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List of Top Zombie Games for Xbox 360, Best Multiplayer Zombie Games

As we all know, hundreds of thousands of people use Xbox 360 on a regular basis to play their desired games. On the other hand, numerous gamers like playing popular zombie games. Therefore, we have assembled a list where you will find the best zombie games for Xbox 360. These games offer endless fun for the players as they contain different genres. In case you like to play horror, survival, zombies, or shooting video games, you must explore our list thoroughly to find a top Xbox 360 zombie game.

In our list, you will come across the 11 best zombie games with different missions, characters, weapons, and goals you need to achieve. This is how it becomes easier for you to choose a game that is according to your genre and requirements. The focused genres of our reviewed games are action, adventure, shooting, horror, and beat ‘em up. So, go through all the options carefully and find the most suitable one for you. If you like playing Samurai or Ninja Games, visit our post “Best Ps4 Ninja Games

11 Best Xbox 360 Zombie Games – 2022 Additions

Let’s start reviewing the currently trending and best zombie games of all time that are available for Xbox 360 and other popular gaming platforms too. Read the review carefully until the end and see if the game suits your type.

Dead Rising – Survival Zombie Games on Xbox 360

Zombie Games for Xbox 360

Dead Rising Review:

First of all, we have an action-adventure game on our list of best zombie games for Xbox 360. It has been a primary entertaining source for those who love zombie games and have access to Xbox 360. Although Dead Rising has a complete series, this is the first product full of entertainment.

The central point of this top zombie game is surviving under challenging conditions. On the other hand, it is a single player video game making it challenging yet exciting for you. Most importantly, it is a multi-genre game that attracts open world, action, adventure, and survival gaming lovers towards itself.

So, the in-game purpose is to keep surviving until the given challenges are completed. Moreover, you must achieve that target within 72 hours, so you must not die in that duration. Interestingly, 72 hours in Dead Rising are equal to 6 hours in real life.

A noticeable advantage here is an extra survival chance allowing you to restart the game from where you made a mistake or keep going no matter what steps did you take in the game before. In short, you need to keep living for 72 in-game hours or six real-life hours fighting against the zombies while playing Dead Rising.  

More About Dead Rising

Left 4 Dead – Multiplayer Zombie Games for Xbox 360

Left 4 Dead Review

Left 4 Dead Review:

Left 4 Dead game became available for gamers after two years of Dead Rising. Still, it has more lovers and satisfied players than Dead Rising. One of the significant differences between these two best zombie games for Xbox 360 is that Left 4 Dead is multiplayer, whereas Dead Rising game is single player.

Most importantly, this game has numerous satisfied users from Steam and other platforms, making it an obvious choice for you if you are looking for a multiple zombie game. There are four major characters in the game that you can use to play this game.

Again, Left 4 Dead is also about surviving but against different challenges. While playing this zombie game with your friends, you need to kill the other monsters as well, along with the zombies. Moreover, you can use multiple weapons to defend and attack your strong rivals.

The most beneficial weapons are shotguns and rifles with the scope. Besides shotguns and rifles, you will see many other weapons in the inventory with different powers. The shooting action in the Left 4 Dead game is incomparable because there are several modes. Each mode in this game has different tasks, allowing players unlimited fun.

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Plants Vs. Zombies – Zombie Game Xbox 360

Top Zombie Games for Xbox 360

Plants Vs. Zombies Review:

If you like playing zombie and defending games, you must explore the features of Plants Vs. Zombies game. Like the previous two zombie games for Xbox 360, this one is also a video game with multi genres of tower defense and real-time strategy. Pants Vs. Zombies are one of the favorite games for Zombie lovers.

Most importantly, the in-game graphics are really attractive and give you realistic vibes. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best old Xbox zombie games that’s still trending, and people will love to play it in 2022.

If we discuss Plants vs. Zombies a bit more, you can play it on your android and iPhone devices as well for free. Furthermore, there are five different modes in the game, ensuring you get maximum fun. These five modes are puzzle, mini-games, survival, adventure, and Zen garden.

