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Top 10 Xbox One Emulators For Your PC – Play Xbox Games On PC

Wonderful readers, today is another privilege and a top notch approach to offer solutions to your challenges. Another blissful write up is here to present you with the best Xbox One Emulators for your PC.

The Xbox games, though exclusive to the play station can adequately be enjoyed using the PC. Purchasing a play station is highly tasking and subject to the financial ability of different individuals.

But if you’re a lover of the Xbox, we are presenting to you the best options to playing your Xbox one games. It isn’t an alien idea to directly enjoy the amazement of the Xbox one games on the PC without purchasing the Xbox one.

It is the constraint about information that clearly impedes Xbox one lovers to delve into such alternatives. In this write up, you’ll be exposed and the veils totally removed about the best Xbox one emulators for Windows PC and hence play Xbox one games with ease on same.

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Our List Of Best Xbox One Emulators for PC

Having understood the significance of emulator in achieving the extra feat for any host system and its huge relevance to playing of Xbox one games on the PC, the next hurdle to scale is the identification of that emulator that best suits the desired game and sincerely, this is no easy feat to achieve.

Most developers would claim and falsify information about their emulators hence our out of the box approach to providing you with the best emulators you can get around.

You wouldn’t be disappointed about the gaming experiences you will get while playing your Xbox one games on these emulators to be discussed. Enjoy.

1. Xenia Emulator

A wonderful emulator allowing gamers to play Xbox one games on PC is the Xenia emulator. It is expected to work fine and developed to be compatible with every version of windows.

Some users have reported their challenges while playing games that are considered to be heavy, but that’s not much to worry about because the developers are in constant development to offer the best gaming experiences possible while using this emulator.

Xbox One Emulators For PC

Developers are constantly adding updates to improve the features and also to enhance the effectiveness of the program. Xenia emulator currently supports over 50 Xbox 360 and Xbox one games and it can only improve on its coverage.

Notable improvement in the latest version is its function which is very fast when compared with its previous version. An indication that the program can only get better by the day.

Advantages of Xenia Emulator

• It is in constant development to make it better and offers reasonable speed to play games.
• It is possible to play over 50 Xbox one and Xbox 360 games on it, some of which include the Frogger 2, 2008 live arcade games etc.

Disadvantage of Xenia Emulator

• Its previous version is relatively slow and comes with play issues.

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2. XEON Xbox One Emulator

Xeon emulator is obtainable from the official site, gamers can get it from there. Another important emulator is Xeon, it is also considered to be one of the greatest Xbox One emulators for PC, affirming the low specifications.

Xeon offers a great and fun filled gaming experience, providing sparkling sport images and a high rate of reliability while having your game experience.


Gamers love to play different games, but one of the games with wide acceptability and fame is halo, if you’re also keen to enjoy the widely accepted halo amidst gamers, you’ve got just the right emulator for enjoyment of this game on the PC.

Xeon emulator supports several other low specifications games, provide you with enviable gaming experience and mimic those games effectively.

The system requirements for Xeon emulator includes recommended Video Cards such as GeForce FX or Radeon 9200 Pro or higher, a RAM size of 1024mb, windows XP, latest DirectX and Pentium 4 2.0GHz

Features of Xeon Emulator

• The Xeon emulator supports unlimited numbers of the low specifications games and emulates them completely.
• Supports a control system that is flexible.
• It is one of the highly stable emulators that PC users can make use of, it’s gaming experiences are not disturbed
• There are no glitches, lag or frame drops while playing games.

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3. DXBX Emulator

There is some background information about DXBX that you need to adorn yourself with before you go ahead to get this emulator.

This emulator unlike other emulators that get updated every now and then, is stagnant. The developers of the emulator are no longer working on it.

Xbox One Emulators For PC

With stalked work on it, the emulator is remanded in the development mode and therefore is restricted to a compatibility list, hence it has a list of games which it can only work on.

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Before you download it, go to the official website, check the compatibility list and you can confidently identify the games that will work there or not.

The emulator can also be downloaded from the official site of DXBX but check the compatibility list before download.

DXBX is another Xbox One Emulator for PC, created with the source code of the CXBX emulator though written in Delphi.

It has its personal kernel and a notable change from the CXBX is the conversion by its development of the C language sources for Delphi.

Apart from this major conversion, some more options were added to it to differentiate it from CXBX but the file menu of the two emulators still appears the same to a keen observer.

DXBX also offers same configuration settings for Xbox controller keys, audio and video though standing out with a unique user interface, making it one of the greatest Xbox One emulators for PC.

DXBX system Requirements include the following:

Windows 7 64-bit and higher.
2 GB of RAM for the best gaming experience.
A GPU that supports Direct 3D 8 and Open-GL 3.3.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, 2017 expected to be installed before running DXBX emulator on the PC

Procedure for playing Xbox 1 Game using Dxbx on PC

1. If your game is on the compatibility list, download Dxbx Emulator setup files from the official site.
2. Install Dxbxemulator in your Windows OS.
3. Upon successful installation of the Dxbx, open the emulator as administrator.
4. Before you load any Xbox 1 Game, Go to File > Open Xbe.
5. Now, you will get the option to play the Game, Click on it.

