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Top 20 Best Free Tv Streaming Sites, Stream TV Online for Free in 2022

In 2022, it is super easy for people to stream TV through their mobiles, PCs, laptops, and other devices. So, do you love to stream TV shows for free too? Of course you do. So, here are the 20 best free TV streaming sites that you’ll love. We have inspected all these platforms carefully and found them secure, advanced, updated, and provide users what they demand.

Nowadays, there are several good TV shows that you can watch. The number of titles that are being released is increasing day by day. However, some of these TV shows can only be watched through a premium subscription to certain networks or streaming services. If you want to watch them, you need to pay the monthly price to access those services. That’s one of the major reasons why people demand free TV streaming sites.

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Free TV Streaming Sites – Trending in 2022

Before we start reviewing these top TV streaming sites of 2022, we would like you to suggest that read the review of each option carefully. Most importantly, don’t miss the features part where we highlight the noticeable advantage of each free TV streaming site.

Moreover, our list obtains those streaming platforms that are trending in 2022 and people love using them. So, here are the 20 best free TV streaming sites that allow you to watch your favorite TV series and live TV channels online for free.

IMDb TV – Best Free TV Streaming 2022

IMDb TV is a site that provides plenty of TV series that you can watch for free online, supported by ads. The United States audience can only access it at the moment. Interestingly, it provides on-demand service as well. You only have to bear commercials while streaming your favorite shows or series on this best free TV streaming site.

TV streaming sites

The list of TV show titles that you can find on this site is always getting updated, providing you with fresh new TV entertainment that you can access online from the official website. Most importantly, IMDb TV furnishes its users with the most recent content which is why everyone likes to stream their desired content through this site in 2022. Also, you will love the quality of the content available on IMDb TV.

IMDb TV Features:

  • There is plenty of TV series that you can find on this platform, including 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Cowboy Way, Midsomer Murders, and more.
  • You can access this site from your web browsers or Fire TV devices.
  • It is completely legal, supported by ads, and available for the US audience.
  • You can browse top-rated shows, most popular shows, and TV news.
  • Many genres are also available, such as comedy, sci-fi, horror, romance, action, and more.
  • It is trusted by millions to be the best free internet TV streaming site.


NOXX – Free TV Streaming Sites

It is an extraordinary platform that gives a remarkable streaming experience for free. Yes, we are talking about NOXX. It is a site that focuses on providing TV series seasons and episodes for free online, with the latest titles that are available from various big studios. On this site, you can find the currently trending or most popular titles that are still ongoing.


While inspecting this free TV streaming website, we came to know that there are many movie and web series lovers who love using NOXX site to watch their favorite content. You can also watch titles that have been released in the past, with full seasons and episodes that you can stream on the site. Most importantly, you will not complain about the quality of the content whether it is new or old.

NOXX Features:

  • You can stream TV shows free that are available from Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, HBO, Netflix, and more.
  • New episodes and new seasons are being added regularly as they are released.
  • You can stream each movie in HD quality from multiple servers.
  • Plenty of genres are available, including adventure, biography, action, and more.
  • You can check the recently uploaded episodes by checking the timeline page.
  • This is one of the best sites to watch TV series online free.

Peacock Television Network – Free Streaming

If you have are hunting for the best free TV streaming sites, you must be aware of Peacock Television Network. Unquestionably, it is a popular yet over-the-top site for streaming movies, TV shows, web series, etc. Furthermore, it is a free internet TV streaming platform provided by NBCUniversal, which offers free TV streaming services. You will come across several Peacock Original shows making this platform more obvious for the users.

TV streaming sites

With this platform, you can start watching great and high-quality TV entertainment without having to give your credit card information. Interestingly, you can find thousands of TV episodes that you can watch for free right away on this platform. The collection of movies and shows is simply unprecedent. Also, you will see the trending and latest content on the main page allowing you not to miss something essential.

