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22 Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up, Watch Movies Free!

If you are here, it means you love to stream online movies, here is a list of top 22 free movie streaming sites, no sign up.

Gone are the days when an entire family got together in front of a fat CRT, with a rented cassette pushed into the VCR on a Sunday afternoon for the movie time of the week.

Today, a movie is something you can enjoy every evening after a long day at work, thanks to this age of the Internet and smartphones.

If you are new to this concept, you can take a look at some of the best free movie streaming websites that are available today. You can now watch a movie anytime and from anywhere.

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Our List Of Free Movie Streaming Sites, No Sign Up

5 Movies

The dad of all streaming platforms, this website gives you a choice of watching movies, TV shows, animes and so much more that you are sure to love.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

You even get to watch cartoons and also a large collection of Asian dramas. You can easily find whatever you want here as this is a very well organized website.

There are multiple links that you can use in order to stream any video. The layout is also very clean which makes navigating much easier.

And finally, what you are going to love with this streaming website is the speed with which you can get all your favourite movies and TV shows streamed.

This way, you don’t have to wait for long and can start watching right away as there is no hindrance at all.

Vumoo – Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

With a large collection of movies, Vumoo is one of the best free movie streaming sites for movie buffs.

This site has a beautiful interface and is also very well organized, which makes navigating through it easy.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

This site has a database of over 60,000 movies. Yes, you heard right! Now wasn’t that nice? This database is constantly updated with new stuff that includes movies and TV shows.

The intuitive design of this website makes movie streaming much pleasant and easier.

You have some of the top browsing categories along with a search field at the top right for you to conveniently type the name of the movie that you want to watch.

The interface along with the large collection of movies are two of the best things about this movie streaming site.

Yes Movies

Again, if you want to watch a wide range of movies and have a number of favorite TV shows, here is another movie streaming website that you are sure to enjoy.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Here you can watch movies and serials in high quality. This site has a well organized database that you can use to easily find the movie of your choice, be it any genre or language.

However, you may have to put up with a few pop ups and advertisements but this is not too annoying compared to the other good features you get to enjoy with this site.

Apart from this, you get to watch a variety of trailers and even get to see a lot of information related to different movies like the rating, genre, actors etc.

You have Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies that are available in different categories.

F Movies

F Movies has movies from 13 countries that you get to choose from. So, if you like watching movies in different languages, this is one of the free movie streaming sites no sign up required for you.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Here, you can easily find a movie of your taste as the website has been very professionally designed with an organized layout.

You have several options that you can choose from according to things like the year in which they were released, which movies were most watched, movies according to different countries, genres, alphabetical order etc. You have a lot of tabs available in which you can search for movies and other TV shows.

You can even watch TV serials in high definition here.

You may have to put up with a few pop ups but we are guessing that’s okay compared to everything else that you get to enjoy.

It is for these reasons that this movie streaming site is very similar to YesMovies.

Putlocker – Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Another popular movie streaming website that you are sure to love is Putlocker. This is an all time favorite of most movie buffs and no, not without reason.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

The website is built with a user friendly interface that is sure to make your life easy. You have movies as well as TV shows that are available in a sophisticated manner.

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Visiting the site for the first time, you will come across a lot of featured movies that are available in HD quality on the Homepage. These movies can be watched right there with a simple click on the link.

You also get to watch an overview of the movie which includes the storyline, genre, actors, rating etc.

You can even download the movies here instead of getting them streamed from the website. The home page has categories like top viewed, most favorite and others to make your search easier.


Snagfilms has been powered by View Flix. The website has been doing really well ever since it started.

The library of movies that you have here is very exciting. The growing collection will help you find any movie you want with ease.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Here, it’s not just third party contents but some exclusive contents also that you will find. These are some original stuff that you can get only on Snagfilms.

Here, you don’t just have a choice of watching all your favourite movies and TV shows on your desktop. SnagFilms can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices too.

Pluto TV

If you like watching movies live, then Pluto is just the live streaming website for you. Here you can stream different channels, like Fox News.

watch free movies

This website also lets you download the app on your phone. This way, you can enjoy watching all your favorite shows while you are waiting for a bus or at the dentist’s office too.

