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All You Need To Know About The Biggest Gaming Championships And Their Rewards

More than 2.5 billion gamers globally are competing online each day.

Nothing can excite a gamer like a bit of competition, whether you are an amateur or a pro player ready to take your gaming prowess to a different level.

There are plenty of sports tournaments that are being hosted every day on multiple new and existing platforms online.

Each of these tournaments, such as those of the ludo game, provide you with the opportunity to follow your dreams by battling for real cash and prizes.

Going to these tournaments can be a life-changing experience. It is an excellent way to test your skills when you want to compete with some of the best gamers in the world.

It is tough to say how profitable the whole endeavour can be, though there is a lot of money going in it.

While tournaments offer free entry competitions, to get a substantial prize you sometimes have to contribute.

The amount distribution varies depending on the preferences of the tournament.

These tournaments also offer hundreds of events across various games and consoles.

Participating in the contests is pretty straightforward, which includes six major steps.

  • Choosing a Game
  • Getting registered for the tournament
  • Getting accepted
  • Checking in
  • Playing the match
  • Reporting your results

Before getting started, you will be asked by the platform to verify your email. Later you have to get connected to various game IDs for the consoles you choose on your profile page.

You need to enter your Paypal email address here to receive quicker payments for when you win. It is easy to participate in any of the tournaments and win reward tokens.

Once you figure out the game, it is time for you to go ahead to the tournament page and chose one of the featured games that you wish to enter.

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Though some tournaments are free, others may charge, while some others need reward tokens.

So you need to find out more information about the game you have chosen by clicking the join button.

You will also get information about the start date and rules of the tournament.

Features of Esports Championships

  •  There are various tournaments available for you to participate in.
  •  They also allow you to organise your own championships.
  •  You get a chance to compete with a large number of players.
  •  You can join competitions very quickly.
  •  You also can receive reward tokens when you complete quests along with activity goals.


Biggest Championships of 2020

Championships have been in a strange position in 2020. A few managed to make some events before the pandemic hit.

Now, the majority of the action is happening online; though there are millions in prize money given out with a huge viewership.

Let us discuss some of the biggest championships in terms of the awards and viewership.

Call of Duty Championship

Call of Duty World League and Call of Duty Pro League bring seasoned gamers to participate in online battles and gain money and fame.

Call of Duty Championship allows only the most expert players since it is the highest level of the game since 2013.

Every competition is being held on the most latest and recent game versions. While Evil Geniuses won the 2018 Championship, WWII won the 2019 competition.

Amateur players are also getting more focus in this year’s competition. This allows fans to compete in qualifying for prize pool CWL open bracket and CWL finals.

Thus, the players get a chance to participate and prove their worth in the Call of Duty Championship.

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The total prize money so far is $6,000,000 and the most viewed tournament is Call of Duty the Championship weekend with 330,000 viewership.

Global Offensive Major Championships

This began as a mod of Half Life in the year 1999. This series acquired its value by 2012 and has grown into the most competitive and respected Esports game in the world.

Due to its easy and attractive gaming interface, it has become trendy and is presently one among the most played gaming tournaments. It is simply called “Majors.”

This tournament takes place twice a year where the prize money reaches up to $1 Million.

ESports World Convention

This is one of the most prolonged successfully running events in the history of esports.

The game made it debut in the year 2003 as an extension of LAN parties and other similar events in Paris.

When the event started, the primary focus was on the first-person shooter. Later as it expanded, it began to cover a wide range of genres.

The game got split into multiple annual events that move around Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, and Paris Games Week in recent years.

They also tie-up with other organisations who sponsor tournaments for Hearthstone, PubG, Fortnite and several other competitive games.

Ludo Supreme Championship

Ludo Supreme is a free ludo championship in which you can earn real money. It helps you participate in games with players around the world.

You can also play with your friends by organising the game and sharing the access code privately.

All you have to do is registering with the help of your email account. You may also get credits with which you can start playing.

This application is not only limited to this game, but it also offers you several other hobbies which are classics, such as Snakes and Ladders, among others.

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You can also choose to play alone or with many players who regularly take part in this game.

The tournaments are available throughout the day here. It is easy to play games and win real cash prizes.

The game also gives you a chance to play with random opponents available online.

The payouts here are the quickest as it gets transferred to your Paytm account directly and instantly.

There is also a chance to refer your family and friends to earn some cash.


Participating in a championship can give you plenty of beautiful memories. The above details can help you when you want to get involved in a Championship.

Though there is a lot of money in these esports events, your earning depends on your proficiency.

The championship is a huge platform which can bring gamers from all around the world together.

The good news is that some championships allow fans to participate. For this, you need to compete and get qualified.

The settings and the technology needed for these championships are not the same. Some may need a desktop which has the latest technology, and that can run the newest games.

Gaming laptops may be sufficient for some, and your system need not have expensive components, but it should be reliable and provide decent performance.

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