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20 Best Mass Effect Andromeda Mods 2022 | Top Mods for Better Gameplay

People in 2022 look after the best Mass Effect Andromeda mods to enhance their gameplay. Therefore, we decided to suggest people with the best mods for Mass Effect Andromeda that everyone will love, and they improve your gameplay. We have the 20 best mods that are understandable and have numerous exciting features. Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the latest instalments in the Mass Effect series. This game was initially released in 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms. It still carries the same type of gameplay as the previous Mass Effect games, with many improvements in graphics and a bigger universe to explore. In the PC version of the game, you can modify your gameplay experience using various mods that have been released to the public by the gaming community. Before the Andromeda, gamers have liked the Mass Effect game a lot since its launch. It went so viral that people started searching for games like Mass Effect

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Mods | 2022 Additions

Suppose you want to expand and improve your Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay experience. Here are the top 20 Mass Effect Andromeda mods you can use confidently in 2022. Most importantly, AndroidCompare keeps updating these mods over time for the games to ensure they don’t miss anything new. To select the best mod among these 20, you need to see what’s your Mass Effect Andromeda game style and then compare all of them. This is how you can select the Mass Effect Andromeda best mods for you, friends, and family.

Character Creation Overhaul – Mass Effect Andromeda Mods 2022

This best mod for Mass Effect Andromeda adds many exciting skills to your gameplay like racial skills, character skills, etc. Most importantly, it will make learning more challenging skills easier in 2022. In Mass Effect Andromeda, you can customize your main character using the default character creation tool before you start the game. Although the vanilla character creation tool already has everything you need to create unique and stunning characters in this game, you can still improve it. The Character Creation Overhaul mod provides the improvements in makeups and complexions that you can use during the character creation session in this game.

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

Features in 2022:

  • It offers better makeup and complexion options.
  • It works only for HEAD 10 and only for sis Ryder, so be sure to choose this option if you want to apply this mod.
  • Using this mod, you can make your characters look more efficient by using different options.
  • Upgrades include changes in eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, freckles, and more.
  • The visual changes are drawn by hand, meaning they are uniquely made for this mod.
  • It adds 11 different female complexions.


Road Rage – Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

The Nomad is the vehicle you use to explore the planet you visit. If you wish to improve Nomad, you must go for the Road Rage Andromeda mod. It significantly changes the damage you give to the enemies. This vehicle will help you find new areas without spending too much time walking or running around various landscapes. The Road Rage mod is designed to give the Nomad multiple improvements that will help you explore new areas on the planet.

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods


  • It gives the Nomad various improvements in all aspects.
  • You can give more damage to the enemies when you are using the Nomad to attack them.
  • If you drive the Nomad in 4-wheel mode, you can move the vehicle on more slopes, especially the ones with extreme angles.
  • It increases the Nomad’s top speed, jump power, and boost speed.
  • In 2022, Nomad speed, jumping, and other related skills will be more advanced.
  • As your level grows, make the improvements you can get for your vehicle.

Download – Road Rage

Romance for All – Mass Effect Andromeda Mod

Romance is one of the most favorite aspects of the Mass Effect series, as you can quickly build romantic relationships with other characters in this game. But, the romance system in Mass Effect Andromeda, like in any previous Mass Effect games, has its limitations and restrictions. Moreover, there are no more gender limitations in all romances. Also, you can have multiple romances at once in 2022. This is why this mod is needed. In addition, the Romance for All mod can improve various aspects of the romance in this game, making the game much more enjoyable to play.

Romance for All


  • It allows you to build romantic relationships with other characters without being limited by gender.
  • You can have multiple romantic relationships with other characters in this game.
  • No matter if you have a male gender or female gender, you can easily romance with Cora, Jaal, Liam, etc.
  • You can simultaneously build romantic relationships with characters like Suvi, Liam, Cora, Avera, Gil, and others.
  • It adds various animations, conversations, and other aspects during your romantic scenes.
  • This mod doesn’t affect the regular romantic scenes.

Download – Romance for All

Massively Increased Inventory Size

In 2022, who does not like to have an incredible inventory in any game? This best Mass Effect Andromeda does the same task. However, when you have access to this best 2022 mod, you have an inventory limitation. In this game, you can store the items you’ve picked up throughout your journey in your inventory. However, the default inventory system in this game has its limits, so you can’t take all the items you want in your inventory. Instead, it would help if you keep managing your inventory by adding valuable items and discarding the ones you no longer need. The Massively Increased Inventory Size mod will give you much more room for your inventory, so you don’t need to worry about inventory management.

