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Top 13 Free Games Like For Honor, Best For Honor Alternatives in 2022

Did you find the For Honor game attractive? Are you looking for medieval games for honor? We have researched and shortlisted some of the best and most similar games like for honor. Some are available for PC, on Roblox, PS4, and switch. Very few of our suggested games like for honor, work on Android as it doesn’t suit the gaming environment. In these shortlisted games, you will find games of the highest quality in multiple aspects, i.e., Graphically attractive, more real environment, deadly monsters, and real-type characters.

It is hard to find a perfect replica of For Honor because this game has won many hearts due to its unreal capabilities and features. But, we have given our best to publish a list of games that share common attributes with For Honor. Some of them match the environment, while others resemble the storytelling. You will also find HD graphic games in our list and some of the games include real-life environments with RPG for honor combat. Read out the details of the suggested games and try out one or more of them according to your likes and dislikes.

Games Like For Honor – Best in 2022

We have shortlisted 13 best and trending games like For Honor that will give you remarkable battle, combat, and fighting experience. Moreover, each of the game reviewed here has its own specialty. You will find For Honor alternatives for PC, mobiles, and iOS. Therefore, read the review completely to find a game that fully completes your requirements.

Mount & Blade – Role-Playing Games Like For Honor

Best Games Like For Honor

About Mount & Blade:

First, we have the Mount & Blade game, which is an action role-playing video game with thousands of satisfied players. The game’s Story is set in a fictional medieval world in which the players get the role of an adventurer.

Furthermore, you will be participating in different battles and fights. The battle feature reminds everyone of For Honor game. Besides, there is a lot of adventure in the game that you can explore by visiting different parts of the world you live in.

Within the world, the players can travel through various eye-catching towns, villages, and other places. Mound & Blade isn’t only an interesting game like For Honor and a great RPG. Most importantly, it is a complete video game series with the same name and includes many more games everyone likes to play.

For example, the latest addition to this game series was Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, released on March 30, 2020. Most popular gaming platforms like PlayStation and Xbox One acquire Mount & Blade. Also, we give you complete guidance about playing PS2 games on Android.

Absolver – Online Video Games Like For Honor

Online Video Game Like For Honor

About Absolver:

We added Absolver to our list of best games like For Honor for those who love playing online multiplayer combat games. It gives you a remarkable experience of battle gaming and contains several exciting features. First, Absolver is among the newest arrivals in multiplayer combat games.

The second and most exciting thing about this game is that the faces of the players are hidden with a unique face mask. Moreover, we found it an extraordinary martial arts combat system while inspecting it.

If you are a battle and fighting games lover, you will surely love the list of weapons in Absolve video game. To surprise your opponents, you can fight with several sharp and unique blades and swords. All weapons have different uses and powers, meaning you must explore the weapon before using it.

Absolver is available on PlayStaion4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows with hundreds of thousands of satisfied reviews. Lastly, you can select the Downfall Mode if you want to face comparatively harder challenges.

Conqueror’s Blade – Free Games Like For Honor

Conqueror's Blade Game Review

About Conqueror’s Blade:

While finalizing our list of best games like For Honor in 2022, we observed that Conqueror’s Blade is a perfect alternative. The game is as astonishing as its name. The most exciting thing about this game is that it covers multiple gaming genres.

The major ones are free-to-play, massively multiplayer, online, real-time, tactics, and fighting. So, there are many battles and fights to wait for you in Conqueror’s Blade that you should not miss if you like For Honor game.

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Luckily, it is a multiplayer and online game simultaneously so you can have a great time together with friends or family members. Most importantly, you can play Conqueror’s Blade Game for free on Steam. Remember that the game is free to play, but you will have to pay if you like to buy something from the inventory, for example, costumes, packs, and other premium items.

Moreover, this game will let you become a warlord and command the other players during the battles to conquer different cities. In short, Conqueror’s Blade not only reminds For Honor but also gives a lot of battle fun.

Nioh – Games Like for Honor for PC

Games Like For Honor for PC

About Nioh Video Game:

Those gamers who love to play a game from a gaming series must explore the features of Nioh. It is a video game series and also the first game. There are a few more games in this series, but it also gives prominent vibes of For Honor game. Like the previous games, this one is also a fighting game related to battles.