Peacock TV Features:

  • It is completely free and legal, and it is available for the United States audience.
  • You only need to sign up with your email and password to start streaming your favorite TV series right away.
  • There are also Peacock TV channels that you can access 24/7 on this platform.
  • You can also access the live news from NBC networks.
  • Watch TV shows online free. You can also watch live sports as they are being aired, such as the Premier League.

Pluto TV – Free TV and Movies Streaming Site

Next, we have a multifunctional website on our list named Pluto TV. It is versatile because it provides both Live TV streaming and an option to watch TV shows online free that you can access completely for free. Like IMDb TV, you need to bear unexpected ads while viewing shows or films but does not cost you anything. Chiefly, it is available in the United States.

Pluto tv

Aside from accessing this platform from your web browsers, you can also access it via your mobile devices, as well as various other devices, such as smart TVs and game consoles. This feature of Pluto TV makes it one of the best sites for free TV streaming. There are plenty of choices you can find on this platform. Also, you can stream in different qualities.

Pluto TV Features:

  • The TV shows and live TV channels have the subtitle option for an easier viewing experience for you.
  • There are hundreds of channels that you can access and thousands of TV seasons and episodes available for you to watch.
  • You don’t need to sign up to watch series online free.
  • It is completely free and legal for the United States audience.
  • Plenty of platforms and devices are supported.
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Tubi TV – Best Free TV Streaming Site in 2022

If you like watching different type of video content through multiple devices, you must choose Tubi TV. It is a free streaming platform that can be accessed via web browsers and many other devices. With this platform, you can stream thousands of TV shows without the need to be signed up. Furthermore, you can avail the on-demand service as well allowing you to watch anything you are unable find on site.


You can stream popular titles that come from popular studios right on your device for free. It is also legal and available for most countries in the world. One of the most exciting features of Tubi TV is the separation of movies and shows in different categories. This is how, you can effortlessly find any movie according to your genre. Moreover, you get a browse button throughout the site which helps you find movies of different categories.

Tubi TV Features:

  • Plenty of TV shows are available to stream, and they are always available for free without the need for any subscription.
  • It is supported by ads that will be shown to you within each title that you watch.
  • You can stream from any device you own, such as desktops, TVs, game consoles, and mobile devices.
  • Some interesting genres to browse include action, anime, classics, comedy, crime, and more.
  • New TV episodes are always added, and there are plenty of featured shows that are recommended to watch on this platform.

Popcornflix – Top Website for free TV Streaming

There are several trending and top-rated free TV streaming sites in 2022 and Popcornflix is one of them. It provides you with lots of TV series that you can watch online for free legally in the US and Canada. Also, there are numerous TV shows available too that you can watch on Popcornflix, and the number of episodes and seasons for the shows is regularly updated. Ultimately, you find the trending and latest content on the homepage.


Undoubtedly, it is the perfect place for the whole family to watch various genres of TV series online. Moreover, the interface of the site is eye-catching yet understandable and easy to use for those who visit for the first time. In other words, you can easily find your favorite TV show and film among thousands. You will love the quality of the content too.

Popcornflix Features:

  • You can find the online TV entertainment that you need for each member of your family.
  • You can explore various genres, including family and kids, drama, action/adventure, reality, comedy, and more.
  • There are also original shows that you can only watch on this platform.
  • It is connected with Shout Factory TV that allows you to watch classic movies and shows from Japan and other countries.
  • It has a simple media player that gives you the best video quality for your viewing experience.

WatchSeriesHD – Stream TV Online for Free

There is no TV show that you are going to miss now because we bring you the best TV streaming site which is free to use. We are discussing WatchSeriesHD which is a site that allows you to watch various TV series, such as Hollywood series, Asian drama, and anime series. You can browse the entire collection of TV series episodes on this site.

TV streaming sites

New episodes are being added as soon as they are released. You can find the full seasons and full episodes of the popular TV series that have been released on various platforms on this site. Furthermore, if you don’t like registering or subscribing any website before watching content, you must go to WatchSeriesHD platform which does not ask you for any kind of information.

