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15 Free & Best Screen Recorders For Windows, Download & Use!

The concept of Screen recording is still remotely alien to Windows devices. Varying efforts put in place have led to the emergence of the best screen recorders for windows which have proven to be a timely call towards providing windows devices with the screen recording features.

Countless softwares and applications abound on the web which are free to use and help in recording the beauty of your screen and sharing with your clique.

Different activities on the screen can be recorded with these software’s and applications, activities include gaming experiences, video streaming along with other activities that are even professional.

Putting the lots of applications and softwares into consideration, the following list contains the best fifteen screen recording softwares for windows.

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Our List Of Best Screen Recorders For Windows

These 15 screen recorders for PC are recommended because up till date, they have survived the test of time and proven to be reliable. This list has been ordered, keeping in mind the reviews from the real users and the effectiveness of these tools:

OBS Studio – Top Screen Recorder For Game Lovers

OBS Studio is a favorite of most people, whether a gamer or people who just like to keep tabs on screen activities. Fans are really pleased with this software because it still handles a huge volume effectively and with little or no lag.

Best Screen Recorders Free

This software is totally free to use and open source and users are allowed to take advantage from the compilation of technology that knit this software pieces together.

A first time setup of this particular software might be overwhelming and time consuming, but once you’re able to navigate that course, others appear like sliding down a street slope.

The software is integrated with gamer designated features which shows that it is purely designed for gamers but if your focus is solely on having the best screen recording experiences, then be sure to know that this rightly fits into your scope as well.

OBS is easy to use, just be sure you configure it properly or surf the web on how to set it up correctly and use the procedure.


• Users are allowed to stream content in high definition quality and can also record simultaneously.
• The length of the video recorded is not limited.
• Despite the volume of content it supports, it does not slow down nor do experiences lag.
• The software is entirely free, no in app purchases involved.


• The major challenge using this software is the tricky nature of the installation.

BANDICAM – Clean & Simple UI

Bandicam is not a new software, it’s been making the rounds on the internet for a relatively long period of time, but as at launching of the software, it was devoid of fascinating features that could bring it to the fore and entice users to it.

But the continuous doggedness shown by the developers has turned it into a point of reckoning among the screen recording software around.

Best Screen Recorders Free

The latest version of this screen recorder comprises of substantial features that have become a toast of the users, the software is of two types considering the financial implications.

One is the free version that comes with the basic features expected of screen recording software while the second is the paid version which ultimately provides with more features than the basics.

The good news though is that whether you use a paid version or the free version you will not be missing out a significant portion of what it offers with the upgrade on the Bandicam, it is close to perfect software.

It will work effectively on your PC, any external device or even if it involves game recording, you’re good to go. It is with a real advantage though for those who love gaming and recording the games as it is played.

It comes with different features which can be used with comfort and satisfactorily cater for the needs of all range of users.


• Bandicam is excellently features packed, that are wonderful.
• It is easy to navigate and use.
• Lags or slowdowns are not experienced when the videos are being recorded.
• The paid version provides some more features to distinguish it from the free one, but both versions are top notch
• It works on all devices


• Still looking for that though

MOVAVI – Free & Paid

Movavi Screen Recorder is another big player among the major screen recorders that know their onions. It has built-in features that are enviable with an amazing audio recording quality to make sure that you are still in vogue amidst screen recorder options.

Best Screen Recorders Free

The software is not free, but still offers a trial version for seven days that allows you to have a glimpse of what you’ll be paying for. The feature it is harnessed with includes:

• The ability to record in different formats, irrespective of how tasking it may be
• A built-in video editor to give a professional touch to your records
• A planned and scheduled recording that helps to set up recording time and length

Coupled with these features, Movavi screen recorder is one the easiest software’s to record on screen, it is also easy to install and once installed, work can commence in earnest.

The software is compatible with the latest versions of windows, but the user interface still leaves a lot to be desired. But Movavi as it is, you can expect improvement going forward especially to address the amateur -like interface.

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Stressing on the scheduled recording, Movavi really got me here. You can set it up to record screen penultimate starting the program of intent or scheduling to record once you understand the time constraint may impede you from control your device at that specific time.


