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Top 20 iOS & iPhone Emulators For PC, Use iPhone Apps On PC

Have you ever wished to experience those great iPhone apps and games on your PC but couldn’t find the right option? Explained below are 20 best iOS/iPhone emulators for PC that you can download and use free today!

The benefit of iPhone emulators for PC users

Keep in mind that on a normal basis you aren’t able to use iOS applications on your windows PC, you will need a Mac for this. Let’s elaborate it further, suppose you want to play an iPhone exclusive game like Beatdown on your windows PC, what will you do?

You can’t run or play it without a gaming console but an iPhone emulator for PC steps in here and makes it possible for you. This iPhone emulator will create an iOS ecosystem within your windows PC which will allow you to run iOS exclusive apps without an Apple product.

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The sole purpose behind the development of emulators was to make the developers able to test their softwares and apps on various OS environments. They can help you test the compatibility of your apps on a number of platforms like:

iOS, Mac, Windows, Android

Our list of 20 best iOS/iPhone Emulators for PC

Below, I will only enlist all those iPhone emulators which are in a good shape and active, along with their download links. All this for you as I don’t want you to face the same frustration as I did:

Mobione Studios

The most powerful iPhone emulator on our list is MobiOne Studios. Though, it has been discontinued and the support has ended but it still holds its ground.

You will able to run almost all the games and apps on your PC when you download it. Thanks to MobiOne Studios! using, testing or troubleshooting your iOS apps and games on your computer has never been so easy.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

This iPhone emulator holds the top spot because it is very light weight and requires minimum resources to operate so you can use it on any device of your own choice without lags or hardware limitation issues.

Even if developing the cross-platform applications is your thing, this emulator won’t disappoint you in that purpose. MobiOne Studios also has the ability to replicate the iOS notifications and provide you with the status notifications.

The best features of this iPhone emulator are the amazing interface and great design, it can be understood very easily and makes the navigation perfect.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad


If you ask me about my favorite iPhone emulator which I will personally recommend to you without any hesitation, my answer will be App.io. Some of the most prominent features of this iOS emulator are:

  • Free To Use
    Great User Interface
    Simple Navigation
    No Lags

As I mentioned earlier, this iPhone emulator is entirely free to use for any kind of users. It has a great user interface that will keep you glued to it.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

The navigation is extremely easy to understand and use. The configuration is so much simple that anybody can set it up in seconds.

Looking at the emulator, you will know that it has been developed by keeping a focus on simplicity and result orientation. Once you have properly set it up, you won’t ever need to look at the settings again.

All you have to do is to sync your app bundle or apk files with this emulator and you are all set to go. Just upload the iOS app in zip format or your favorite Android app in apk format, uploading usually takes sometime but once the file has been uploaded, you can use it without any lags and difficulty.

The plus point is that you won’t need to download any app or register before using it, it is a cloud based service so you can use it from multiple platforms like windows, iOS, Mac and android.

This platform is totally free of lags and after syncing your iOS app you can use it directly.

Supported Platforms: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browser


Smartface is one of the best choices when you need to run iOS apps on your PC. It caters the needs of professional users in a more detailed fashion.

That’s the reason, it is considered the most trusted emulator among the developers, who have been using it for years to test and debug the compatibility issues of their apps and websites.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

Because it is more centered towards the professional users and used for commercial purposes, it isn’t free. You will need to pay $99 to use it professionally.

But there is also a free version for the casual users who just need to play games or use iOS apps on their PC. If you want to test cross-platform iOS apps then look no further as you won’t be able to find a better iPhone emulator for this purpose than Smartface.

Another important thing you should know is that Smartface is the only iOS emulator with a wide range of features. The paid version of SmartFace unlocks some extra features that can be pretty helpful to the developers who need to test various apps.

If you aren’t a developer, you should choose the free version as you won’t need any paid features to run it flawlessly.

Support Platforms: Windows

Xamarin Testflight

The first official Apple emulator that has been specially developed to test the iOS applications comes in the form of Xamarin TestFlight.

