After creating a decent profile, enter your location to help the app suggest to you some people matching your interest. Lovoo provides you with the feature of testing yourself in front of a robot. If you convince the robot by your flirting technique, the chances of getting an actual date increase considerably.

Download Now

Tagged – Meetme Alternative

Tagged App

About Tagged App:

If you want to find older friends online or need newer dates without too much hassle, Tagged is the app for you. It doesn’t matter whether your ex-date lives in your area or not. Just set your location near your ex’s location, and there are 70% chances that your ex is looking for another date on Tagged.

Once you download the app, you need to set a decent profile. Then, share your interests in the profile, put an attractive picture without editing, and go for the Tagged game. The app allows you to search for people based on age, location, height, etc. The most exciting feature of this app is that you can use indefinite filters to find the best match for yourself.

Tagged can be one of the most exciting chat sites like Meetme. You can text any user on Tagged without the limitation of location. Moreover, the app promises to secure your personal information. Find the best date on Tagged now and enjoy chatting and dating for free.

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Woo Dating App – Apps Like Meetme

Woo Dating App Like Meetme

About Woo Dating App:

Woo is similar to Meetme, but this app resolves trust issues that were abundant on the Meetme app. The founder of woo clearly suggested that the app will look for the privacy, security, and safety of women first. Initially, Woo will collect some necessary information about you, like your hobbies, favorite things, preferred holiday spots, and your decent profile picture.

Keeping your personal information secure, Woo will suggest people with similar interests. The internal instincts reflect if the newer person you chat with is identical to you or not. The app has been built according to the nature of humans.

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Though Woo has started recently, it has already broken all the records of making new couples within a few months. The app developers understood the importance of the right environment needed for such apps and tried their best to let the users feel safe and secure while chatting, calling, and sharing videos on the app.

The best feature of this app is that single women are given the authority to contact random people according to their interests directly from the app. At the same time, their number will remain a secret unless and until they share it themselves.

Besides the personal number, the location and other details also stay secret. However, woo application has some exciting features that speed up finding the best mate. Some of these features include SAME, ANSWER, and WOOPLUS.

SAME allows you to search for people who are similar to your interests, while the ANSWER section will enable users to answer some questions the app asks. Similarly, WOOPLUS allows you to check who visited your profile, etc. With all these features, Woo is the best contender for Meetme alternatives.

Download from PlayStore

MeowChat – Meetme Alternatives for Android

MeowChat App

About MeowChat:

The craziest feature of MeowChat is that it allows users to make a video call instantly to anyone around the globe or nearby your location. Besides video calls, you are allowed to upload your videos on the app.

People will have access to watch your videos, and they can also contact you if you are hot enough to be contacted. Similarly, you can use that feature as a user. Browse hundreds of thousands of videos and find the mate you desperately need.

The video calling feature is simple to use, and your followers will increase when you upload your dancing or slow-mo videos on the app. When you install the app, you will be asked to give some permissions to the app. If you want to upload your videos or go online, you will need to permit the app to access your phone’s camera.

Similarly, the Mic of your phone will also require permission to assign. Location is the most important thing to allow if you want to match people around you. Also, you can permit newer notifications showing the number of likes and followers you get daily.

Coffee Meet Bagel (CMB) – Sites Similar to Meetme

Apps Like Meetme


CMB is the app you must try if you want to get rid of games and get something absolutely real. This app is one of the best Meetme alternatives for android and iOS users. Fixing the flaws of Meetme, where hundreds of fake profiles are ditching people, CMB has succeeded in helping serious people find their loved ones easily.

People who want to commit to a serious relationship should go for this app without thinking about any other app. With over 100 million couples formed on CMB, more than 80% of the relations turned into long-term relationships.

The reason behind the success is nothing but the algorithm that works on the app. Every morning, the app filters out the best match itself and suggests it in front of you. Once you start responding to the suggestions, the app’s algorithm will come into play, and the recommendations for the best matches will always get better. Profiles of all users are full of details. Every user fulfills the forms provided by CMB, and people quickly contact their crushes after reading the conditions.

