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How To Get Free Robux For Roblox, A Complete Guide

These 20 Legit methods will tell you “how to get free robux for Roblox” so you can enjoy the game to your heart’s content.

As a game that will challenge your creativity on every level. Roblox has taken the world by storm. In Roblox, you can create and design your own game, while other people can play the game that you have created.

However, in order to play the games available on Roblox, or to create various things that you want to create in this platform, you need to use the currency system called Robux.

This in-game currency system can be obtained by paying, using real money, sell some of your Roblox creations to other users, or you can try to find some free ways to earn Robux for free.

How to Get Free Robux For Roblox Legally? 20 WOrking Ways

We have compiled various ways that have been proven to be legitimate ways to earn the in-game currency for Roblox for free.

So, if you think that you need to fill your Roblox wallet with some virtual currency, these are the right ways to do that.

Some ways will allow you to earn more money than the other ways, but it might require a lot more work to do.

So, be sure to choose the ways that you prefer based on your needs. Here are 20 different ways you can do to start earning Robux legally today:

  1. Builder’s Club Membership

The first way to earn Robux for free is to get involved in the Builder’s Club Membership. This is one way that you can do to increase the chance to get free in-game currency from the Roblox platform itself.

How to get free robux for Roblox

However, the membership will cost you some fees to enter, so you should be aware of that.

Once you’ve chosen the membership plan that you would like to join in, you will start getting more bonuses and rewards as you keep using the Roblox platform.

The benefits for members of the Builder’s Club varies, depending on your membership level.

You can earn daily Robux once you’ve become a member, as well as earn various free Robux bonuses whenever you make a purchase or do certain activities on the Roblox platform.

All in all, this method might require you to pay for the monthly membership fees, but once you are a member, lots of free Robux will be waiting for your account later on, as you use the platform more and more.

Moreover, it is an official program from Roblox to allow you get the free Robux, so you don’t have anything to worry about whether it is legal or not to get free in-game currency this way.

  1. Get Free Google Play Codes

Google Play Codes are the voucher codes for Google Play Store that you can obtain either by purchasing it from various sellers or doing some free tasks on certain services that offer Google Play Codes as a reward.

How to get free robux for Roblox

What is the connection between Google Play Codes and Robux?

Well, since Roblox is available on Google Play Store, you can essentially purchase the Robux currency from the Roblox app on your Android device.

In order to purchase the in-game currency, you will need to have some money on your Google Wallet.

So, Google Play Codes can be used to fill your Google Wallet so that you can further use it to purchase the in-game currency for your Roblox account.

Thus, if you try to earn some free Google Play codes, it will help you to purchase Robux for free as well through your Android device.

There are various services that you can use to earn free Google Play codes. PointsPrizes.com is one of the services that allow you to earn free codes for Google Play. Some other services include:

Just remember to use only legitimate services to earn free Google Play codes that you can redeem for your Google account.

Stay away from scam websites that will only try to steal your important information.

  1. PointPrizes

PointsPrizes.com is a website that offers anyone the opportunity to earn various types of virtual currencies by completing simple tasks.

How to get free robux for Roblox

One of the benefits of this service is that it is legitimate, and it has been proven to pay the users the promised amount of virtual currencies that they have earned.

This website has many good reviews from various types of users, whether they are trying to earn the free Robux or various types of gift cards.

The process is simple. You simply sign up for an account at PointsPrizes.com and start earning points by completing some simple tasks.

Once you’ve reached the redeemable amount of points, you can redeem your points for free Robux or other types of gift cards as you prefer.

It is available for your desktop and mobile devices, so you can use this service from anywhere.

The types of tasks that you can complete with PointsPrizes.com varies, including completing offer walls, completing surveys, watching video ads, as well as daily bonuses and giveaways.

This service is based in France, and it has legitimate reviews as certified by Trustpilot.

So, you don’t need to worry about the rewards that you have earned from this service. You can redeem it for free Robux and use it to purchase any game or item on Roblox.

  1. Complete Tasks on EasyRobux.today

EasyRobux.today is another service that allows you to earn the free Robux currency by completing some simple tasks.

How to get free robux for Roblox

The good thing about this service is that you can access it from any device, which gives you the freedom to do the simple tasks whenever and wherever you are.

This is a straightforward service that you can use easily, and the website is also simple to navigate.