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Another wonderful Xbox emulator is XQEMU though it’s currently in the early stage of its development with continuous work on developing it to the best it can be. This is an entirely free emulator, which is based on QEMU.

Development work on this emulator is ongoing and not gone as for Dxbx. It currently poses some issues with the audio & challenges and it lags a bit.


Though in the early stage of development, XQEMU appears to be much better among all the discussed emulators as it is compatible with Serious Sam, Future, Jet Set Radio, Halo and a number of other in demand Games that appear to be a luxury for those earlier discussed.

Considering the fact that this is still in early development, there are activities expected of you as a gamer. You’re expected to build XQEMU yourself by utilizing MSYS2.

On the official site, this procedure is well detailed and you can follow the step by step guide to build your own version of it. As simple as it may sound, it offers a few complexities for beginners but it is achievable.

Advantages of XQEMU Xbox One Emulator

• It has an interface which is user-friendly, clean, simple, understandable and simple to use.

Disadvantages of XQEMU Xbox One Emulator

• Still in development, the emulator supports limited games and developers are focusing on making it more competent.

5. CXBX Emulator

Another Xbox one emulator for windows that is equal to the task is CXBX. The program is an open-source emulator, and the developers are embracing extreme compressions of files to ensure your gaming experience is not disturbed.

The emulator is available for download at the official site of CXBX at a size 1.27MB but upon the extraction of the CXBX emulator, the size shoots up to 68.6MB.

Xbox One Emulators For PC

Emulator codes for this emulator are available for download on the Git-hub. The CXBX emulator also comes as a stable or development builds, but it’s more advisable to get the stable build to avoid issues that may arise about the development build.

This emulator gets better with each update done monthly, as the developers are working round the clock to ensure that this CXBX emulator is compatible with all the games on Xbox.

It edges Xeon emulator out because it is compatible with a higher number of games than the Xeon emulator is.
There is also a flexibility aspect to it as the Xbox one controller can be configured, audio settings, video settings, pixel shading, RDTSC patching, etc.

CXBX system Requirements include the following:

Windows 7 64-bit and higher versions.
2 GB minimum RAM for the best gaming experience.
A GPU that is compatible with the Direct 3D 8 and Open-GL 3.3.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015, 2017 expected to be installed before running the DXBX emulator on the PC

Procedure for playing Xbox One Games with the Cxbx on PC

1. First, you need to download latest Cxbx Emulator in the form of the Zip file.
2. Extract the downloaded zip file with your favorite WinRAR or 7Zip.
3. Right-Click on CXBX emulator, and click on “Run as administrator”.
4. Now, when the emulator opens, in the user interface, you need to click on File > Open Xbe.
• Select *.xbe file from your games folder, click on Open.
5. To start the Xbox One Game, click on Emulation and then “start”.

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6. EX360E Emulator

EX360E, this is another beautiful Xbox emulator that works fine for both the Xbox 360 emulator and the Xbox one emulator. This emulator is not filled with many features, but as much as is needed for the emulator and are required to access the Xbox one games on the PC.

EX360E emulator is flexible, allowing gamers to convert the gaming files into executable files that allows ease of playing the Xbox games on the PC.


The development of EX360E Xbox one emulator is credited to the XNA game studio. It is also known alternatively and recognized as the experimental Xbox 360 emulator. This emulator is tasked with playing the Xbox live arcade titles.

Advantages of EX360E Xbox Emulator

• The EX360E Xbox emulator supports the graphical user interface that runs your games effortlessly. Any of the games considered to be part of the Xbox live arcade can be seamlessly run on the PC using this emulator.

Disadvantages of EX360E Xbox Emulator

• The audio quality of this emulator has been the area with unwavering complaint. .

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7. HackiNations Xbox One Emulator

The first on our list is HackiNation Emulator, which is developed to offer the amazing and easy gaming experiences users and gamers who are interested in stepping up their games via the introduction of Xbox games to the PC.

Practically, it supports any game irrespective of the attributes such game possesses. Crashes, glitches, etc. which are common with the emulation procedures are alien to Hackination emulator.


The Hackination emulator is accessible via download from the official website and it supports and can run nearly all games on the Xbox 360 with no glitches.

Microsoft created the Xbox one which is their latest addition to the list of console games the ever growing business created. This console is among the most acceptable games by gamers and is considered to be a generation of video game consoles.

As a true gamer, you might have made use of another synonymous platform to the Xbox such as Forza horizon 3, gears of war 4, halo collection among others, but the Xbox one is generally considered as a step up on the Xbox 360.

The system requirements for HackiNation emulator includes the following: Processor: Intel 0,8 GHz, Pentium 4 32 bit or 64 bit, a memory size of 1 GB RAM, Video properties of NVIDIA Geforce 5800 512 MB RAM or Radeon 9800 256 MB RAM and a hard drive of 12 GB space.