WatchSeriesHD Features:

  • Besides Hollywood TV shows, you can also find drama series from various Asian countries, such as Japan, China, and Korea.
  • You can watch series online free on your web browsers with high video quality.
  • You can also sign in to the site to organize your own titles to watch.
  • New anime episodes are being added to this site regularly.
  • You can also find the popular TV series that are currently trending.

Popcorn Time – Watch Movies & TV Shows

Firstly of all, we would like to inform you that Popcorn Time is a complete different website from Popcornflix but both are best free TV streaming sites in 2022. We added Popcorn Time on our list because it is a website and provides an app at the same time that you can use to stream TV shows free with up-to-date titles, which you can watch for free on your device.

Popcorn time

There is a specific category for the TV shows that appears on top of the screen of every page. Furthermore, you will come across ads on Popcorn Time which makes it a site like IMDb TV. Whether you use a desktop or mobile device, you can use this app to start watching high-quality TV shows with full seasons and episodes with fast connection quality.

Popcorn Time Features:

  • Use this app on many platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
  • Access the TV show titles that are always updated with the latest available episodes that you can watch right away.
  • Stream the TV episodes in the best video quality using the peer-to-peer connection system.
  • Activate the subtitle for each episode that you watch on this app.
  • You can adjust the quality of your stream at any time.

Vudu – On-Demand Video Streaming Site

Whoever is suggesting the best free TV streaming sites of 2022 will include Vudu in the list due to various advantages. Firstly, it gives you free and premium access to various TV shows and episodes that you can watch online. Secondly, you can watch thousands of TV episodes for free on this platform, and you can also rent or buy premium shows on the cheap.

TV streaming sites

As highlighted above, Vudu provides on-demand services as well regarding TV shows, movies, or web series. Lastly, there are plenty of deals that you can grab on this platform, which allow you to access the premium titles for a discounted price.

Vudu Features:

  • The free TV shows are available to you for free legally, supported by ads.
  • The TV show recommendations are always getting updated, providing new titles to watch every time you check it.
  • There are also many categories that you can browse for free TV shows, including action, crime, romance, kids, and so on.
  • Full seasons and episodes are available for shows that have been released before.
  • You can also browse the most-watched TV shows on this platform to find out the most popular titles you can stream right away.

Sony Crackle – Free TV Streaming Service

If you want to steam TV shows for free and on a trusted site, you must visit Crackle because it is one of the oldest video streaming platform. It is the site where you can find plenty of free TV shows that you can watch online on your web browsers. These shows are available for free, supported by ads, and the US audience can only access the shows at the moment.


Watching TV shows or films according to your genre is super easy because you can explore many genres on this site, with new TV episodes being added regularly to the platform. The trending genres on this top streaming site are crime, comedy, action, horror, and many more.

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Crackle Features:

  • You can explore many genres, such as action, classics, comedy, documentary, and more.
  • Crackle Originals are also available, which are the shows that are only available on this platform.
  • You can also browse the TV shows from A to Z to find out all show titles in one place.
  • You can stream each episode with HD quality and activate the subtitle for each episode when available.
  • All seasons and all episodes are available for the TV shows, and each page will show you similar shows that you might want to watch next.

URL – Crackle

Stremio – Watch Free Online TV Streaming

Stremio is an app that is called as the one of the best and one-stop solution for your video entertainments. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent option for those who want to stream TV for free. Moreover, it is a platform that gives you access to various TV series that you can watch for free in the best possible quality.

Free TV Streaming Sites

The app is also available for free for multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. With the professional user interface, you can browse stream tv shows free within the app and start playing right away. During the inspection of Stremio app and site, we found a massive collection of videos that includes TV shows and latest movies.

Stremio Features:

  • You can browse your favorite TV shows easily with many genres that you can explore.
  • Your TV series library is fully customizable, which you can organize quickly and easily.
  • You can continue watching an episode that you have left, so you don’t need to start all over again.
  • Not only that, but you can also cast the episodes that you watch to a big screen.
  • You can connect the app to various platforms, such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, and more.