• It is painless and quite easy to set up and use.
• An excellent performance and great user experience.
• Stuffed with outstanding features, notably the scheduled recording.


• An old interface that fails to align with the wonderful features it provides.

Wondershare Filmora Scrn

This is great software tasked with two main functions; it works as a screen recorder and also as a video editor. It is also very good, especially for amateurs since it’s spoilt with hundreds of options that they can try to acquaint themselves with, get to use and make the best out of screen recording and video editing.

Best Screen Recorders Free

It is with in-depth options, especially for gamers who might find it excruciating to fashion out the very minute aspects and details of a software before they swing into usage of such task fulfilling software’s. Some of the features of Wondershare Filmora SCRN include:

• Recording at 120 FPS, encouraging the recording of HD gaming videos.
• A built-in video editor is there, that provides you with a professional touch.
• The pics-in-pics mode, it offers is amazing
• It has an ability that is not functioning restricted, it can capture Webcam, microphone, system audio, video, etc. simultaneously.

In its compilation of features, it’s most relevant feature is its ability to record videos at extreme high quality considering the quality is making the round in the gaming world.

Wondershare Filmora is very simple and easy to configure among the other screen recorders that are windows aligned, but as a newbie, you need to acquaint yourself with them before they can be considered easy to use.

If your device hardware supports GPU acceleration, then you might have addressed the only issue, it has which is currently projecting it in a negative light. With devices, there is a performance hit that Wondershare Filmora is acquainted with but with a GPU accelerator, the performance hit is addressed.


• Though you need time to acquaint yourself with this, but it can be simply configured, used and understood.
• High definition recordings.
• It can work on both video and audio recording simultaneously.
• It supports highlighting of important points in the process of recording or editing which can be recalled with ease
• A flexible editing option that allows separation of audio and providing videos with alternative audios.
• Other features include creative annotations, speed control, overlays, arrows control, bulbs, blurring effects and cursor effects.


• Effectiveness and performances of this software are device reliant.

Joyoshare Screen Recorder

Another wonderful screen recorder that is equal to the task is the Joyoshare Screen Recorder. It is really impossible to cast a blind glance towards this software because of the outstanding features it possesses.

It has so far the most simple and clean design out of all the best screen recorders for windows. The interface is by far the easiest to customize and can elicit the greatest desires of the user.

Best Screen Recorders Free

It has a straightforward setup, that is extremely easy to understand, the screen recording tools and editing tools are strategically positioned on the screen to prevent users from burdensome quest to locate desired tools for screen recording and editing of videos.

The software can also be manipulated to record selected portions of the device screen, you can also make your recordings in varying formats implying that you can record in the format that most suit the purpose of recording.

The software is not completely free source; it is available, though as a free version for a trial period. This helps users to check through the features, work with it for a while, and understand it before you get the paid version.

The software comes with a huge amount of characteristics, yet coming with a simple user interface. This software is actually one of the best and it gets a plus from me.


• It has plenty of features that encourage the adventurous
• It’s very simple, clean and fun to use with an intuitive UI.
• It is compatible with a number of formats, providing you with the desired format.
• It is not heavy on your computers and can be managed easily.
• Users are opportune to make use of the free version before subscribing to the paid version.


• Using the trial version restricts access to features. Notably, you cannot record beyond 60 seconds using the free version.

EZVID – Best Screen Recording & Editing Tool

As a newbie who craves to do it with a click option, this is just perfect for you. EZVID allows you to record videos with a single click of a designated button.

It’s also a good tool for YouTube freaks, which are willing to share what they’ve been up to on YouTube. Upon complete recording of videos, the software allows you to upload your videos to YouTube for the enjoyment of fans.


This works best for users who are interested in posting tutorials on the different range of topics, personal gaming experiences, step by step procedures of setting up different complex programs and applications among other topics that might interest the YouTube audience a user has.

The development of EZVID is with a complete focus on the amateur, with the sole intent of reducing the stress and techniques associated with professionalism. Features of EZVID include the following:

• An inbuilt video editor.
• EZVID is open source, hence free to use.
• It allows direct sharing of recordings to YouTube.
• The use of EZVID is supported by the majority of the operating systems.

