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Best Sports Streaming Sites 2022, Top Free Sites to Watch Football Live

These days every man or woman loves a specific sports game for sure. Thousands of physical games are being played and watched widely in 2022. On the other hand, there are plenty of services that you can find on the internet today. Among these services, you can watch various live sports streaming from your desktop and mobile devices. Whether you like watching the latest football leagues, tennis tournaments, basketball matches, or other sports, you can effortlessly watch your desired sports online. Somewhere it is free, and somewhere you get charged a bit on a monthly basis. So, people’s craze and demand insisted that AndroidCompare review the best Sports Streaming sites of 2022. The sites we have reviewed target different sports and have many advanced features.

Not only providing the live streaming matches when they become available for broadcast, but many of the sports streaming websites allow you to access on-demand videos related to your favorite sports, as well as replays, highlights, updates, and so on. If you want to find a site that streams your favorite sports, make sure to read the headings and names of the sites carefully. So, gear up and see what AndroidCompare has brought for you.

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List of Best Sports Streaming Sites 2022

If you have difficulty choosing the best sports streaming service to use from among hundreds or even thousands of available services, here are the 20 best sports streaming sites to watch the streaming of your favorite game online. Moreover, the ability of each of the websites is also mentioned with its name. So please read them carefully to find the one that’s suitable for you.

RedBull Videos – Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Best Sports Streaming Sites

In 2022, RedBull is one of the best sports streaming sites that ensure the streaming of multiple trending sports events. There are also various shows, movies, clips, and other video content types to stream online once you access this service. In addition, various live events will be broadcasted on this platform whenever they become available for the viewers. Most importantly, this site works well with different devices such as iPhones, Android, iPads, Tablets, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and many more. Moreover, you will not see any ads until you use this site for live streaming. Most importantly, it constantly updates the available content, whether it is about sports or movies.

Features – Updated

  • You can browse various videos (mostly sports videos) based on your interests, such as skateboarding, soccer, aerial sports, bike, motorsports, and more.
  • Other videos are also available, such as videos about music, gaming, art, urban culture, and more.
  • There are also movies, clips, shows, and documentaries that you can watch online on this platform.
  • The ads don’t annoy you when you are enjoying the stream of your favorite sports.
  • It also broadcasts various live events whenever they become available.
  • There is always updated content on this live sports streaming site.
  • It provides information about athletes from different sports and countries.

WWE Network – Live Streaming for WWE

WWE Network

Who does not like to watch the weekly matches of SmackDown and Raw? Everyone does because wrestling has become a popular sport in the USA. Therefore, WWE Network allows you to stream various WWE sports matches from your desktop and mobile devices, with a one-month free streaming offer for new subscribers. You can stream various WWE matches right when they are broadcast live with access to this site. Not only that but there are also various on-demand videos that you can watch on this platform. If you like wrestling and the WWE brand, this is the best platform to stream the latest wrestling live matches. Unfortunately, this wrestling streaming site may be unavailable in some regions, so you must use a VPN.


  • You can stream WWE live matches from anywhere and from any device.
  • This free sports streaming website also provides an app you can install on your mobile phone.
  • You can also access various premium content, pay-per-view, and video on demand.
  • It supports various devices, such as TV, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, computers, and more.
  • You can also watch documentaries, films, in-ring specials, and original series.
  • Also, you don’t need to pay to watch the fights of your favorite wrestlers.
  • You can replay any live RAW and SmackDown episodes within 30 days after the original broadcast.

Official Website – WWE Network

FOX Sports GO | Best Sports Streaming Sites 2022

Best Sports Streaming Sites

This is one of the best sports streaming sites of 2022 because it has introduced many advanced features recently. FOX Sports GO is a sports streaming service provided by FOX Sports, which allows you to stream various live sports, live events, video on demand, and other sport-related videos on the go. It also allows you to get access to the FOX Sports Live TV broadcast from your mobile devices. You can also watch replays and highlights of your favorite sports in just a single click. Moreover, you can now also know all the sports-related news every time you enter this site.

Features in 2022:

  • You can watch live TV streaming of FOX Sports and choose whether to watch from the start of the program or follow the live streaming progress.
  • Replays are available for various sports, and you can also check the Top Replay section to see the best match replays at any given time.
  • It also allows you to know the news regarding your favorite sports and live scores just by accessing the site.
  • Highlights are also available to watch, giving you a closer look at your favorite sports and athletes/players.
  • Closed captioning is available for video-on-demand programs, allowing you to display subtitles on the shows you want to watch.
  • Watching live streaming sports with FOX Sports GO is as simple as installing the app on your mobile device.