Once you have gone through your crush’s profile, CMB provides you with a chat platform to text and connect with your loved ones. Apps like Meetme and Hoop are famous for fraudulent activities, but CMB takes care of such factors.

They have a 70day chat rule which discourages cheating and increases the rate of making serious couples. Besides the suggestions provided by the app, you can browse for newer people and connect with them quickly.

Zoosk – Best App & Site Like Meetme

Zoosk App

About Zoosk:

The number of Zoosk downloads is increasing at an incredible pace. The reason behind this growth is none other than the productivity and positivity of the platform itself. Zoosk has millions of users online every time, which makes it easy for single people to find, chat, and make video calls with the ones suiting the most.

Another unique thing Zoosk has compared to other dating apps is that it doesn’t discriminate whether you are gay, lesbian, straight or whatever you like. Zoosk quickly matches you with single people nearby your location. Location is not the first priority for Zoosk to fit two people. They reach people based on likes and dislikes.

Zoosk has recently published an update that allows you to do a live stream. The purpose of bringing live streams is to make it easy for people to find and connect to their crushes within no time. There was an issue on Meetme about the security and fakeness of hundreds of profiles.

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Zoosk takes care of security issues by launching a Picture Verification Tool that confirms the user’s identity. This extra security feature makes the probability of finding fake people nearly zero. There are various other features you will definitely like.

Install it now and start dating!

Tinder – App Like Meetme but Better

Best Apps Like Meetme

About Tinder:

Tinder has to be one of the most similar sites to Meetme. All the features of Meetme are available on Tinder. Tinder has successfully made over 70 billion matches to date. Moreover, this site is trending at the top in the category of dating applications. Tinder has to be the first dating app that went viral, like memes get viral these days.

Tinder will show people according to your likes and dislikes, location, age, hobbies, and other features. Because of the high productivity, people started naming Tinder the best dating app undoubtedly. Tinder has also taken a Zoosk feature to verify every user’s profile picture. This option takes care of the authenticity of the user to decrease the number of fake profiles on the platform.

Tinder has also launched premium features for people who are ready to purchase a premium subscription. People with premium subscriptions on the platform can follow your profile and send likes to your posts in this category. There are five super likes available for you to send likes instantly to someone you have desperately liked lately.

If you set your profile according to the mantra, you will get unlimited likes and can date anyone you want among your followers. So enjoy the best experience on the Tinder app, which is one of the best apps like Meetme.

Yubo – Apps Like Meetme for Adults

Yubo App

About Yubo:

Chatting sites like Meetme are a little hard to find, but our comprehensive research made it possible to suggest some of the best sites like tagged and meet me. Yubo is one of those sites like Meetme for adults, which provides you with a chatting platform as well as some gaming zone to let people enjoy games and make friends online.

Yubo has launched some sensational features that are unavailable on similar sites like Meetme. YouTube Stream is one of those crazy facilities allowing you to instantly share your YouTube content on Yubo and get more views and likes.

Yubo is not limited to dating anymore because it comes with a streaming utility to help content creators grow their online business. You can divert Yubo traffic to your YouTube music, vlogs, videos, movies, etc. Chat is a feature everyone wants to have in a dating app like Yubo. Swiping is also possible. Suppose you like somebody and want to connect to make them a friend. Swipe and make a match.

There is also a high possibility of finding genuine friends and single people in a gaming zone where you can play different games and chat with the gamers. Now it totally depends on the practical skills you have to find the best partner on a temporary or permanent basis.

Download Link for iPhone Users

Yalla Dating App – Apps Like Hoop and Meetme

Yalla Dating App

About Yalla App:

You won’t easily find an app as attractive as Yalla anywhere on the PlayStore. The excellent user interface of Yalla has forced hundreds of thousands of single people to download Yalla. What makes Yalla unique is the introduction of a new feature called Group Chatting.

The group contains more than a thousand people where everyone can share their random thoughts, and people can get attracted to each other quickly. Moreover, Yalla allows you to make friends and then do a group chat, just like WhatsApp and other messaging applications. The app is free to use for anybody from 50 countries worldwide.