This is also considered one of the most reliable iPhone emulators when it comes to run, test or troubleshoot various cross-platform applications.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

If we compare it without previously mentioned emulators, it is somehow complicated to use and that’s why I recommend it for professionals who have sound knowledge of similar setups.

If the conventional users can easily understand the configuration, it happens to be one of the best iPhone emulators.

Now that Apple owns this platform, their developers keep on adding more and more features regularly which make it the best choice among all the iOS emulators.

This Testflight tool is very handy for the developers, if any of your app is going to be published to the app store, this is the platform that you will need.

You can test your apps for compatibility, performance and other issues with the help of Xamarin Testflight before finally releasing it to the app store.

This iOS emulator provides a fluid interface with great navigation and ease of access, the only drawback of this great iOS emulator is that you can only test the apps based on iOS 8 or higher versions.

Moreover, this tool isn’t free to download, you will have to pay $25 monthly if you want to use the great features of this app.

If you are interested in buying cool protective case for iPhone, please visit this amazing platform.

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Supported Platforms: Mac and Windows


I know, iPadian is an unusual name for an iOS emulator, but if you want to use simply the best emulator that is self explanatory and works like a breeze, iPadian is the answer.

While using iPadian you won’t get stuck because of a complex UI, infact the simplicity and ease of use is the motto of iPadian.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

For many years, the professionals and hobbyists have been using iPadian as the emulator of their choice. The reason behind this popularity is that it self explains the process and works very well without the advanced technical knowledge.

Its flexibility, simple user interface and easy installation are the key features. Anyone with no technical know how can use this emulator quite easily.

iPadian has been developed by using Adobe Air and it is being offered free of cost. It won’t be able to run all your apps but all of the common apps and games will easily run on this platform.

It works without lags and is quite flawless making it one of the best iPhone emulators. The interface is exactly like iPhone and iOS, you just need to download and install it and its ready to go.

It has both free and paid versions, the free version is more than sufficient for the normal users, you will need the paid version only if you are a developer and want to test multiple apps. The paid version offers some more magical features and the cost is only $10.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS


Don’t worry about the name which makes an impression that, Appetize.io is something related to food. It is a best alternative if you are unable to use App.io emulator.

It doesn’t only help the users to use their favorite iOS applications, it is also well acclaimed when it comes to developing and testing cross-platform apps.


You won’t need to install any other software in order to let Appetize.io work properly. It is based on cloud storage, so all you need is a medium range internet connection and you are good to go.

The pricing is also quite lucrative. The usage is free for first 100 minutes and after that you will get a 100 minute free usage monthly. When you have consumed your free minutes cap, you will be charged $0.05 per minute.

  • Type Appetize.io in your browser and click enter.
  • Let the website load.
  • As the loading completes please, upload the iOS or Android App that you want to use.
  • Then, you must give Email ID to get the app link from the Appetize service.
  • Go to your mail and click on the link to Run your uploaded app.

Air Iphone

If I realize that a particular app is based on Adobe Air framework, the first thing that comes to my mind is that it would be worth checking out.

This is how reliable and popular this Adobe Air framework is, which has been making the rounds on the internet for some years now.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

The most distinctive feature of Air iPhone is that, it is also based on the same platform. Installation and configuration is just like 1,2 and 3.

All you will need to do is to download the emulator and install it, along with the Air framework and you are all set to enjoy it benefits.The user interface is exactly similar to an iPhone, so you can’t expect any lagging issues.

You can use all iPhone apps on this platform and that too without incurring any costs.

Supported Platforms: Windows

iPhone Simulator

Another strong contender on our list of best iPhone emulators is iPhone Simulator. Previously an iPad Simulator was very famous among the emulation lovers but it was removed, afterwards.

It isn’t an advanced iOS emulator but offers a great deal of features for the people who are interested in playing games and using their favorite iOS apps.

iPhone Simulator

It entirely replicates and iPhone, creating an exactly similar experience, that allows you to play and use almost every game and app available on the app store.

