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Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites – Top 20 Websites to Watch TV Online

In 2022, you can watch TV live from anywhere with stable internet only. Therefore, watching live TV broadcasts is not a difficult task. You can access free live TV streaming sites with your browsers or mobile devices, or you can do it traditionally via your TV. Smart TVs will usually include some Live TV apps that you can use to watch live TV broadcasts from various local, national, or global channels. However, you will need to subscribe to those services in order to get access to it. In addition, some internet providers might also give you free access to specific TV channels included in your internet service bundle.

We keep updating our list of best sites for TV streaming time by time. In this discussion, you will come across the best websites where you can watch TV online and for free in 2022. Most importantly, some of the options on the list are paid whereas the others are free and will let you watch TV with a simple login or even without a login. Therefore, we believe you are really excited to explore these websites. Moreover, to know everything about any site, we suggest you read the features of the streaming sites we have reviewed.

Free Live TV Streaming Sites – 2022 Additions

If you want to watch live TV streaming from your devices, here are the top 20 live TV streaming sites. Using different browsers, you can use these platforms to watch live TV broadcasts online for free from other devices like Android, iPhone, PC, and Laptop. Also, you don’t need to worry about the layout and how these sites work because they are understandable and user-friendly.

YouTube TV – Live TV Streaming Sites

Free Live TV Streaming Sites

If you want a live TV streaming service that allows you to access almost all available channels, YouTube TV is probably the way to go. YouTube TV has millions of users in 2022 that watch their favorite TV channels online without any limitation. It just requires a good internet connection, and you are good to explore. It offers access to more than 70 popular TV channels so that you can watch live streaming broadcasts from those channels from any of your devices. There are also on-demand TV shows, movies, and other videos that you can access with this service. It is one of the best live TV streaming sites on our list.

Features in 2022:

  • Whether you want to watch sports, news, or entertainment, this platform can give you the live streaming broadcasts you need.
  • It is a perfect service that lets you cut the cord and start watching all your favourite TV channels online.
  • Aside from the 70+ channels, you can still add more channels to your list with the add-ons provided on this platform.
  • It is also considered a free live TV streaming site because many channels on this are free to use.
  • You can record any live TV broadcasts with the unlimited DVR storage that you can access anytime.
  • You can access this service from up to 6 devices at the same time with the family sharing feature.

Official Website – YouTube TV

Pluto TV – Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Live TV Streaming Sites

Pluto TV is the platform that allows you to watch more than 250 channels for free, so you don’t need to subscribe to any plan with this service. With this platform, you can watch many channels that offer live TV broadcasts, on-demand movies, and TV shows. So whether you want to watch live sports, news, or entertainment, you can do it with this platform without the need to pay anything. Most importantly, it keeps adding old movies, shows, and series to entertain its users. It was launched in 2014, but it grabbed the audience quickly compared to many other free live TV streaming sites. According to an estimate, Pluto TV has around 68 million users in 2022.

Updated Features:

  • This platform is always free for watching live broadcasts, TV shows, and movies.
  • You can access this platform from various devices, including desktops, mobile devices, smart TVs, game consoles, TV sticks, and more.
  • You will find the content according to your genre on Pluto TV as it takes care of its users.
  • In 2022, it has a list of endless channels with various categories that are free to watch.
  • Hit movies and entire season TV shows are available to watch on this platform, and you can explore from among 1000 titles.
  • You can start watching live TV streaming without signing up for the service first.
  • The schedules for the live TV broadcasts are displayed on the streaming page.

Philo to Watch Live TV Streaming


It is another one of the best free live TV streaming sites on the list of AndroidCompare. We have got multiple exciting reasons to add this option. Philo offers live TV streaming and on-demand TV shows and movies in one affordable package. It offers a 7-day free trial for new users, and you can sign up simply by using your phone number. There are 59 channels that you can access on this platform, such as BBC America, Game Show Network, Revolt, People TV, and more. The service is available on a wide range of devices. Another noticeable advantage of accessing this site is that you can log in to your account from three different devices at once.

Top Features:

  • You can access 59 channels that offer live TV broadcasts, on-demand shows, and movies.
  • You can record any live TV streaming to watch in the next 30 days.
  • The users can watch the most popular TV channels in America at a reasonable price.
  • Many people like to get a subscription to Philo TV in 2022 because of its user-friendly design and other exciting features.
  • You can stream from up to 3 devices per account.
  • It offers affordable monthly pricing, with a 7-day free trial available.
  • You can sign up just by using your phone number.

