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Is it Ok to Pay for WoW Raid Leveling? iRiverAmerica

One day you will see that it’s time to stop grinding and start paying more attention to your gear, quests, and, of course, getting enough credit to get a cool WoW shadowlands mount.

You probably already know that the best pieces of gear can be achieved in PvP battles and raids, but only when you’re at the top levels.

As raids are the most popular when it gets to gearing up, paid raid leveling is also rising in demand.

But is it a good idea to spend your e-cash on reaching this in-game objective even though it’s so desired? Let’s figure it out!

What’s Raid Leveling? 

While the lower level raids are quite easy to pass and usually provided by all those level cap-breaking services, the high-level raids are too tough for average-level players.

That’s where paid raid passers come to offer their service. You can pay them to help you pass a dangerous raid and take the needed gear out. 

The Pros of Raid Leveling 

The main reason to fall back on raid leveling is, of course, the high probability of getting the top-level gear faster.

A piece of top-notch gear makes it much more exciting to play due to performance boosts in multiple skills.

And let alone the opportunity to show off in front of all those lower-level noobs out there!

Don’t try to say that you’re not interested in such a delicious upgrade!

Next, you gain quite a lot of time by going through a raid with an experienced companion.

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These guys know the raids very well and have some of the best gear assets, so the whole thing is quite easy for them, while you just gain the time walking behind.

You will encounter several wipes during the raid, but the paid pros pass the dangerous paths in a single march. 

The Cons of Raid Leveling 

Well, the first and the biggest disadvantage of applying for paid raid leveling is the price you have to pay.

Some guild members claim to have an average monthly salary by helping less experienced players to get through.

Some will offer a fixed price, while others may accept your offer if you’re short on budget. It just depends on your luck and the quality of your search.

Don’t hurry and compare prices to get the result cheaper. 

Finally, the bad thing is that you don’t learn much new stuff by going through a raid with someone’s help.

On the other hand, you can watch how your guard makes optimal moves.

It can be quite useful when you try harder raids. It’s not that you will stand aside all the time, as survival is in your hands anyway!

Up to You

You can either avoid paid assistance and reach the needed experience level or just take a shortcut if you have the spare cash for that.

Actually, the disadvantages aren’t too bad to make you scruple for long. Still, the choice between the true way and a cheat can be a matter of honor for many. 

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