Massively Increased Inventory Size


  • This mod allows you to store various necessary items, giving your inventory more extensive storage.
  • It allows you to keep all the items you want without discarding any unused items.
  • Using this mod means having premium and high-classified weapons in your inventory.
  • Moreover, you get access to the armors too.
  • You can store thousands of bullets and barrels in your inventory without any problem.
  • The inventory storage is increased to 99999.
  • You can modify the number of inventory storage using the Frosty Editor.

Materials for Sale – Mass Effect Andromeda Mod

Crafting materials are used in Mass Effect Andromeda to craft various weapons and items in the game. However, it requires quite a good amount of grinding before you can earn the materials to craft the weapons, armors, and items you want. The Materials for Sale mod is there to allow crafting even easier for you. Lay your hands on this exciting Andromeda mod in 2022 and improve your gameplay by unlocking multiple weapons. These weapons let you enhance your gameplay by unlocking multiple guns and armors. With this mod, you can buy and sell crafting materials using the kiosk, so you can reduce the time to grind these materials lot.

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods


  • You can buy and sell materials using the kiosk in the Tempest.
  • You can also stock all materials that you have or even make them accessible.
  • It is one of the best Mass Effect Andromeda mods in 2022.
  • It makes it easy for you to get crafting materials without grinding.
  • You can also earn money by selling your crafting materials.
  • It doesn’t require any cryo pod perks.
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Powers Boosted and Balanced – Mass Effect Andromeda Mods Pc

This mode simply increases the damage, force, and other related powers. Mass Effect Andromeda allows you to use powers to attack your enemies. The higher your level and skills, the better the powers can bring damage to the enemies. However, in the vanilla version, your character’s abilities seem to be a little too weak. In fact, it mostly doesn’t do exemplary damages to the enemies when used. The Powers Boosted and Balanced mod can give you the boost in powers that you need. Moreover, you will have enough abilities and skills to defeat your enemies.

Powers Boosted and Balanced

Features in 2022:

  • You can now use the full potential of powers and passives that your character has.
  • The powers can now deliver more damage to your enemies when used.
  • It gives your character more excitement and boosts powers to stand more robust against powerful enemies.
  • Your powers can also be used in a farther radius with a better force.
  • Now you can use your powers to kill difficult enemies much more quickly.
  • It increases the stats related to powers and passives for your character.
  • It is considered to be among the best mass effect Andromeda weapon mods.

Better Squad – Andromeda Mods for 2022

A Squad of 4 players is the best and can defeat any other squad using Better Squad Andromeda mod. This mod gives exciting powers to your Mass Effect Andromeda squad. You can play this game by creating a team for your character so that you can attack enemies much more efficiently with more people that will help you in your fight. The problem with the squad in this game is that sometimes, your squad members don’t help you much in battles and tend only to inflict minor damages to the enemies. The Better Squad mod is here to improve the squad in this game so that they can become more assertive.

Better Squad


  • Your squad members can now deal more damage to the enemies, and they can help you in battles.
  • Your squad members now have better stats in their particular skills and powers.
  • Who would not like to stay alive for a long time? This mod does the same thing.
  • It allows your teammates to deal significant damage and lose less hp.
  • It can make the overall squad members stronger.
  • You will have better offence and defence for your squad members.
  • Your squad members will also die less in battles.

More Skill Points per Level

Skill points are required for you to increase your skills in this game, and you can get more skill points as you raise your experience in this game. The more skills you have, the more advantages you will have over your enemies. You will also get skill points every time you level up. The More Skill Points per Level mod is there to help you earn more skill points every time you level up your character so that you can upgrade your skills faster. In 2022, this mod works more efficiently and takes your excitement about the game to another level. Also, this mod keeps updating and adding new features to improve your gameplay.

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

Updated Features:

  • For each level up, you can choose the number of skill points you will get.
  • The new update has a small change to the points system.
  • The rider will now earn points based on his level.
  • You can upgrade more skills every time you level up in this game.
  • It gives you more skill points per level compared to the default version.
  • This mod will provide you with less time to upgrade your skills throughout the game.
  • It also makes it easier for you to go through the game and defeat enemies throughout your adventure.