Hotstar Sports – Best Sports Streaming Sites in India

watch online sports

Hotstar Sports is a multifunctional streaming site on our list that lets you watch many sports online. Also, it provides live scores and updates on your favorite sports, like cricket, football, badminton, martial arts, hockey, and more. Moreover, you can watch live matches from various sports whenever they become available to the public. You can also watch plenty of video clips highlighting recent live matches, along with some information about it on this platform. It is also free and one of India’s best sports streaming sites. Moreover, you can install the Hotstar app also from Google Play Store and AppStore.

Top Features:

  • It covers a wide range of sports, which you can watch live whenever they become available.
  • It also provides the current news related to the sports covered on this platform, so you can always see up-to-date information about it.
  • The most viewed sports on Hotstar are football and cricket.
  • It also has an advanced app that can be installed on mobile devices for live streaming.
  • You can monitor the scores of your favorite sports tournaments, which are regularly updated.
  • The platform is regularly updated, allowing you to stream the latest matches, highlights, replays, and clips.
  • You can also access various entertainment content, such as movies, TV shows, news, and more.

ESPN+ – Best Site for UFC Live Streaming

Best Sports Streaming Sites

We believe we don’t need to describe ESPN because it is one of the most popular sports channels of all time. After a successful journey, the brand has launched one of the best sites for sports streaming. ESPN Plus is a sports streaming service provided by ESPN, which allows you to watch various live sports matches and other sports-related content on this platform. In addition, various sports videos are available on this platform to stream only once you are subscribed to this streaming service. It is also famous for its UFC events, as most UFC matches can only be viewed on ESPN+. Like the Hotstar app, ESPN also provides a user-friendly app that lets people stay in touch will all the sports news and updates.

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Features – Updated

  • You can stream exclusive sports archives as well as ESPN+ Originals.
  • There are various sports-related documentaries that you can watch on this platform, giving you the best stories about your favorite sports or athletes.
  • It is the place to stream various things related to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).
  • Also, you will be able to watch the highlight of previous famous UFC fights.
  • If you are a UFC lover, you will constantly be updated with the current news and upcoming fights.
  • You can also create your fantasy leagues with the fantasy league creation tools you can get only on this platform.
  • Premium articles are available to read-only for the subscribers of this service.

Official Website – ESPN+

DAZN – Best Football Streaming Sites in 2022


We had to include this option in the list because it is a great football streaming website. Thousands of football lovers visit this website daily to know if there’s any live match onboard. Moreover, DAZN is the platform to stream various sports in the fighting category, giving you one single access to all the big fighting matches that you can find today. It provides live streaming for big fighting matches, including GGG, Joshua, Canelo, and more. You can choose to subscribe to this streaming platform for a monthly or yearly plan, giving you full access to all live fighting matches and on-demand videos. Having the app of DAZN is also beneficial because there is trending news about multiple sports.

Noticeable Features:

  • You can access this platform from any device, whether they are desktop, TV, or mobile device.
  • Here you can find various original videos of fighting matches from GGG, Canelo, and more.
  • It is one of the best websites for football live streaming in 2022.
  • This website will ask you to register only (for free) via email address and a password.
  • You can stream live fighting matches whenever they become available.
  • The following matches’ schedules are posted online so that you can keep your eyes on your favorite games.
  • You can also watch the interview series from the fighting category and other sports.
  • Its app is as good as the website. You should try it once.

NBC – Sports Online Streaming Free

Best Sports Streaming Sites

NBC Sports is the one-stop shop for everything sports-related, including NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Nascar, Motors, and more. In other words, this free sports streaming site lets you watch the most heated sports games in 2022. Whether you want to find some information related to your favorite sports or stream some live matches, you can do it with NBC Sports. You can also watch videos on demand for various sports and scores and schedules for the next and current matches. The major sports this website streams live are NFL, Premier League, and Cycling. Don’t worry. There is a lot more you can watch.

Features in 2022:

  • You can stream any sports matches whenever they become available for broadcast on this platform.
  • You can also check out the schedules for various sports matches and live scores.
  • One of the best football leagues, Premier League, also goes live stream on NBC sports.
  • It provides news and information on updated sports regularly so that you can check out the current happenings in your favorite sports.
  • It covers almost every sport in various countries.
  • Besides living sports matches, you can watch replays, highlights, and video clips related to your favorite sports.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports

If you are a sports lover, you must have heard about Sky Sports. Sky Sports has been a popular channel where people witness multiple sports like football, hockey, cricket, boxing, etc. Now in 2022, it also has a streaming site. This site provides live streaming of sports matches that you can watch the broadcast, covering almost every modern sport. So whether you want to watch the latest football leagues or tennis tournaments, you can use this platform to get access to the relevant videos of your favorite sports.