Upon accessing the EasyRobux.today website, you will be given the choices of the device to save.

You can save your preferred device before going straight to complete the offers.

Remember that you cannot use any Adblocker when you use this service because it requires certain scripts that must be run without Adblocker enabled. Here are some simple steps to get started with this site:

  • On the homepage, you will see a list of offers that you can currently take.
  • Just select the offer that you want to complete and complete it from start to finish.
  • Once it is completed, you will see the Claim button appears near the completed offer.
  • Just select the option to claim your reward, and you can get the free Robux sent to your account easily.

Please note that if you want to get more offers, it is advisable that you use your mobile device to do that since this site is mainly designed for mobile users.

  1. Selling Creations and Skills

Roblox is all about giving and receiving. In this platform, you can freely create your games and let other people to play it, or you can play games that are created by other people.

How to get free robux for Roblox

It is a platform full of game enthusiasts, developers, and players mixed together to form a robust and lively community.

Among various ways to earn Robux for free, selling your creations and skills are just a few methods that you can do to earn quick Robux from other players.

By selling your creations and skills, you can help other players to develop their games. Group Recruiting Plaza is the best place for you to start selling your creations and skills such as game scripts to help other players with their game creation.

So, if you have some good game development skills for Roblox, this is the best way to do.

Other players might also hire you to help them finish their projects, and you can get paid in the form of Robux once the project is completed.

It is not difficult to find other players who might want to hire you since there bound to be many people who want their projects completed on Roblox in any given time.

  1. Trade Collectibles on Builder’s Club

The Builder’s Club membership not only gives you a lot of advantages when it comes to using the Roblox platform, but it also allows you to trade collectibles with other players as well.

Trade Collectibles on Builder’s Club

Of course, the currency that you will use in the trade will be Robux. So, when you trade collectibles with other players on Builder’s Club, you will be able to earn more Robux quite easily.

You can use your creativity to create your own collectibles and sell it in the Builder’s Club marketplace.

It is the place where you can buy and sell collectibles from the Roblox players across the world.

So, if you can create an enticing collectible for Roblox, you can easily sell it to others in the marketplace for some free Robux.

When you play games on Roblox, you might be able to find some rare collectibles that you can sell for a high price in the marketplace.

But, you might not need to find such rare collectibles in order to start earning free Robux. Any valuable collectibles will do.

As long as it is unique enough, people will be willing to pay you some Robux to get their hands on it.

  1. Get Free iTunes Credits

Why would you need to get free iTunes credits? That’s because Roblox app is also available on Apple App Store, which means that you need some iTunes credits if you want to buy something via any iOS apps.

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How to get free robux for Roblox

Thus, earning free iTunes credits can also help you to earn the free Robux because you can use the iTunes credits to purchase some Robux via in-app purchase on Roblox iOS app later.

Thankfully, there are many services that allow you to earn some free iTunes credits by completing some tasks.

Simply by using your iOS device, you can download an app that allows you to earn rewards for completing various tasks. The app can be downloaded here:


Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will need to open the app and start completing the offers that are available there.

The method is the same as when you try to earn free Google Play codes. Just complete your tasks from start to finish, claim your reward, collect your points, and redeem your points for iTunes credits.

If you do it regularly, you can accumulate quite a good amount of iTunes credits that you can use toward purchasing Robux on the Roblox iOS app.

  1. Get Free Rixty Codes

Rixty is a virtual currency that you can use as a form of payment when purchasing Robux and other in-game virtual currencies.

Get Free Rixty Codes

The number of virtual currencies that are supported by Rixty are many, and more virtual currencies are being added on the regular basis.

With Rixty, you can complete the payments for various in-game currencies, such as Roblox, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and many more.

With Rixty, it will be easier for you to complete your payment because you can top up the Rixty wallet using local transfer methods that are easier to do, instead of just using your credit cards.

There are also many services that offer you some free Rixty codes as rewards for completing certain tasks.

Services like GrabPoints.com and PointsPrizes.com will allow you to redeem your reward for free Rixty codes.

Once you’ve completed the tasks that are available on those platforms, you can earn your Rixty codes for free.

Then, once the Rixty codes are available for you, you can use it toward the purchase of Robux, which will be delivered to your Roblox account.

