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Top 20 Sites Like Putlocker, Best Free Websites to Watch Movies Online

In the past, Putlocker had become a popular destination for people to watch movies and TV series online by providing various streaming channels and links. It provides you with a list of movies and shows that are available for you to watch, and you can choose the servers that you want to watch them from. However, after the ban of Putlocker in 2016, movie and TV show lovers started finding the best sites like Putlocker, where they could watch premium movies for free with no ads. Therefore, AndroidCompare extensively researched the most similar websites to Putlocker in 2022.

Our recommendations for watching movies and shows online contain many advanced features we have highlighted. Also, they have a user-friendly layout to ensure people find what they like. Moreover, you will come across various sites that are paid to use, and the others are free. Therefore, the best way to select one of these best movie sites in 2022 is to compare the features. Also, find the best Live TV Streaming Sites and Sites Like 123Movies.

20 Best Sites Like Putlocker in 2022

Below, you will find the best and free sites like Putlocker that are trending in 2022 and have numerous TV shows and Movies in their collection. In addition, a few options are paid but don’t cost you too much compared to the other premium sites. So, let’s review these websites thoroughly with the features they provide in 2022.

Tubi – Putlocker Alternative

Sites Like Putlocker

In 2022, Tubi is one of the best websites like Putlocker, with a massive collection of old, new, and trending movies. Tubi is the legal streaming platform that allows you to watch plenty of movies and TV series online with selections from blockbuster titles. This service is available entirely for free, and you will need to watch ads during your movie-watching sessions. The platform is available on various devices, including desktops, mobile devices, consoles, TV, and more. Moreover, till January 2022, this platform had around 50 million monthly users, which shows why people love to use this platform.


  • You can access thousands of free movies and TV shows supported by ads.
  • It covers any region, and you can watch the stream from various devices simultaneously.
  • This site has a friendly layout that lets users find their desired films and shows effortlessly.
  • Also, it is a legal website that lets you watch trending movies for free watching ads.
  • The easy-to-browse and intuitive user interface make it easy for you to choose the title you want to watch.
  • You can activate various subtitles in the movies and shows that you watch.
  • You can pause watching any title and continue where you left off later.

MoviesJoy – Free Movie Websites 2022

Do ads ruin your mode while watching movies online? If yes, then MoviesJoy is free movies website 2022 that you will love. It has numerous users in 2022 that love to watch films with family and friends. Whether you want to watch the latest TV series or stream the latest movies, MoviesJoy is there to provide the entertainment you need. You can search for any title you want to watch on the home page and browse various trending movies and TV shows, which are updated regularly. The latest release movies are also getting added to the database as soon as they become available. Moreover, it works nicely with different devices like mobile phones, iPad, desktops, etc. In 2022, this site like Putlocker, is also attachable to Chromecast. Find the best Chromecast Audio Alternatives in 2022.



  • There are various available genres that you can choose from, such as Action, Comedy, Adventure, Family, Kids, and more.
  • It provides movie titles from various countries, not just focused on Western movies.
  • The latest feature of this streaming website is its attachment with Chromecast Audio.
  • The latest movies and shows are available for you to watch online, updated regularly.
  • It also provides a list of movies and TV series based on the Top IMDb ratings, so you can watch the best movies by browsing this section.
  • The APK file for this streaming service is available, allowing you to watch movies via mobile devices.

1WatchFree – Sites Like Putlocker

Sites Like Putlocker

This Putlocker alternative website respects movie lovers and provides multiple genres of films and series. You will be able to view action, comedy, romantic, and animation content for free. Also, there is no registration required for you to access the content available on the site. When it comes to watching the latest movies available today, 1WatchFree is one of the platforms that provide the best selection of movies and TV episodes for you to watch right away. The list is constantly updated with high-quality movie titles, which you can quickly start watching in HD. Latest movies are also being added on a regular basis. Ultimately, we would consider it one of the best sites like Putlocker in 2022.