Yes, Pluto is one of the best among the many streaming websites, and not without reason. The movie library is on demand and you can easily use it to watch movies for free.

However, one drawback of this website is the geographical restrictions. However, if you are unable to access this, you can easily try using the VPN service or even proxy servers.

SolarMovie – Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Another one of the most popular movie streaming sites that you are going to love is SolarMovie. This website also gives you a choice of watching movies as well as TV serials in very high HD quality.

Solar movies

The site is also very well structured so you can find whatever you want with ease. There are movies that are available in different categories like the genre, the country and the top IMBD.

You can watch movies here from 12 countries. And if you don’t find the kind of movie that you are looking for, all you have to do is make a request.

Here, you can go to the genre section to watch movies in whatever genre you want. There is action, comedy, drama, fantasy, adventure and so much more, so you are not short of choices when it comes to watching movies on this website.

Movie Watcher

For all your cinema related needs, you have a website called Movie Watcher. Here, you have a large collection of Hollywood movies as well as TV serials that you get to choose from.

Movie watcher

You can either stream or download all your favorite movies or shows.

Apart from this, you also have featured content with played movies, the latest releases and all the movies that have recently been very actively playing in the theater.

Here, you can also have thumbnails of every movie details along with the IMBd rating and the print quality too.

As a user, you get to easily sort out and reach for all your favourite movies. You can easily search for these according to the name, genre, country and other such category.

And it is not just this. You also get to enjoy various other kinds of information like plot, directors, actors and even the duration of the movie show.

C Movies HD

C Movies HD lets you watch an amazing collection of movies from different genres in high quality.

This movie streaming website is one of the best options if you have no idea what to watch and are looking to choose from a list of movies.

free movie sites

You can alphabetically search for your favourite movies on C Movies HD. You can even search for movies according to the years or countries.

This way, you have a good variety of choices that you can enjoy when it comes to searching for your favourite movies on this website.

This website comes with an interface that is highly intuitive thus making it easy to navigate.

The search options are very simple so its very easy to find whatever it is that you are looking for. You can in fact find what you require in a fraction of a minute.

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Yify TV

What makes Yify TV so nice is the advanced search option that lets you find any movie that you want without you having to search for long.

You can choose movies on the basis of genre or year and you have a choice of movies in 27 languages with this site.

yify tv

The movies in this website are available in videos of high definition so you can enjoy great clarity. The movies are available in a high definition that can range from 720p to 1080p.

These are full length movies that you can watch even without having to be a member. The movies may sometimes play after a few minutes so you have to be a little patient in that line.

And you have to put up with a little bit of burden when it comes to advertisements and pop ups.

The interface is clean, the website is free and the search engine is easy to use. What more do you want?


If you are looking for a user friendly movie streaming website that has a clean layout which makes it easy to navigate and well-organized, then Afdah is the best choice for you.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Added to this, what makes this movie streaming website so convenient is that you won’t have the problem of advertisements that annoy you when you are in the middle of watching an interesting scene.

Also, you will not be redirected to unwanted windows. With Afdah, no matter whether you want a Bollywood, Hollywood or Korean movie, you can easily find it.

It has movies of more than 20 countries. You can find movies in all languages, all genres and of all times. Finally, streaming movies or TV shows from this website can be really fast and the videos are of HD quality.

Also, you get information regarding the release of movies along with ratings and trailers.


Here is another movie streaming site for the movie buff. This is one of the most popular among the many sites, especially in the US but in other countries too.

vudu movies

There are some premium accounts that are available, but you can also avail some movies for free.

This site is in a lot of ways like Crackle. You get to watch uncut movies as there are very little ads so you won’t be disturbed often.

However, one drawback of this movie streaming website is the fact that, like a lot of other websites, stated in this list, this one too is limited to the US.

However, with the help of a VPN or a proxy, you can also get to use this website. You need to register with a free account in order to be able to use this website.