Sling TV – Best Live TV Streaming Sites in 2022

Live TV Streaming Sites

You must use this live TV streaming site if you wish to watch good quality content. Sling TV is the platform that allows you to watch live TV broadcasts, TV shows, and movies for less. It is bundled with 50+ channels that you can access for a low monthly price, without any hidden fees. It also comes with a 3-day free trial so that you can explore the platform nicely and decide whether to buy its monthly subscription or not. You can access this platform from many devices, including Android, iOS, smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, Windows, and more.

Features in 2022:

  • It offers two main plans, Sling Blue and Sling Orange, each offering different channel lineups.
  • Channels offered in Sling Blue include Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, Bravo, Food Network, A&E, and more.
  • Get a trial of 3 days to watch premium TV channels and movies for free.
  • Channels offered in Sling Orange include ESPN, Disney Channel, TBS, CNN, Food Network, A&E, and more.
  • You can watch live TV streaming and thousands of movies and TV shows on-demand.
  • You can also record any live TV streaming with the included cloud DVR that has storage for up to 10 hours.



AT&T TV NOW provides access to live TV streaming and on-demand TV shows and movies from more than 45 channels. You can also add additional channels if you would like to enjoy premium channels like HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and more. This platform has many great channels related to sports, news, TV shows, movies, etc. Also, you can get streaming apps on-demand using this site in 2022. You can subscribe to this service instantly with a month-to-month payment and no satellite or cable installation. The tip here is that if you love to watch Netflix and other premium movie sites, this platform will provide you.

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  • You can watch live TV streaming online and record them with the cloud DVR that can hold up to 500 hours of storage.
  • The live streams include sports, news, entertainment, and thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows.
  • You can add various new features, such as premium, Spanish, and international TV.
  • Movie sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others are also available on demand.
  • You can stream on various devices (desktop and mobile) for up to 3 streams at any given time.
  • You are paying month-to-month with no annual contract.

Hulu+ Live TV Streaming 2022


It is one of the most used platforms for watching TV live using different browsers and devices. Also, the monthly subscribers of Hulu TV are continuing their journey with this platform in 2022. Hulu + Live TV is the live TV streaming service provided by Hulu, which is designed to help you switch from the cable TV subscription. With this service, you can access more than 65 live TV channels and the already available Hulu streaming library. Moreover, you will pay less than your regular cable subscription for this access. A free trial is available for this service.


  • You can get access to popular channels that offer live TV streaming and on-demand TV shows and movies, such as ABC, CBS, Cartoon Network, TLC, Motor Trend, and more.
  • You can only personalize your TV viewing settings to get recommendations that suit you.
  • As a monthly subscriber of this site, you will come across trending TV shows and movies.
  • You can also record any live TV broadcasts with its 50-hour cloud DVR storage.
  • With this service, you can access breaking news, sports, kids, TV shows, and movies.
  • It also offers add-on features like premium networks and enhanced cloud DVR.

Official Website – Hulu + Live TV

Fubo TV – Free Live TV Streaming Sites for Sports

Live TV Streaming Sites

AndroidCompare has had to include this option because of one significant advantage. We added this because it is the only sports-focused live streaming site on the list. Fubo TV gives you access to live news streaming, shows, live sports, and other entertainment content on a single platform. Whether it is a Football season, a UFC fight, or other sports events onboard, Fubo TV is the best option to explore everything regarding sports. More than 100 channels are available for you to access, including local and national channels. Channels featured on this platform include CBS, Fox, AT&T SportsNet, Lifetime, TLC, and more. It offers a 7-day free trial.


  • You can watch live TV, popular shows, news, movies, and sports + 4K.
  • It supports various devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Samsung Smart TV, and Chromecast. Also, explore the Chromecast Audio Alternatives.
  • Sports lovers must be able to lay their hands on this platform because its main focus is providing users with all sports streaming TV channels.
  • It comes with a 30-hour cloud DVR that allows you to record any live broadcasts for you to watch later.
  • You can stream from 2 devices at the same time.
  • It features various sports and news channels providing live breaking news coverage and sports matches.

