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Best Survival Games, 20 Adventurous Games You Can’t Miss

In the world of technology advancement there are too many survival games that are exploded.

There are great survival titles which are unfinished early access projects.

There are terrifying, horror and hard-core games which adds an adventurous thrill in your life.

The adventure in each game is unexpected and emergent which you have to pass out. Best survival games are explained hereby.

Our List Of The Best Survival Games

Green hell

Green hell is one of the best survival games which can compare to the forest. It will give you more hard-core experience and become familiar with your mood.

Best Survival Games

It will teach you some harsh lessons about playing game. This game is standard welcoming you in the Amazon rainforest and you have to rag trough death that is not far away.

You were left alone in the jungle without any food and equipped with bare hands. There are many obstacles in the path that are unforgiving like rattlesnake bite.

Early access and already impressive polish except creepy jar becomes a cult hit that will show you that you can for more when we do well or more than the bare time limit.

Here player will struggle for survival in the game that is through clinging to life.

The journey will not only affect the body but also the mind of the player with solitude wear.

You have to survive through animal, sickness and psychological thrills.

Rust – Best Survival Games

Rust is start with a bit pain in arise. You have to walk through smashing rocks by being naked.

Best Survival Games

You also have to be chopped down the trees like Stone Age drone.

If you will unnoticed than you will be safe for long enough but if you get noticed by other animals or players then you will become a snack for animals or target of the other players.

Rust’ become more clear if you were able to protect yourself.

Highly unbalanced fight will be create the competition predators and prey.

If you are playing solo then your interaction with the other players will be aggressive.

In case you are playing with other players than you have to survive by dominating the server through automated turrets and traps.

You will become more satisfy and interested when you start fighting back and winning.


Scum is an early access survival game that released in 2018. It has made a huge impact on genre by taking mechanics at a high level.

Best Survival Games

This game is a PvP surviving nature game. Here you have to avoid mechanical robots and escape from the zombies. You also have to fight for the survival with these two.

In this survival game you are a prisoner who thrown on an island. You have to escape from the prison and survive.

Looting and crafting is also a part of this game. This will make a super fun with looting, crafting and stay alive in the game.

The forest

The forest is a survival game which is just like a horror story. It start with a story that you are going for a vacation somewhere.

The forest

You are sipping away a passenger plan and suddenly your plane crashed.

Now you are in the lush green Forest in the middle from where you have to find your way.

Here you have to survive through much danger. You also have to safe from the cannibalistic cult spread over the area.

During the daytime you have to collect the defensive equipment and other necessary things that help you to survive at night.

ARK Survival evolved

ARK survival evolved is a massive multiplayer online survival game. In this game you have to survive through regular hunting and killing.

best survival games

Here you can own your land. To survive for playing you have to hunt and build your bases.

You can also farm your land. You can explore the open world in the game.

The best part of the game is the dinosaurs. The island is full of dinosaurs and more than 100 species.

You can use them as advantage or hunt. You can kill them if they try to kill you.

You are starting the game as men or women who are standard naked and freeze.

You are starving on the shores of this mysterious land.

To survive you must hunt and build a base, harvest resources, craft items and research for the technology to fight with the rivals.

Frostpunk – Best Survival Games

Frostpunk is the survival game where is hard to feel proud about the decision.


The game is playing by you is the world frozen over and it will be the last leg around the humanity huddled around a titanic furnaces.

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There are some overarching goals that you have to do for your survival. Here you and your citizen have to alive.

When one of your citizens has an accident then rather die you have to amputate it.

To keep the people alive you have to keep them warm and give them food.

You also have to plonk down your citizens in the right building and start sending them to hunt for the resources.

You need netting your coal last for the day and take the emergency shift last for 24 hours.

In case the revolt is brewing and the forest is encroaching then there may chances of moving some workers around new law.

If you feel everything is going smooth and on your way than teetering on the knife’s edge.

It may take the sudden appearance of refugees to shatter on delicate place in your city.


Minecraft is the survival game which is full of deadly night and creepers who are waiting for blowing everything for which you work hard to create.


Here you are hungry and thirsty and you also have a fear of death. The procedural world is full of monsters and many more dangerous things.

You also have to craft some places which mean you have a great deal of freedom. You can build an industrial power house which by automated system and sprawling mines.

