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Top 20 Skyrim Armor Mods, Free and Must Have Mods for Skyrim Players

Mods have always been an interesting factor for the popular games. As we all know, Skyrim is among the most popular games for a long time which is the reason why people keep looking for the best Skyrim armor mods. As an open-world role-playing game with a fantasy theme, Skyrim offers many features that give you various enjoyment in playing this game. You can find the best armor mods to install to give various additional armor-related features to the base game in this guide. You can also use them if you have some DLCs installed.

Skyrim Armor Mods List – Best of 2022

Although there are many interesting mods available that let you enjoy your Skyrim gameplays immensely but we include the top 20 Skyrim Armor mods that you can use to empower your Skyrim character. Most importantly, all of our suggested mods are popular in 2022 which means you must utilize them if you are a regular Skyrim players.

Immersive Armors

Skyrim Armor Mods

We have been playing Skyrim since its release and we found that there are lots of armors that you can equip for your character. So, these armors are providing different stat improvements to you in the game. With the different armors you wear, you can also create a different look and feel for the overall game.

Immersive Armors is the first mod on our list that allows you to access the compilation of armors that are designed to make the game even more immersive to play. Lots of armor variations are available with the goal to match it with the Skyrim lore.


  • It is one of the biggest armor compilation mods that you can find.
  • Enhance the look and feel of each armor to make the game even more immersive.
  • Each armor is designed to be lore-friendly, balanced, and detailed.
  • It expands the armor selection from the base game.
  • Armor customization is possible with this mod.

Tribunal Robes and Masks

Tribunal Robes and Masks

All the regular Skyrim players know, this game allows you to use various types of attacks to kill your enemies. This includes magic attacks as well in the list. If you are a heavy magic user, it would be great for you to have the apparels that match your most tremendous potential.

The Tribunal Robes and Masks mod is there to give you the right outfit for your character if you love using magic in this game. Moreover, you will have the chance to use various type of armors if you download the Tribunal Robes and Masks mod.


  • There are three different armor types that you can equip with this mod.
  • The three outfit types are heavy armor, light armor, and regular clothing.
  • It matches the magic users perfectly in this game.
  • The armor will function as a standalone outfit, not replacing the armor in the base game.
  • There are different colors, looks, and stats that you can choose for this armor.

Triss Armor Re-textured CBBE HDT

Skyrim Armor Mods

If you are also one of those Skyrim mods lovers who want to have access to CBBE, you must explore the features of Triss Armor Re-Textured CBBE HDT mod. If you are The Witcher 2 fan who would like to bring this game’s look and feel to your Skyrim gameplay, this mod can help you achieve that.

This mod allows you to add Triss armor from The Witcher 2 and wear it for your Skyrim character. This armor is already re-textured, so you will see the best quality outfit for your character when you use this mod.


  • There are eight color variations and two style variations available.
  • You can choose to use CBBE or vanilla meshes based on your preference.
  • If you choose CBBE, you can choose whether to use HDT physics or not.
  • You can also replace some vanilla outfits with this mod (optional).
  • It gives the feel of The Witcher 2 to your current Skyrim gameplay.

Helmet Toggle – Show Hide

Helmet Toggle – Show Hide

Among the several features of this mod, the most noticeable one is that it works with many other mods or DLCs. When you are wearing armor, you will also wear the helmet that comes with it by default. If you don’t like the helmet, you might want to remove it from the character’s outfit.

But, you can’t just toggle the helmet on and off instantly. You have to go through the menu options. This mod makes everything simpler by allowing you to show or hide your helmet in just a single click.


  • You can easily toggle the helmet of your armor on and off using a single key.
  • It also works with other head covers, such as hats and hoods.
  • You can choose the hotkey to toggle the helmet on and off easily.
  • It is compatible with any mods or DLC that you have installed.
  • It affects all helmets of the same type.

Silver Dragon Armor

Skyrim Armor Mods

It is among the heaviest Skyrim armor mods which is very popular in 2022. There are lots of cool armors that you can wear when you play this game. But, there are a few unique armors that you might not be able to find in the base game. One of those unique wearables is the Silver Dragon Armor.