  1. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel.com is the site that you can use to earn some money online just by completing certain tasks like filling out paid online surveys.


Once you’ve completed the paid surveys, you will be rewarded with points, and the points that you have accumulated can be redeemed either for cash or gift cards.

There are hundreds of rewards that you can redeem on PrizeRebel.com. One of the rewards is Robux gift cards, allowing you to redeem your points for Robux.

This site is proven to be legitimate because it has been used by millions of members and it has cashed out millions of dollars’ worth of gift cards and cash.

The sign-up process is also simple and require no fee for you to pay. You just need to fill out your personal information and sign up to the service.

Then, the PrizeRebel.com platform will try to find paid surveys that are matched with your profile.

You can visit this site daily for regular paid survey opportunities, which can help you to accumulate points that can be redeemed toward free Robux gift card later.

  1. RBX Boost

RBXBoost.com is a service that allows you to earn the free Robux easily by completing various types of offers.

How to get free robux for Roblox

The site is focused on giving Robux as a reward as opposed to giving various types of gift cards.

So, it has been used solely by Roblox players all over the world to earn some free Robux for their account.

On the website, you can see the amount of RBX that has been earned by the users, as well as the available RBX in stock. Lots of offers are also available on the home page.

You can earn the free Roblox currency by completing various tasks, as well as by referring this service to other users.

The service also gives daily giveaways so that you can keep coming back to the site for more interesting offers.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can simply withdraw your Robux reward in a single click.

Once you are done, the Robux currency will be transferred to your Roblox account immediately.

The site has various active social media channels that you can use to communicate with them, such as Twitter and Discord.

There is also a YouTube contest being held regularly to give Robux rewards for the chosen winners.

  1. OPRewards

OPRewards.com is a site that allows you to earn free game currency and items. So, it is designated for gamers who want to improve their gaming experience without having to spend too much money in the process.

Most game items and currencies need to be purchased with real money, and OPRewards allows you to get them for free.

This includes Robux for Roblox. You can earn the free Robux by using this service simply by completing various tasks as they are available in this platform.

The tasks that you need to complete are simple. You can earn points by completing offers and downloading apps.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can cash them out for an immediate reward of your choice.

Lots of games are supported by OPRewards, including Steam, Roblox, RuneScape, Rixty, Habbo, and more. It has more than 3 million users, and you can sign up for this service free of charge.

  1. Free Roblox Gift Cards

Since there are millions of users that use Roblox to create and play various games in the platform, there are also various offers that are made to lure new users into the service.

How to get free robux for Roblox

One of such offers is free Roblox gift cards. These gift cards are designated for Roblox users, and you can find these gift cards lying around waiting for you to use it for free Robux.

However, be aware that only one user will be able to redeem each gift card code. So, you have to be fast in grabbing these gift card codes as soon as they are available.

The site payprizes offers various gift card codes for Roblox that you can redeem right away, with the updated list weekly.

So, you should check out the newest codes from this site to grab your free Robux right away.

These codes are compiled by the admin of the site from various social media posts, blog comments, giveaway sites, and other sources.

So, they are legitimately available from Roblox, but they can only be redeemed by a few lucky winners. Grab it fast!

  1. RobuxMania

RobuxMania.com is a service that allows you to earn Robux legally. It has a fast server that ensures the users to be able to use the site smoothly.

You can earn free in-game currency for Roblox by downloading apps and completing various offers available in this platform.

You can get started by entering your email information or signing up with the service through Google.

Once you’ve completed the offers or downloaded the apps as they are available, you will earn points that you can accumulate for some rewards later.

The rewards that are available include Roblox gift card, Google Play gift card, and iTunes gift card. So, you can choose which reward to earn once you’ve earned enough points by completing the available tasks.

This service is completely legal, and it provides various opportunities for you to earn the free Robux as many times as you want.

More gift card codes are being added regularly and more codes have been redeemed by the users. Whether you want to redeem it for Roblox, Google Play, or iTunes is up to you.

But, no matter what gift card you choose, you can always use it to purchase the Roblox currency from the respective app platform.

  1. Roblox Promo Codes

Roblox Promo Codes are the codes released officially by the staff members or admins of Roblox to be used by any user who wants to obtain certain items for free.

How to get free robux for Roblox

The quota for each promo code is usually restricted, so you have to grab the chance as fast as you can.

