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20 Bow Enchantments in Minecraft to Improve Your Bow & Crossbow

Are you looking for the best bow enchantments in Minecraft to Improve Your Bow and Crossbow with Various Effects? Well, this list is just for you.

With the bow in Minecraft, you can shoot your enemies from long distances and kill them before they reach you.

There are also enchantments that you can apply for the bow and crossbow in this game.

These enchantments can give your weapons more power and improvements, helping you kill more enemies in battle.

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Our List of The Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

Here are the top 20 bow enchantments (December 2020):


Infinity is a bow enchantment in Minecraft that allows you to use your bow with infinite arrows.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

It will prevent the arrow from getting consumed when you shoot it at your enemies.

With this enchantment, you can attack your enemies without worrying about running out of arrows.

You only need one arrow to shoot and kill all your enemies once you apply this enchantment.


  • You only need to have one arrow to give unlimited shots to your enemies, which is great for defense and offense.
  • This enchantment is not available for the tipped and spectral arrow types.
  • You cannot use Infinity alongside Mending enchantment, as they are mutual.
  • You cannot retrieve the arrows you fired with this enchantment, such as in Creative Mode.
  • You can use this enchantment with the regular bow.

More Information – Infinity (Bow Enchantment)

Mending – Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

Mending is the enchantment that you can apply to your bow, which gives the effect of restoring its durability by using the experience points you have.

Mending (Bow Enchantment)

With this ability, you can restore your bow to its best state when you need it.

Aside from the bow, you can use mending for other items as well, such as sword, axe, pickaxe, and more.


  • This enchantment can restore various items, such as bow, sword, chest plate, ax, pickaxe, and more.
  • You can use your experience orbs to restore the durability of your item using this enchantment.
  • One experience point can restore two durability points for your item.
  • It will skip the restoration process if you have some durability items if you attempt to restore multiple things at once.
  • The remaining experience points will go to your normal experience gauge after completing the restoration process.


Power is the enchantment for your bow, which can increase the damage capability of your arrows.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

When you use this enchantment, your arrows can inflict more damages to the enemies.

It helps you to kill the enemies fast and also deal with multiple enemies with ease.

It is a simple power up for your bow, giving you more power to defend yourself against enemy attacks.


  • You can use this enchantment to increase your bow’syour bow’s power, giving the arrows more damage power on the enemies.
  • You can increase the power of your arrows by up to 150% based on your enchantment level.
  • The maximum enchantment level for Power is level V, giving you the additional damage of 150% on your enemies.
  • You can even inflict multiplied damages to your enemies with a full charge if you reach critical damage.
  • For each enchantment level, you can increase the damage of your arrows by 25%.


In Minecraft, each item you use has its durability.

Unbreaking (Bow Enchantment)

It’s the same with your bow.

You will break it if you use it often. However, with the Unbreaking enchantment for your bow, it will not happen.

Using this enchantment allows you to keep using your bow without worrying about breaking it.

Or you can at least use your bow much longer than usual.


  • Aside from bows, this enchantment can apply to various other items and weapons as well.
  • It works by decreasing the percentage of your chance of breaking the bow.
  • Aside from the bow, you can also use it for your armor, giving you more chance to equip it without breaking it. You can keep your bow to last for 25-45% longer than usual with this enchantment.
  • You can reach the maximum level of III for this Unbreaking enchantment.


Punch is the enchantment that you can apply to your bow in Minecraft, which can increase the chance of knocking back your enemies using your arrows.

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Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

In short, this enchantment can increase your attack damage, making it easier for you to knock back your enemies using arrows.

This enchantment is comparable to the Knockback enchantment for melee weapons in this game.


  • It gives more power to your arrows and more chance for you to knock down your enemies.
  • With this enchantment, you can release much stronger attacks with your arrows.
  • You can reach the maximum level of III with Punch.
  • It helps prevent enemies from approaching you and attacking you with melee attacks.
  • Each enchantment level will give you three blocks of distance to knock back your enemies.

Flame – Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

The flame is the enchantment that can turn your arrows into flaming arrows.

Flame (Bow Enchantment)

When you apply this to your bow, you can shoot flaming arrows that can cause fire damages to your enemies.

When you hit your enemies with the flaming arrows, you can deal damages to multiple enemies, lasting for around 5 seconds.


  • It gives your arrows the power of fire that can damage multiple enemies at once.
  • The fire damage can also kill multiple enemies fast since it can last for 5 seconds.
  • It doesn’t work when you are firing your arrows during the rain or around watery areas.
  • You don’t need to worry of damaging the environment with the flaming arrows.
  • The flaming arrows can only deal fire damages to mobs, players, TNT, and campfires.