Profiles Reworked – Top Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

Mass Effect Andromeda has various profiles, such as Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Sentinel, and more. The Profiles Reworked mod’s most significant advantage is to give gamers exciting bonuses. Also, it lets you make all your profiles rework. By default, each profile will provide you with some prizes that can benefit your gameplay. However, in the vanilla version, the bonus stats usually do not give you many benefits in your gameplay. The Profiles Reworked mod can solve this problem by providing each profile with a much more beneficial and unique bonus.

Profiles Reworked


  • Each profile will provide much more valuable stats that can help improve your gameplay.
  • Each profile will have unique bonuses that you can use.
  • If you have access to this mod, you will be able to grab the maximum bonus for Mass Effect Andromeda with the new update.
  • The bonuses received by each profile are appropriately balanced.
  • Some bonuses include specific passive effects for your character.
  • You can replace the jetpack with the Biotic Dash/Jumps for the Sentinel profile.

Smooth Planet Approach Mod for Mass Effect Andromeda

By using this mode, you can improve your game when you reach the galaxy map. It is used for transiting between orbiting and flight. As the game offers a vast universe to explore, you will be able to visit many planets in this game throughout your adventure. The number of planets you can visit is more significant compared to the previous games. When you visit each world, you will get short animations where the Tempest calls on the planet’s surface before it goes back to orbit. In the Smooth Planet Approach mod, the animations for planet entry are modified to be smoother overall.

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods


  • It gives you a smoother transition between the galaxy map view and the landing animations.
  • It eliminates the zoom-in and zoom-out effect from the original animations.
  • Change your entry position on the map for a surprise entry.
  • Also, it will create a maximum distance between the orbit and your entry location on the map.
  • The new landing sequence animations are the following: planet surface à zooming out from the planet surface further away à going into orbit.
  • You can use this mod if you don’t quite like the original landing animations.
  • It doesn’t affect your gameplay; it only affects how you land on each planet from the galaxy map.

Extended Hover Duration | Best Andromeda Mods

The abilities of this mod were updated in November 2021 and added more features to it. In the light of its recent update, you can quickly expand the duration of your hover by 100% if you play Andromeda in 2022. Mass Effect Andromeda has a hovering system that allows you to hover over the landscape, temporarily being airborne. This can be helpful in your exploration, as well as when you are fighting with your enemies. The drawback of hovering in this game is that you can only hover for a limited duration, so you cannot stay airborne for long. The Extended Hover Duration mod allows you to change this and extend the hovering duration much longer.

Extended Hover Duration

Latest Features:

  • You can hover over the landscape in this game much longer.
  • Increase your hovering duration by 100% to double the duration from the vanilla version.
  • Most importantly, there are two different versions of the mod that have different abilities.
  • You can also increase the hovering duration virtually infinitely.
  • There are two versions of hovering duration modification that you can apply in this game: the short version and the extended version.
  • The two hovering versions allow you to extend the hovering duration to 5 and 250 seconds.
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Weapon Overhaul

Weapon Overhaul

There are plenty of weapons that you can use in this game, and each weapon has its unique characteristics and stats. Each weapon also has its own capabilities to damage your enemies when used. With this mod, you can confidently use the available weapons with more advanced abilities. Some guns are weak, and some others are strong. The Weapon Overhaul mod allows you to tweak the weapon stats in this game to be balanced. Now, you don’t need to worry about using weaker weapons because they can be made much more helpful with this mod. In 2022, you can use Weapon Overhaul for going to the game with any weapon because it will allow equal abilities to all the guns.

Noticeable Features:

  • All weapons are now balanced, with no significant weak or strong weapon.
  • Extremely weak weapons are getting high stats that make them more useful in combat.
  • Extremely strong weapons are getting decreased stats, making them less destructive in combat.
  • After using the Weapon Overhaul mod for Mass Effect Andromeda, you can explore all the weapons in your inventory.
  • The weight of the weapons no longer matters as they carry the same weight regardless of rank.
  • It gives each weapon its own unique identity.
  • This is one of the best mass effect Andromeda weapon mods.

Increased Outlaws Spawns – Best Mod to use for Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

There are outlaw groups in Mass Effect Andromeda. This mod will increase the enemies in those groups and the outcasts. If you enjoy battling enemies in this game, fighting only a few enemies might not satisfy your “appetite” in battle. The Increased Outlaws Spawns mod is there to help improve your battling experience, allowing you to battle more enemy outlaws when you encounter them. This mod deals explicitly with the increase of Outlaw groups of enemies, so you will not be able to increase the number of any other enemies with this mod unless you combine it with other mods.


