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Highest Mountains in Fortnite That you’ll Love to Climb!

Top Highest Mountains in Fortnite – Climb Your Way to the Highest Mountains and Elevation Points in Fortnite Challenges

Fortnite was first released in 2017 by Epic Games, and it gained a massive popularity in the area of online multiplayer battle arena, as it was getting released on all available platforms.

You can play this game almost on any platform nowadays, such as PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile platforms, and others.

It might also be released to the next gen systems like PS5 and Xbox Series X following their releases.

Fortnite is a game where you are playing against other players on an online map that you can explore.

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List of the Highest Mountains in Fortnite (Season 8)

Speaking of climbing the highest mountain peaks in Fortnite, there are various mountains that you can climb in this game, especially in Season 8, where the challenges are more about exploration.

If you explore the game enough, you can find areas that are high enough for you to climb, and you can get a good view when you’ve reached the top of these peaks.

There are also lower peaks that you can visit in this game as you battle with other players and try to take each other down.

In Season 8, there are the highest peaks that you need to explore in this game.

In total, there are 5 peaks that you need to climb in Fortnite Season 8 challenge.

Each peak will have its own height signboard when you’ve arrived at the location, so be sure to check the signboard first to confirm whether you are at the right location or not.

Here’s the list of the highest mountains in Fortnite that you can climb to reach the highest viewpoints (Season 8 map):

Random Mountain (111 meters)

Random Mountain is the first highest mountain that you can climb on Fortnite.

Highest Mountains in Fortnite

Although the height of the mountain is only 111 meters (as compared to real-life mountains), it is already the place that is among the highest places in this game.

The mountain is located on the west side of the map, just north of the snowy areas.

This mountain is located next to another mountain that has exactly the same height, so you will easily find the two of them next to each other.

When you take a look at the map, you will find the Random Mountain to be located in the area south of both Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills.

Stunt Mountain (111 meters)

Stunt Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Fortnite, which is located next to Random Mountain.

Stunt Mountain

It has the same height as Random Mountain, which is 111 meters.

Also, you can easily find it once you’ve found the other one.

It is located next to each other in the same area that is north of the snowy areas, as well as south of the Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills.

To complete the challenge in Season 8, you need to climb this mountain as one of the highest mountain peaks that you need to reach in order to complete the challenge.

Once you’ve seen the 111 meters board in the mountain area, it means that you have come to the right place. Just go climb the mountain and finish the challenge by reaching the flag.

Skewered Submarine (130 meters)

Skewered Submarine, or you can also say the submarine in the sky, is something that you need to consider landing on when it comes to completing the challenge in Season 8.

Highest Mountains in Fortnite

Season 8 is all about exploring the whole map in Fortnite, finding out little spots that you might have missed.

The Skewered Submarine is probably one of the spots that you need to pay attention to.

Of course, this might not be considered one of the highest mountains, but it is still a point in the Fortnite map that is located up high in the sky.

In order to find this one out, you have to take a look around the snowy area called Frosty Flight.

Try landing your character around this area at the start of your session, and you will find the submarine in the sky where you can land on.

Once you’ve landed on this submarine, you can find the flag to complete the challenge to reach this high elevation point.

Polar Peak (170 meters)

This is another elevation point that is located up above the ground.

Polar Peak

It has 170 meters in height, and it is actually a castle that is located in the icy mountain around the Polar Peak area.

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Climbing the mountain is not enough for you to complete the challenge in Season 8.

In fact, you have to go to the top of the castle in order to find the flag and complete the challenge.

On top of the castle, you will see the signboard that signifies that the place is at 170 meters height, and if you have found the signboard, it means that the flag is close to you.

You just need to grab it in order to complete the challenge.

For your information, the snowy region is located in the southwest area on the Fortnite map (Season 8).

The Volcano (172 meters)

The Volcano is probably the highest mountain that you can find on Fortnite Season 8 map, which is located around the northeast region of the map.

Highest Mountains in Fortnite

As the name suggests, the area is surrounded by volcanoes, which means it has high temperatures around.

On the map, you can pinpoint the location by paying attention to the brown area in the northeast part of the map.