AT&T WatchTV for Live Streaming

Free TV Streaming Online

AT&T WatchTV is the live TV streaming service provided by AT&T that focuses on providing live TV channels that you can access from any device at a low monthly cost. With this service, you can watch live TV streams from various channels, including thousands of on-demand titles. It has a 7-day free trial and doesn’t give you any annual contract. Most importantly, it is an excellent option for those who love watching movies, shows, and TV series, created by HBO Max. Also, it keeps updating the site and adding new things to let people enjoy their time on this best live TV streaming site.


  • You can watch live TV broadcasts whenever you are, whether at home or on the go.
  • You can stream your favorite channels right away without any equipment installation.
  • HBO and HBO Max lovers must read the features and know the price of this website.
  • It features new movies and TV shows for you to watch as soon as they are being broadcasted.
  • It includes more than 35 channels of live TV that you can access anytime.
  • Premium add-ons are available to enhance your TV-viewing experience.

CBS All Access

Live TV Streaming Sites

It is an entirely different streaming site from the others on our list. You get two different types of subscriptions. In the first one, you pay around $5 per month, but you see ads too when watching your desired content. In the second subscription, you pay $9, but there are no ads till you are on the screen. Also, it is comparatively cheaper but gives access to many great sports, news, and other streaming channels. CBS All Access provides live TV streaming from CBS Network, with thousands of on-demand shows, movies, and originals. If you enjoy watching the CBS channel, this is the way to gain access to all these network offers. You can watch live broadcasts from CBS, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, and ET Live with a single CBS All Access subscription.

Features in 2022:

  • It gives you access to all channels on the CBS network at an affordable monthly price.
  • Live TV broadcasts are available 24/7 across all CBS network channels, including sports, news, entertainment, and more.
  • It is available in two different types of subscription in which you get ad-free and with an ads account.
  • You can also watch thousands of TV episodes, movies, and original series with your subscription.
  • You can stream the content from this service from various devices ranging from desktops to game consoles.
  • It offers various original series, including Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard, The Twilight Zone, and more.

Peacock – Best Online TV Streaming Site

CBS All Access

Peacock is a streaming service provided by NBCUniversal, which allows you to watch thousands of TV shows, movies, and originals for free. It also includes premium content that you can buy on demand. In addition, the Premium plan gives you various benefits, such as removing ads from your viewing sessions. Aside from on-demand shows and movies, you can also stream live TV broadcasts using this service. Moreover, you will also have access to many films, shows, and series to watch with friends and family paying little.

Features to Notice:

  • A premium is only an option; everything is available for free to watch on this platform.
  • It is partnered with Xfinity, so you can get the premium for free if you own this streaming device.
  • If you have the budget, we recommend buying a premium account also as it has many extraordinary features.
  • It is one of the best free live TV streaming sites in 2022.
  • You can watch various live streaming shows, such as Saturday Night Live, Premier League Soccer, and Daily Pulse.
  • It also provides original shows you can browse in the Peacock Originals section.
  • You can access this streaming service via Xfinity, smart TV, desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

TVPlayer – Best Live TV Streaming Sites 2022


Like the other live TV streaming sites, it allows users to watch their favorite content on desktop and mobile devices. For mobile devices, you will have to use the software. TVPlayer gives you access to watch various live TV channels online, with 40+ channels available for you to choose from. The channels are based in the UK, including BBC One, BBC Two, Channel 4, Really, Think, and many more. You can access these channels immediately after subscribing, without complicated equipment installation. You can also stream these channels from any device you have, offering you a free trial period.

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  • More than 40 channels from the UK are available on this platform, including 10 premium channels.
  • There are also plenty of on-demand shows, movies, and videos that you can access once you are subscribed.
  • You can catch up on shows that you’ve missed with more than 100 shows available.
  • You can download any shows that you want, so that you can watch them offline later.
  • You can also continue watching the shows where you left off, ensuring that you will watch all your favorite shows on this platform.

YuppTV – Live Indian TV Streaming Site


YuppTV provides live TV channels in India as well as in other regions. You can stream any live broadcasts available on this platform by subscribing to the premium plan. If you are here to find an online streaming site for Indian channels, this option is for you. Aside from live TV channels, you can also watch movies, TV shows, catch-up TV, mini theatre, and many more. It is an all-in-one live TV and entertainment platform that you can access for a low monthly subscription. Even if you buy a subscription from India, you will still be able to come across the other regions’ TV channels also. It is also one of the most used live TV streaming sites in India in 2022.


