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18 Best Sims 3 Challenges in 2022, Legacy & Family Challenges with Rules

Do you love playing The Sims 3 & looking for ways to boost the gameplay? One of the primary reasons behind the consistent popularity of Sims 3 and Sims 4 games is their great challenges. Numerous people want the updated list of Sims 3 challenges that don’t only improve their gameplay but also become an unlimited fun source. Therefore, we have suggested the best Sims 3 Challenges with rules that will surely bring back your excitement level for this game.

The Sims 3, despite it being the older version in The Sims series, is still having lots of players worldwide. One of the reasons people still play this game is because of the number of challenges they can still complete. The challenges are updated regularly, so there are still many ways to enjoy this game right now. If you are playing The Sims 3 on PC, you can try different challenges to expand your gameplay experience with this game. Our posts on Sims 4 Challenges and Games Like The Sims may also interest you.

Best Sims 3 Challenges 2022 – Updated List

If you are thinking about there are no more exciting challenges in Sims 3, you are wrong. As always, we have updated our list and suggested some newer Sims 3 challenges to the regular players. So, here is the list of the challenges that you must explore and try to complete in your game.

The Fair Folk – Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

Sims 3 Challenges

About this Challenge:

The Fair Folk gives you the challenge in The Sims 3, where you will need to grow your generations of fairies. You will need to start with a single fairy as the principal sim founder, which will then pass on his legacy to the subsequent generations. The challenge allows you to live your life in the fairy lifestyle, giving you all the necessities to build a good fairy legacy.

The other excitement in this challenge is about growing your own foods and not eating the meat until the challenge is over. Also, you need to keep producing new babies, so you will have to make as many fairies your friends as possible to marry them.

How to Play Fair Folks:

  • Creating a founder sim that belongs to the fairy category is essential.
  • You must plant your foods and never eat meats.
  • The new heir for your generation will be chosen based on the skill points that they have accumulated.
  • You must befriend many fairies and marry them to produce fairy children.
  • You need to work only as a self-employed person, as you will live your everyday life with the fairy lifestyle.

More Information – The Fair Folk

For the Realm – Best Sims 3 Challenge 2022

 For the realm

Challenge Description:

For the Realm is a big challenge in The Sims 3, with the big goal of building the Realm of your choice. So, you will create a world where sims can live according to specific rules. In this challenge, you can build different Realm types, but the easiest one is to build the One Kingdom Realm. In this Realm, you will establish one kingdom that will rule the whole Realm.

This Sims 3 challenge is especially added for those who love creating cities, towns, and buildings in 3D games. Moreover, you are free to make your decisions, like if you want to start manufacturing one structure at a time on more. You will be provided with all the facilities needed to complete this best Sims 3 challenge in 2022. Lastly, the facilities for completing the mission depend on your game knowledge.

How to Play for the Realm:

  • You can start by creating one world where the realm will be established later.
  • Make sure to develop one sim with any traits.
  • You can aim to build one kingdom for one realm, but you can also create multiple kingdoms in one realm.
  • More sims will be added later.
  • You will lead the starter sim to build his own family, castle, and kingdom.

Adam and Eve – Short Sims 3 Challenges

Adam and Eve

About Adam and Eve Challenge:

Adam and Eve is the challenge in The Sims 3 that requires you to create a legacy of sims similar to the legacy of human beings created by Adam and Eve. So, in this challenge, you will need to establish two sims, the Adam and the Eve of the coming sims generations.

In the beginning, you will have to put the two significant sims as the founder. Most importantly, this sims three challenge on our list differs comparatively from the other legacy challenges. The tip here is to start and save a game that is especially for the Adam and Eve challenge.

How to Play:

  • You will need to start the challenge by putting two main sims as the founder.
  • The two founder sims need to be young adults, and they need to be spouses from the start of the challenge duration.
  • The first couple must create ten generations of descendants throughout the challenge.
  • You can only use Ambrosia to keep the founders in the young adult stage.
  • The value for your household at the end of the challenge needs to exceed 100,000.

The Witch Coven

The Witch Coven

About Challenge:

The Witch Coven is the challenge in The Sims 3 that aims to create the best coven or intimate association of witches and wizards in this game. For this purpose, you have to start with 3 sims that will become the coven founders. It is a legacy challenge, so you will need to maintain the coven for subsequent generations.

The challenge rotates around the 3 Sims that you select at the beginning of the challenge. You must make them skillful witches. Interestingly, this task begins in a place where there will be no other witches around you.