Also, you can invite or join a team to play this zombie game with your friends or family members. You will keep getting new modes and features in the game to have consistent shooting and action fun. 

Download from Play Store

State of Decay – Zombie Killing Games for Xbox 360

Zombie Games for Xbox 360

State of Decay Review:

Undoubtedly, State of Decay is one of the best zombie games for Xbox 360 and various other gaming platforms. The most exciting fact about this game is that more than 90 percent of its players are satisfied with what it provides in the game.

It is a single player video game that mainly provides gamers with action-adventure and horror survival fun. Moreover, it is also an excellent choice for those who love playing open-world, survival, and role-playing games. Including Xbox 360, it is available on several other popular gaming platforms like Xbox one and steam.

Like all the previous options on our list of zombie games for Xbox 360, the primary goal in the State of Decay is also about surviving. You need to avoid death in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies live.

Interestingly, there is nonstop action and fun in the game when it comes to fighting against zombies. In the end, although the game is about surviving, you have to do many more things to survive, which brings excitement to the game.

Dead Island – Zombie Video Game for Xbox 360

Best Xbox 360 Zombie Games

Dead Island Review:

Get ready to participate in the slaying of hundreds of thousands of zombies while playing Dear Island. It is an action and role-playing zombie game for Xbox 360 with numerous satisfied players around the world. Dead Island is a multiplayer video game that assures unlimited action adventure to those who play with friends.

You can also go in a single player mode, but it may be boring for you to compete with the enemies alone. The story of Dead Island revolves around earning XP, which is possible through defeating your opponents and completing different challenges.

Like many other RPGs in 2022, Dead Island also lets you select a skillful character that lets you stand stronger against any rival. Your character will let you collect points, enhance gameplay, and improve stats by contesting powerful enemies.

Most importantly, the powers of your character and your rivals will become stronger as you progress in the game. Among different characters, Cliff Calo is the major one with extraordinary skills of slaying zombies ruthlessly. Lastly, explore the inventory and choose the weapons wisely to improve your gameplay enormously.

Official Website Dead Island

Resident Evil 5 – Best Zombie Games for Xbox 360

Resident Evil Review

Game Review:

Resident Evil 5 is one of the oldest zombie games for Xbox 360, but it is still trending, and people play it regularly. It is another third-person shooter video game on our list of best zombie games for Xbox 360. The most noticeable thing about Resident Evil 5 is its graphics giving you an extraordinary experience of the zombies’ world.

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Secondly, your primary opponents are zombies that always find a chance to kill you, whether with a weapon or any other object. Therefore, many more complicated tasks are waiting for you in the game.

It is a multiplayer video game which is an excellent option for you to play this game with strategy. You can invite or join your friend’s team, discuss the plan, and apply it when fighting against the zombies. An honest review about Resident Evil 5 is that it seems boring if somebody plays it alone.

The goal of this multiplayer zombie video game is to survive at any cost. There are many powerful weapons available that you can use for defending and attacking zombies. Similarly, the characters in Resident Evil 5 are skillful, and each of them has different abilities.

Left 4 Dead 2 – Old Zombie Game

best zombie games for xbox 360

Left 4 Dead 2 Review:

Leaf 4 Dead is comparatively better than its first version. There is no doubt that many of the features are similar, but it provides you with some new things too. First of all, you will now come across different characters than in the older version of this game.

It will help if you explore each character thoroughly to understand which will be great for defense and attacking. The goal of the players is to cross an area that is infected. While crossing, you will face several zombies that you need to fight against and win to reach your final destination.

Before entering any infected area, make sure you choose the right weapon that can help you thoroughly. Most importantly, it is a survival game, meaning you must not die unless the mission is accomplished.

Additionally, a rifle with a scope and a shotgun is extremely helpful for those who can’t survive in Leaf 4 Dead 2. Lastly, this game is doubtlessly one of the best zombie games for Xbox 360 that will let you experience something like never before.