The brown area is close to the volcanoes, and it is surrounded by Sunny Steps, Lazy Lagoon, Dusty Divot, Lonely Ledge, and Retail Row.

Once you’ve pinpointed the area, you can go there and start climbing.

You can also land there at the start of your session.

Once you’ve found the signboard that says 172 meters, it means that you have arrived at the right place.

You just need to find the flag nearby to complete the challenge.

In Season 8, these are the highest elevation points that you can climb in order to complete the challenge in this season.

It takes quite a bit of time for you to climb all the highest points, but the rewards are great.

You might also need to try it a few times before you can reach these high elevation points in this game.

List of Mountain Peak Locations (Week 6 Challenges)

In Week 6, you will also be asked to summit different mountain peak locations in one of the challenges.

There are 10 mountain peak locations in total, which you need to climb in order to complete this challenge.

At each mountain peak location, there will be a flag that you need to grab in order to complete the challenge.

If you don’t explore this game around much, it could be difficult for you to locate these mountain peak locations by yourself.

In fact, if you don’t have any guidance with you and you need to guess most of the time, it might take a lot of time for you just trying to find these mountain peaks. So,

here’s the list of mountain peak locations for Week 6 challenges:

Mountain Peak #1

The first mountain peak is located between the areas called Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove.

Mountain Peak #1

Between these areas, you can find quite a big mountain area.

If you climb the peak of this mountain, you will be able to find the flag to complete the challenge.

This area is very easy to find on the map once you pinpoint the locations of Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove.

Mountain Peak #2

A bit northeast of Snobby Shore, you will be able to find another mountain, which will be the Mountain Peak #2.

Highest Mountains in Fortnite

The mountain area is quite small, so you might need to pay attention at your map very carefully, as you might miss it easily.

Once you’ve found it, you can climb this peak and get the flag in order to complete the challenge.

Mountain Peak #3

Mountain Peak #3 is located just next to Mountain Peak #2, just a little east.

Mountain Peak #3

You can easily pinpoint the location of this peak once you’ve located the location of Mountain Peak #2.

Again, be careful because the mountain area is quite small on the map, so you need to locate it properly.

This peak is also located directly south of Pleasant Park, so you can’t miss this one.

Mountain Peak #4

Mountain Peak #4 is a medium-sized mountain that is located west of Pleasant Park.

You can see it quite easily when you’ve located Pleasant Park.

The west side of Pleasant Park is a mountainous area that you can climb.

On the peak of this mountainous area, you will find the flag to complete the Week 6 challenge.

It’s pretty easy and straightforward.

Mountain Peak #5

Mountain Peak #5 is also easy to locate.

It is located north of Mountain Peak #4, as well as east of Haunted Hills and south of Junk Junction.

In fact, it is located next to Haunted Hills (just east of the area).

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You will see the medium-sized mountainous area that you can climb for the peak.

Once you’ve reached the peak, you will be able to find the flag to complete the challenge.

If you still cannot find it, it is also located northwest of Pleasant Park.

  1. Mountain Peak #6

Mountain Peak #6 is the area that is located northeast of Pleasant Park.

It is also the area that is located east of Haunted Hills and Mountain Peak #5.

Again, this area is very easy to find, and you can just climb the peak once you find it in order to complete the challenge.

Mountain Peak #7

Mountain Peak #7 is a small mountainous area located just south of Tilted Towers.

The area is quite small, but you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding it, since it is very close to Tilted Towers.

Once you’ve pinpointed the location on the map, you can start climbing to get the flag to complete the challenge for Week 6.

Mountain Peak #8

Mountain Peak #8 is located southwest of Dusty Depot.

There is a mountainous area that you can climb to reach the peak and complete the challenge.

The area is medium-sized, so you cannot miss it.

You should be able to see the elevated green area around the map in order to pinpoint this peak location.

So, go for it. There’s two more to go.

Mountain Peak #9

Mountain Peak #9 is located north of Salty Springs. It is also located south of Mountain Peak #8.

The area is quite small, so you have to look carefully on the map in order to pinpoint its exact location.

This peak will become the ninth peak that you will climb for the challenge.