Because it is usually used by gamers, it offers the best graphics among all the available iPhone emulators. It is quite easy to use with a simple user interface and ease of navigation making it one of the best iOS emulators for basic and advanced users.

Iphone simulators is the best alternative to iPad simulator with only the difference that the iPad simulator can be used without downloading because it is an extension.

On the other hand, you will need to download and install the iPhone simulator if you want to benefit from its multiple features which are excatly similar to an iPhone.

This can handel the high end games and apps quite easily with its heavy graphic support and the plus point is that, all this is offered without paying a single dime.

So, if you don’t own an iPhone but want to get its feel and use its apps free of cost then iPhone simulator is the answer.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Electric Mobile Studio

Another iOS emulator, known for its professional use among the developers is Electric Mobile Studio. iPhone and iPad web development has been made easy by this amazing and next level iOS emulator.

It offers both a paid and a free version, the paid version is available for $40 with some incredible features that will cater all the needs of iOS developers.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

The pricing seems to be a bit excessive but considering the feature packed powerful tool offered, rest assured it is a great investment for people who want to use it professionally.

In short, if you are interested in app development on a professional capacity, Electric Mobile Studio will prove to be the most trusted friend that you can ever have.

Ripple (Extension)

Undoubtedly, My second most favorite iPhone emulator has always been Ripple. I have tested almost all the available emulators personally but I must say, most of them are centered towards the basic usage like playing the games or running iOS apps with comparatively less power in them.

On the contrary, I assure you that Ripple is among the exceptions as it offers you the ability to test and troubleshoot all the newer and older applications on all iOS versions.

Ripple (Extension)

Being an extension you won’t need to configure it and it makes the tool even more attractive. It is yet in the beta stage, so expect some bugs but overall, I have found it to be one of the best iOS emulators.

Ripple is also an alternative to iPAD simulator with similar features and great user interface. It is mainly used for the testing purposes.

As Ripple is available as an extension at the Chrome Webstore, so it is totally free to use and won’t need a download or registration first.

If you are a developer who creates new applications, this app has been developed just for you.

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Supported Platforms: Google Chrome browser


If you are a games lover and want to play your favorite iOS games on your windows PC, IMAME is all what you require. If I say that IMAME is the best choice for the game lovers, I won’t be exaggerating.

Many of my friends use IMAME to enjoy iOS games with great graphics and some amazing additional features that aren’t even present in Apple devices.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

Because of being an extremely light application, you won’t need to worry at all even on the low end devices. It will never lag or present any other issues.

Using this incredible iOS emulator, you can play any iOS game on your windows PC without any lags or issues.

It supports most of the games and apps available at the Apple app store and you can play can use iOS 10/iOS 9 apps with iMAME and take your gaming experience to the next levels.

Nintendo 3Ds

If you are interested in gaming, you may already know that Nintendo is the preferable choice. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is considered to be one of the best PC emulators, if you want to enjoy iOS games with unbelievable graphics.

This Nintendo 3DS Emulator is entirely free, it can be downloaded and installed without any issues. I have to find any game yet, that Nintendo 3DS Emulator can’t play flawlessly even in the 3D format.

Nintendo 3Ds

Nintendo corporation was considered a major gaming consloe developers a few years back and it has grown, day and night.

If you ask me about a recommendation for the game lovers, Nintendo 3DS Emulator is what I will suggest. It is very easy to operate and won’t need any kind of plugins to run properly.

Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android

iDOS Emulator

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

іDOS Emulаtоr іѕ аlѕо considered to be one of the best iPhone emulators for PC. I haven’t used iDios myself to run iOS apps.

But, it has been getting great reviews from the users and making rounds on the internet for quite a while now. So if you want to play iOS games on your PC without any hassle this can also be a great choice for you.

Supported Platforms: Windows

Electric Mobile Studio

Up next on our list of the best iPhone emulators for PC is Electric Mobile Studio, which is another excellent iOS emulator. If you are into developing the apps, testing them, tweaking and redesigning them then, this is one of the best options you have got.