  • It can increase Outlaw groups’ spawn rate, including Roekaar, Outcasts, and the Collective.
  • The number of more challenging enemies will also get increased in each group.
  • This best mod for Mass Effect Andromeda 2022 lets you enhance your gameplay by playing against the more robust and many enemies.
  • It is compatible with the Increased Kett and Remnant Spawns mod, which can increase all enemies in this game if you combine this mod with it.
  • Each drop ship will have up to 7 basic enemies with more challenging enemies for you to fight.
  • Stronger enemies replace weaker enemies.

Mass Effect Andromeda Enhanced Statistics Page

Everyone likes to have an excellent stats page in Andromeda. The Statistics page is the on-screen page in Mass Effect Andromeda which will tell you all your stats. On this page, you will see your character’s stats that determine your character’s progress throughout the game. However, the drawback of the Statistics page in this game is that it doesn’t display enough information about your character. The Enhanced Statistics Page mod is here to change it. It provides the enhanced version of the Statistics page so that you can see more relevant information about your character. Also, it will let other players see the bonuses on the stats page of your characters.


  • It includes nearly all relevant stats that you can view on the Statistics page.
  • It adds Fixed Weapon Weight, Damage Resistance, and Regeneration Delay stats to the General Stats.
  • Your bonuses will also be added to the statistic page in Andromeda.
  • This mod adds Combat Power and Weapon stats to the Combat Stats.
  • It sorts all relevant stats into five categories: General Stats, Combat, Biotic, Tech and Combo.
  • It helps you to keep track of all stats of your character.

Power Overhaul – Mass Effect Andromeda Mod 2022

Powers in Andromeda are one of the most important things. In Mass Effect Andromeda, you can use your powers in both single-player and multiplayer modes. However, some powers might not be available in both modes. For instance, some powers can only be used while playing in multiplayer mode, so you can’t use them in the single-player mode. The Power Overhaul mod gives you the necessary overhaul for your powers and makes your abilities available in both modes.


  • It makes seven different multiplayer-only powers to be available in the single-player mode.
  • Power haul gives you the current stats information for all your powers, including details about bonuses.
  • If you play Andromeda as a solo player but want maximum powers, you should go for this mod in 2022.
  • It also works well for the calculation of the power damage.
  • It rebalances the base stats and the evolution stats.
  • This mod has improved damage calculations, making it easier for you when battling enemies.
  • It applies some changes to the Evolution, including adding new evolutions and improving the evolution order.

No Combo Cooldown – Mass Effect Andromeda Top Mods

best Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

It is about cooling down the combo detonations. Combos are really helpful in creating considerable damage to your enemies. In this game, you can perform various combos, but a cooldown system doesn’t allow you to perform combos relentlessly. You will need to wait at least 4 seconds between combo destinations in the default version of the game. The No Combo Cooldown mod removes the cooldown timer for your combos so that you can perform them relentlessly against your enemies. If you are struggling to defeat your enemies in 2022 playing Mass Effect Andromeda, you need to decrease the time of applying combos against your enemies.


  • You no longer need to wait 4 seconds between combo detonations.
  • It applies to all available combos in this game.
  • Apply your combos ruthlessly against the stronger enemies.
  • You can easily trigger two biotic combos using this mod, which is impossible in the vanilla version.
  • Launching the same combo detonations is now possible.
  • This mod can use electrical, ice, fire, and biotic combos.
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Close-up Views – Mass Effect Andromeda Weapon Mods

This mod is used for the modifications of cameras used in Mass Effect Andromeda. As Andromeda is a third-person shooter game that uses the third-person camera system. However, it uses a camera angle quite far from the character you are controlling. The Close-up Views mod is the modification you can use to change the camera system to become closer to the character’s back. This mod can give you full views on your screen to see from where and how many enemies are coming toward you. Also, it will help you attack stronger than before. It is a must-use mod for Mass Effect Andromeda in 2022.