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There are a lot of other features provided by the software, but they’ve all been designed to provide users with the best albeit with lesser clicks.

Its screen recording, uploading and video editing is highly simplified and much more convenient compared with synonymous tools in the market.

It supports different versions of windows including windows XP. EZVID is indeed among the best screen recording softwares for windows, making waves in the apps market.

7. TinyTake – Screen Capture For Win & MAC

In TinyTake you have open source software amidst the known screen recording software’s. It is simple to use and very handy for screen recording on windows.

It has limited features and can now support large volumes of information rendering it unfit for gamer’s usage. The features it provides are simple and easy to use; it’s more of a skeletal framework of the totality of screen recording.

Best Screen Recorders Free

Some of the features of the software include:

• A 2 GB cloud storage that helps to securely keep your records of screen recording.
• Five minutes of original HD standard screen recording without watermark.
• Direct sharing of records by users to YouTube.
• Webcam capture is also possible with the software.

The length of the recording is restricted and users must strive to shrink whatever they want to share within the time constraint acceptable e and still pass across the intended information.

CAMSTUDIO – Windows Only

As a user that just requires the basics of screen recording and the advanced features appear too much of a luxury to be desired. When all that is desired is just a hitch-free screen capturing, CamStudio is just the right merchandise to obtain.


CamStudio does not attract any cost; it is open source screen recording software for windows that can be accessed by just downloading and launching it.

CamStudio does is not packed with many features, it is straight forward and the few features it is credited with works real and with enviable ease.

It does not have any complexities ascribed to the software’s with numerous features and still competes favorably with these software’s with hyped features.

CamStudio is the toast of beginners in the screen recording cliché, providing simplicity in usage and a user experience that is not foiled by the cumbersome task of searching endlessly among a long list of features.

Features of CamStudio include:

• Ability to put your cursor in obscurity while recording the screen.
• Ability to obtain audio from a number of sources which improves the quality of recorded content.
• Few features that are effective

9. Webinaria – Open Source & Free

Webinaria is simplified software for screen recording. It is open source software that is free of all cost and allows screen recording, screen capture and editing of recorded contents within it. It is indeed another sought after for newbie’s in screen recording.

Best Screen Recorders Free

Webinaria records contents in flash format which deviates from the form that is attributed to most of the open sourced screen recorders that records in the standard formats.

It also offers voice recording, thereby providing with a close to total flexibility of the software when it is needed to be fine tuned for specific purposes.

Webinaria is not providing users with the most advanced features users might be expecting, but it offers a user friendly interface that is simple to work with and the right amount of features for designated tasks.

The features of Webinaria include:

• Screen recording in the FLV format unlike most of the free screen recorders.
• Apart from screen recorders users can capture screen or take screenshots.
• It allows voice recording
• The software is open sourced and is free to use

ActivePresenter – Screen Recorder For Win & MAC

Probably ActivePresenter is named to show its uniqueness over the other screen recording software’s. Most of the screen recording software’s are only tasked with screen recording and video editing.


But ActivePresenter is with an extra wheel on presentations, especially for the people who will be presenting a lot or will like to create a series of videos that will be interactive and not just one-sided.

With big technological names like Samsung and Apple, embracing the use of interactive videos in keynotes and presentations, ActivePresenter has just carved out a niche for itself that others cannot neglect for far too long.

Its screen recording options are also provided in three versions to meet the varied needs of users; it has the free version, the standard version and the professional version.

The ActivePresenter has these features coupled with more features for the exploitation of its user base. Other notables include:

• It supports SCORM Complaint Learning Management System.
• The interactive elements in videos and pictures can be added by users to allow them design to individual taste.

Camtasia Studio – Professional Screen Recorder

Developed for professionals, Camtasia Studio is among the best video recorders for windows or Mac OS. As professionals, who understand what professional screen recording entails, Camtasia Studio is the right software to romance with.

Best Screen Recorders Free

It may actually appear challenging at the early stage of usage but it gets better with constant practice and new discoveries are made on how to better harness the features it has.

