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Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android – iRiverAmerica

Since 2010, WhatsApp is the first choice of users for instant messaging and calling apps.

There are about 1 billion monthly active users of WhatsApp around the world. Considering the popularity of this app, many clones and MOD version of WhatsApp are launched.

One of the best WhatsApp MOD is GBWhatsApp, which is developed by a team of GBMODS. Not only WhatsApp, but this team has developed modded versions of other apps like YouTube, Instagram, and many more.

Here in this post, we will tell you about their best creation so far, GBWhatsApp.

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your WhatsApp features, you might be interested in downloading GBWhatsApp.

Do note that this app is not available on Google Play Store, so you will have to download GBWhatsApp APK and install it manually on your Android devices.

There are several reasons why you should use this app. In GBWhatsApp, you can send up to 100 documents and up to 50 photos at once.

Along with it, you can also schedule messages or set an auto-reply for everyone. We will recommend you try this app once as it doesn’t require rooting and experiencing its features yourself.

Latest GBWhatsApp APK 2019 Features

  1. GBWhatsApp’s latest version comes with a swipe to reply feature and group calling.
  2. You can also forward messages without the forward tag.
  3. Enable DND mode for GBWhatsApp will disable the internet for GBWhatsApp.
  4. Hide blue ticks, double ticks, online status, typing status, read receipts, and many more.
  5. Broadcast message up to 600 contacts at once.
  6. Stay online for 24 hours (consumes more battery).
  7. It supports more than 100 languages and has in-built themes to change the look of the app.
  8. It comes with an in-built locker to put a lock on GBWhatsApp without any third-party locker apps.
  9. Put status of 255 characters instead of 139 in official WhatsApp.
  10. You can also copy other contact’s status.
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Download GBWhatsApp v6.65 Latest Version For Android

This modded version of WhatsApp has so many features that it looks better than the original WhatsApp app.

GBWhatsApp has features like auto-reply, which automatically replies to messages, message scheduler to schedule messages whenever you like, video sending size up to 50MB, documents sending up to 100, and creating a group of 500 people.

Not only these, but there are many more features that you can enjoy by downloading the latest version GBWhatsApp APK for Android.

Final Words

GBWhatsApp is being used by thousands of people out there, and you should too. You don’t have to uninstall or remove WhatsApp to use this app; instead, you can use both of them together.

In this way, you can use two WhatsApp in one Android phone without rooting. If you want to stay updated about the latest GBWhatsApp APK, then don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and keep visiting this page to know about it.

If you are facing any problem using the GBWhatsApp app, you can let us know about it via comments below.

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