Once you’ve applied the Roblox promo codes, you don’t need to spend any Robux to buy these items. It can greatly cut down your spending on these items. So, it’s the same way as obtaining free Robux.

Various sites offer you with the list of promo codes for Roblox that is updated regularly. You don’t need to find these codes manually by yourself.

By visiting the page, you will be able to see the list of promo codes that are available for you to redeem. It is updated on a regular basis, so you can check back later for some updated promo codes.

But, you have to act fast to redeem these codes before the quota is filled. Once the quota is filled, you can no longer redeem the codes later.

Since it is a one-of-a-time opportunity, it is always good for you to bookmark this page to find out whether new Roblox promo codes are available for you to redeem.

  1. RobuxHunter

RobuxHunter.com is a site that offers a legal way for you to earn Robux for free. In fact, it doesn’t just offer the Roblox in-game currency for free.

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It also offers iTunes gift card and Google Play gift card as well. What you need to do is to sign up for this service and then complete the offers that are available there.

The offers include downloading apps and completing paid surveys. Once you’ve completed the offers, you can earn points that you can redeem for your chosen rewards later.

Just like other similar services, RobuxHunter helps you to earn Robux for free without having to spend any money on it.

The offers available on this service are easy to do, and it will only require you a few minutes to complete.

The points that you earn will depend on the value of the offer that you take.

The more valuable the offer, the more points you will earn, which means the faster you will be able to redeem them for rewards.

You can complete as many offers as possible, and you can just come back regularly to this site for more available offers.

Some Other Ways To Get Free Robux For Roblox(Updated)

There are some more ways that you can follow to obtain Robux and use it to purchase anything within the Roblox platform.

But, before purchasing anything, be sure that you have sufficient Robux before you make the purchase.

If you don’t want to purchase any product right away, you can just accumulate Robux until you use it later on.

If you have been quite active in Roblox, you should be able to figure out some ways to earn some Robux, such as by selling your creations to other users.

  • Create Your Own Game

Roblox is a platform where any users can create their own games using their creativity.

Create Your Own Game

So, if you think that you can be creative enough with your mind, you can create your own game in this platform.

Then, you can either charge the access to play the game or you can offer various in-game accesses for a fee.

If you choose to offer various in-game accesses for a fee, such as access to certain guilds, missions, or levels, you might need to make your game available for free to attract more players to your game.

Then, once you’ve started to receive payment for your game access, you will be able to start earning Robux on a regular basis.

  • Create Your Own Items

Roblox not only allows you to create your own game, but it also allows you to create various types of items to be used within the games available on this platform.

Create Your Own Items

So, if you think that creating a game is a big project for you to complete, you can start by creating some items that other users can use in-game.

For instance, you can create clothing apparels, weapons, and other customizations and charge a cheap Robux fee for others to use it.

It will help you earn a steady amount of this virtual currency, albeit you might collect the in-game currency slowly using this method.

  • Promote Your Creations

Whether you have decided to create your own games or in-game items, it is very important for you to promote your creations to the world, especially to other Roblox players.

Promote Your Creations

If you don’t promote what you have created, people might not know about it, and you might not be able to earn Robux with it.

But, if you promote your creations through social media or any other means, you will be able to attract people’s attention to it, and then earn the virtual currency much faster this way.

  • Pay with Real Money

This is the easiest way you can do to earn Robux instantly. This in-game currency can be bought directly from Roblox using your real money.

Pay with Real Money

There are various types of payment that you can use to complete your purchase. So, you can just transfer some money for the amount of Robux that you need.

Once you’ve completed the payment transaction, the amount of in-game currency that you have bought will be available in your account.

After that, you can use the virtual currency to purchase anything that you want from the Roblox platform.

What Exactly is Robux?

Robux is the in-game currency system that allows you to do transactions within the Roblox platform.

With this, you can purchase the license to play games available on Roblox or buy various in-game items to create your own game.

The concept of Robux is very simple. It is the currency that you can use in the Roblox platform, which acts as a replacement of real money.

This is the currency that you can use to buy various products offered within the Roblox platform. Without Robux, you cannot buy anything that is offered within the Roblox platform.

Which means that you cannot gain access to games or items that require you to pay a certain amount of Robux before you can use them. This in-game currency will be stored in your wallet.