Electric Mobile Studio

The multi-lingual support is one of the major attractions but being quite heavy on your system is a loophole. You will need some massive amount of RAM in your PC to support this amazing tool.

It needs atleast 6GB of RAM to perform to the par. The best feature that must be mentined here is that it allows you to test the apps on a real time basis, after developing them.

Due to its entirely responsive nature, you can run any of the millions of apps available in the app store. It makes handling of iPhone and iPad a breeze.

Another hiccup that keeps us away from this app is the heavy pricing. If you want to benefit from the amazing features of this app you will need to pay a hefty amount of $39.99 monthly.

Although there is a free trial for 7 days, still the pricing is more expensive for this all in one tool.

Supported Platforms: Windows


Xamarin is one of the most well acclaimed iPhone emulator for PC. It is available for you to use free. It can be used to emulate almost every iPhone app on your windows PC.

It works on Visual Studion and usually is used by the developers who are interested in testing their iOS apps on windows platforms.

If you are a developer who is interested in developing iOS apps or testing them with reliability, Xamarin is one of the most trusted iOS emulators for PC. Give it a try and you will see it for yourself.

Remoted iOS Simulator

Being the leader in emulation industry, the second app which Xaramin proudly operates is Remoted iOS Simulator.

Using this app, one can test any kind of iPhone apps on a windows PC plus it offers the ability to debug your app with the help of Visual Studio Enterprise Version оf windows platform.

ios emulators for pc, iphone emulators for pc,

Tesring your iPhone apps and debugging them using a single platform has never been so easy.

iPad Simulator

This is a Google Chrome extension, which is usually used for testing the layout and compatiability of your websites with different layouts icludinh iPad, iPhone, iPod and various iOS versions.

It can be downloaded from the Chrome webs store and it will be helpful for the people who want to test their newly launched websites for their responsiveness on various iOS platforms.

This is also one of the most used iPhone emulator for windows because it doesn’t require you to download or update anything, its an extension and is extremely easy to utilize.

The people who are quite impressed by iPhone’s iOS and want to experience it but aren’t sure about leaving their current OS or are confused by the high pricing of Apple devices, you will also get a great deal of information from this post.

iPad Simulator

If you have never experienced an Apple device before, please read on and you will be in a better position to decide whether an iPhone or Android is your cup of tea.

A live experience is the major deal maker or breaker, everyone around you has a personal opinion regarding this iPhone and Android tussle.

But! if you are able to experience all the goodies of an Apple device yourself without spending a dime, I am sure you will be in a far better position to compare them yourself as no one knows your requirements & preferences better than you.

By using an iPhone emulator you will be able to get a complete iPhone experience and feel. This will help you decide if an iOS environment is comfortable enough for you to leave your previous OS and shift to an Apple device.

As of today, a great number of iPhone emulators with outstanding features are available for windows and android, a few are also available for the Mac devices.

You can either download them or go for the ones which can be used online without any cost. In the past there were many emulators that also worked on android but now many of them are redundant.

What On Earth, Are The iPhone Emulators?

Don’t you think that before moving towards our main topic “iPhone Emulators For PC”, it will be better if I fully explain to you, what an iPhone emulator really is?

I am sure you all have heard the word emulator at least once in your life :), but you aren’t sure what an emulator is and how it works?

We can define an emulator as a software or virtual program which emulates an application to run on any particular Platform based on the Emulator.

It provides you ability to have different environments of different operating systems. iPhone emulators also serve the same purpose, they will create a separate ecosystem within your windows PC, where you can freely run or test your iOS games and apps.

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iOS emulators for PC, iPhone emulators for PC

Another worth mentioning development which has been aided by the iPhone simulators os the creation of OS environment. Unlike iPhone emulators, the simulators don’t create a copy of the hardware.

Mostly the users prefer the iPhone emulators to the older simulators. The emulators are used by developers to develop and test various applications.