This is the armor with a very cool look that resembles the silver dragon. It makes you look strong like a dragon. Furthermore, you can easily find it in the new chest on the far left of the Dragonreach great porch.


  • It adds a heavy armor type called Silver Dragon Armor to the game.
  • Silver Dragon Armor has a very cool look that matches the Skyrim theme, which is dragons.
  • It is available for both male and female characters.
  • This armor has high definition and high-resolution textures.
  • It can level up as you wear it and gain experience with it.
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Daedric Reaper – Skyrim Armor Mods

Daedric Reaper Armor

If you have been finding best armor mods for Skyrim, you must have heard about the Daedric Reaper Armor. It is the type of heavy armor that you can wear for your character in this game. It is one of the best looking and strongest armors that you can have for your character.

If you like equipping this wearable, this mod will help you to make it better. The Daedric Reaper Armor is the upgraded version of the regular Daedric Armor that you can wear in this game. It has lots of features not available in the default type.


  • This armor is craft-able and upgradable, and you can upgrade and craft the sword as well.
  • It is available for both male and female characters, giving the best style for each gender.
  • Daedric Reaper armor features a lighter armor weight and a faster sword that you can use.
  • It also has better stats overall.
  • You can customize the hood with various options available.

Warmonger Armory

Skyrim Armor Mods

While the armory in Skyrim already offers you lots of choices in terms of weapons, armors, and clothing, you might still think that it is not enough. So, if you want to upgrade your armory, Warmonger Armory is the mod that you can use.

The Warmonger Armory mod will provide a more comprehensive selection of wearables and weapons that you can use for your character in this game. It means lots of new options for you to choose from.


  • All the armory additions are designed to be lore-friendly.
  • It is compatible with both the base game and the DLCs.
  • Warmonger Armory features various wearables and weapons from previous Elder Scrolls games.
  • It features wearables and weapons that are suited for the classic archetypes.
  • It makes your character blend perfectly with the overall Elder Scrolls universe.

Contractor and Mavari Armors

Contractor and Mavari Armors

All the Skyrim armor mods we have reviewed above, this one has quite different specialties. If you want to wear high-quality armor for your character, which has a relaxed look and makes your name look the best, Contractor and Mavari Armors is the mod that will give two more additions to this game’s armor options.

The wearables added in this mod are the Contractor and Mavari Armors, which are the wearables that you can use to provide added stats and available both for males and females.


  • It provides high-resolution light armor for males (Contractor) and females (Mavari).
  • This armor provides added stats and an enchanted version of the wearables.
  • It is tailored for the humanoid type of characters.
  • You can apply an advanced blacksmithing perk for this armor, which makes it temper-able.
  • It adds a different art style for your character once you use this mod.

Masters of Death – Rise of the Brotherhood

Skyrim Armor Mods

Next, we have a multifunctional Skyrim armor mod to discuss. In Skyrim, you can take any side that you want to depend on the choices that you make. You can take the side of the Dark Brotherhood in this game.

The Dark Brotherhood has its own set of armors available for you to use in the base game. However, if you want more, this mod can provide it for you. It provides a custom Dark Brotherhood armor that you can use with many features.


  • This popular armor mod for Skyrim provides a standalone light armor suited for the Dark Brotherhood theme.
  • It has Assassin’s Creed Revelation as its main inspiration.
  • This wearable is upgradable and craft-able, depending on your preference.
  • There are several variants that you can choose for this wearable.
  • The textures are updated and refined to look the best for your character.

Bosmer Armor Pack

Bosmer Armor Pack

If you want to make your character look better with different armor types, the Bosmer Armor Pack mod should be the mod that you install for this game. It provides different variants of wearables that you can choose to enhance your character’s look.

It can also be used for your character regardless of the type of race and sex. Moreover, you will get an armor pack that contains five different sets that include 29 armor pieces for you. Therefore, it is a must-use Skyrim armor mod for you.