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing is the enchantment that allows you to curse an item of your choice, including your bow, to disappear after your death.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

When you apply this, you cannot drop your item after you die. Instead, it will vanish.

You can make the cursed item vanish from the world after you die when you use this enchantment. 


  • You can apply this to your bow, and it will disappear when you died in battle.
  • It is useful to prevent enemies from taking advantage of your item after they killed you in battle.
  • You can prevent this enchantment from taking effect if you drop the item by yourself or place it inside the chest before you die.
  • Aside from the bow, you can also use this enchantment for various other items.
  • You cannot remove this enchantment using the crafting table or the grindstone.


In Minecraft, certain activities will help you advance in this game.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

Advancements are available for beginners to delve deeper into the world of Minecraft by doing certain activities that are rewarding for them.

Bullseye is the advancement you can get when you complete a certain activity using your bow as a weapon.


  • You will earn the Bullseye advancement if you create a target and hit it from a certain distance.
  • You need to hit the Target block from 30 meters or more to get the Bullseye advancement in this game.
  • Also, you need to shoot your target block with a horizontal shoot.
  • You can earn trophy for this advancement if you play this game on specific platforms.
  • You can create the target by combining Redstone Dust and Hay Bale.

Sniper Duel (Bow Advancement)

Sniper Duel is an advancement you can get by using the bow you have.

Sniper Duel (Bow Advancement)

With the bow, you need to shoot the skeleton at a certain distance.

This can be very challenging if you don’t master aiming with your bow.

However, with enough practice, this advancement can earn experience points for you when you complete it.


  • It would help if you were at least 50 blocks away from the target.
  • You need to shoot the skeleton to get this advancement.
  • Remember that skeletons can move fast, so aiming at them, such as from a distance, can be challenging.
  • You need to shoot the skeleton from a horizontal position and hit them straight with your arrow.
  • You will earn 50 experience points when you complete this advancement.

Take Aim (Bow Advancement)

Take Aim is the advancement you can get as soon as you pick your first bow.

Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

With the bow in your hands, you can shoot an enemy to get this advancement.

It is relatively easy to do, and it helps you learn the basics of using the bow.

Take Aim is the advancement you can get without effort.

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  • The first time you use a bow, you can get this advancement when you hit an enemy with your arrow.
  • It doesn’t have any distance requirement so that you can shoot any enemy from any distance.
  • You can use various arrow types to shoot your enemies, such as regular arrow, tipped arrow, and spectral arrow.
  • The advancement is there for the beginners to learn about how to play the game.
  • You do not get any experience point for this advancement.

Quick Charge

It can be determined with the crossbowntal for you in battle if you need to reload your weapon fast.

This enchantment can help load your crossbow even quicker, whether you plan to use an arrow or a firework.


  • Quick Charge helps speed up your crossbow’s reload speed, making it ready to hit the enemies anytime.
  • It is instrumental in face-paced combat, where you need to shoot arrows or fireworks in quick successions.
  • The more level you have for this enchantment, the quicker you can reload your crossbow.
  • You can decrease the reload time for up to 0.75 seconds with this enchantment.
  • You can get this enchantment through fishing, enchanting table, and other methods.

Piercing (Crossbow Enchantment)

Piercing is the crossbow enchantment that gives your crossbow the ability to pierce through your enemies and penetrate their shields.

With Piercing, you can add more power to each shot you release with your crossbow, and it can damage your enemies more.

It can work only with the arrows, not with the fireworks.


  • This enchantment gives your arrows the ability to inflict more damage to the enemies.
  • You can also pierce through enemies with your arrows.
  • The higher level you have, the more enemies you can pierce through with your arrows.
  • It doesn’t work for the fireworks.
  • You can still inflict damages to the enemies that use shields to block themselves.

Multishot (Crossbow Enchantment)

In a normal situation, you can shoot only one arrow or one firework with your crossbow.

But, with Multishot, you can shoot three arrows and three fireworks at the cost of one arrow or firework.

With this enchantment, you can multiply your attacks, and you can also destroy and kill more enemies with a single episode.


  • Using only one arrow or one firework, you can shoot three arrows and three fireworks with your crossbow.
  • Your multiple shots will go to different directions, damaging more enemies.
  • You can also collect the two additional arrows after shooting them.
  • When you use this enchantment, you will consume three durability points for each shot.
  • The shots for tipped/spectral arrows will get duplicated three times.

Unbreaking (Crossbow Enchantment)

Unbreaking is the enchantment for the crossbow in Minecraft, which allows you to prevent the crossbow from breaking.