One thing that stands out Nioh in the list is the number of players who play it regularly. Most importantly, it provides multiple required features in a single game, like brutal action, battles, and vibes of Japanese and Samurai games. Here’s a complete list of the best Ninja and Samurai Games in 2022

The Story of Nioh 1 revolves around traveling and fighting. You will be given the role of a traveler who marches toward the shores of Japan. During this journey, you will encounter various powerful enemies you must kill to continue your journey.

Most importantly, with several exciting properties, Nioh is one of the best Ninja and Samurai games on PlayStation4. Rather than that, you will also be able to enter different challenging missions for more fun.

Hellish Quart – Sword Fighting Video Game

Hellish Quart Game Review

About Hellish Quart:

Most people who love playing For Honor look for sword fighting games. Hellish Quart is a perfect choice for you if you are also one of them. During the inspection, we found it comparatively different from the other games we reviewed.

Therefore, we decided to check it because Hellish Quart’s gameplay differs. This fighting game allows you to participate in a 1v1 battle. So, two players will fight against each other using swords, and the game will go on until one opponent is heavily injured.

Thousands of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users liked Hellish Quart and are still playing it regularly. Also, it is one of the most-liked games on Steam.

Another noticeable feature in-game is that it is a realistic, physically-based, and 3D game. Lastly, if you find the newest match like For Honor, Hellish Quart is for you because it was recently released on February 16, 2021.

Ghost of Tsushima Video Game

Best Games Like For Honor 2022

About Ghost of Tsushima:

Among the consistently played battle and fighting games in 2022, Ghost of Tsushima is on top. Also, it is one of the best games, like For Honor on PS4. Also, it is another new arrival in the category of battle games.

The release date of Ghost of Tsushima IS July 17, 2020. We have played this game for a long time and still playing in 2022, and we must say there is unlimited action and adventure in this video game.

If we discuss Ghost of Tsushima a bit more, it is a multiplayer video game like For Honor and many others on our list. The guarantee while playing this game is unlimited combat, fighting, and battle experience.

Furthermore, all the battles or combats you are involved in taking place in an open world which is another attractive feature of this game. Last but not least, the quality of the graphics is impressive and comparatively better than other high-classified battle video games.

Chivalry 2 – Battle Games Like For Honor

Chivalry 2 Game Review

About Chivalry 2:

Next on our list are video games with the most gaming genres and monthly users. Chivalry 2 will take your combat and battle gaming experience to another level. First, it is a multiplayer video game that allows you to play with more than one person with real-time strategies.

Secondly, it is an action and hacks and slashes video game providing everything to the players essential for giving the vibes of a high-quality clash or combat game. Last but not least, the graphics and in-game fighting scenarios are second to none.

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Furthermore, if you find first-person games like For Honor, Chivalry 2 is probably the best option. The Story of this game rotates around the events 20 years later as the two clans named Agatha Knights and Mason Order begin the clash.

This game is about clans, which is why this game lets 40 or more players fight against each other at the same time. An interesting fact about Chivalry 2 video games is that it is great if you wish to record and upload your gameplay on YouTube or its alternatives.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Battle Games Like For Honor

About Middle-Earth Shadow of War:

This game has way more than the open-world splendid action game, containing Combat of Batman. The specialty of this game is its nemesis system which gives a title to every new enemy to make the fight memorable for days.

The Story of this game resembles Lords of the Rings because it is simultaneously too fast yet too slow. When you are inside the game, there are crazy flashback scenarios that definitely make this game top the list of games like for honor.

You will find five different war-shed areas on the map and each area looks totally different according to the qualities and tactics required to conquer. We should note here that you will run a lot, be it warzone 1 or warzone 5. The similarity between the 5 war-hit areas is that they all have similar enemies and forest animals.

Each fight creates a sideshow with more than a hundred frequently produced captives, making it interestingly difficult for the player to win against them all. Each of these captives comes with specific abilities and weak points. You must find the weakest point and hit it hard to take the enemy down.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Medieval Game

Medieval Game Like For Honor

About Kingdom Come Deliverance:

If you are looking for medieval games like for honor 2022 or RPG for honor combat, we recommend trying Kingdom Come: Deliverance today. As soon as you start the game, you might get beaten by a drunk older man, but playing it continuously for a few hours will make you feel comfortable.

You will be able to fight more than one enemy at the same time in no time. When you get used to intense fights in a sensational background, you will learn survival techniques while crossing forests. You can find bathhouses easily in the forest to make yourself clean and fresh for the upcoming tasks.