How to Play The Witch Coven:

  • You will need to choose 3 sims that will start the coven or secret association of powerful witches, with the oldest being the leader.
  • You will need to choose a place to live where there are no witches present.
  • The new leader for the subsequent generations must be the same gender as the leader of the founder’s generation.
  • You cannot marry regular human beings once you reach the second generation.
  • The coven members must achieve their LTW, master their careers, and max out their skills.
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Sims 3 Supernatural 100 Baby Challenges

Sims 3 Challenges

Challenge Description:

Supernatural 100 Baby is a challenge in The Sims 3 that requires you to produce 100 babies in fewer generations. However, the babies need to be supernatural babies, meaning that you have to use the Supernatural Expansion Pack for you to be able to complete this challenge.

Your founder sim needs to have inclinations to magic. You come across multiple challenges within this best Sims 3 challenge. A lot of make-up and beauty fun is coming for you in the challenge as a founder.

How to Play:

  • You can create the founder sim with certain supernatural life states.
  • The founder should dress to resemble a magical person, with certain weird styles, dresses, hair, and more.
  • Certain traits you need to assign to your founder sim are flirty, family-oriented, slob, evil, and more.
  • Another step is to create a servant for your founder sim, which you will need to make babies with.
  • You aim to make as many babies as possible, with as many servants as possible.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Challenge Sims 3

Zombie Apocalypse Survival

About this Challenge:

Zombie Apocalypse Survival is the challenge in The Sims 3 that requires you to survive the zombie apocalypse. In this period of turmoil, you need to survive the challenges from the zombie attacks as well as the harshness of nature. In this survival challenge, you must win the battle against zombies and keep your sims alive.

The restrictions and rules for players in this Sims 3 surviving challenge make it super exciting. For example, you have to be very careful about what you eat and drink. The rules that you need to follow are mentioned below.

How to Play:

  • You need to choose where you can defend against the zombie attacks.
  • Once everything is ready, you can start the outbreak.
  • You must create at least eight sims to survive the zombie attacks.
  • All sims must not be related to each other.
  • Each sim needs to be assigned a role, such as a leader, second in command, planner, gatherer, painter, and more.

More Information – Zombie Apocalypse Survival

I’m Surrounded by Idiots – Generation Challenge Sims 3

Sims 3 Challenges

Challenge Description:

We know many Sims 3 players in 2022 love completing generation challenges. So, we have added the I’m Surrounded by Idiots challenge for those people. The challenge in The Sims 3 spans ten generations of sims. With the ten generations of sims, your goal is to make each generation go insane, starting from one sim.

This challenge is fun to play, giving you various fun things to do as you control the insane sim character in each generation. It is a pure Sims 3 generation challenge that provides unlimited excitement to every player.

How to Play:

  • You need to take control of one insane sim, which will start the generations of insane sims later.
  • The challenge will span ten generations, with one insane sim appointed for each generation.
  • The founder sim, which is insane by traits, will pass their insanity to the next generations whenever the heir reaches young adult.
  • You will live in one household per generation as you control the life of the insane sim character.
  • The last generation, the 10th generation, will have an uncontrollable sim as the last heir of these insane sims generations.

Cinderella – Sims 3 Challenges


About Cinderella Challenge:

Get ready to have unlimited fun in Sims 3 by creating a Cinderella family in a 3D game. This is a simple challenge that you can play in The Sims 3. The goal here is to recreate the story of the Cinderella character for your sims. So, you need to create characters that will play Cinderella, the cruel stepmother, the cruel stepsisters, and so on.

Then, you will set the destiny for the Cinderella character to meet her prince charming in the end. But, most importantly, you will also be able to work on making new characters in this challenge.

How to Play Cinderella:

  • You must create the household for Cinderella, living on a lot of your choice.
  • You need to place Cinderella’s mother’s grave on the lot for your living place.
  • Once met with prince charming, Cinderella must marry him and have kids with him.
  • Then, you need to create characters that resemble Cinderella, her father, stepmother, and stepsisters and their relevant traits.
  • Once she reaches a young adult, she must go out so that she will eventually meet her prince charming.

More Information – Cinderella

Differences in the Family Tree

Sims 3 Challenges


It is another generation-related task on our list of best Sims 3 challenges. Differences in the Family Tree is the challenge in The Sims 3 that allows you to be creative in creating your cross-generation sims. Initially, you must use your first sim wisely; that will start a new generation for you.

In this challenge, you need to ensure that each generation has its own traits or life paths that are different from the previous generations. There are various possibilities that you can do to complete this challenge.