ShareTV – Watch TV Online for Free

If you are a lover of TV streaming in 2022, you must explore ShareTV. It is a site that provides the best TV shows from various networks, managed by The Online Television Community. Most TV shows that are available to watch on this site are linked to official networks and distribution partners so that you can watch these shows completely for free legally.

ShareTV for free TV streaming

It is another popular yet trusted TV streaming platform that hundreds of thousands of shows lovers use on a regular basis. Most importantly, these are active users on this site which means ShareTV satisfies its visitors. The collection of movies and shows available on this website is excellent.

ShareTV Features:

  • Check out the shows that are trending today based on the users’ watch history.
  • You can also check the shows that are being added to the site today.
  • You’ll Find many categories on this site, such as sci-fi, soaps, action/adventure, anime, and more.
  • Episodes are being added regularly, and you can check out the newest episodes added to this site on the homepage.
  • It is affiliated with official distribution partners and networks, such as Hulu, Showtime, ABC, Syfy, NBC, and FOX.
  • Most reliable free internet tv streaming site.

Yidio Video Aggregator

Yidio is the site that provides the streaming guide for TV shows that are released in various networks and streaming services. With this site, you can integrate various networks and streaming services into one, and you can also search for any TV shows that are available on those platforms.

Free Live TV Streaming sites

The good thing about this site is that you can also search for free TV series titles to watch online. The working procedure of Yidio free TV streaming site is that it collects data from different platforms and allows its users to stream that content for free. Without any doubt, it is one of the most liked TV streaming sites.

Yidio Features:

  • Bring all the networks and streaming platforms that you are using in one convenient place.
  • Start your own watch list to watch series online free that you are interested in.
  • Filter the search for any title, and you can choose only to display the titles that are available for free.
  • Watch episodes for free on this site by using various streaming sources.
  • On each page, you can read the short information about the title and an option to add the title to your watch list.


We have had to add Ololo on our list of free TV streaming sites because it is popular and obtains a satisfying collection of movies and shows. Furthermore, it is the site that provides you with a database of TV series that you can search and browse instantly.

You can type the title of the TV show that you want to watch, and you can watch all the seasons and episodes that are available on this site. The site is elementary and very easy to use. Unfortunately, you may not be able to use it in some specific countries around the world.

Ololo TV Features:

  • You can see a big search bar on the homepage to type the title you want to watch.
  • You can find the seasons and episodes you want from your favorite TV shows and start watching them on your web browsers.
  • There are various file types and streaming sources that you can choose to watch.
  • The episodes are available in HD quality that you can stream immediately on the site.
  • You can enable the caption for each episode whenever available.

Sling TV – Free Streaming Site

You don’t need to subscribe or register anymore for streaming TV because we bring Sling Free for you. It is the free version of Sling TV that you can use without any restriction and subscription. You can enjoy the content from Sling Free as much as you want to live in the United States area.

Free TV streaming Site

It has an understandable layout that lets visitors find movies and shows quickly. Moreover, there are thousands of TV shows that you can find on this platform, and you can watch them right away online from your web browsers and various devices.

Sling TV Features:

  • Access both live TV and on-demand TV shows that are updated regularly.
  • No need to give your credit card information to start watching the best TV series on this platform.
  • Get access to various live news and live TV channels anytime you want.
  • Watch the shows that are trending among the paid subscribers.
  • You can access this free streaming service from various devices with different operating systems.
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The Roku Channel

The Americans love streaming through The Roku Channel. The interesting thing about this platform is that it is a legal yet free TV streaming site. Furthermore, it is a channel that you can add to your Roku device, which allows you to watch free TV shows online.

The Roku Channel

Roku develops this channel, and it is aimed to provide you both free and premium TV entertainment for you at home. You can dive into plenty of TV show episodes and seasons by using this streaming service. In short, The Roku Channel is the home of latest and trending video content that is available for free for its users.