The wooded forest resembling history displays premium attention to all the minor details and makes you feel like you are passing through a scary forest. You will undoubtedly find the internal logic required to build towns, villages, and farms. Walking or riding a horse to travel all the map parts is a tricky and time-consuming task.

The Story of this game is stouthearted, engaging, and complex, but the cutscenes sometimes make you feel bored. You will find some stereotypical characters that constantly come up with illogical concepts, helping you to rate the characters according to their thinking capability.

Dark Souls – Best Games Like For Honor 2022

Dark Souls Game Review

About Dark Souls:

You can term Dark Souls as a divine continuation of an impressive and authoritarian demon soul. This game is about third-person action RPG for honor combat and is one of those games for honor for iOS, which is highly populated.

You will find different types of monsters everywhere inside the game, and their main objective is to kill you without a doubt. You are allowed to defend and defeat the monsters with the help of given weapons. Some weapons come in free, but you have to beat a good amount of monsters to unlock better armor.

The game urges you to pass through specific maps full of devils & deadly monsters without getting killed. Killing smaller monsters is not a big deal compared to facing their fathers, who have more exceptional abilities to defend and defeat newbies.

Playing this game needs a lot of courage because the scenes sometimes are scary, punishing, and the monsters sometimes turn out to be inventors of cruelty. After playing and beating some bigger enemies, we can say that the developers have worked hard on the graphics and the deadly characters involved in this scary environment.

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Mordhau – Games Like For Honor Xbox One

Games Like For Honor Xbox One

About Mordhau:

You might find yourself in a butcher’s shop when you start playing Mordhau, one of the games for honor ps4. When I started playing it, I discovered its fighting environment inordinate as I got killed by already existing players inside the game. But, it happens to everybody while mastering the game.

You struggle initially, and once you start learning to dodge the attacks from enemies, you will feel comfortable in-counter attacking to knock the enemy down. As too many enemies are involved in the game, Mordhau brings multiple ways to kill the opponents.

Stabbing is one of the most common techniques, while I prefer attacking from varying angles to confuse the opponent. You can also do tricks while attacking, i.e., perform one type of attack and quickly switch to another before hitting the enemy. According to his observation, the opponent will try to dodge your attack, but as soon as you switch to a different attacking mode, the opponent will only get down.

As soon as you level up, you will have to face opponents with better skills, and your primary task at this stage will be to predict your enemy’s next move. If you successfully expect the next move, you can dodge the attack quickly and do a counterattack to kill the enemy.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

About Assassin’s Creed Valhalla:

If you want to enjoy proficient worldly RPG games like for honor, you must try this amazing game named Assassin’s Creed. The developers have made grounds for secret action routes to make the fighting style more attractive. The main objective of Valhalla is to take you back to the old ages of England.

It looks like you are yourself a character of Vikings when you start playing this sensational game like for honor on the switch. You will hardly find an open-world RPG game like this that fulfills all the minor details of each environment you pass through.

You can find games like for honor on Xbox One, but Assassin’s Creed is available on Xbox Series X. The game’s graphics are in 4k with almost 60 frames per second. You have to make newer strategies to progress in the game while many tasks are waiting for you at each level.

The whole game revolves around a story about Avor, Siegert, and their friends and enemies formed during the frozen days of Norway. Their main objective is to hunt wealth in England, found in grassy forests and the apartments of Kings and Political Leaders.

Shadow Warrior – For Honor Alternatives

Games Like For Honor PlayStation 4

About Shadow Warrior:

Shadow Warrior is a perfect combination of extreme combat revolving around swords, magic tricks, and armor to defeat the enemies inside the game. The game allows you to keep all your weapons in your basket and use any of them you want during intense gameplay.

If you play better and earn enough points, you can buy more weapons with better qualities to take them with you in the next fight. We do not rate Shadow Warrior as the best game graphically, but it is undoubtedly one of those games for honor available for PC and Android. The characters involved in the combat are also far from reality.

Things that bring back confidence are cutting your enemies into pieces with the help of Katana. Though the animated characters are not as good as they should be, beheading them makes you fall in love with this game. There are around 12 chapters to solve; the fascinating ones are Japanese temples and cherry trees.

The Story begins with the process of regaining three missing pieces of a certain magical sword. The sword helps dismantle ancient spirits teasing your world from an unknown dimension.

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