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Top 20 Best Warframe Weapons in 2022, Latest Primary Weapons Tier List

There are numerous guns available in Warframe, each of which has its own abilities. Therefore, it is a high possibility that beginner players in Warframe don’t know which weapon to use for which purpose. As a result, they start finding the list of Warframe best weapons with their noticeable features. So, we respect all those playing this game and bring you the newest list of Warframe primary weapons you can use in 2022.

As an online third-person shooter game, Warframe offers plenty of weapons that you can use to eliminate your enemies. There are plenty of enemies that you need to deal with in this game, so there will also be plenty of weapons that can be used to crush and destroy them effectively. Some guns might not be effective against machines and robots, but some others might be very effective in eliminating these types of enemies.

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Warframe Best Weapons – 2022 List

It is essential for Warframe players to explore the features of each weapon in the game so that they can use it properly to surprise their enemies. Therefore, we have not only suggested the best weapons in Warframe but also highlighted their primary features. So, let’s begin the review without further ado.

Ignis Wraith – Warframe Best Gun

Ignis Wrath


As the Wraith version of the Ignis flamethrower, Ignis Wraith has undergone various improvements from the regular flamethrower version. There are at least three aspects that have been improved: magazine size, status chance, and critical chance. With this weapon, you can increase the opportunity for you to inflict status and essential hits on your enemies.

In the current Ignis Wraith, the accuracy of this best Warframe weapon has been improved a lot. Now, you can attack your enemies confidently and aim easily at the head. Furthermore, you will love the magazine and the fire rate of this weapon. Lastly, the reload of the weapon is comparatively faster than the other guns on the list.

Ignis Wraith Powers:

  • The weapon can be obtained after completing the Operation: The Pacifism Defect event.
  • It has a large magazine size with a high ammo capacity for more firing.
  • You can hit multiple enemies at the same time with this weapon.
  • It has a high critical multiplier once you’ve inflicted crucial hits on your enemies.
  • This best Warframe weapon has pinpoint accuracy that can inflict innate heat damage to your opponents.

More Information – Ignis Wraith

Tigris Prime – Warframe Best Shotgun

Warframe Best Weapons


If you like using high-damage shotguns in battle games, you must use Tigris Prime while playing Warframe. It is the Prime version of the regular Tigris shotgun, which boasts more serious damage you can inflict on your enemies. With this weapon, you can kill strong enemies more quickly because it can damage them more. It also has a higher pellet count.

However, it has a lowered status chance as the compromise of its more significant damage. Therefore, you can confidently use this Warframe primary weapon in medium and low range with excellent accuracy. Interestingly, while using it in the game, we liked it a lot because it caused severe damage to the enemies.

Tigris Prime Powers:

  • It has a fast reload speed with the efficient use of ammunition.
  • Though the status chance is lowered when compared to the regular Tigris shotgun, it still has a high overall status chance.
  • It can deal more damage to formidable enemies, making them easier to kill.
  • This Warframe weapon can also inflict high slash damages on your enemies.
  • It can fire two types of rapid shots, one for strong enemies and the other for weak enemies.

Rubico Prime – Warframe Best Sniper

Rubico Prime


It is one of the best Warframe weapons and sniper rifles at the same time that countless people use to enhance their gameplay. Rubico is an excellent sniper weapon that you can use to shoot your enemies from afar, and it has perfect accuracy and damage-dealing effects. The Prime version of Rubico, called Rubico Prime, offers more improvements compared to the regular Rubico sniper.

It can inflict higher impact damage to your enemies while keeping your shooting range far and often out of reach for them to fire back. Most importantly, it is considered a multifunctional weapon that lets players use it for fighting against more robust, medium, and new enemies. Overall, it is one of the best Warframe snipers you will ever use in the game.

Rubico Prime Powers:

  • This sniper gives serious damages, with a higher critical chance and status.
  • It has a faster reload speed, making it easier for you to fire multiple enemies in a short period.
  • You will get two zoom modes, each offering different critical damage multipliers.
  • The high fire rate of this best sniper in Warframe makes it faster for you to fire at your enemies and claim victory.
  • It has to pinpoint accuracy, especially when you zoom in on your target, which is excellent for firing headshots.

Hek – Warframe Best Weapons

Warframe Best Weapons


It is another high-classified shotgun on our list of Warframe best weapons. You will find several noticeable features while attacking the enemies in Warframe. Hek is a shotgun weapon designed to deal more damage than regular shotguns. It has a narrower cone compared to the standard shotguns, making it capable of inflicting higher damage to the targets.