Besides global chatting groups and friends chatting features, Yalla also has a feature of personal chat like Meetme. Like Yubo, Yalla also has games installed inside the app to let people pass their free time and chat with random people to make friends online. Some animated gifts are involved in the game, which you can earn after winning a contest.

You can use these gifts later on, to send them to people you like the most. Sharing and following are just some other features available in Yalla App. If you want the app overall, you can go for the subscription of Yalla to avail more utilities.

Wink – Sites Like Tagged and Meetme

Sites and Apps like Meetme

About Wink App:

As the name of the app suggests, this app is all about making great couples according to a great algorithm set by developers. The wink app asks you to fulfill your details like hobbies, likes, dislikes, favorite sports, favorite dishes, etc. Once you complete all the details, it will become easier for the algorithm to find eBay matches for your location nearby.

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Wink asks you to swipe left or right according to your choice, and if someone else has right-swiped you, Whoop, there is a match. Once you have matched somebody of your interest, you are free to chat with the partner and decide on a place to meet and make love.

Wink provides you a platform to earn some gems on a regular basis and send the gems to the ones you recently matched. You can also use these gems to send friend requests to the one you like the most. Spending some gems to update your profile looks amazing.

Some sensational themes are available on the Wink app for profiles of thousands of users. Moreover, Wink takes care of your personal information and doesn’t leak it to anybody unless you do it yourself. Wink is all about making new friends and setting dates for you in the near future.

Waplog – Apps Like Meetme for Teens

Best Apps Like Meetme

About Waplog:

Waplog is quickly getting popular in European, Asian, and American countries due to the availability of real people who are always available to chat, date, and make long-term relationships. Waplog gets rid of fake people quickly and verifies every profile from the start. This extra feature makes the app secure for people who really trust the Waplog.

You can easily swipe for people who are of your type. Flirting with sweet ladies becomes easy because of the chat feature available in Waplog, like Meetme. Waplog is one of those apps like Meetme and Wink, which feature making video calls between two couples to enjoy their lonely nights.

A feature we have not seen on any other date to date is putting stories like WhatsApp or Facebook. You can share your vlogs and favorite scenes on your profile with the help of Waplog stories. You can make friends from your location as well as from any part of the world.

If you are lucky enough to find a partner from another nation, Waplog has a feature to translate the chats to make it easy for you to communicate with your loved ones. Moreover, there is no limit to chatting. You can literally send and receive as many texts as you want. We suggest you not wait for a match. Just start scrolling and send messages directly to try your luck.

Swipr – App Like Meetme That are Free

Free Apps Like Meetme

We have already suggested 11 apps like Meetme, and Swipr is just another app with qualities similar to many suggested ones. As the name suggests, match-making also works when you start swiping left or right. Once you match with someone, you will have a chatbox to open and express your feelings with a newly made friend.

The app gives you an opportunity to bring your Swipr’s friend to any of your social media accounts. You can get your friends to Instagram to increase your followers or take them to Facebook to increase the number of likes on your profile pictures.


What is the Meetme app?

Meetme is a dating app having millions of currently active users. The app is a serious platform to help single people find their best mates for temporary or permanent relationships. You can chat with people you like and send them gifts available in the Meetme app. If you want Meetme features, you can avail of more features for a premium subscription.

What is Meetme used for?

Meetme is used for finding dates online. You can see your current location or you can set the location of your choice to make new friends online. For example, if you are about to move somewhere else where you want a new date for temporary reasons, the Meetme app is the best one to help you in this regard.


In the current era, it has become way easier to impress an opposite gender or whatever gender you like. In earlier ages, you had to stalk a girl for days and weeks to contact her but things have dramatically changed in favor of those people who are always ready to date new people.

Meetme was initially a lovely app that had made millions of couples, but after the intervention of fake people, users tried to find out some similar chatting sites/apps like Meetme. So we went through a thorough search to suggest 12 apps like Meetme that definitely fill up the space left by Meetme itself.

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