You can also build a flying pirate ship with a bunch of mates. All the modes and game mods are essentially built for your own survival.

When you were dying than hard-core survival mode deletes the entire world. It is the best known for the creative endeavours. It is also inspired with building all the middle earth.

All the resources you create from the mines and farm can tune into handy items. You can also sell your gatherings in NPC village.

DayZ – Best Survival Games

DayZ os an early access game which seems to cooled a lot on the survival sandbox. Dean Hall has moved on from the DayZ. After years of teasing it will moving into beta.


There are so many survival games out in the wild which worn off a bit. You have been grown with gathering the equipment and crafting the loops that dominates for your survival. You can meet with other players.

You can do such other things like rummaging around in the detritus of civilization for food and gear.

All the gaming modes are being held by other players with all fleeting alliance and later betrayals.

You need to hydrate for the survival and you have to safe from the snipers if they trap you then you will die in the game.

This game has popular Arma mod that served as foundation for Brendan “player unknown” Greene’s first royal mod of battle.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is another zombie survival game that will leave you in early access. It will drop you into a town where you have to simply survive by fighting with zombies.

best survival games

Here the zombies are waiting for you to snack you out of your brain. You can take the vehicles to safe from the zombies and in addition it gives a detailed stimulation that deserves too billing.

To save from the zombies you can lock them or break them into parts. You can also hired them or fiddle with thermostat. You can also muck around with radio, strip them.

You can get the benefit from temperature control during extreme weather condition.

If zombies attack you than you can get into the car by smashing car window make you less secure.

The tremendously ambitious and long time development system makes the sense when it added more years in it.

State of decay

State of decay is the zombie survival game which is held together by chewing gum and tell-tale.

State of decay

This game will put you in the charge of a group of survivors that are undead apocalypse.

This is an open world game with rough diamond. This game is full of safe house zones that sieges and bands of survivors who fight off shambling corpses.

Here you have to deal with zombies disaster to survive. In this dynamic world there are constant coughing scenarios that might cost you one of your buddies.

Zombies are present suddenly when you even not supposed them. The town is devolving into a heart pending fight when you are looting the shop and suddenly the sea of zombies is surrounding around you.

Zombies are attracting with noise and any activity which they fill the empty area.

Allison a random survivor who has worst luck. She ventured out of the safe house and trapped in.

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The other player mount rescue her with exploring some house sand driving down on the road.

Darkwood – Survival Video Games

Darkwood is a 2D horror thrill. It is thick thrill with dread that you almost wade through the forest. This game will limit your field view and fills the shadow with things from your night wear.

best survival games

You can get any number of bone chilling creatures that could be lurking just out of the reach of torch. In the sunlight you can go outside and search for the resources for survive and explore.

But in the night vision you have to get back to the safe house. You be safe in the safety cabin and prepare for the worst.

You have to do some setting to safe from the zombies like board up windows, move the furniture around and set a trap underneath window and next to the doors.

Zombies make noise by scratching at the wall, knock8ng and banging but this would not stay in that way.

Your barricades can also smashed by the zombies. The forest is surreal and always changing mode. You will move away further from the reality.


Astroneer is a hard to survive with a wild new idea. Here you need the oxygen to survive. You have to take the vehicle or hooked up to a base so that you can keep topping up your own supply.

You have to take care of all the gathering and start expanding quickly. It should going on long expeditions into gorgeous alien frontier.

You are the rugged survivalist who is scientist studying new world and developing research outposts.

You get to play around the rocket as well as construct factories by jumping straight into advanced technology.

You will be flitting off to the new worlds and moons if you are searching for more resources and scientific curiosity.

You can also play this game with your co players by joining hands and make a company.

You can also start embarking on more ambitious research work and construct project earlier.

It is not that type of survival game that will test the friendship or devolve into an argument being a spare battery.

This war of mine

This war of mine is a fiction war. Here you have to look after the small group of survivors that stuck inside the besieged city.

Between this war of mine and frostpunk there are 11 bit studios clearly has knack for creating tense.

This is basically a miserable survival management game. In sunlight you have to stay indoors and manage your hideout.

You also have to choose where and how to spend your precious fleeting resources. There are so many obstacles in the path for which a few will be clear and solve.

You have to worry about food, medicines, fuel and other repair things. You also have to regular watch out the mental health of the survivors.