Is Earning Free Robux Legally, Possible?

There are some legitimate services that allow you to earn the free Robux legally by doing certain activities.


However, you need to be careful not to fall for the scam traps because there are many bad services that offer free Robux, while in reality they are just some scammers.

So, be aware of it. Only choose the legal service providers that allow you to earn Robux for free through legitimate means, which we will share with you in this guide.

In this guide, you can find the ways that you can follow to start earning some in-game currency for Roblox without having to spend any money on it.

What Activities that You Need to Do to Earn Free Robux?

There are some types of activities that you need to do to start earning some free Robux to be used in your Roblox gameplay. The activities differ from one service to another.

You might need to do some simple tasks such as completing surveys, trying out new mobile apps, reviewing apps, and many others.

You need to link your Roblox account with these services in order to receive the reward for the tasks that you have done.

Of course, the possibilities are endless. As more services like this are being introduced, there are more ways to earn Robux legally by doing different types of activities that you must complete.

Some services might use the point system, while some others might give the reward directly to your Roblox account.

What you need to do is follow the process from start to finish, and you will be able to earn more in-game currency for this platform at your own pace.

A Word of Advice – Beware of Fake Websites that Offer Free Robux

Before we delve further with the different ways that you can follow to earn Robux legally, you should be aware of the fake websites that will try to scam you.

Fake robux generators

These websites will offer easy ways to earn the in-game currency for Roblox without requiring you to do anything.

These sites usually offer free Robux generator scheme that will scam many people into getting the in-game currency by simply generating codes for it.

There is no such way of generating Robux using randomly generated codes. If you come across these websites, you can be sure that these are scam websites, and you need to stay out of it.

There are also websites that claim to be able to hack Roblox servers in order to obtain free Robux for you. This is definitely a fake website.

There is no website that can attempt to hack Roblox server in order to obtain free Robux codes because the access will immediately be blocked by the server.

So, anyone claims to be able to hack the Roblox server is definitely trying to scam you and steal your account information. Don’t trust these bad websites.

Also, you have to remember not to give any of your personal information to these websites, such as username and password of your Roblox account, because these websites might attempt to steal your account information and misuse it.

It is better for you to protect your account with the 2-step verification to avoid giving any third-party unsolicited access to your account.

So, be aware of these fake websites. Only follow our legitimate recommendations to start earning Robux for free legally.

Tips to Keep Your Roblox Account Safe and Secure

It is very important for you to keep your Roblox account safe and secure because it has all your important assets on Roblox.

Keep Roblox account safe

It stores your Robux, items that you have purchased, games that you have purchased, your membership, and so on. So, your account is very important for you to protect and secure at all times.

Sometimes, when you use services that claim to give you free Robux currency for free, you might need to link your Roblox account with these services.

Beware that some scam websites will try to steal your username and password information for your Roblox account if you are not careful.

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Therefore, it is important for you to use only legitimate services that will not invade your privacy in any way. Mostly, free Robux generator sites are scam because no one can really generate any codes to obtain Robux.

Only the Roblox company can generate such codes, and even so, they can’t do it and giving these codes away for free without any type of compensation.

There are various ways to help keep your Roblox account safe. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Create a Strong and Memorable Password

The password that you create for your account needs to be strong but memorable.

You need to use the combination of letters, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and other symbols to ensure that your password is difficult to guess by others.

So, for instance, if you want to use “January” as a password, you can create the password for it like “!J4Nu4rY@”. This way, you can memorize the password, yet you will be able to make the password strong and impossible to hack.

  • Change Your Password Regularly

It is important for you to change your password regularly. If you often sign up to your Roblox account, keeping your password updated will make your account even more secure.

In addition to creating a strong and memorable password, you should change your password regularly for at least once per 3 months.

This way, you will secure the access to your account, especially if you use multiple devices to access it.

  • Don’t Login to Roblox from Unknown Device

You need to sign in to your Roblox account only from the devices that you own. You must not log in to Roblox from an unknown device or public device.

So, for instance, it is not recommended for you to sign in to Roblox using a library computer or school computer. It is not recommended to log in to your account using someone else’s mobile device or tablet.

This is because your log in information might be stored on those devices, and anyone might have unauthorized access to it later if you are not careful.