Roku Channel Features:

  • You can watch plenty of TV series titles that are ever-changing and always updated.
  • If you live in the United States or Canada, you can watch free live TV streaming from various TV channels online.
  • You can find TV entertainment for the whole family, as there are plenty of kids’ shows that you can watch.
  • There is no subscription required for you to start watching live TV and on-demand shows on this platform.
  • There is an option to upgrade to the premium version, where you can also watch TV series online free from many premium TV channels.

Zattoo – Stream TV for Free

If you like using TV streaming site that is free and accessible through different devices, you should explore the features of Zattoo. It is one of the best streaming service that provides you with access to hundreds of TV channels for free.

Zattoo Free TV Streaming Site

Furthermore, you can also find the service’s premium version to access even more channels and various other benefits. You can also try the premium version completely for free for 30 days. Another exciting feature of Zattoo is that it has hundreds of thousands of shows and films. Most importantly, all the available content on this platform is in good quality.

Zattoo Features:

  • You can watch more than 200 TV channels in the best quality completely for free.
  • Ads support the free version.
  • You can stream on one device at the same time.
  • Watch TV shows online free with recording options on this platform.
  • You will be able to watch TV series online free for limited hours every month.

LookMovie – Latest TV Shows Streaming

Start streaming your favorite TV shows for free with LookMovie. It is one of the most popular sites where numerous shows lovers come and watch their desired content. It is the site that allows you to watch various TV series titles in full seasons and episodes for free online.


The titles are kept being added to the site as there are new episodes available. You can watch various TV series in different genres to match your viewing preferences. You will come across all the trending and popular TV shows while using LookMovie site. Also, you will love the quality of the content.

LookMovie Features:

  • All episodes for the season are available on one page.
  • You can watch similar titles that are featured on each page.
  • You can stream each episode in the best quality available.
  • The TV shows provided on this site come from various streaming platforms.
  • You can activate the CC or subtitle for each episode that you are watching on this site.


USTVGo is an admired sites for free TV streaming in 2022. There are multiple advantages this website which is why included it into our list. First of all, it is the site that provides you with a list of various TV channels that you can watch online for free using your web browsers.

You can watch various channels in various genres, such as entertainment, news, sports, and kids. The site is straightforward to use, as you need to choose the channel name and start watching the live streaming of that channel right away. Furthermore, the site keeps getting updated which results in providing latest, top-rated, and popular content.

USTVGo Features:

  • You can access various channels on this site, such as CNN, Cartoon Network, CNBC, and many more.
  • It would help if you had a VPN to access this site and stream the TV channels.
  • More than 80 channels are available for you to access on this site.
  • You can stream the TV channels in the highest quality on your web browser.
  • You can see the schedules for the channels on each page.


As the name suggests, it is kind of hub of streaming for multiple type of videos. Streamwink gives you some TV channels that you can access for free, and it also provides premium channels that you can access by subscribing as a member. By subscribing, you will have access to several exciting features.

The TV channels that you can watch on this site include Discovery World, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, HBO Family, and more. You can browse the channels in multiple categories. In short, you don’t miss anything important whether you use Streamwink for free or by subscription.

Streamwink Features:

  • Some available categories on this site are documentary, entertainment, movies, kids, news, and sports.
  • The free channels can always be accessed for free anytime you want without restriction.
  • It allows you to stream the channel in the best quality with the best speed.
  • The free channels are always updated and changed regularly.
  • You can stream the TV channels without any pop-ups or ads.


There are many popular TV shows that are trending and top-rated in 2022 and everyone wants to watch them for free. Can you do it without subscribing to the networks and streaming services, costing you lots of money? The answer is yes. We have gone through a long process and founded some free TV streaming sites offering you access to these good shows for free.

You can watch the TV series online without having to subscribe to any service. These are the sites and platforms you can use to watch tv shows online, free, or live TV channels for free online. If you want to watch some good series in full seasons or episodes, you can check out these sites and start streaming right away. All of our suggested websites are free to use, have understandable layout, and let you stream with a good quality.

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