In the night scene you have to choose which survivor has to go out in the dark and reunite the supplies.

You also have to commit horrific acts that return to base covered in emotional scars.

You have to survive through guilt and shame and make the other survivors lose their appetite. This is not easy to care 100 faceless random.

You have to be responsible for the wellbeing of Boris, Katia and rest of other survivors.

Sunless Sea – Survival Video Games

Sunless Sea survival game of cavern bound ocean. It will make you rich and keep you survive.

The game is start with a stalwart crew and reliable steamship. Here you can cut through discovering new ports, smuggling opportunity and quests.

But getting from one to other place is a bit of an undertaking system. You need to settle down in an unknown open sea in the eastern coast.

You can also stay close to the lands and towns. You need to gather the supplies which you can use to move like fuel and medicines.

There are more important sunless sea resources when it comes to survive. Your crew will also force you to take the drastic or other measures when they were out of their supplies.

There are many aquatic animals like sharks; giant crabs and pirates prowl the water.

The closer to madness your crew will get it will be harder to explain them. You have to completely convenience and support your team by some remarkable world building.

There is also a war between the guinea pigs and rats where you have not to jump in your steamship.


Terraria is 2D Minecraft survival game with all the mining and crafting. It is just like an action game and RPG’s that send you below the surface of its randomly generated world.

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Here you have to kill the monsters and snatch loot. This game is full of the people who help you as adventuring heroes. You can also build a dungeon worth yourself.

It will add more ambitious expeditions with shelter NPC chums and workstations. The game is bewildering with some magical weapons and handy took which you can craft yourself.

You can use these tools against the monsters. You can get the joy of discovering new things and discover a huge part of terraria appeal.

When you start chipping away at cave wall than you will get more surprises.


Starbound is the survival game that sheer number of diversions and items. You can crash these diversions and items that will overwhelm.

You can do mining and constructing for your own survival. You can also do some other stuff like shitty sword and construction of space station and terraforming world.

You were first forge in the mud house and slowly the level and the technology increases. One day you will fight in the space and built a scientific city that takes a lot of time to get there.

You might be wandering around the random planet above the flying pirate ship. The game has some casual difficulties like hunger, thirst and penalties of death.

To explore in the game you have some meat in the pocket. To survive and safe yourself for starvation you have to fight and survive in the acid rain, extreme temperature and hostile aliens.

Don’t starve

Don’ starve is the next level survival game where you have to fought for your starvation. Keeping your belly full of nutrition food you have to run far from the threat facing any survivor unlucky enough to get trapped in any difficulty.

You can go to the grave with many difficulties like killer bees, giant one-eyed bird and territorial pig men. They are the triangle of the danger from whom you have to keep safe.

You have to do many thinks to feed your science and alchemy machines and hunt for the resources. You also have to get back to the home before night.

You have to do some logical things like fire and torch for lighting. Before chasing by the enemies you have to cross the forest and replaced by an inferno.

Neo Scavenger

Neo Scavenger is the survival game which makes you more effective mutant murderer. Best way to survive in the Game is to kill the crisis which came into the path.

Life will cut short in an unexpected way with the opportunity to experiment and practiced the fleeting life. After getting the new life it is the chance to test the new character build, mix and match different abilities and flaws there on.

This game will never give you vulnerable testing opportunity. Even a little scratch on your body can kill you and abrupt life as a failure.

You have to repeat the same journey when you get the new life there on.

Rimworld – Best Survival Games

Rimworld is the colonist’s survival game where wild animals, raider, diseases, drugs and fellow colonists are waiting for you.

This is a harsh place to keeping yourself alive. The best hunter can hunt you and becomes a friend of the enemy.

Harsh winter, kidnapping people and turning them into the dinner is the major step in this game. Colonies built inside the mountain and nurtured villages of farmers.

By starting a trading business you can get rich and led a band of raiders.

The long dark

The long dark is a cold and hungry game where you have to survive by utterly lost. In this lost place the power station that placed in a gap of the forest is the beacon of hope.

It is the venture inside the dark which you have to begin eagerly looting the place. You also have to find the warm stock like clothes, shoes, medicines and jackpot to survive.

Survival mode drop you into the freezing world and you have to find your own way for shelter and supplies.

In the dark and temperature plummets you have contingency plans for things to survive.

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