  • Activate the Two-Step Verification

Roblox allows you to activate the two-step verification, which enables added security for your account.

By activating this feature, you will be sent a code to your device every time you try to log into your account.

So, this feature will ensure that only you can log into your account because the verification code will be sent to the device that you own.

Even though hackers might be able to get your username and password, they still can’t access your account unless they also know about the verification code.

By activating this feature, your account will become much more secure and protected.

  • Only Download Roblox from the Official App Store

Do not attempt to download Roblox apps from places that are not officially linked in the official website.

Only download your apps from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store in order to get the legitimate copy of the app.

If you try to download the app from other unauthorized sources, there is a big chance that the app has been inserted with malicious codes that will steal the personal information related to your account.

It is also important for you to avoid downloading hacked versions of Roblox, since they will have altered coding inside the app which makes it unsafe for you to install on your device.

  • Don’t Share Your Account with Others

It is important for you to keep your account only for yourself. If you share your account with others, you are risking the security of your account to some unknown persons.

Even though you are sharing your account with your friends or family members, they might expose your username and password to other unauthorized people that you don’t know.

So, it is highly recommended for you to keep your account safe only for yourself and never share any personal information related to your account to others.

This is for the safety and protection of your account.

  • Avoid Harmful Websites

Harmful websites that are trying to use your account in return for free Robux or any other incentives need to be avoided.

While there are many legitimate websites that you can use to earn the Roblox in-game currency for free, you need to know that there are also many harmful and scam websites that are offering the same thing.

You need to avoid linking your account with those websites. Unless they are verified and have established user base, you should avoid using those harmful websites.

By linking your account with those websites, you are exposing yourself to security risks.

  • Avoid Opening Untrustworthy Links

You might receive some emails claiming to be from Roblox, while the truth is that those emails come from spammers and untrustworthy people.

Don’t open the links that are provided in those emails. These are phishing links that will lead you to fake Roblox websites, trying to scam you out to provide your username and password.

These scam websites will have similar layouts to the official website, but they don’t have as many features in it.

They only have the login page that is designed to steal away your account information once you’ve put it.

So, make sure that the Roblox website that you visit is the official website with the HTTPS on it.

  • Contact Roblox Customer Service

If you see any suspicious activities in your account, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Roblox customer service right away.

They will give you the step-by-step guide to start securing your account again after an attempt to hack it.

Usually, they will send the link to update your password and make sure that you are activating all the security options for your account.

This is important because many people don’t know what to do when their account got hacked.

The only way for them to feel safe is to contact the Roblox customer service right away for a quick resolution for their problem.


Roblox is a platform that can only be enjoyed fully when you start using Robux to purchase various things that it offers.

Since Roblox is not completely free of charge, and there are many great games, items, and collectibles that you can use only after you are purchasing them using Robux.

You will need to fill your account with enough Robux to ensure that you can purchase the things that you need in this platform.

But, in order to obtain Robux, you need to either spend your real money to purchase it or you can do various things that allow you to earn the in-game currency for free.

You can also play the games that have been designed and created by other users. There are various genres and types of games that you can play on Roblox.

So you can always find the thing that you want to do in this Massively Multiplayer Online game platform. Roblox is available in various platforms, including mobile devices, PC, and Xbox One.

These are the various ways that you can do to earn the free Robux without having to spend a lot of money to purchase it.

Of course, you will need to do certain activities in order to obtain it, but these activities are usually easy and simple to do.

You need to only spend a few minutes each day in order to complete the tasks such as surveys, app downloads, and other offers before you can redeem your points for Robux.

There are also various other ways that you can do to ensure that you can earn a good amount of Roblox virtual currency, such as by selling your games, crafts, skills, creations, collectibles, and so on.

There are lots of services that offer you free Robux currency, but this guide has the most legitimate and safe services to use.

Beware that there are also services that are trying to scam you. So, you should be aware of the websites that you are dealing with.

The most reliable and safest ways to start earning Robux for free is by following the recommendations available in this guide.

In this way, you will ensure that you are using the right services that won’t put any security risk on your account.

While using these services, you need to make sure to keep your account protected and safe.

There are also tips that you can do to make it possible for you to keep your account protected from any unauthorized access.

It is better for you to secure your account today before you start using any of the services that offer free Robux. After that, you can enjoy earning free Robux as much as you want.

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