Why You Need iPhone Emulators For PC?

Indeed the iPhone emulators have existed for many years now, still a great number of people is unaware of the scope of an emulator.

You think, it is only for playing the games that are unsupported or experiencing your favorite games on PC. Infact, the concept of an iOS emulator is much broader than this.

It is a must have tool for the developers or app testers. I know many people who use these emulators to check out the features of their apps and the compatibility in various environments.

As the emulators duplicate the original experience and make it available for you, you are in a much better stance to understand the issues and compatibility problems faced by your apps or games in this specifically crafted environment.

It will help you make sure that your app or game is working properly in this targeted ecosystem. Of all the countless reasons of having an emulators, this is the most prominent one.

Apart from buying a new device for running or experiencing a different operating system emulators also help you decide, which operating system has the capability to serve you best.

I have listed the most prominent reasons for using an iOS emulator, below:

Experience iOS Apps On Your Windows PC

One of the most prominent reasons to use an iOS emulator is that it provides you the chance to test the compatibility of your applications or websites along with eliminating the need to buy a separate device for this particular purpose.

All you need to do is to select your favorite emulator, load your your application and test it for issues without spending anything.

You can follow the same process for debugging and testing purposes, this will save you a great deal of time and costs.

You can emulate the iOS and test the issues faced by your application along with having the option to troubleshoot it before presenting the final release.

Almost all of the developers prefer emulators over buying new devices because its both a cost and time effective solution.

iOS emulators for PC, iPhone emulators for PC

Cost Effectiveness

Another great reason in support of using the iPhone emulators over buying devices is that, you need to buy an emulator only for once.

They are continuously updated with the latest iOS versions, so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issues with older and newer versions of the OS.

You can test your applications or websites with all the versions of iOS till date and this is a feature that can’t be offered by a device.

Moreover, there are more than 10 versions of iOS till date, how many devices will you buy if you want to test your application’s compatibility with all these versions.

So an iOS emulator is always preferable than buying a new device for checking out an app on different iOS versions. It will definitely save you thousands of bucks with only a one time registration fee.

It Can Be Used For Casual Purposes Too

Suppose you want to play a game that is only available for the iPhone devices, what will you do?

Will you spend a thousand bucks and buy a new device to play only that game? I don’t think so. You only need to emulate it and play for as long as you want.

Another worth noting point here is that all these iPhone emulators for windows are entirely free to use. They can easily be upgraded by using the SDK.

Almost all of these emulators are extremely user friendly and the configuration is also just like a piece of cake.

You will get similar experience and a few emulators like IMAME will even offer free game specific advantages, that you won’t be able to get in your new Apple device.

Once again, I will will suggest that you don’t need to buy an iOS device specially for the testing or debugging purposes or even for using it casually for playing games.

The first reason is the cost and the second is that if you don’t have an Apple shop near your location, you will also have to waste your precious time.

In this way, it is a lot cheaper option if you want to play a game that is exclusive to the iOS devices.

The Verdict

A few days ago, I wanted to play my favorite iOS game on my PC with a larger screen and same breath taking quality and graphics, so I a searched the internet for the best iPhone emulators. I found a number of great posts which presented their viewers with as many as 30 tools, I was happy to get the best options available.

But! when I started downloading and checking the emulators, most of them were redundant and the remaining were full of lags or paid ones. I was very disappointed and after researching for many hours, this list was the result.

This “Best iOS & iPhone Emulators For PC” list has been compiled after a research of many days and I have tried my best to make it the most extensive list available today. You won’t find an emulators list more detailed than this.

I have tried to add all the available emulators which still work but if by any chance, I forgot to enlist any of them that you think is worth mentioning here, please add it to the comments and I will update the list as soon as possible.

This post is a result of many hours of research and if I say that after reading this post you won’t need to search for any other iPhone emulators for your PC again, then I won’t be exaggerating. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and spread the knowledge.

Have you tested any of these iPhone emulators for PC yourself? Which one of them is your most favorite and why?

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