As we all know, shotguns are usually influential in close ranges, whereas Hek is a gun that you can comfortably use to give your enemies damage in the medium range. All these powers and thankful to the accuracy of this weapon. Most importantly, it has a narrow cone which makes it different from the other weapons and shotguns in the game.

Hek Powers:

  • You can fight extraordinarily against your enemies in close and mid-range fights using the Hek shotgun.
  • It also has a high overall status change that can affect your targets.
  • The spread can be tightened even more when you zoom in, increasing the overall damage on your targets.
  • It has a narrow pellet spread that allows you to focus your fires on a particular target, adding up the damage it takes.
  • The Scattered mod Justice can be applied to add more functionalities to this weapon.

More Information – Hek

Kuva Kohm – Best Weapon in Warframe

Kuva Kohm


We had to suggest the Kohm weapon to the Warframe players because it obtains considerable powers. First of all, it is the type of auto-spool shotgun that can deal heavy damage to the targets. If you compare it with Hek and Tigris shotguns, you will find it easier to use and hit more bullets in less time. Kuva Kohm, on the other hand, is the Kuva version of Kohm, with plenty of improvements over its regular Kohm counterparts.

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With Kuva Kohm, you can have a more critical chance, more status chance, and a higher fire rate. In addition, the total damage, crit chance, and crit multiplier stats of this primary Warframe shotgun are great, which is why you must use them to surprise your enemies in mid and close-range fights. Lastly, you will also be satisfied with the fire rate and the reloading time.

Powers in Kuva Kohm:

  • You can deal great damage using Kohm shotgun in Warframe.
  • It has high critical damage with a high critical multiplier.
  • You can obtain it once you’ve defeated a Kuva Lich, which you can then claim in the Foundry.
  • Depending on the Kuva Lich you have defeated, the weapon may come with Cold, Electricity, Toxin, Magnetic, and other effects.
  • It has a higher status chance that can be useful to damage your enemies further.

Lenz – Warframe Primary Bow



We all know that Warframe isn’t all about AR, shotgun, and sniper weapons, another excellent weapon that you can use in this game is the Lenz bow which is almost everyone’s favorite. Like the best Warframe guns, this one also brings maximum power for bow lovers. Lenz is the type of bow you can use to inflict high damage on your enemies.

Moreover, the arrows will explode upon contacting the surface so that they can deal even more damage to nearby enemies. Despite having high blast damage, you can also inflict elemental attacks such as Cold to your targets for up to 8 meters. Another extraordinary feature of the Lenz bow is how it damages your opponents in different range fights.

Lenz Bow Abilities:

  • You can combine this bow with Dread to produce the maximum critical chance for your bow.
  • The arrows can explode upon contact with the surface, so they can be used to destroy multiple enemies at once.
  • It can inflict the Cold effect upon the initial explosion before the blast damage may occur.
  • This weapon is powerful against Fossilized and Machinery enemies.
  • It has two innate polarities with the natural Arrow Mutation effect.

Opticor Vandal – Warframe Best Weapons 2022

Warframe Best Weapons


Opticor Vandal is the weapon that is an improvement of the regular Opticor weapon, which is a powerful laser cannon that you can use to give heavy puncture damage to your targets. Warframe players love this weapon for several reasons, such as Opticor Vandal built, accuracy, and damage stats.

The Opticor Vandal boasts many improvements compared to the regular Opticor version, such as better magazine size, critical and status chance, critical multiplier, and more. Most importantly, this Warframe best weapon helps you give maximum damage to your opponents. Also, you can defend and attack your enemies within a range of 300 meters.

Opticor Vandal Abilities:

  • Opticor Vandal is very effective against armor-type rivals since it allows you to surprise your enemies by giving them greater damage in the game.
  • Like the other Warframe best weapons on our list, this one also has pinpoint accuracy, so you can pinpoint your target and shoot precisely at the place you want to shoot, which is suitable for headshots.
  • It is also helpful to be used in stealth, as your enemies will be vaporized when they are killed with this weapon.
  • The shots will stagger your enemies, giving you more movements to attack them.
  • It also has a high critical chance, status chance, and critical multiplier.

Tiberon Prime – Best Weapons in Warframe

Tiberon Prime

Weapon’s Description:

Undoubtedly, Tiberon is one of the best Warframe weapons that gives everyone a remarkable shooting game experience. When you start your gameplay with this weapon, you are going to surprise your opponents with three different fire modes such as, burst, semi auto, and full auto. The Tiberon Prime, on the other hand, is the Prime version of the Tiberon rifle, which brings better overall stats for this weapon, making it one of the best weapons to get in this game.

