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Mobile App Development: Trends For 2020 – iRiverAmerica

Mobile app development is a growing industry, and with a change in consumer demands and technological advancements, new trends are appearing in the mobile app development industry.

To succeed in such a volatile environment, you need to familiarize yourself with the latest trends in the market. 

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Let us now look at some of the significant trends in mobile app development for 2020

Internet of Things

Internet of Things(IoT) is an extensive network of devices computing, mechanical, and digital devices that are interconnected, providing the customers with automated control and convenience.

This network allows for the exchange of data, and it can be used in mobile phone apps to control gadgets from a remote location.

In the year 2020, the global IoT market can reach a value of $194 billion.

Artificial Intelligence

The market for artificial intelligence is overgrowing, and experts say that by 2024, the AI market will be valued at $191 billion. More and more businesses are integrating AI into their activities.

Through artificial intelligence, it is possible to capture real-time events with increased accuracy and efficiency. In regards to mobile app development, AI can learn the entire process, identify problems, and fix them. 


Blockchain technology has transformed the development of mobile apps, improving the quality of mobile apps while also enhancing tracking and security controls.

Many online payment apps these days use blockchain technology because it allows for faster and more secure transactions. In the year 2020, blockchain is expected to dominate the market.

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5G Technology

This new technology will have a high impact on mobile app development trends for 2020.

It can entirely change the way apps are built and used.

The number of 5G connections will multiply in 2020, thus improving app development efficiency and speed.

5G will boost traffic capacity while decreasing the latency by almost ten times. 

Beacon Technology

In 2020, we will see applications fitted with beacon technology in healthcare, gaming, tourism, and mobile payment.

When an app has this technology, it will show you the location of the products you like, their price, and specifications.

This technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) signals. The beacon-enabled app will catch the message and provide you with notifications when you enter a beacon zone with your device. 

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Companies can store a large amount of data using cloud technology. When a mobile app is fitted with cloud technology, it increases its storage capability, while also enhancing productivity.

Integrating cloud technology into mobile apps will benefit both the developers and the users.

On the one hand, it will reduce the cost and time for app development, while also letting the customers use the app without performing complicated installations. 

Predictive Analytics

It involves studying the current data and using it to make future predictions.

For this purpose, it takes data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, and modeling.

Large corporations like Apple, Google, and Facebook have started using AI for predictive analysis, thus improving the user interface experience. 

The trends mentioned above will surely dominate the market in the year 2020.

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Along with this, the competition will increase among the different app developer companies. 

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