Features in 2022:

  • You can browse the popular and latest movie titles on this website and watch them immediately.
  • There is also the list of 100 best movies of all time.
  • The trending films and shows in the going year will find all of them at this free website.
  • Various genres are available for you to browse, including Action, Adventure, Animation, and more.
  • Some good selections of TV series are also available for you to watch online.
  • Most importantly, it is a platform for free movie streaming without sign up.
  • It provides different media players to ensure you always get the best viewing experience on this site.



It is a versatile streaming site with a massive collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movies. Also, it keeps updating the list of movies and adds the latest trending films. In addition, CineBloom gives you a list of movies and TV series you can watch online in high definition. With this site, you will be able to browse the latest titles such as Scoob, Vebird, Rick and Morty, and plenty of others. There are also many featured titles that you can watch, such as Body Cam, The 100, Capone, and Jojo Rabbit.

Top Features:

  • It gives you high-quality cinema entertainment that you can access from your devices online.
  • The latest and greatest, as well as the classic titles, are available for you to watch on this site.
  • It is a multifunctional free movies website in 2022 where you can watch movies created by different regions and countries.
  • The Featured section gives you the featured titles recommended for you to watch immediately.
  • The Spotlight section gives you the list of titles that you should consider watching.
  • It provides various online servers for you to watch, ensuring that each movie is always accessible.


Sites Like Putlocker

Million people use the YoMovies website to watch their favorite films and TV shows for free. If you like watching Hindi movies, YoMovies provides plenty of selection of Hindi movies available to watch. Whether the latest or old releases, you can find many popular Hindi titles worth watching on this site. Not only focused on Hindi, but the site also provides Hollywood movies as well as movies from other countries in various genres. Also, you can download the movies online to watch them later. This downloading feature was added at the start of January 2022.

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Features – Updated

  • It is one of the best places to watch an updated list of Hindi movies with single and dual audio.
  • You can browse various genres on this site, such as Action, Biography, Music, Fantasy, and more.
  • Although this platform focuses on Bollywood movies, you can also view Hollywood movies on this website like 123Movies.
  • On the homepage, you will find the trending and latest multi genres of films.
  • Extra movies are available from different Hindi localities.
  • It also provides web series that are released on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon, and more.
  • There is also the 18+ section that provides the selection of titles for mature audiences.

YesMovies – Sites Like Putlocker


YesMovies provides you with a vast database of movies and TV series that you can watch directly via your browsers. There are numerous first-class movies available on this Putlocker alternative 2022. You don’t miss any of the trending shows or films. Moreover, you will also be able to see the list of upcoming movies. The database of titles on this site is continuously updated and gets indexed fast, so you can find the latest movie releases on this site as soon as they become available. You can choose the new or old interface for the site home page.

Updated Features:

  • You can find the latest high-quality movies like Ancestral World, The Eagle and the Albatross, No Apology, and more.
  • Movies from other countries like China, Asia, India, Korea, and more are available.
  • Finding trending films is not a difficult task as it keeps getting updated on the site’s main page.
  • The genres you can browse include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, and others.
  • You can watch the trailer and the whole movie in HD quality.
  • It provides you with the IMDb information for each movie or series title.

YTS – Best Putlocker Alternative

Sites Like Putlocker

It is a pretty different free movie streaming site from the others on our list because it also lets you download the content. To download the available films, you need to use BitTorrent. Also, there are many worth-watching pictures and TV series. YTS is a website like Putlocker where you can download high-quality movies in 720p, 1080p, 3D, and 4K quality. The list of movies is also being updated regularly, with the Popular Downloads being featured on the home page. You will download the movies on this site via torrents for maximum download speed.


  • Popular movies like Sonic the Hedgehog, Captain America: Civil War, Downhill, and more can be found.
  • On the home page, you can find information related to the popular download, the latest torrents, and upcoming movies.
  • Using BitTorrent, you can download the films as well.
  • It has a million users per month that view their desired content for free.
  • 4K and 3D movies are available to download from this site.
  • It provides both new and old movies in many genres.
  • There are also plenty of indie movies and documentaries that you can download from this site.