  • It supports all types of races and sexes for your character.
  • The armor pack is designed to be lore-friendly, meaning that it will blend perfectly with the Skyrim universe.
  • It has five main sets, six weapon pieces, and 29 armor pieces.
  • This mod consists of light armor and heavy armor types.
  • It gives a fresh appearance to your main character.

Skyrim Unlimited Rings and Amulets

Just as the name suggests, this mod provides unlimited rings and amulets for your character in this game. Other mods are trying to accomplish the same thing. But, the other mods are mostly filled with bugs, which make them generally unusable.

However, this mod was created from scratch to give the intended effects without giving you the problems. Most importantly, a lot of bugs have been discovered by the experts in this mod but now it is all good.

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  • This mod is made from scratch to avoid bugs when you use it.
  • You can use this mod safely without breaking your game installation.
  • It is inspired by the two other mods available and combines their features into one.
  • This armor allows you to equip all the amulets and rings at the same time.
  • It gives your character an unimaginable power boost.

Deadly Dragons Armory

Those Skyrim players who love crafting in the game will surely like the features of Deadly Dragons Armory mod. are the mod available for Skyrim, providing you with the complete overhaul of the dragons found in this game.

There are many customization options that you can choose to enhance various aspects of the dragons in this game. The Deadly Dragons Armory mod is an optional plugin that you can install for the Deadly Dragons mod. This plugin gives the armory elements to the Deadly Dragons mod.


  • With this mod, dragons can now drop different items, including Armor Pieces.
  • It gives the base Deadly Dragons mod a new set of features related to this game’s armory aspects.
  • There are nine new weapons that you can find to be a part of the Armory file.
  • Killing dragons will give you more armory items that you can collect.
  • You can craft and enchant any armor pieces from this mod.

Lore Friendly Armor Pack

Everyone who loves armor mods in Skyrim demands a lore friendly mod, if you are one of those then you should install this Lore Friendly Armor Pack. Moreover, if you think that your Skyrim gameplay is not too immersive for you, it is time for you to change that.

The Lore Friendly Armor Pack is the mod that can help you achieve better immersion in your gameplay. By wearing armors that are lore-friendly, you can make your character blend more with the world of Skyrim. This can change your gameplay look and feel entire.


  • You can add more immersion to the world of Skyrim by wearing these armors.
  • There are lots of armor choices that you can equip for your character.
  • You can also find the NPC wearing these armors to add more immersion to the game.
  • These wearables can be crafted and upgraded based on your preference.
  • Available armor types include Ranger, Barbarian, Ancient Nord Barbarian, Heroic Imperial, and more.

Armor of Intrigue

Bored with the regular armor that your character is wearing in Skyrim? Why not change it to a better and more detailed one? The Armor of Intrigue is the mod that provides a brand-new set of highly detailed armors, which is among the best armor mods available for Skyrim today.

With this armor, your character can look much better, with lots of customizations that you can do to it. The reason why we included Armor of Intrigue on out list is because it is one of the most versatile Skyrim armor mods. You can confidently use it for your keys, bags, pouches, etc.


  • Whatever your play style is, this mod will match your play style perfectly.
  • It is highly detailed and highly customizable.
  • The armor has HD textures, which look close to real-life armor.
  • It is available as light armor, and it is wearable only for the male character.
  • You can attach various types of equipment to it.

Dragon Knight Armor

Next, we have another multifunctional mod which will do multiple tasks at once for you. For example it is evenly good for both males and females and all races. Moreover if you you want to look more like a Dragon Knight in this game, this mod will help you make it a reality.

The Dragon Knight Armor mod is the mod that you can install in this game, which will provide your character the appearance of a Dragon Knight, designed to match with the lore of Skyrim. It means that this mod will also help create more immersion in your gameplay.


  • It is a heavy armor that can be used both by a male and female character.
  • Your character will look like the mighty Dragon Knight, born to slain the dragons.
  • It is refined and designed to fit perfectly with the Skyrim universe.
  • You can wear the bones of dragons when you equip this wearable.
  • It is standalone, so you don’t need any other mods to make this work.