Tiberon Prime build ensures maximum accuracy in different ranges which becomes an excellent feature with its three different firing modes that you can swap according to your needs. That is to say, you can win and survive in any hard condition of the game by using this accuracy and firing modes combo wisely.

Tiberon Prime Abilities:

  • It has improved stats compared to the ordinary Tiberon rifle, with improvements on critical chance, status chance, and critical multiplier.
  • A higher status chance can be obtained when you use the full-auto mode.
  • The higher critical chance and the critical multiplier can be used in the semi-auto mode.
  • The burst-fire mode has balanced improvements on most stats.
  • It has a high accuracy, which can inflict heavy physical damage to almost all enemies.

Amprex – Warframe Best Gun

Warframe Best Weapons


One of the most significant advantages of having Amprex in your loadout when you enter Warframe is that it assures comparatively higher crit chances. So, it is up to you whether your gameplay depends on the weapon’s crit or any other feature. Furthermore, it is a type of beam rifle weapon with electricity arcs as its main shots. You can easily control crowded enemies with this weapon by continuously shooting electricity beams.

We all know how difficult it is for Warframe weapons to compete with robotics in the game. Still, Amprex has the ability to destroy Machinery and Robotics enemies that you encounter in this game. Lastly, it is capable of giving heavy electricity damage to your opponents.

Features in Amprex:

  • This weapon is good to be used to shoot many enemies at the same time, inflicting them with heavy electrical destruction overall.
  • Like other Warframe best weapons, it also has a high critical rate and critical multiplier, ensuring you can destroy more enemies on the spot.
  • You can easily chain your enemies and damage nearby enemies for up to 10 meters using Amprex.
  • It has a minimal accuracy penalty when used with Heavy Caliber.

Dread Bow Warframe


Weapon’s Description:

The next option on our list of best Warframe weapons 2022 is Dread. It has numerous exciting features that let you defeat stronger enemies within no time. First of all, Dread is the hunting bow, not a sniper or a shotgun, and you can use it for inflicting heavy slash damage to the enemies, as it fires the type of bladed arrows that can give your enemies plenty of damage.

It can bleed your targets, and it also has a high critical chance, making it an effective killing machine for your enemies. It can also be used to inflict status effects on your enemies. The other noticeable features of the Dread bow are:

  • Quick reloading of the weapon.
  • Higher damage than the other bows.
  • Great crit chances.

So, you can use it confidently to improve your Warframe gameplay.

Dread Abilities:

  • It is silent, which is good to use for stealth missions.
  • This weapon’s slash damage can effectively reduce the health of your enemies.
  • It has a high critical chance and status chance, especially if you tie it with another powerful weapon like Lenz.
  • This weapon can also perform charged shots to inflict punches toward your enemies.
  • It also has a pinpoint accuracy when you aim it at your target, making it easier for you to target specific body parts.
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More Information – Dread

Akarius – Best Primary Weapons Warframe


Akarius is another high-quality and versatile weapon in Warframe that players use to perform all the in-game tasks with a single gun. For example, the damage, crit, chance, crit multiplier, and fire rate stats are really interesting. Also, the magazine size and its reloading time are conducive to players in the game. Finally, it is a type of powerful dual launcher weapon, enabling you to fire rockets with tremendous destruction.

The rockets can inflict status effects on the target, and in addition to that, they can cause massive explosions in the surrounding areas. Therefore, it is best to be used to destroy many enemies at once, and it provides a quicker reload time while sprinting.

Features in Akarius:

  • It can cause massive blast damage to your enemies, which is best to destroy Fossilized and Machinery enemies.
  • It has high accuracy and a high chance for status effects.
  • The rockets can cause a massive blast of 7-8 meters, destroying surrounding areas and enemies.
  • You can reload the rockets faster while sprinting, which is suitable for fast-paced combat.
  • The high-impact damage that it causes can destroy enemies with shields.

Twin Kohmak – High Damage Warframe Weapon


Twin Kohmak is simply the Twin version of the Kohmak, the compact shotgun weapon that enables you to inflict slash damage to your enemies. With Twin Kohmak, the destruction that this weapon can cause is multiplied. In addition, it has better ammo capacity and magazine size, allowing you to attack your enemies even more robustly and fiercer than before.

Furthermore, you will get every feature using Twin Kohmak as any other weapon on our list provides. It lets your opponents suffer from greater damage consistently because of reasonable fire rate, magazine, and crit multiplier abilities.