  • The live TV section provides various categories, such as trending live, entertainment, movies, news, and more.
  • You can also watch catch-up TV channels if you miss the live broadcasts.
  • The Movies section gives you the on-demand movie titles you can watch immediately once you subscribe to the service.
  • You get access to the most watched Indian TV channels, including sport, news, shows, and dramas.
  • The TV Shows section provides a selection of thousands of TV series episodes you can watch immediately.
  • Most of the shows are geared toward the Indian audience; shows from other countries are also available.

Squid TV

It is one of the best free live TV streaming channels around the globe. Squid TV is the site that allows you to watch live TV broadcasts from different countries, and the list is updated regularly as they become available. So whether you want to watch live TV streaming from the US, Asia, Europe, or any other region, this site provides a list of available broadcasts you can watch online. It covers news, sports, entertainment, and different live streaming categories. Also, people can watch thousands of TV channels online without paying.

Features – Updated

  • You can access live TV channels from various countries, updated regularly.
  • There are also channels recommended by the Editors of the site, giving you the best quality live TV streaming from different regions.
  • You don’t miss any of the movies, shows, sports, and other content categories with Squid TV.
  • It is the best place to find live news, sports, and entertainment from different TV stations worldwide.
  • It covers all regions, including the USA, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.
  • The available TV stations include Sky News, Euro News, France 24, ABC News TV, and more.

Bloomberg Live TV

Bloomberg Live TV is the site that allows you to watch live TV broadcasts from Bloomberg, which include categories like Markets, Technology, Businessweek, Politics, and more. Also, the content this streaming site provides in 2022 is pretty different from the other option on the list. We added and suggest this TV to those interested in marketing, Business, News, and other related pieces of information. You can access the site and start streaming live TV broadcasts from Bloomberg whenever you want. The site also offers various news and articles that you can read about various topics covered by Bloomberg.

Updated Features:

  • The live streaming broadcast from Bloomberg is available all the time.
  • You can view the schedules for the following programming on the video player page.
  • You can also view the market data on the same page as the live streaming video player.
  • It highly grooms your knowledge about business ideas and technology.
  • The site offers live TV streams from various regions and shows and series that you can watch on demand.
  • You can also listen to radio and podcasts provided by Bloomberg.

Official Website – Bloomberg Live TV

CBSN – Free Live TV Streaming Sites

CBSN is the place where you can watch live TV streaming from CBS News. It covers the current news that is happening in the United States as well as other places in the world. It also offers access to live streaming channels in your local area, giving you the latest and localized news that will keep you up to date with the happenings in your local area. Unfortunately, the content is quite different because you will not be able to watch movies and shows that are trending in 2022.

Features to Notice:

  • Aside from the main live broadcast, you can also access local channels, such as CSBN Bay Area, CBSN Boston, CBSN Chicago, and CBSN Dallas.
  • You can get updated with the latest news happening around the United States area and other places around the world.
  • You can also read the top stories regarding the latest news from CBS News.
  • CBSN is an excellent live streaming channel for news lovers.
  • You can also watch on-demand shows from channels like CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News, 60, Face the Nation, and more.
  • You can also access Photos and Podcasts from CBS News.

ABC News Live Stream

Next, we have another free live streaming site suggested to the news and morning shows lovers. ABC News Live Stream offers live TV streaming from ABC News, including news coverage, breaking news, latest headlines, and live events. If you enjoy watching ABC News, this site offers you to stream their live broadcasts via the website without having to do it via your regular TV. It is streaming 24/7, and you can access it at any time. Moreover, you can access this site from both PC and mobile without any paid subscription.

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  • You can get the latest breaking news and live events presented to you by ABC News.
  • The stream is available 24/7 for free, which you can access directly from the official site.
  • Aside from the main live broadcast, you can also browse additional streams from ABC News.
  • You get in touch with everything going on in the country, or in other words, you can witness what is live on ABC News.
  • It also provides various on-demand videos, such as top daily stories, politics, and national and international news.
  • You can also access shows such as Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Night Line, and ABC News Originals.

