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Apps That Make A Business Owner’s Life Easy – iRiverAmerica

Being the owner of a small and growing business is not as easy as it looks.

A business owner has to communicate with the employees, maintain records, calculate pays, dispatch payments, manage time, create schedules, among many other things.

Back in the olden days, people had to do all these things manually. Communication was done by hand-written and hand-delivered letters and memos.

Experienced accountants used to sit with huge registers for hours, calculating paychecks and other things.

The methods were time-consuming and not budget-friendly.

With the advent of computers, things got a little easier, as records became files in the hard drives, and communication became fast on the internet.

In the era of technology, there are many apps that can make life even easier. Believe it or not, there is an app for almost every business function.

Go through this list of the best apps that will surely make a business owner’s life easy:

Slack – Messaging

The success of a business relies on how effective communication between team members and seniors is.

If important deadlines and crucial guidelines are getting lost in threads of emails, the quality of work will be compromised.

You and your team need an organized platform like Slack to handle all business-related conversations.

It allows you to compartmentalize by creating a different thread for each team, task, department, or process. This is great because it means that only the relevant people are being addressed. 

Square – Receive Payments

If you are the owner of a small shop or restaurant, one of your major worries has to be managing your financial transactions.

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Square is an all-in-one platform that comes with a point-of-sale terminal that will automate your records and alleviate all your stresses.

The affordable app is very easy to use and comes with many useful online tools.

As a start-up, you will enjoy Square but you might want to consider other options as your business scales up.

QuickBooks – Accounting

Being a business owner is fun as you get to follow your dreams and build a company.

But it is also hard work and most of the time you will just be making invoices and dispatching payments while trying to maintain an accurate record of everything.

Quickbooks is a cloud-based system that can do all this and so much more. It automates your payments and provides you with a clear view of your finances.

It also generates easy to understand reports that can help you make better decisions and be ready for tax season. 

Trello – Project Management

You may have the best teams in the world, but if they can’t work together properly, the output will be embarrassing.

Trello is a platform made for teams to easily collaborate. You will know exactly who is doing what at all times.

You can create boards for major projects and add lists for each step. Each list will contain cards that detail the tasks.

You can add members and deadlines to the cards to assign tasks and know when they will be done. 


Thanks to technology, there are many ways to make your life easy. We have listed some apps that will help you with the most frequent tasks related to your business.

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But remember, there is always a learning curve when using a new system.

When you start using any of these apps, you might be tempted to just go back to the old ways, because even though they were inefficient, they were familiar.

But remember, if you just take some time to learn how to utilize the full potential of all these amazing apps, you will be surprised by how easy your life will become.

Author Bio:

Warda is a computer science graduate who has been writing for more than 6 years.

She aims to use her power of expression to bring to light the wonders of technology and the beauty of art.

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