Twin Kohmak Abilities:

  • Kohmak weapon causes consequential slash damages that can quickly deplete your target’s health.
  • Also, it has a reasonable fire rate and overall better status chance.
  • It has a larger ammo capacity and magazine size.
  • The more you fire it at one time, the more pellets will be shot from the weapon.
  • It is better to be used in close combat with multiple enemies.

Supra – Warframe Best Rifle

About Supra Weapon:

If you like playing Warframe with guns that reload quickly, Supra is the best option for you. Supra is one of the best Warframe rifles that use three barrels to fire its laser beams. Therefore, it causes heavy destruction to your opponents. It also uses the auto-spool trigger. This weapon can cause heavy damage if you spool it fully. It can cause heavy damage per second, and it can also cause critical hits on your targets.

Furthermore, it has one of the highest ammo capacities among the top Warframe weapons. Interestingly, this weapon has been upgraded recently, which added several new features to this best Warframe weapon, such as increasing the magazine capacity and fire rate. So, go to the game confidently with Supra to give your rivals a tough time.

Supra Weapon Powers:

  • It has a large magazine size and a large reserve ammo size.
  • Supra is an excellent weapon to use against armour-type enemies.
  • It has a good critical chance and a good status chance.
  • When fully spooled, you can maximize the damages that you can cause with this weapon.
  • Furthermore, it comes with reasonable accuracy, making it easier for you to hit your enemies without missing.

Penta – Warframe Best Grenade Launcher

About Penta:

Were you waiting for us to suggest to you the best grenade launcher in Warframe? If yes, then Penta is what you should use to enhance your Warframe gameplay. We all know that players can’t perform well in shooting games like PUBG, Valorant, and Apex Legends until they know how to use utilities in the game. Therefore, you need to use Penta while playing Warframe.

Penta is a powerful grenade launcher that can cause blast and physical harm to your enemies. It is beneficial for destroying Fossilized and Machinery enemies. With Penta, you can launch the grenades that will explode on the spot, or you can even time the explosion of the grenades.

Features in Penta:

With Alternate Fire, you can detonate the grenades manually using this weapon.
It will cause blast and damage to the targets in contact with the grenades.
Penta’s excellent accuracy allows you to shoot at certain regions to blast the area and the enemies in the region.
The explosion range for the grenade is 4 meters.
You can launch up to 5 grenades at once, causing maximum blast destruction for your enemies.

Atomos – Warframe Highest DPS Weapons


You can imagine what type of destruction would Atomos weapon cause in Warframe from its name. Yes, you are thinking right. It harms your opponents with heat whenever you use it on them. Therefore, we consider it one of the best Warframe weapons in 2022. Moreover, it is a unique Warframe weapon which can fire heat beams at multiple enemies.

It is a particle canon that can inflict status effects on the target. With this weapon, you can launch heat beams that can strike the enemies and chain them to multiple enemies for more destruction. Most importantly, if you use Atomos on three of your enemies within seven meters, it will hunt them down.

Atomos Abilities:

  • It has a large magazine size with innate polarity.
  • Atomos has the ability to chain the enemies up to 7 meters from the first target.
  • It is good to destroy multiple enemies at once, and it is best to destroy Infested, Infested Flesh, and Cloned Flesh foes.
  • Using this weapon in Warframe, you can deal heavy heat damage to the targets and a high chance of status effects.
  • It will disintegrate the targets once they get shot by this weapon.

Mutalist Cernos – Warframe Best Bow


Here’s another extraordinary bow on our Warframe best weapons list. Mutalist Cernos is an exotic yet dangerous bow that can cause status effects on your enemies, as it is highly toxic for them. This bow is the infested version of the regular Cernos bow, with plenty of toxins to impose harm to your targets over time. It’s great to be used against shielded targets.

Players of Warframe like using this bow because of good damage, less charge time, excellent fire rate, etc. Also, the latest version of this bow lets you throw arrows producing lingering gas clouds to ensure maximum attack on your opponents.

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Abilities in Mutalist Cernos:

  • Aside from being able to inflict impact damages, it can also inflict toxins on your targets.
  • The impact damage that this bow can cause can penetrate shields and destroy them.
  • It has an excellent critical chance and accuracy when you aim it.
  • Mutalist Cernos is silent when used, meaning that you can use it effectively in stealth missions.
  • It is good against Flesh-type enemies, as the toxin spores can easily poison them from this bow.

Sybaris Prime – Best Rifle in Warframe


If you want to have a gun in Warframe that assures quick damage in the game, Sybaris Prime is the one that everyone uses for this purpose. It is one of the best Warfram weapons on our list, allowing you to turn the game in seconds. Furthermore, it is a prime version of the Sybaris burst rifle, which is a type of rifle designed to deal with heavy slash damage to the enemies.