Features in 2022:

  • It turns the Mass Effect Andromeda camera style to resemble the camera style from the new Tomb Raider series and Resident Evil 2 Remake.
  • The camera style will remain the same throughout the gameplay in all conditions.
  • Know the locations and strategies of your enemies to defeat them.
  • Most importantly, it lets you stand in an attacking position.
  • The field of view has been redefined in various situations in the game.
  • You can see the new camera style during exploration, battle, and conversation.
  • The overall field of view was reduced, and the positions of the camera were redefined for this mod.

Near Perfection – Reshade Mod for Mass Effect Andromeda

As an open-world game, the graphics of this game are superb and beautiful. But, as always, even the stunning visuals of Mass Effect Andromeda can still be tweaked in the PC version. Sometimes you can’t defend or attack your competitors in Andromeda due to low or unclear rendering. This is where this best Mass Effect Andromeda mod helps you. The Near Perfection – Reshade Mod is the modification you can apply to your Mass Effect Andromeda game to make it even more realistic by using some new shade effects. Now, you can enjoy this game even more.


  • It improves the graphics in the following aspects: curves, levels, clarity, colorfulness, RTG Global Illumination, High Pass Sharp, and Ambient Light.
  • This mod turns the Mass Effect Andromeda overall visuals into a more realistic one.
  • Even from the long distances, you can see the upcoming threats towards you.
  • If you are finding the best Mass Effect Andromeda mods for 2022, add this Reshade mod to your list.
  • It adds some post-shade effects with Reshade for near perfection in graphics.
  • You can choose between the normal Reshade and ray tracing versions.
  • You can tweak the settings of various aspects, such as curves, levels, clarity, and so on.

First Person Exploration

First Person Exploration is the mod for Mass Effect Andromeda, allowing you to use the first-person camera perspective during exploration. You can use many cameras to play Mass Effect Andromeda, which greatly matters. This mod will give you the maximum FPP view for all the exploration cameras in the game. It means a much more immersive gameplay experience for you. By using the first-person perspective during your exploration in this game, you will be able to re-discover the world of Mass Effect Andromeda as you’ve never seen before.


  • You can explore the world of Mass Effect Andromeda in a much more immersive way.
  • This mod hides the player mesh.
  • It helps you thoroughly to improve your gameplay.
  • You can also combine this mod with other mods, such as First-Person Combat and First-Person Conversation.
  • With this mod, you can see the world in this game in a different manner.
  • You can see much more detail when you use this mod to switch to the first-person perspective.

Hyper Mobility

best mass effect andromeda mods

What else is more important than your sprinting and jumping skills in the Mass Effect Andromeda game? By accessing the Hyper Mobility mod, you can confidently improve these skills. Your mobility in this game, whether during exploration or battle, is an essential aspect that will help you progress in your adventure. So, if you want to improve your character’s mobility during the gameplay, you can use the Hyper Mobility mod to do that. With this mod, your mobility will be increased, with the increase in the sprint speed, jump height, and jump distance, allowing you to move more freely during your gameplay. It is one of the best modes for Mass Effect Andromeda. Therefore, it keeps adding new features to it.

Updated Features:

  • It allows your character to move faster during exploration and battle.
  • You can also run faster, jump higher, and jump longer distances.
  • This mod will be more advanced and skilful in 2022.
  • It’ll help you to change your character’s direction quickly.
  • You can also control your character more efficiently during the airborne period.
  • This mod has three versions: Hyper Mobility Mk 1, Hyper Mobility Mk 2, and Hyper Mobility Grounded.

Conclusion for the Right Mass Effect Andromeda Mods

In this game, you will experience an epic adventure in the Andromeda Galaxy, where you need to work with others to build new worlds for human beings. The project of populating the new worlds is called the Andromeda Initiative. However, your plan to populate the new worlds didn’t go well, as many aliens are trying to attack and destroy the human race and prevent their further advances. People like to use mods for improving their Andromeda gameplay in 2022. Therefore, we have the best Mass Effect Andromeda mods 2022 that you can install on your PC to enhance your gameplay experience in this game. Whether you want to improve the visuals of this game, enhance your combat weapons, increase your stats, or enjoy some new gameplay styles, these mods can do that for you. Also, this list contains mods for both solo and multiplayer. You can install some of these mods to apply different effects to your gameplay. And best of all, these mods are available for free. Most importantly, our suggestions do not slow down your PCs and don’t contain any viruses.

So, explore these top mods for Mass Effect Andromeda and enhance your gameplay. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts on this review about the Andromeda mods.

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