Dead Rising 2 – PlayStation 4 Zombie Game

Dead Rising 2 Review

Dead Rising 2 Review:

Next, we have the second part of Dead Rising with more exciting features and endless fun for zombie game lovers. Like the previous version of Dead Rising, its second part is also multiplayer. The multiplayer mode in Dead Rising 2 is liked and disliked at the same time by regular players.

So, you can try both modes to understand which one you like the most. Most importantly, this game is liked a lot on Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, etc., which means you can play it confidently to have maximum in-game fun.

Also, the genres of Dear Rising 2 are a bit different from their previous version. It mainly focuses on survival, horror, beat ’em up, and action genre, which almost everyone likes in zombie games. Like the other zombie games on our list, this one is also about surviving in more challenging situations by fighting against more vigorous opponents.

Multiple strategies are required for completing the missions in Dead Rising 2. Moreover, if we discuss the most robust weapon in this Xbox 360 zombie game, the broadsword is one of the deadly melee weapons. It can effortlessly slay any powerful zombie with its range and vast area of effect.

The Walking Dead – Top Zombie Games for Xbox 360

zombie video games for Xbox 360


Do you like playing games with satisfied user reviews on various gaming platforms? If that is the case, you must explore The Walking Dead game because it is one of the most liked zombie games on Xbox 360 and Steam. There are several reasons why people like playing this game.

Firstly, it provides eye-catching graphics to you in the game, making it scary yet entertaining. Secondly, players get several attractive rewards as soon as they progress in the game. Most importantly, it is a multiplayer video game that players like a lot when it comes to zombie games.

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In the single player mode of The Walking Dead, you will come across multiple challenging tasks that you will surely love. While fighting against the dead, you need to stay active and take vital steps to escape any scary situation.

If you don’t make decisions at the right time, it will cause your death or someone else to play with you. The noticeable point here is that you get one chance to change the decision that brings you to death. In short, play the game wisely, fight against the zombies, and have unlimited fun.

The Evil Within – Newest Zombie Game

The Evil Within Review

The Evil Within Review:

The last option on our list of best zombie games for Xbox 360 is The Evil Within, which is a popular survival game. It is available on several platforms, which include Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, etc. While playing this game, the primary thing you need to do is to survive in horror and critical conditions.

Most importantly, it is the comparatively newest zombie game for Xbox 360. Therefore, if you have played all the previous games reviewed in this post and are looking for something more exciting, you should go with The Evil Within game.

There are multiple scary tasks that you need to accomplish while playing this game. Moreover, there are 15 chapters in this game, which means you are going to have unlimited fun in the game.

One of the most exciting features of The Evil Within the game is that it lets you play at different difficulties. Therefore, you can easily compete with your opponents by setting the game difficulty according to your experience.

Red Dead Redemption – Zombie Game PlayStation 3

Red Dead Redemption Review

About Red Dead Redemption:

Even if you have played zombie games before, you must have listened to the Red Dead Redemption game. It has been and still is one of the best zombie games for Xbox 360 with many regular players.

It provides an endless action adventure to gamers, along with many other noticeable features. An exciting feature of this Xbox 360 zombie game is that more than 90 percent of its users love playing it.

Several exciting modes in Red Dead Redemption increase the chances of excitement for gamers. Moreover, there are multiple activities that you can perform while playing this top Xbox 360 zombie game, like hunting challenges, earning rewards, and survival challenges.

These activities and other exciting in-game features were the reasons why we added Red Dead Redemption to our list of best zombie games for Xbox 360.


We know there are countless users of Xbox 360 and lovers of zombie games, and that’s the reason why people demand the best zombie games for Xbox 360. Undoubtedly, several horror, survival, and zombie games will be available in 2022, but not all of them are worth it. Therefore, we went through a more profound research process to enlist some of the top zombie games that are available on Xbox 360 and are currently popular.

So, we have compiled a list where you will find several multi-genres zombie games with the primary purpose of surviving and fighting against powerful enemies. You can confidently choose any of the games that we review in this post if you love playing action, adventure, shooting, horror, survival, or zombie games.

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