If you are looking for one of the most loved movie streaming sites, then Crackle it is, and requires no sign up. This is one of the most trustworthy websites as it is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Launched in 2004, this movie streaming website was recently branded in the year 2007.

Here, you can even enjoy video content on the server. The site is content rich and has different types of online content.

You have web shows, TV shows and even a range of Hollywood movies that you can find.

These are movies and video content that are available in full length and high quality for you to enjoy on your smartphone while you are waiting for a long journey to end.

Crackle is being supported by Android, iPhones and even tablets. You can easily view the contents from your small screen.


HotStar is the movie streaming website that you are just going to love if you are a Bollywood fan.

Yes, this is the movie streaming website for Indians. Here, you can get to watch a long list of Bollywood movies.


The library is huge and can easily be accessed with a long list of movies in HD quality. In fact, you get one of the best video qualities when it comes to watching movies on HotStar.

The only drawback of HotStar is that you can get disturbed with a number of advertisements that can pop up and irritate you. This can spoil your mood.

However, if you want to get rid of these ads that are annoying you, you can switch to the premium plans.

This website can also be available in the form of an app that you can use as an Android or iOS user.


While you have NetFlix, if you are looking for a free movie website that requires no sign up, you have PopcornFlix. This is a popular media streaming website for movies as well as TV shows.

Best Free movie streaming sites

There are movies from different categories like drama, action and even horror. This way, you get to enjoy a library of online media content.

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The interface here is quite straightforward so navigation is fine. As soon as you enter the website, you can start to navigate without having to come across any annoying widgets and other additional stuff.

You have the home page, which has been filled with movies that belong to different categories.

All you have to do is click on a thumbnail and you can start watching something immediately.

This website is also highly compatible with a lot of media streaming devices. It can be used on Android, IOS, Roku TV to name a few.

AZ Movies

Here is another website that you can go to if you want to watch movies in HD quality for free. You can easily choose movies that are available based on the year and the genre.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

There are various search bar options that can help you with this.

This site provides you with three servers that you can choose from. This way, you can easily have a backup option in case there is one server that does not work.

The movies are all available in HD quality on this website. The website contains just a few advertisements. However, these advertisements will not disturb you unless you click on them.

Classic Cinema Online

And you have Classic Cinema Online. This is a movie streaming website that is a good choice for all those who love watching old and classic movies.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

In fact, even the UI of this website matches that of the old school, thus adding to the feel.

You do not have to register on this website and can just start off with watching all your favorite old time films. And here’s the best part.

Your movie watching experience is not going to be disturbed too much as this website has very limited number of advertisements.


Here is another website for the Bollywood fan to stream movies from.

Hindilinks4u as the very name suggests is an Indian website, so if you are the kind that loves watching Hindi movies, this is one of the best options for you.

Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Here you can find all the latest Hindi movies as well as a lot of the old classics. However, the sad part is that the newly released movies are available in a poorer quality.

You can watch these movies without signing up and also get them downloaded.

The movies are available in HD quality. If you like watching documentaries, you will not be disappointed.

You also have some dubbed movies that are available in HD quality.


Here is another website that those who love watching all the old movies are going to fall for. Retrovision is packed with movies of the old days.

movie sites free

The movies here are easy to find and there are also descriptions that you can read so as to decide which movie you would like to watch.

This way, you can easily choose and watch the perfect movie for you.

The sad part is that this website can be a little old in design which means it has not been updated in a long time.

However, checking the library, you are sure to be delighted as you find a number of classic movies that you can stream for free.


So, here is your list of some of the best movie streaming websites that you can enjoy your favorite movies from.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Hollywood or Bollywood fan, whether you are an old movie or new movie fan. You can easily find the perfect movie streaming website for you.

Today, you can enjoy a good movie while you are taking a break from your desk at work or on your smartphone when you have nothing to do.

Whether you like watching movies in great quality or continuously without the annoyance of silly ads, whether you are a movie buff who likes to download a large collection of movies or just enjoy a few TV shows in your cab on your way home from work, there is a website or app that is easily available to you.

So tell me which one of these free movie streaming sites, no sign up is your favorite one any why?

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