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Top 10 Games Like Uno to Play in 2022 | Best Card Games You Must Play

Newbies who learn UNO instantly start loving the game. The reason behind instant attraction towards the game is because the game is full of surprises, and you always want to play more as a learner. When a beginner becomes a pro by playing several games a day, there comes a time when the player starts getting bored because they have a clear idea about all the cards involved in the game. Once there is a clear idea about the cards, all experienced players in the game know exactly what to do at the next step. This foreseeing makes the game unenthused. The most suitable solution to overcome boredom is to switch to other games like Uno.

After a thorough search around the internet, we compiled a list of similar games like Uno that bring equal interest in the game. Most of these enlisted games will enhance your thinking capability, and some will force you to make accurate decisions quickly. These games resemble Uno in many ways, but they have some different rules to make critical situations more enjoyable. If you like adventure and science genre games visit, Games Like Mass Effect in 2022.

About Uno Game

Decades ago, a father had an argument with his son on a Crazy 8s game, and he started writing his own set of rules for a newer game he named UNO. Seven cards are given to each player included in the game. If one wants to win the game, that player needs to earn 500 points before anybody else in the game. There are multiple rounds inside one game, like various sets in a tennis match. The goal for each round is to play all cards in your hand in the first person.

Games Like Uno

After distributing seven cards to each player in the game, the top card is flipped out of the remaining set of cards. Then, going clockwise, each player picks a card from the deck and tries to match one of the cards in the player’s hand with the flipped card. If matched, place the matching card at the top of the flipped one. The matching can be done in multiple ways depending on the similar number, color, word, symbol, or wild card. If the flipped card was wild, it is put back in the deck, and another card is taken out to resume gameplay. Download Uno from Play Store.

This is how the game continues, and in the end, a person having over 500 points can call it UNO, a slogan to win the game.

10 Best Games Like Uno | 2022 Additions

UNO is an exciting game for beginners, and experienced players always require a new set of rules in UNO to make things interesting. So here are some exciting games similar to UNO but with a new set of rules and regulations.

1. 3Up & 3Down

2. Crazy Eights

3. Kariba

4. Sushi Go

5. Bridge

6. Kariba

7. No Thanks

8. Blink

9. Mau Mau

10. Spit

Let’s review these 10 best games like Uno in depth that are trending in 2022.

3Up & 3Down – Card Games Similar to Uno

Best Games Like Uno

Three down means three of your cards will always be concealed until the very last move. Eighty-four cards are included inside the game, while numeric and clear cards are separated. A minimum of 2 or a maximum of six players can be part of this game while each player can have a look at three of their cards while the other three cards will stay down.

As a thumb rule in cards, the game starts in a clockwise direction after the dealer deals the cards. If it is your turn, and one or more cards in your hand have a value either equal to or more than the card in a pile, then you can play your turn. Otherwise, the game moves on to the next player. As soon as any player in the game offers a straightforward card, the whole pile gets cleared. After that, the game continues, and the one who gets rid of all the cards first will win the game.

If we compare this game with UNO, it is clear that in 3up-3down, you can play a card which is either equal to or greater than the flipped card of the discard pile. While in Uno, you can only play a card which is exactly equal to the number of the flipped card. On the other hand, in (Uno & 3up-3down), you have to get rid of all the cards before any other player.

Crazy Eights – Different Uno games

As an experienced player in the UNO game, it is easier for you to learn Crazy Eights. In this game, either two or four players can take part. The good thing about this game is that you do not need to buy it anywhere. You need to have a standard deck of 52 cards.

Games Like Uno 2022

The dealer distributes five cards to 4 players, while one card should be distributed to one player in one go. After distributing 20 cards to four players or ten cards to 2. The rest of the cards are faced down, and the card at the top of the discard pile should be flipped and placed at a side.

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The purpose of this game is similar to UNO. It will help if you empty your hands while following the game’s rules as soon as possible. You can throw a card only if any of your card’s suit or type matches the card at the top of discarded ones. Some cards are different in this game. If one player takes out 2, he forces the next player to get two cards from the face-down cards. Similarly, 8 is the one that can help you define the suit for the next player. Playing a Queen means you force the next player to skip his turn.

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Kariba – Games Like Uno & Sequence

Family Card Games Like Uno

Kariba is a fanciful game asking you to bring animals together surrounded by water wells. The game ends when bigger dogs come into play to take over the existing animals. An imaginary whole is created on the table with the help of an octagon available among the deck.

Around the octagon, a player needs to place the same animal cards near the well. If there are more than three cards on the number, you will be eligible to eliminate one of the animals which get scared from your animal. Your task is to collect the eliminated cards, while each card will have a value of 1.

Compared to other games on our list, Kariba is slightly more accessible and more interesting than other games. The box of Kariba is smaller than a simple smartphone. Kariba makes things interesting when it forces you to play a card you never want to. As the stack finishes at 3, you must plan something big to force somebody else to play on the stack you desperately need. The only similarity of Kariba with Uno is that it asks you to play the game very carefully in order to win the game.

Sushi Go – Family Card Games Like Uno

card games like Uno

Sushi Go is a pretty exciting game that allows a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 5 players to participate. The game continues for a maximum of 15 minutes without making things boring. All the players included in the game pick 1 card at the same time altogether. After picking the card, each player passes that card to the left. The goal in this game is to select the best Sushi for yourself and leave the rest of the Sushi for others. The person with the most number of points after three successive rounds wins the game.

Just like UNO, each player will have multiple cards in their hands. Each player will extract one card from the hand and place it on the table also, flipping the card is necessary. Now, each player will pass all cards to the player on the left. Again, everyone extracts one card and flips it over on the table. As soon as all the cards are flipped, one round is over.