There are on-demand videos, clips, highlights, and replays that you can access if you miss the live streaming broadcast of your favorite sports. For example, if you are a football lover, you will get 116 matches of the Premier League, 127 games of the Sky Bet Football League games, and many other trending cups and events.

Updated Features:

  • It is always up to date with the latest news and updates related to various sporting tournaments and leagues.
  • You can see the schedules for the live sports matches and events broadcast on this platform.
  • Sky Sports can also get access to replays, highlights, clips, and various other videos from a wide range of sports categories.
  • It is one of the best football streaming sites in 2022, with millions of users.
  • You can also get updated information about the current scores of your favorite tournaments.
  • You can also get access to TV shows related to various sports.

Hulu + Live TV – Best Sports Streaming Sites for Firestick

Best Sports Streaming Sites

Hulu is one of the best streaming platforms that you can use to access various live sports matches and other content related to your favorite sports. With this platform, you can access various channels like NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, and more. You can stream any live matches online whenever they are being broadcasted on this platform.

You can also do it from any device that you have, including desktop (browser), game console, mobile, TV, and more. Most importantly, if you are a Fire TV user, you must go with this streaming site because it is accessible with the Fire TV. Find the best sports apps for firestick.

Top Features:

  • It is connected with various networks that stream live sports matches online, such as FOX, NBC, ESPN, etc.
  • You can personalize your experience in watching your favorite sports based on your interests.
  • All the news related to your favorite sports is just one click away.
  • You can also record any live matches so that you can watch them later, with up to 50 hours of storage.
  • Moreover, you will also be able to see the highlight of the games in case you missed something.
  • Now you can watch any sports match on two different screens at the same time.
  • It has a notification system that lets you know whenever your favorite live events are being broadcasted.

Yahoo Sports – Best Sports Streaming Sites

Yahoo Sports

NBA, NFL, Football, and Baseball, are these your favorite sports in 2022? Are you looking for the best streaming site in 2022 to watch these sports matches online? Then, Yahoo Sports is the best option for you. It is one of the most favorite destinations for people to watch sporting events and update on the latest sports news. In addition, you can read the sports headlines on the official website to be aware of the current happenings in your favorite sports.

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You can also watch various video clips, highlights, replays, and many other on-demand videos from multiple sports matches and tournaments. You must download the app from App Store or Play Store for free if you don’t want to miss any sports-related updates or news.

Noticeable Features:

  • You can get your favorite sports’ latest updates, news, and headlines.
  • Now you can watch live matches, videos on demand, replays, highlights, and clips about various sports.
  • You can create your fantasy football team on this platform.
  • It covers various sports categories, including football, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, and more.
  • You can also listen to podcasts about various sports by various popular sports podcasters.

Official Website – Yahoo Sports

Sling TV – Best Sports Streaming Sites USA

Sling TV provides a sports streaming platform that allows you to access various channels and watch sports online for free. This platform allows you to access various popular channels such as NFL Network, ESPN, TBS, and many more. Whatever sports you like to watch, you can watch it through this platform, whether live matches, replays, highlights, or video clips.

Best Live Streaming Sites

It is also one of the most used websites for sports streaming purposes. It has access to 150 TV channels, so you can easily find live streaming of your favorite sports. Want something else? Download its app for your iPhone and Android devices to get notified of the news and updates.

Top Features:

  • You can find plenty of sports matches and tournaments to watch, whether basketball, tennis, boxing, hockey, MMA, or any other sports.
  • It has connections with various popular sports channels available today, so you can access them from just one platform.
  • If you don’t want to miss any updated or news about the sports, you should install the app too.
  • It also provides in-depth coverage for various sports, such as NFL, NHL, Tennis Channel, and more.
  • This platform can also stream various local channels at no additional cost.
  • You can stream online from home or on the go with your mobile devices.

Kayo Sports – Best Sports Streaming Sites Australia

Kayo Sports provides a subscription service that allows you to access live TV streaming of sports and on-demand videos. It offers a 14-day free trial for new users with Basic and Premium plans available. It is based in Australia, but you can confidently use it in other regions too. Moreover, you will find the streaming of all the famous and trending sports events.

free live sports streaming sites

For example, if you are a cricket lover, you will be able to watch the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022 live that Australia will host. Kayo Sports gives you the streaming of sports matches in HD quality and key moments, highlights, and many other videos from various sports. You can use this platform on desktop and mobile devices.