Camtasia Studio did not arrive here by sheer luck, but by the intense work over the years by developers to present users with a choice that is hard to replicate.

Camtasia Studio offers a professional approach that is hard to find among other software’s and its interface is worked on to prevent and control bugs that may affect your user experience.

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The software is constantly updated by the developers, unlike the experiences with other software’s in vogue. Camtasia Studio is not open source, it requires paid subscriptions before its features can be accessed but it offers a massive amount of features which make every dime spend on it worth the value.

Below are some of the features which have endeared Camtasia Studio to users to it:

• It is developed to handle the powerful nature of its hardware there preventing crash of the software.
• Gives a professional touch to your videos and make them better than what is obtainable in most of the other software’s.
• Despite featuring a ton of features for usage, the software is highly simplified.
• It allows you to fine tune every content captured; you can add animations, texts, or icons to beautify them.

SmartPixel – Best Screen Recorder For Windows

Another screen recorder to make this list is the Smartpixel, this software is one of the best screen recorders for windows that has a dual approach.


It can be used as a free trial version for a limited time and the paid license version that cost a one-time fee of $70. Despite coming so cheap, it is not one of the software’s with scanty features, there are many features listed here for the use of its users.

This software is primarily designed for game lovers who like recording while gaming. It would also work effectively for other screen recording purposes.

Despite offering so much for so little, it is not storage tasking on your device and can still deliver with unrivaled precision.

Features of Smartpixel include:

• It has an easy to use and simplified user interface
• The videos can be edited and desired features such as subtitles, music, etc. can also be added.
• Offers a free version, though with limited features.

ScreenFlow – Free Screen Recorder With Pro Features

Screenflow is one of the best screen recorders; it is available in dual versions also. It is available as a free version and also as a premium version.

Best Screen Recorders Free

The major blemish on its free version is the watermark it is tainted with, the premium version addresses such challenge and other challenges that the free version is saddled with.

Once the recording is done and dusted, Screenflow allows you to edit the recorded content. This screen recorder for windows also allows user to caption the recordings.

Some other features on Screenflow include:

• Videos can be exported in various formats depending on the taste and needs of the users.
• It offers editing options for the recorded content.

IceCream Screen Recorder

Icecream screen recorder sounds more of refreshment than a duty or job to be sorted out, it rather appears juicy. Still, with such names that appear to be refreshing, the software is adequately implemented to carry out basics of screen recording.

Best Screen Recorders Free

The software is not free to use but offers a limited trial period that allows users to interact with it and get to know what they will be spending on. The free version, though might be very inferior from the paid version so you can’t judge this software based on its free version.

The screen recorder is great, simple and easy to use. It embraces simplicity over complexity. The user interface is also easy and relatively simple to interact with.

• It has a simple and easy to use user interface.
• It offers simplicity over complexity
• Recordings can be made in different format to meet the needs of users.


Screencast-O-Matic is another screen recorder with a rather awkward name just like the ‘Icecream screen recorder’ but behind this out of these cliché names you have software’s that have hidden their proficiency behind their names.

Best Screen Recorders Free

Screencast-O-Maticis by far simplified to grant the subtle mind a close to professional outcome with the click of a few buttons.

The software is available as a free version that requires no cost of purchase and as a paid version. Obviously, there are limitations with the free version; you have to get the paid version to quantify the quality that Screencast-O-Matic actually has up its sleeves.

This screen recording software has a simple and clean yet elegant user interface.
• Screencast-O-Matic has an interface that is easy and simple to use
• It can record the webcam and screen simultaneously.


Screen recording on windows devices should not be an extra feature provided by a third party, but the current situation implies you have to embrace alternatives that are accessible.

Moreover, of the alternatives that are accessible, the screen recording software’s seems to be the viable option due to the high cost of accessing other mediums which provides the same services for the windows devices.

Using your software’s, there are the free versions that are free of all forms of costs, but leaves more to be desired and there are those who you have to pay for before you can access.

In this write-up you’ve been presented the very best among the free version and the paid versions. We hope the write-up is helpful and you’ll be able to get the best screen recorders for PC, that will address your challenges.

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