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Top 13 Useful Apps For a Trip Around New York – iRiverAmerica

While being in New York, if you are a tourist it is quite easy to find information about anything, whether it is a parking lot, market, residential area or restaurant search.

For this purpose, dozens of sites and applications are available on Play Store. In order to make the tourist’s life easier, we compiled a small list of online apps that will be helpful while traveling around New York.

Looking for a rental car? The car rental application from Rental24H.com will help you compare car rental offers from 1,600 car rental providers worldwide and find the right car for you.

You will get quick access to the lowest prices for car rental and a huge variety of car rentals for any needs. Leading companies, fast and reliable services, best prices, discounts, huge choice of cars of different classes – these all are the benefits of the Rental24H.com app!


Looking for a good place to relax? URBAN DADDY is here to help. Every New Yorker knows that finding a great place to sit with friends, drink and relax is a painstaking process. URBAN DADDY simplifies the search.


Looking for an interesting event, concert or party? SOSH is just for you. In a city that never sleeps, many interesting events take place every day. The app contains a list of trendy places and events throughout the city.

SAS Survival Guide

Do you know Morse code? What about to make a fire? If you are a fan of adventures and want to walk along unknown paths, then without SAS Survival Guide it’s like without hands.

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This application, created by a former soldier and instructor of the Special Airborne Services, will help you master hundreds of survival skills that will be useful both at home and on the road.


Yuggler is the perfect decision for parents traveling with children: this application will tell you about interesting attractions and places near you to spend time with your children. Yuggler will give you useful tips and photos, while searching you can use filters (for now only for iPhone).

Time Out New York

Time Out New York is a guide to entertainment, events and attractions in New York. Here you can learn all about the upcoming parades, concerts, flea markets and fairs. The application offers a schedule for a particular day, weekend, and for the whole month.

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Foursquare / Yelp

Foursquare and Yelp – you will undoubtedly need them in such a huge city as New York, when you search for a decent place for lunch.

Happy Hour Finder

Happy Hour Finder – will tell you which of the nearest restaurants and bars is now happy hour, which implies a 50% discount on certain drinks and dishes.


CUPS offers free coffee in any of the thousands of coffee shops in New York. By registering, you get $ 10 to the account. By signing one friend, another $ 10 and so on. For $ 11 dollars you can buy a package of 5 hot drinks, for $ 30 – a package of 15.


Using survives of car rental at JFK International airport, it will be easier to move around the city. If you want to get from point A to point B, apply to the app Citymapper, which offers some possible route variants including all the details.

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In order to orientate better on the road and the outskirts, the app gostreetmaps.com will be a great option. It has got marks with all the sights, shops and various establishments.


A very good driver’s assistant can be the application ParkMe. It collects the data from the parking lots not far from you and shows the number of free parking places with prices.

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