Official Website – YTS

HDM.to – Free Movie Streaming Sites No Signup


Watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies in HD quality for free with no signup. HDM.to is where you can find various HD movies to watch, with the latest titles being updated regularly. In addition, you can find old movies on this site, dating back to 1950. It also provides many genres for you to browse, such as Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi, Romance, and more. This PutLocker alternative is being used widely in 2022.

Updated Features:

  • You can download the movies via torrents in 720p and 1080p quality.
  • Whether you want to watch new movies released in 2022 or old movies released in the 70s, you can find them on this site.
  • Featured titles include Bad Boys, Bloodshot, Dolittle, and more.
  • You can also find the list of titles based on the IMDb ratings.
  • You can also watch the trailer of the movie via the browser.

Moonline – Putlocker Alternative Sites

Sites Like Putlocker

Moonline is the site that provides a list of movies from A to Z that you can watch and download for free online. You can watch movies like Extraction, Lost Girls, The Hunt, and many others on this site. You can also request movies you want to watch that are not yet available on the site. Depending on the number of requests available, it would take some time for your request to be granted. Use the homepage to come across the most viewed and trending movies of 2022.


  • Each movie page provides you with detailed movie information and trailer and playback sources.
  • You can download movies in HD or Full HD quality from this site.
  • You can filter your browsing based on the movie ratings.
  • The list of Top IMDb movies is also available for you to browse.
  • You can find similar titles to the movies that you are watching, and you can also comment on them.

Peacock Movies Site

Peacock provides various movies and TV series that you can watch entirely for free. It is a legal streaming service provided by NBCU. So, you can find them on this platform if you want to watch great movie titles, classic comedies, or timeless favorites. Almost all kinds of content are available on the site, like TV series, movies of multiple genres, and shows. Everything is provided for free for your best viewing experience, supported by ads. Most importantly, it is one of the best legal movie streaming sites in 2022.

sites like Putlocker


  • All available titles can be streamed freely and legally from the United States area.
  • You can upgrade to Premium if you want to eliminate the ads displayed in between the streaming sessions.
  • This website lets you quickly know the upcoming movies and watch trending content.
  • The list of titles is regularly updated with thousands of hours’ worth of movie streaming.
  • You can find the current NBC hits, classic comedy, kids’ shows, and plenty of others.
  • If you have Xfinity, you can get the premium plan for free.

SolarMovie – Best Putlocker Alternatives

Best sites like Putlocker

It is one of the biggest online streaming websites in 2022. SolarMovie gives you access to the movies and TV series database that you can stream from your browsers. You can find movies like The Lovebirds, Last Moment of Clarity, The Wrong Missy, and many others. The latest TV series like Wishbone, At Home with Amy Sedaris, and The Case That Haunts Me are also available to stream from this site. Moreover, the quality of the films and shows is also excellent. If you wish to watch the movies later, you can download your favorite ones.

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  • You can find various movies and TV series released in 2022 and 1999.
  • Movies from other countries are also available, such as Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and so on.
  • You can browse various movie and TV series genres, such as Adventure, Horror, Comedy, Crime, Drama, and others.
  • A giant search box on the homepage helps you find your desired pictures.
  • You can also check featured movies that are recommended to watch on this site.
  • You can watch and download each movie in HD quality.


OpenCulture is the site that allows users to access free movies and other media online, which already have free licenses to access. The movies and other media presented on this site are usually old movies released in the 50s or older. However, you can still find plenty of exciting titles to watch on this site. In 2022, this site like Putlocker is more advanced and shows worth-watching videos. Also, many movies are available such as action, comedy, romance, and anime.

open culture movies

Features in 2022:

  • It has a list of more than a thousand public domain movies.
  • On this site, you can also find other media like online courses, podcasts, audiobooks, and e-books.
  • Also, it is one of the best Putlocker alternatives in August 2022.
  • It provides various movie genres, such as Film Noir, Martial Arts, Documentaries, and Silent Films.
  • You can watch great old movies like A Hunting Accident, A Matter of Life and Death, and A Song for Love.
  • It is a great site to watch unique, classic, and independent movies.