How to Complete this Challenge:

  • It will help if you create the first sim to build a generation that treads the same life path.
  • Then, the next generation needs to tread a different life path from the first generation.
  • You can use any life path for each generation, making this challenge have plenty of possibilities for you to follow.
  • The subsequent generations must not follow any of the previous generation’s life paths.
  • You must not use any cheat to complete this challenge.

Will You Survive – Fun Sims 3 Challenges

Will You Survive Sims 3 Challenges

About this Surviving Challenge:

We believe the name of this Sims 3 challenge must have attracted you to explore this challenge. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Sims 3 challenges that people love completing again and again. Will You Survive is the challenge that will test your patience during the zombie outbreak that plagues your neighbourhood.

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During this outbreak, you need to stay vigilant in your life, trying to survive by yourself. You must not trust any strangers, and you must not talk with them unnecessarily. This is because everything can potentially make you vulnerable to the zombie virus.

How to Play:

  • It would be best if you survive the outbreak until the children you protect reach young adults.
  • You must keep the community gardens, but you must delete all community houses and lots.
  • Using your surroundings will help you a lot to survive this difficult time.
  • You must create a primary living space with the necessities to go through your life during the outbreak.
  • You need to create one loner sim as your main character, and you need to create a child sim and a toddler sim as the ones you need to protect.

Started from the Bottom

Sims 3 Challenges


If you love fun challenges in Sims 3, you must explore the Started from the Bottom challenge and its rules. It is one mission that ensures maximum in-game fun for gamers. So, this Sims 3 challenge wants you to start everything from the bottom. Everything will be restricted for your sim, which makes it challenging for your character to break down all the restrictions.

Moreover, your sim needs to start as someone with many flaws, and it is your job to make sure that the character can improve himself or herself over time. Interestingly, this challenge breaks several game restrictions, allowing you to have unlimited fun.

How to Play:

  • You will need to create a sim with plenty of flaws in terms of physical appearance and some negative traits.
  • You need to buy a house without any furnishings and then furnish it later with your money.
  • Make sure to apply various restrictions for your sim, and you will need to lift the limits as time goes by.
  • You need to improve by overcoming negative traits and improving your physical appearance.

Sims 3 Homeless Challenge

Sims 3 Homeless Challenge

About Homeless Challenge:

If you’ve been playing Sims 3 for a while, you must have known, read, or tried to complete this Sims 3 Homeless challenge. It is one of the most prevalent challenges in Sims 3. Just like the title of the challenge says, The Homeless is the challenge in The Sims 3 that will put your sim into a situation as a homeless person.

Before you begin the challenge, you need to prepare a community garden around the place where your sim character lives so they can use it as a place to live. There are many exciting tasks in this mission that you can need to complete.

How to Play Homeless Challenge:

  • Your sim needs to be in a young adult age with the appearance that looks like a homeless. You need to set the starting fund to 0.
  • The goal in this Sims 3 challenge is to earn 20,000 to break free from your homeless state.
  • You can use the community garden from time to time as your place of living.
  • To buy a tent and a sleeping bag, you will have to earn money in different ways.

Runaway Teen – Sims 3 Challenges for Teens

Sims 3 Runaway Teen Challenge

Challenge Description:

This challenge on our list attracts several teenagers with its name. The Runaway Teen challenge is the challenge that places you in the situation of a runaway teen from a faraway land. The point is to survive in this situation, as you will only have your clothes and sleeping bag.

In your new town, you will need to struggle for survival, earn money for yourself, and finally, settle down and start your own family. Furthermore, if we take a look at the restrictions and rules of this challenge, it is complex and entertaining at the same time.

How to Play Runaway Teen:

  • You need to create a teenage sim to become the runaway teen character.
  • Make sure your sim has the Ambition trait.
  • You will need to earn money for yourself to build your own living spaces and buy other necessities.
  • Surviving in the new town, earning money, building a house, and starting your own family are the primary goals in Runaway Teen Sims 3 challenge.
  • You must interact with other people carefully as you don’t want to be found out as a runaway teen.

Midnight Sun – No Mods Sims 3 Challenges

Midnight Sun Challenge Sims 3

About Midnight Sun Challenge:

If you choose the Midnight Sun challenge while playing Sims 3 will surely be a remarkable experience where you will make a new game in the Isle of Midnight Sun. The challenge gives you the expertise of someone stranded and isolated on a faraway island called the Midnight Sun.

After your ship sank, you were left with nothing but a chance to survive on a nearby island. Unfortunately, this island is isolated from the outside world, so you have to do whatever it takes for you to stay in this place. Furthermore, you will have the accessibility to the map of the place where you will be completing this mission.