Now start counting and note down the number for each player. Repeat the same procedure for the second & third rounds. In the end, sum up the total points gained by each player. The winner will be the one with the highest points.

Bridge – Card Games Like Uno

The bridge has been the most popular game for a long, and the game is assembled explicitly for people aged 14 or above. A maximum of four players can participate in this game, and each player will receive 13 cards when dealt. The dealer must make sure that each distributed card must be faced down. No other player should have a look at your 13 cards. The rules of this game are as simple as UNO.

card games like Uno 2022

The goal is to make the highest bid or reject the bid of the highest bidder among other players. As two players are facing each other and the other two are in front of each other, they 4 make a team of 2 each. Each player will extract one card in one round, the one with the highest card will win the round, and the winner will start another round.

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As each player gets 13 cards, there will be 13 simple rounds. The winner of at least seven rounds will win the whole game. The game’s main objective is to bid the highest in each round. You can also let your partner win the round if he is already leading the bid.

Rummy – Uno Game Alternative

The object of Rummy is to get the highest points at the end of the game. Rummy is similar to UNO, where players try to get rid of all the cards in their hands. In Rummy, you use a standard deck of 52 cards while kings will be High and the Aces will be low. Each player playing the game must extract one card from the deck, and the player with the lowest card will have to deal with the cards. A minimum of two and a maximum of 6 players can play Rummy. The dealer will distribute ten cards each if only two players are in the game.


If there are 3 or 4 players, the dealer will deal seven cards per player one by one. Similarly, six cards come in each player’s hand if the total number of players is 5 or 6. Each player is bound to see their cards while the rest of the cards are faced down in between all the players. Discard the card at the top and let the game begin.

On their turn, each player will pick one card from the face-down deck. After selecting the card, the player can either meld or lay off. You should have a meld of 3 similar cards or three cards with ascending or descending numbers of the same suit. If you have any of these two combinations, you will show it to everybody in the game. Similarly, the game continues while each player tries to get rid of all the cards.

No Thanks- Games Like Uno 2022

Card Games Like Uno

There are 33 cards in this game, and their numbering starts from 3. There are also 55 counters available in this game. The player with the lowest point is supposed to win the game. The points are calculated by subtracting the number of counters you have from the total of your collected cards. Firstly, count nine cards and keep them to one side. They are not going to be used in the game. Now, hold the remaining cards in between all the players. Place as many counters as the number of players participating in the game.

You have to keep the number of counters you have hidden. The oldest player will flip the first card. When it’s your turn, you can either take the flipped card or place one counter on the flipped card to say No Thanks. Similarly, the next player will decide between the two options of either taking the card or passing it by saying No thanks. The round goes and goes until some player aims to bring the card. The game continues, and you sum up the points by the given formula at the end.

Blink Card Game Like Uno

Blink is relatively easy to play; you have to divide the deck into two even parts. Each player is allowed to take out three cards. During the whole game, one player can have a minimum of 3 cards. The first player who runs out of cards wins the game.

Card Games Like Uno

This objective of Blink makes it similar to UNO. Players must match the cards’ shape, color, and count. There are a total of 60 cards having different shapes, colors, and counts. The shapes include star, flower, triangle, lighting, moon, diamond, and raindrop.

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The dissimilarity of Blink with Uno is that you do not perform any action. The only thing you have to do is to match the cards by either shape, color, or count. In UNO, you can also match the cards by color or the number written on the cards.

Mau Mau – Card Games Similar to Uno

This game is quite similar to Crazy Eights and also matches UNO in some ways. It would be best if you have a French hand deck which has 32 cards. Either two or four players are bound to play Mau Mau. Five cards come to every player participating in the game. The rest of the cards are placed between the players while the pile’s top card is flipped over. Each player will put one card on the flipped one with a rule. The rule is that the card in hand should either match the suit or the number of the flipped card.

Mau Mau game

If you do not have a card t play, you are bound to take one card out from the pile. If the card you drew is the one you can play, then play it. If you can’t play it according to the rule, then the card stays in your hand and the turn shifts to the next player. For example, if you have no card to play and a Jack is in your hand, You can place the jack in the middle and then place a card of any other suit you want. Mau Mau is a card game like Uno in which you have to free your hands from all the cards as early as possible.

Spit – Games Like Uno With 2 Players


You need a standard deck having 52 cards. Each player is going to get 26 cards distributed by one of the players or an umpire. So, you need to create five piles with the help of 26 cards. When adding cards to the existing piles, start adding from the second, third, and so on. The cards left in your hand are separated, and they are known as spit piles. Both players will flip up all top cards on each of the five piles.

Spit matches Uno in two ways. One is that two players are involved, while the second similarity is that the player who runs out of cards wins the game. During the game, you have to keep the cards in a format that they make an ascending order. In this way, the Ace will be linking 2s and Kings. Each player will first display the top card of the split pile. Now, you can place a card from five piles at the top of the spit pile card if it is either one number higher or lower. In this way, the game continues, and the winner will be the one having no cards left.

How many total cards are in Uno?

An Uno deck has 108 cards. Seventy-six of these cards have a number printed on them. Eight cards are wild, while 24 of them force the player to action.

Concluding Games Like Uno

We decided to suggest some of the most popular games, like Uno, to make it easy for you to learn and enjoy in your free time. A very few of these enlisted games are paid, while the rest of them are available for free to play online as well. Playing card games can put your brain to work differently. People also use card games to train their minds for tricky situations.

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