Popcornflix Free – Best Legal Site to Watch Movies Online

It is another ad-supported website like Putlocker that people can use confidently in 2022. Popcornflix is a legal movie streaming platform that provides a list of unique and independent movies for you to watch. Not only that, but it also provides Original movies that you can’t watch anywhere else. Aside from movies, Popcornflix also provides a list of TV series and Viral Videos to watch from your browsers. Most importantly, it has a relatively massive and excellent list of old, latest, and trending TV series and pictures.

Features – Updated

  • The site is constantly updated with the latest movies that are put together in the New Arrivals section.
  • You can find popular movies to watch, such as Black Death, Night Catches Us, Enron, and Internal Affairs.
  • Use it confidently as it is declared one of the best legal movie streaming sites in 2022.
  • It also offers Original movies and series, such as Adult Life Skills, 10,000 Saints, Void, and Stray Bullets.
  • If you are confused about what to watch, you can browse the Staff Picks to find the best movies to watch on this site.
  • The genres available include Drama, Horror, Action, Thriller, and more.

AZMovies – Putlocker Alternative

We added this option to the list because it lets people find their favorite movies easily. AZMovies is the site that provides a list of movies to watch for free online, such as The High Note, Lovebirds, Inheritance, Greed, and more. Whether you like to watch comedy, action, adventure, animation, or crime movies, you can browse thousands of movies in various genres on this site. The movie titles are available on this site date back to 1948. It has many advanced features in 2022 that let people download content for free with high-quality graphics.

Putlocker Alternatives

Updated Features in 2022:

  • You can watch featured movies in HD quality, chosen from the best-released titles.
  • You can stream the movies directly from your desktop or mobile browsers.
  • The most significant advantage is that it takes you to the movies you want to watch effortlessly using filters and a search box.
  • Multiple servers are available to stream your favorite movies.
  • This Putlocker alternative also provides excellent quality of the pictures you want to download or watch online.
  • You can browse similar movies on each movie page.
  • You can browse the list of movies by the year of release.

GoMovies – SolarMovie and Putlocker Alternative

best Putlocker Alternative

You can use this platform to view both paid and free content available. One of the most liked features of this site is that it respects all kinds of users by providing free membership and premium membership. In both of these memberships, you can watch excellent-quality films. GoMovies provides the best TV shows and movies for you to watch from various genres and categories. You can easily search for the favorite titles that you want to watch and stream them right away from your browsers. In addition, it offers a membership plan if you want to get various benefits in your movie-watching experience.

Noticeable Features:

  • You can browse the movies and TV series based on the release date, country, last added, top IMDb, and top watched.
  • You can also see the most watched movies on the home page.
  • The trending movies are added to the homepage as soon as they are released.
  • You can avail both paid and free memberships to explore more films of different genres.
  • It provides excellent titles such as 365 Days, Rick and Morty, Money Heist, and Bad Boys for Life.
  • You can filter your search with various preferences.
  • You can also upgrade to the premium plan to get many additional benefits.

Popcorn Time – Free Streaming Website

websites like Putlocker

Use it on both desktop and mobile devices without paying. Also, this Putlocker alternative provides a user-friendly app in 2022 to find shows and movies easily. Popcorn Time is the platform that allows you to stream movies and TV series directly from torrents. The app can be downloaded for desktop and mobile devices on multiple platforms. Once you’ve installed the app, you can start watching movies and shows directly from your device without downloading anything. The speed is also fast since the files are streamed directly from torrents.

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Features in 2022:

  • You can watch movies and TV shows without restrictions directly from torrents.
  • The catalog of titles is regularly updated, giving you a new selection of movies and TV series daily.
  • You can stream your movies and TV shows in the best video quality.
  • There is a download option too in the app and desktop version to watch films later.
  • The app is available for desktop and mobile devices and is always updated regularly.
  • You can use this app for free.