Compared to the standard Sybaris rifle, the Sybaris Prime boasts various improvements, including better fire rate, critical chance, and status chance. Also, it has a to-the-point accuracy in different ranges means you can choose this weapon if you struggle to keep your aim at the target.

Features in Sybaris Prime:

  • It is best when you use it for long-range shootings, as it has good accuracy.
  • In addition, it has good ammo efficiency and low recoil.
  • It also has severe slash damage with an extensive critical chance.
  • You can also combine it with Hema to deliver a higher status chance.
  • Finally, it is practical to use on all types of enemies.

More Information – Sybaris Prime

Soma Prime Warframe Build


Are you tired of reloading your weapon again and again in the game? If that’s the case, you should always join the battle in Warframe with the Soma Prime weapon. The reason is that it is among those weapons in the game with the highest magazine capacity for ammo. Also, it is the prime version of the Soma assault rifle, the classic-style assault rifle that can inflict slash and puncture damage to your targets.

With the prime version, all the stats are improving, such as status chance, magazine size, damages, ammo reserves, and more. One of the best uses of the Soma Prime weapon is that you can confidently attack more than one enemy.

Soma Prime Features:

  • It has a high fire rate and high accuracy.
  • You can use this weapon to destroy enemies with armour, as it can inflict heavy slash and puncture damage.
  • It has large ammo reserves and a magazine size.
  • Soma Prime’s critical multiplier can hit the enemies with the most prominent health damage.
  • It has a fast spool-up performance that maintains accuracy and fire rate.

Nikana Prime – Highest Damage Weapon


Do you love using swords in shooting games? If yes, then Nikana Prime is one of the best options for you in the Warframe game. It is a type of katana sword that you can use for melee attacks in Warframe, and the prime version of Nikana can give you improvements compared to the regular version. In addition, Nikana Prime is the weapon that allows players to provide slash destruction to their in-game enemies.

You need to use this weapon in close-up combat. Moreover, it now has one of the highest critical chances and the critical multiplier for all the nikanas. Overall, it proves its worth as one of the best Warframe weapons to use in 2022.


  • It can deplete your target’s health quickly with heavy slash damages.
  • It has a fast attack speed, which can give you an advantage in melee combat.
  • It has a high critical chance and critical multiplier.
  • The main component blueprints of this weapon can be acquired from various Void Relics.
  • It can inflict status effects to your target quite easily.

Galatine – Best End Game Weapons Warframe


The last option on our list of best Warframe weapons is a multifunctional sword name Galatine. If you have learned to swing this sword thoroughly, you can fight against five foes at once. Therefore, we highly recommend it to all the sword lovers out there in the Warframe.

Moreover, it is the type of heavy sword that you can use to inflict severe slash damages to your enemies, which can deplete their health quickly. With this weapon, you can also attack your targets at a fast speed, which can cause critical hits on them. It is also a good melee weapon that can inflict status effects on your targets.

Features in Galatine:

  • Despite its size, this heavy sword is helpful for fast-paced attacks.
  • It can deal with heavy slash damages that can inflict status effects on your opponents.
  • You can even improve the attack speed of this heavy sword by combining it with certain weapons, such as Masseter.
  • Using this weapon during attacks can also prevent the enemies from staggering you or knocking you out.
  • This weapon can also be used for headshots and stun your enemies.

Final Thoughts on Warframe Best Weapons

You can find plenty of combinations that you need to do in order to perform the best combat to kill all your targets. Thankfully, the developers are offering new weapons on a regular basis, usually along with the latest updates that they apply on the base game. Thus, the choice of weapons in Warframe is getting expanded as the game itself is expanding.

These are the best weapons that you can use in Warframe. If you enjoy this game, whether you are a new player or a veteran player, you should at least try one of these weapons once. It can give you tremendous powers to deal with your enemies in the most effective ways. Each weapon will be great to be used for certain enemies. Choose your weapons wisely.

What are the most powerful weapons in Warframe?

  • Hek is a type of shotgun weapon that is designed to deal more damages than the regular shotguns.
  • Opticor Vandal is the weapon that is the improvement of the regular Opticor weapon Tiberon is a powerful sniper weapon in Warframe that you can use to inflict puncture damages to your targets.
  • Penta is a type of powerful grenade launcher that can cause blast and physical damages to the enemies.
  • Akarius is a type of powerful dual launcher weapon, enabling you to fire rockets with tremendous destruction.
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