How to Play:

  • A unique map of the island of Midnight Sun is made explicitly for this challenge that will be provided to you.
  • You will need to create a family on this island, and the goal is to survive for up to 5 generations.
  • The challenge works best with the World Adventures or University expansion for The Sims 3.
  • You can earn the money you need to survive by doing various activities.
  • You need to live fully in isolation and avoid speaking with people from the outside world.

Hunters of the Night

Challenge Description:

If you love applying different strategies to complete any Sims 3 challenge, you should also go for the Hunters of the Night challenge. While completing this mission, the aim is to create five generations of vampires that will survive by hunting human beings and turning them into vampires.

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The human beings that you bite will either become your coven brothers or sisters, or they will become your food source. It is up to you to pick your victims, whether you want to discard them afterwards or turn them into your allies.

How to Play:

  • You can keep your human food sources in your basement, but they must not be the members of your household.
  • It would be best if you start with a young adult sim that will become the founder of the vampire coven.
  • Your sim will not age, and the character will need to build a vampire coven that lasts for five generations.
  • It is essential to befriend a vampire to become one, which you can achieve by using a cheat.
  • You can pick your victims to become your food sources or your coven allies.

Animal Shelter – Sims 3 Disney Challenges

Sims 3 Animal Challenge

About Animal Shelter Challenge:

Many people love the inclusion of pets in the games. Therefore, we have added this pet-related Sims 3 challenge to our list, which will amaze all of you. Animal Shelter is a challenge in Sims 3 that gives you the role of the person that loves animals so much that they want to shelter any stray animals they can find.

As a lover of animals, you will need to build homes for various animals, and the ultimate goal is to house all animals you can find. First, however, you can go on the accessible mode to create homes for at least ten animals.

How to Play:

  • You will have the money to build your first shelter, which you need to expand later.
  • There are various events that you need to go through as you follow this challenge.
  • A scoring system gives you additional points or takes away your points whenever you make a decision involving your animals.
  • You can start with two different house pets, and your house needs to be built to facilitate the pets to have their activities as well.
  • Different animals must be separated in your shelter.

House of the Geisha


In House of the Geisha, you are challenged to manage the house of the Geisha in ancient Japan. In this challenge, you are required to work as a Geisha. With the ultimate goal to own a house of the Geisha. As the purpose is to become Geisha, you need to make a sim to take this responsibility.

There are several goals in this challenge, but as you become more and more proficient in your skills as a Geisha, you will be able to access higher goals. But, most importantly, you will have to enhance your learning skills because it will help you later in the challenge.

How to Play House of the Geisha:

  • Make sure you don’t fall in love, but you must have the skills to flirt with the men you entertain.
  • Learn the skills necessary to become the best Geisha in the house.
  • You will also need to have Adventures in Japanese and Chinese cultures as your traits.
  • Someone has to become a Geisha in the house of the Geisha, which is why you need to make a sim in the beginning.
  • You need to embrace the minimalist lifestyle of the Geisha and keep yourself as mysterious as possible.

Perfect Genetics – Sims 3 Challenge Ideas

Best Sims 3 Challenges

Challenge Description:

Perfect Genetics is the multi-generational challenge for The Sims 3 that requires you to maintain your excellent genes for up to 10 generations. First, you need to start with one sim with unique genes, such as different hair or eye colours. Then, you must preserve this uniqueness of your genes for at least ten generations.

This is the primary goal of this challenge. You can confidently start trying to accomplish this best Sims 3 challenge if you love the inclusion of make-up and beauty things in this game. You must follow several rules if you dare to complete the perfect genetics challenge in the Sims 3. The regulations and enlightened below.

How to Play Perfect Genetics Challenge:

  • You need to create a young adult sim with unique genetics with random traits and the specific Dislike Children trait.
  • The house for your sim doesn’t have specific restrictions, so that you can build it according to your preferences.
  • You can marry any regular sims, but they must not have your unique gene characteristics.
  • Your heir must be the one from your descendants that naturally has unique gene characteristics as you, as well as the Dislike Children trait.
  • You need to appoint one heir for each generation, and any other traits of your descendants must be set to random.

More Information – Perfect Genetics


Don’t stop having fun with the Sims 3 game because we bring you the list of the best Sims 3 challenges that you can confidently complete in 2022. We have fully explained each challenge on our list with how to play guide. Most importantly, these are the challenges you can play in The Sims 3, giving you many different ways to enjoy this game on PC.

Many of the challenges are fun to play and are designed to give you creative ways to manage your sims and expand your sims family throughout generations. Furthermore, we have targeted different types of gamers to make sure at least one of our suggested challenges is liked by you.

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