This option is for you if you like to watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movies. MovieWatcher is a great alternative to Putlocker, where you can watch movies and TV series online from any of your device browsers. You can stream or download the movies and series in HD and find detailed information about the title on each page. You can browse the titles based on the genres, most popular, new releases, and release years. The search box and filters are more advanced in 2022, ensuring you watch what you are looking for.

free movie streaming sites


  • It features popular movie titles such as Joker, Terminator: Dark Fate, Frozen II, and Ad Astra.
  • It also features popular TV shows like The Mandalorian, Wu Assassins, The Terror, and Peaky Blinders.
  • It provides advanced filters that can show the results to your expectations with a few simple hints.
  • You can get detailed information about each movie and TV show title.
  • You can stream the whole season of your favorite TV shows.
  • Aside from watching online, you can also download the movies in HD.

LunchFlix – Movies Downloading Website

free movies websites 2022

LunchFlix is the site that allows you to stream new and old movies and TV series online. Popular titles, The Witcher, The Mandalorian, and more can be found. You can also find newly released movies as well as older released movies that go back to the year 2018. Interestingly, it has included all the trending movies, web series, and shows of 2022. Its noticeable advantage is that it lets you download the content you like the most. Also, the pictures’ quality and other content available on this website like Putlocker, are excellent.


  • The site is continually updated with new movie titles.
  • You can find exciting movies like The High Note, Murder Manual, I See You, Weathering with You, and more.
  • It also lists the movies that are released based on the release year.
  • Like the other options on our list, this one also provides excellent graphics of the pictures.
  • It provides information about movies that are still available in theaters.
  • It also allows you to stream The Hobbit Trilogy and The Harry Potter Series.


123Movies provides free online streaming of movies and TV series that can be accessed from any browser that you have. It features titles like My Husband’s Deadly Past, The Captive Nanny, Danny’s Game, and more. You can also browse movies based on the recent updates, top viewed today, and top ratings. The movies are available on this site date back to the year 1992. Unfortunately, this site was shut down and may not work in 2022. So try exploring the best sites like 123Movies in 2022.

Noticeable Features:

  • You can browse new and old movie releases from various countries, including the USA, Europe, Asia, Japan, and more.
  • It provides a list of trending movies and TV shows, updated regularly.
  • You can also find TV shows that are being aired today.
  • You can stream and download the movies and TV shows in HD quality.
  • If you find this Putlocker alternative unavailable in your country, try to find its alternatives.
  • You can find popular titles like Beat Bobby Flay, Young Sheldon, Gamers’ Guide to Pretty Much Everything, Deadly Engineering, and more.


Movies Streaming Websites

5Movies is another August 2022 addition to our list that provides free online movie streaming without ads. Also, it gives you access to various movies and TV shows available to watch online for free. On this site, you can find movie titles like Survive the Night, Photograph, The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, and more. There are also popular TV shows like The Flinstones, The Wombles, Flip or Flop, and more. Moreover, it has a massive collection of films and web series from 2021 and 2022.

Features in 2022:

  • The list of movies and TV shows is updated regularly, giving you fresh new titles every time you visit the site.
  • You can browse the top movies, TV shows, and trending titles.
  • You can filter your search to narrow your search results and find the movies you want to watch.
  • Most viewed contents of 2020, 2021, and 2022 are available on 5Movies.
  • You can download the movies in HD and give your response to the movies on each page.
  • The featured movies section gives you the list of recommended movies to watch on this site.


Although the primary site of Putlocker is already gone and shut done a few years ago, there are still many great alternatives to Putlocker being available online. After the ban of Putlocker, people badly want websites like this. Therefore, AndroidCompare researched and set this list for the best sites like Putlocker in 2022. On top of that, Putlocker is not just the one that provides the streaming of movies and shows that enable you to watch your favorite movies for free. Our suggested websites have got a massive collection of multi genres old, latest, and trending movies in 2022. You can choose the titles based on your favorite genres, release date, popularity, and more. Moreover, these sites keep adding new features and filters to improve the users’ experience. In the end, after knowing all the benefits of these websites and choosing one, let us know which site you found the most suitable replacement for Putlocker.

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