Official Website – ABC News Live Stream

Plex Live Streaming Site

Plex Live Streaming Site

Let’s add another streaming site to watch the latest movies and shows. Plex is the platform that offers free over-the-air live TV broadcasts for you to watch, as well as web shows, recorded TV programs, and more. In addition, you can comfortably watch sports and listen to music for free in 2022. Also, this free live streaming site gives you a web app to install where you can manage things quite easily. The platform can be accessed from various devices, and you can stream multiple TV channels in HD quality. Aside from the United States and Canada, Plex also allows you to browse channels from other countries and regions based on location. However, not all countries and regions are supported.

Updated Features:

  • You can use this platform on Android, iOS, and Roku devices.
  • In addition, you can stream local channels entirely for free.
  • Plex has a web app as well that is also free to use where you can log in to your account.
  • You can also watch various web shows in many categories, such as sports, tech, foods, pop culture, and more.
  • There is a vast list of movie streaming channels that you can access for free.
  • You can also get updated with the latest news that you can personalize based on your interests.
  • It is compatible with various hardware with no complicated setups.


AndroidCompare respects the radio lovers who are here to find the best live streaming site. Therefore, we have included this option in our list. Streema is the platform that allows you to listen to internet radio and stream live TV stations online. You can search TV stations based on the region, and you can watch these stations instantly with a single click. You can also search TV stations in various categories, such as animation, cars, classical, comedy, and many more. Most importantly, this platform allows you to listen to thousands of FM Radio channels for free.

Streema Live Streaming Site

Top Features:

  • It provides a live TV streaming platform covering various regions worldwide.
  • It also provides a live radio streaming platform, allowing you to listen to various radio stations online.
  • The top TV stations with the most famous views on this platform can be seen.
  • You don’t need to pay or buy an account based on a monthly subscription.
  • You can leave comments on each TV station that you watch.
  • Aside from accessing the site from desktop browsers, you can also access it from mobile browsers.

C-SPAN Live Stream

C-SPAN Live Stream provides live streaming from C-SPAN TV networks, which include C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2, and C-SPAN 3. You can stream your favorite C-SPAN channels via the web to get the latest news about the events happening in the United States. It focuses on providing information related to the US government with a balanced perspective. Also, you can listen to many great journalists of America without paying. Most importantly, if you use ROKU in your home, you can also access this streaming site to ROKU.

best free live streaming sites

Noticeable Features:

  • If you want to know about every nook and cranny of the US government, you can watch the C-SPAN TV networks.
  • It provides a balanced view of various aspects of the US government.
  • You can have in-depth information on elected US officials through the C-SPAN channels.
  • You can also watch this TV live on ROKU.
  • Each C-SPAN channel provides different aspects of the US government, which you can delve deeper into.
  • You can also listen to the radio live stream and see the scheduled live TV streams on the website.


free live streaming sites

We all know how famous the CNN news channel is in America and worldwide. Therefore, this channel to decided to set up things and launched a free streaming site for CNN. CNNgo allows you to watch live TV streaming from CNN, which covers various news and information related to current events in the United States and worldwide. You can watch live TV from CNN as they are being broadcasted over the air via their online streaming website. With CNNgo, you can watch the live stream of CNN, HLN, and CNN International channels from your browsers and other devices.

Features in 2022:

  • You can watch live channels and shows offered by the CNN networks.
  • The live channels can be streamed as they are being broadcasted over the air.
  • You can also watch shows in various categories, such as news programs, weekend news programs, and originals.
  • Stay in touch with what’s happening in the country and listen to the news from anywhere using CNNgo.
  • CNN Original Series includes high-quality shows like The Killer Truth, Death Row Stories, United Shades of America, and many more.
  • It covers the latest news stories from the United States and other countries worldwide.


Watching live TV online is no longer a big deal as many platforms stream live TV channels. After countless people started demanding the list of best free live TV streaming sites, we have listed the top 20 live TV sites that offer the streaming of various TV channels that you can access from the web online. You don’t need to install equipment just to watch the live channels on these sites. You can also use these sites on your mobile devices. Once you’re subscribed, you will be able to start watching by streaming them online directly from your browsers, mobile devices, or other devices.

Respecting thousands of people, we tried our best to hunt different sites that provide additional content. Like this, you will be able to find streaming sites for news, shows, movies, sports, technology, etc. Moreover, some services are available entirely for free, so you can start streaming your favorite live TV channels immediately. We believe you liked our list of the best live TV streaming sites in 2022. If yes, then don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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