  • You can watch sports online free from various categories, including live events and classic games up to 1965.
  • You are notified of this website’s latest news and updates on multiple sports.
  • With the split view feature, you can watch up to 4 different videos on the same screen.
  • It has a Kayo Mini feature, which allows you to stream the condensed version of every match you want to watch.
  • Kayo Sports also allows you to watch Key Moments, special clips selected from every match, which define the most critical moments in each game.
  • It is a platform with no spoilers, meaning you can watch any match later without seeing the score or any other spoilers from that match.

Laola1 – Free Baseball Streaming Sites

Laola1 is the platform you can use to watch various sports streaming matches for free (supported by ads) or paid (if you pay the subscription fee). The paid version will give you full access to the streaming content without having to watch any ads in between. It covers various sports, including football, ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, motorsport, and many more.

Live Sports Streaming Sites

It was launched in 2008, and numerous sports lovers still use it in 2022 to watch the streaming of their favorite sports. Moreover, you will also find its free app, which is essential for you if you want to be notified of every news related to the sports Laola1 covers on its site.

Features in 2022:

  • You can watch live streaming matches and on-demand videos of previous games from many sports categories.
  • It broadcasts various tournaments and leagues held in the European continent and worldwide.
  • Also, it has an understandable and user-friendly app that does multiple tasks for you regarding sports information and updates.
  • You can watch live matches online for free with ads.
  • It has partnered with various European sports channels, allowing you to watch multiple sports matches in the European region.
  • It provides daily updates with videos, clips, highlights, and news related to various sports in the What’s Hot section.

CBS Sports – Free Streaming Site in 2022

It is another free sports streaming website that covers multiple sports. CBS Sports provides all sports-related that you can access 24/7 from its home page or sports online streaming free service.

CBS Sports

On the official website, you can find news and headlines about various sports events updated regularly, giving you the best insights about the things in multiple sports worldwide. It covers nearly every sport available today, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, Horse Racing, and many more.


  • You can find the latest stories, news, and headlines on the official website’s home page.
  • Watch live sports events 24/7, as well as listen to various sports podcasts.
  • You can also create your fantasy team in various sports categories, such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and many more.
  • Most importantly, you can watch the recap easily if you have missed any sports event.
  • Aside from living matches, you can watch clips and on-demand videos in different sports categories.
  • It covers plenty of sports categories, events, matches, and tournaments.

DIRECTV – Watch Sports Online Free

DIRECTV is an online streaming platform for sports provided by AT&T, which allows you to watch various live matches and on-demand videos related to your favorite sports. It is integrated and manageable via the main AT&T app on your mobile device. You can watch sports matches online or on TV when you subscribe to the service. In addition, it provides the complete schedules for all sports streaming matches available to watch.

This best live streaming site also has a massive collection of movies and TV shows if there is no sports event onboard. Moreover, it provides mobile users with an exciting app with almost the same data and features. Using the app, you can also watch free and on-demand videos comfortably.

Updated Features in 2022:

  • It gives you various streaming categories, such as Live Sports Streaming, Best of ESPN, The Big Fight, and more.
  • You can also check the schedules for upcoming events to mark them on your calendar.
  • There are also various sports movies that you can watch, telling you good stories about sports in different ways.
  • You can watch the live streaming directly on your browser, or you can watch it via your TV apps.
  • It has partnered with ESPN to provide various premium sports programming available today.
  • If you want to watch live streaming on your iPhone or Android, we suggest you use the DIRECTV app.
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YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the paid subscription service that YouTube provides, allowing you to access more than 70 live TV channels from a single platform. So whether you want to watch entertainment, news, sports, or any other on-demand videos, you can use YouTube TV to access the content you want to watch online.

free sports streaming

In addition, it offers many sports channels that allow you to watch live streaming sports matches online from different devices. If we talk about the quality of the live streaming, it supports running the video at 1080p. So compared to the other live sports streaming sites, YouTube TV has a better and more exciting quality of content.


  • It provides one subscription service to access over 70 channels, including movies, shows, news, sports, and other entertainment types.
  • You can record your favorite live matches with the cloud DVR with unlimited storage.
  • It gives you reliable, high-speed, and high-quality sports online streaming free for all the live matches you want to watch.
  • If you are a person who does not compromise on the quality of the video, this is the best sports streaming site for you.
  • You can access it from any device that supports YouTube app installation.
  • You can also stream local and regional sports channels in the US.