Dark Disciple – Top Skyrim Armor Mod

Dark Disciple is the mod that allows you to replace the default Dark Brotherhood armor with one that has high-quality textures. However, it is also available as a standalone armor, so you can choose which version fits your interest.

If you love wearing the Dark Brotherhood armor, this is the armor that you might be interested in, as it offers better graphics than the default one and some new features. Interestingly, this mod is specified for the female characters in the game.


  • It allows you to wear a better version of the Dark Brotherhood armor available in the base game.
  • There are two versions of this mod available: the replacer version and the standalone version.
  • The replacer version offers some new features, such as new armor sets and new weapons.
  • If you don’t want to replace the default Dark Brotherhood armor, you can use the standalone version, which sets the Dark Disciple armor as a separate wearable.
  • It is available for the female character in this game.
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Crimson Ranger Armor

Almost every Skyrim player wants to be an outstanding archer in the game by using several exciting bows. Also, you know that Skyrim allows you to choose the way you play the game in any way you want. There are many play styles that you can choose from.

For instance, if you become an archer, you will defeat your enemies mostly in long-range combat using your arrows. This mod is designed to give you a better armor if you choose the archery style. This is best for your character if you specialize in long-range combat.


  • It is designed specifically for archers that like to take down enemies from a long distance.
  • Various archer-related weapons are included in this mod.
  • The boots are created to match with the armor, providing protective qualities.
  • It makes your character to be able to move more swiftly, executing your deadly moves.
  • The textures are made in high definition to make it look the best for your character.

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Black Mage – Best Skyrim Armor Mod

Most of us love using magic in Skyrim, Black Mage is the mod that will give you lots of features related to magic usage throughout the game. It will give you the appearance of a black mage, which is someone familiar with the use of black magic.

With this, you can easily use black magic to attack your enemies and kill them. It just makes your character looks much better when you specialize in black magic.


  • It is a standalone set that contains various types of wearables, such as Heavy, Light, and Cloth.
  • You can enchant, upgrade, and craft this armor whenever you want.
  • Male and female characters from every race can use it.
  • There are some perk bonuses that you can get for some sets.
  • You can obtain the Black Archmage version of this armor by crafting it.

Nordic Ranger Outfit

As the name suggests, Ranger outfit is a mod about customizing different outfits of the game. It is very fitting for your character if you love exploring the world of Skyrim. Most importantly, it adds the essential craftable under the leather category for you.

You can find many places throughout the game world, and if you spend most of your gameplay time exploring and seeing these places, then becoming a Ranger is the best way to go. This mod will give you the Nordic Ranger outfit that will match your character’s style as a traveler or explorer of Skyrim. Lastly, with this Skyrim mod you will love riding the horses in the game.


  • It is explicitly designed if your main character is a Ranger/traveler, including an armor set and backpack.
  • Male and female characters can equip it.
  • There are various associated Ranger items that you can get by using this armor.
  • You can craft your armor if you want to.
  • You can also upgrade and enchant your armor if you want to.

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Female Blades Light Armor

The last option on our list of best Skyrim mods is Female Blades Light Armor. There are various Blades armors that you can find in the base game, which is suited for the characters that love to slay their enemies with swords or blades.

Most importantly, both male and female characters in the base game can use The Blades armor. However, this mod specializes in providing Blades light armor only for the female characters. It is tailored to suit your female character if you like fighting your enemies with your sword.


  • This is the light version of the Blades armor in the base game.
  • It suits perfectly your female character.
  • Female Blades Light Armor is available both as a standalone or replacer armor.
  • It is easy to craft.
  • If you have a female character that loves to take on wild adventures on Skyrim, this is the best armor to do that.

Conclusion for Best Skyrim Armor Mods

You can explore the game world as much as you want, finding various places to visit and quests to complete along the way. You can also choose your play style depending on your interest, whether you will use the sword, magic, arrows, or other weapons. It’s up to you. There are also various weapons and armor that you can choose from in this game.

You can install these top armor mods in your base game to provide an even more comprehensive selection of armors and weapons to choose from. Just pick one of them if you want to make your character look good with the shiny new armor. Don’t forget that you will get the associated new features as well.

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