Based on the crossbow durability, you will break your crossbow if you use it.

However, with Unbreaking, you can reduce the chance for you to break the crossbow so that you can use your weapon longer.


  • It protects your crossbow from breaking with constant use.
  • It can increase the crossbow’s durability so that you can use it longer than usual.
  • The higher the level of your enchantment, the stronger your crossbow durability will be.
  • The crossbow will still consume durability points when used, but it will not break as fast as the non-enchanted crossbow.
  • You can reach up to level III for the Unbreaking enchantment for your crossbow.

Mending – Best Bow Enchantments in Minecraft

With Mending enchantment for your crossbow, you can mend the crossbow whenever it loses durability points during regular use.

With this enchantment, you can restore your crossbow’s durability points at the cost of your experience points.

You can use the experience orbs you get from various sources to mend your crossbow.


  • You will prevent your crossbow from breaking by restoring its durability point.
  • You will use your experience to restore the durability point of your crossbow.
  • Also, you can gather experience orbs from various sources to restore your crossbow durability with this enchantment.
  • It can help prevent your crossbow from breaking during everyday use.
  • This is an excellent enchantment to have if you choose crossbow as your favorite or primary weapon.

More Information – Mending (Crossbow Enchantment)

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing is an enhancement that you can use for your crossbow in Minecraft.

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With Curse of Vanishing, you can curse your crossbow so it will disappear when you died in this game.

This way, enemies cannot take advantage of your crossbow after they killed you in battle.


  • You can prevent the enemies from getting the advantage of your weapon by making it disappear when you died.
  • Aside from the crossbow, you can also use this enchantment for other weapons and items.
  • You can only get up to level 1 for this enchantment.
  • You can undo the enchantment by removing the crossbow from your inventory before you die.
  • Also, you can use this enchantment via the enchanting table, commands, and anvil.


With the crossbow, you can also get various advancements the more you use it as your primary weapon in Minecraft.

Arbalistic is one advancement you can get by using crossbow in this game. It is a hidden advancement.


  • The way to get this advancement is to kill five different mobs using one shot.
  • You can unlock the achievement for this advancement once you complete it.
  • The mobs you shoot need to differ from each other.
  • This advancement requires a high level of skill of using crossbow.
  • You can’t check this advancement in the normal achievement list because it is a hidden advancement.

Ol’ Betsy

Ol’ Betsy is a fundamental advancement you can get when you are using crossbow in Minecraft.

It is one of the early advancements that you can achieve upon acquiring a crossbow for your weapon.

It is easy to do.


  • You need to get a crossbow and use it as your weapon for the first time.
  • You only need to kill one enemy with your crossbow to get this advancement.
  • It is useful for beginners in this game, and it teaches the basics of using the crossbow.
  • You don’t earn any experience point upon completing this advancement.
  • There are no complicated requirements you need to meet to unlock this advancement.

Two Birds, One Arrow

This is another advancement that you can get by using the crossbow in Minecraft.

With your crossbow, you can kill two birds (enemies) with one arrow.

The enemies you need to kill for this advancement are the Phantoms.


  • For this advancement, you need to enchant your crossbow with the Piercing enchantment.
  • Now, you can use the piercing arrows to kill multiple enemies at once.
  • You need to use your piercing arrows to kill two Phantoms all at once.
  • You need to time your shot so you can get two Phantoms in one line before you shoot them.
  • Shoot one Phantom to pierce through the other Phantom with your piercing arrow.

Who’s the Pillager Now (Crossbow Advancement)

Last but not least, Who’s the Pillager Now is the advancement you can get using your crossbow in this game.

It allows you to advance more in the game by unlocking this simple achievement.

It doesn’t need any complicated requirements to complete.


  • You need to confront the Pillager.
  • With the crossbow, you need to kill the Pillager to get them the taste of their own medicine.
  • It is quite simple to do, as you only need to kill one Pillager to complete the achievement.
  • You can do this as soon as you get your hands on the crossbow and use it as your weapon.
  • No need to use any enchantment to complete this advancement.

Conclusion – Fing the best Minecraft crossbow enhancements

These are the best bow enchantments and also the related bow advancements in Minecraft that you can get.

For now, you can only have a few enchantments for your bow, but don’t worry.

There are also various enchantments for other weapons as well.

If you use other weapons as your primary weapon, you can enchant them to add various new improvements to them.

Minecraft is all about exploration, creation, and surviving in battles.

Prepare your best bows and arrows to defend yourself against the hordes of enemies coming your way.

Enjoy the game!

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