Features of HackiNations emulator

• Supports installation of downloaded games or full installation from external drives such as flash drives, etc.
• Easy and flexible control options, the keyboard can be used as game controller measures, but other devices which can be connected via the USB ports can also be used as game controls.
• A superb video option, it comes with every form of resolutions that ensures gaming experiences and graphics are exactly like the Xbox one graphics.
• An audio compatibility that is second to none. All audio produced by games are effectively supported without any delay.
• Has a unique split screen option.

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This is an Xbox emulator with a huge difference, unlike other emulators you get via downloading, you need to complete a survey before you can have access to download this Xbox emulator.

You can check on YouTube for more details about this emulator and how to get it. One major reason why this is included boils down to its ability to run heavy games while avoiding errors, glitches and breakdown.

Xbox One Emulators For PC

This emulator comes with full ROM and disc support and a great flexibility about control support. Xbox live features and a split screen mode are other attributes it features.

The system requirements for Xbox emulator version 1.0.3 includes 2 GB RAM, a free 25GB hard disk space for smooth running, Intel i3 or higher and Radeon HD 5400 /GeForce 9300 or higher. This is a strong contender on list of the greatest Xbox One emulators for PC

Procedures for running Xbox 1 Games on PC

Step: 1 Download Xbox one emulator and then move Game ROM file to it’s Game Data folder. (Like Xeon, this emulator also doesn’t require installation.)
Step: 2 Go to the game folder and then run the application “Xbox Emu v1.0.3”.
– Click on the plugin and then activate all available plugins.
– If you want to set controls, you can do that by going into Controls settings.
Step: 3 To open Game ROM file go to File> Refresh ROM list. (This option will show all recently added Games) And to run Games you can use Open ROM option.

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9. VR Xbox 360 Emulator

Xbox emulators options are massive but only few are worth the try, one of the Xbox emulators fortunate enough to meet this compiled list is VR Xbox 360 Emulator.

This Xbox emulators will cause you to hold you breathe due to the array of of features it possesses especially when you are involved with its latest version I.e version 1.05.

Xbox One Emulators For PC

VR Xbox 360 Emulator is built with many features like graphic cards which are eye catching. Some of which includes Nvidia and Radeon, vsync etc.

Advantages of VR Xbox 360 Emulator

• This software is open source and easy to download.
• It has a continued effect that allows you to save and later load your games whenever you want to continue.
• VR Xbox 360 Emulator is quite compatible with different Windows version like Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Disadvantages of VR Xbox 360 Emulator

• It is yet to gain global acceptability amidst gamers .

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10. Box Emulator

The box emulator is another Xbox emulator that is quite compatible with different Xbox 360 games at higher FPs.

Using this emulator “Box emulator”, you can conveniently play Xbox One games with eye catching graphics directly on your PC.

Advantages of Box Emulator

• This emulator comes with a excellent GUI that offers wonderful gaming experience for all the game lovers.

Disadvantages of Box Emulator

• It is not capable of supporting pirated, as well as Xbox, live games.

The word “Emulator”

An emulator in computing, is described as a hardware or software that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system, this is according to Wikipedia.

An emulator basically allows the use of software’s that are designed for a host system to successfully run on another system for which it is not designed. A typical usage of emulator is running Android apps effectively on the PC and vice versa.

Xbox One Emulator to Play Xbox One Games on PC

Emulators generally provide you an option which the developer tried shrouding from you while developing their systems which serves as your host system, allowing the PC to behave and act like any other device.

This is visible with the aid of software installed prior to launching this effect of replicating other device in its functionality.

xbox one emulators for pc

Various other devices such as video game consoles, old operating systems among others, can be mimicked or replicated with the aid of emulators in the emulation process.

As beautiful as the options presented by the emulation processes appear, there are few shortcomings and challenges to enjoying these varied functionalities on the PC.

These characteristics as well as the pros of these emulators will be clearly spelt out here to give a clear guide and adequate representation of what you might encounter while using the emulators.

One major advantage of the emulator is its cost reduction in harnessing the same quality and process. The emulator makes the options of playing Xbox one games affordable and accessible, reducing the actual total package and bringing its financial implication nearer to nil as possible.

Moreover, enjoying the Xbox one games on a PC brings about a better gaming experience which far outweighs what is obtainable with their primary devices.

There are a few disadvantages to this usage as well, emulation setup can be very challenging sometimes due to technicalities in video games.


This article emphasizes more on the windows 10 PC though there are numerous Xbox one emulator for windows PC. Let’s begin the journey.

We have geared efforts towards providing you with a list that will answer your questions. There are many other Xbox emulators out there but they are either false claimers or dead to their duties.

This list contains all the very best Xbox one emulators for PC which you can make use of in playing your favorite Xbox game.

It is highly recommended that all these Xbox one emulators should be scanned by an antivirus or a malware detection tool before installation on your PC.

Our tests didn’t detect any kind of viruses or backdoor Trojans in them so feel free to make use of them in obtaining the best possible enjoyment, amazement and superb gaming experiences with your Xbox games.

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