BBC iPlayer – Best Sports Streaming Sites UK

It is not only a sports-based streaming website but covers many other things like news, TV shows, movies, and dramas that people can watch live. Those hunting the sports live streaming will find a separate sports category. BBC iPlayer is an online live TV streaming service provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which gives you access to various categories such as sports, food, documentaries, arts, and more.

football live streaming sites

It also gives you access to various BBC channels, such as BBC One, Two, Three, Four, News, and more. In addition, the Sports section on BBC iPlayer allows you to watch free live sports streaming matches, sports news, highlights, replays, clips, and many other related videos.

Features – Updated

  • You can access various on-demand sports videos that offer interviews, highlights, news, and updates.
  • The sports videos are updated regularly and available to watch for a specific period.
  • It provides many videos related to football and sports-related stories.
  • You can also watch the interviews and closely examine the athletes participating in different sporting events.
  • You can find current news about football, as well as a flashback about football matches in the past.

Visit the Official Website

MLB TV – Best Baseball Streaming Sites 2022

MLB TV provides you the live streaming baseball matches from MLB that you can watch whenever they become available. Also, the official website provides you with the latest news in the baseball world. You can also check out the scores and stats of your favorite baseball matches and players.

baseball streaming sites

There are myriad lovers of Baseball in the USA. That is why we added this specific option to make sure you don’t miss any baseball events. Moreover, you will also find the best clips from Baseball matches.


  • It provides the latest information in MLB, including baseball matches, events, and tournaments.
  • You can also check out the scores, stats, standings, and other information related to MLB on the home page.
  • It is one of the best lives streaming sites for Baseball enthusiasts.
  • Live TV allows you to watch live streaming matches from MLB whenever they become available for broadcast.
  • You can browse the video section to watch various on-demand videos, such as recaps, condensed games, instant replays, and more.
  • You can check the schedules for the matches on the official website.

NFL Game Pass – Best Live NFL Streaming Sites

If you are a fan of American Football, the only best place to watch all the live American Football matches is the NFL Game Pass. NFL Game Pass is a subscription service that allows you to access videos related to American Football, and it is the official channel of the NFL. In addition, this subscription service allows you to access live matches, replays, NFL films, and more.

NFL Streaming Website

No need to worry if you have missed any of the matches, as you will be able to see it from any minute of the video anytime. Moreover, the quality of the stream is also inspiring as they provide you content HD quality.

Updated Features:

  • It provides all the information and content related to American Football.
  • You can watch live matches, replays, highlights, and on-demand videos about NFL American Football.
  • Now you can watch various documentaries, interviews, and stories related to American football sport in the film archive.
  • There is always an option to watch the recap of previous NFL events or matches with the same HD quality.
  • You can watch on desktop, TV, and mobile devices.
  • It gives you access to all NFL seasons.

NBA League Pass – Best NBA Streaming Sites in 2022

It is one of the best and old websites for NBA live streams. NBA League Pass provides you with the online streaming of NBA matches and on-demand videos related to the National Basketball Association (NBA). So whatever team is your favorite, you can watch their matches with the subscription to NBA League Pass.

NBA Streaming Sites

You can even subscribe to watch just the team that you like. It also covers news, highlights, and updates related to the NBA. Most importantly, you can log in to your account and join the live stream from any device.


  • This is the one-stop shop for you to access the latest updates and events about NBA sports.
  • You can watch hundreds of basketball games with a single subscription.
  • You can subscribe to watch your favorite team or subscribe to oversee all teams or live streaming matches.
  • It is updated regularly with full coverage, news, and updates about NBA sports.
  • It offers complete and condensed games, replays, classic games, NBA finals, and exclusive NBA TV shows.

Official Website – NBA League Pass

Final Words

Sports lovers in 2022 like to watch the live streaming of their favorite sports from home using their PCs, laptops, and mobile phones.
Therefore, we have decided to review the best live streaming sites people love using in 2022. So, these are the top sports streaming platform that you can access to watch your favorite sports anytime you want. Whether you want to watch live matches, replays, classic matches, or any on-demand videos related to your favorite sports, these services can give you the necessary access. However, please note that some services only offer certain sports types, so make sure to pick them carefully.

Moreover, most of these streaming sites also have built apps for their users to ensure they don’t miss any updates related to the sport they like. So, tell us which sports you like Football, Baseball, NBA, NFL, Tennis, or any other, and we will let you know which streaming site would suit you the most.

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