When you grab the flag, there will only be one peak left to climb.

You will be able to complete the challenge in Week 6 by then.

Mountain Peak #10

The last mountain peak to climb is #10, and when you’ve climbed this peak, it means that you have completed a challenge in Week 6 called Summit Different Mountain Peak Locations.

The peak #10 is located in the south region of the map, northeast of Flush Factory.

Once you’ve found the elevated green area on the map, you can start climbing it and grab the flag to complete the challenge and grab your rewards.


There are various game modes that are available in this game, but the objective is always to be the last man standing in each session.

You will be pronounced the winner once all your opponents are taken out.

This game is currently developed with Unreal Engine 4. In this game, your level progression matters.

Each time you participate in a match, you will be able to add more experiences to your character, which will contribute to their level progression.

The higher your level, the better it is for your character, and the more challenging opponents that you can meet in the battle arena.

About Fortnite Challenges

In Fortnite, aside from playing the regular game mode such as Battle Royale and other modes where you need to kill your enemies and become the last man standing, there are also various challenges that you can complete while you are playing this game.

These challenges are what makes Fortnite to become the game that people want to play over and over, regularly.

Each week, usually Epic Games will release the challenges that the players can complete for the week. Each challenge will involve doing certain activities, such as finding certain items, going to a certain place, and many more.

This game will give you plenty of interesting activities to do aside from your usual sessions of becoming the victor in the Battle Royale.

Once you’ve completed a challenge, you will usually be rewarded with certain rewards, such as items, outfits, and more.

Some challenges are easy to complete, while some others require certain skills for you to complete.

However, you can choose whether to participate in the challenges or not, as it is completely optional.

You can still enjoy your game sessions as usual without having to complete these challenges.

However, if you want to be a better Fortnite player, completing challenges regularly can give you various advantages when compared to those who don’t like to participate in challenges.

These challenges are usually designed to be fun, but they are also designed to make you better and more skillful in your game.

Try to complete as many challenges as possible in this game, and you will find out that you are getting more proficient to play it.

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Fortnite Alter Ego Challenges (Chapter 2)

The Fortnite Alter Ego Challenges are the challenges given to Fortnite players in Chapter 2 of this game, and it can net you various great rewards in return of completing these challenges.

However, while these are the challenges that are easy to do at first, the challenges are getting more and more difficult to do as you complete the easier ones.

Once you’ve completed the easier ones, the challenges are getting harder and require more time for you to complete.

Some easier challenges in the Alter Ego Challenges include Reach Level 1, Complete 2 Missions, Complete 3 Missions, Complete 4 Missions, Reach Level 20, and some others.

But they are becoming increasingly difficult with the challenges like Reach Level 60, Reach Level 80, and many more.

If you want to complete the challenges in the Fortnite Alter Ego Challenges, you need to dedicate your time to play numerous game sessions in order to reach the requirements for the difficult challenges.

But don’t worry.

You will be able to perfect your skills in this game along the way, so it is a good thing for you to follow each and every challenge presented in Fortnite Alter Ego Challenges.

Among the challenges available in Fortnite Alter Ego Challenges, there is one that requires you to reach the highest mountain wearing the Journey Outfit.

This is kind of interesting because by following this challenge, you will be able to explore the game world as you are trying to reach the highest mountain in Fortnite.

You might wonder which highest mountain you should reach in this game.

Summit on the Highest Mountain Wearing the Journey Outfit (Chapter 2)

Among the Alter Ego Challenges in Fortnite, the Summit the Highest Mountain Wearing the Journey Outfit is probably the one that most players don’t know how to complete.

However, as you explore the world in Fortnite, there will be places that you can reach by climbing it, such as the mountain peaks.

The highest mountains in Fortnite are available for you to explore anytime you want in your game session.

However, in order to complete this challenge, you have to locate the highest mountain from among various highest mountains available in this game.

Of course, in order for you to be able to participate in the challenge, you need to complete 3 missions first.

Then, you can participate in this challenge by wearing the Journey Outfit.

The highest mountain in Fortnite is located around the bottom right area on the map of the island.

So, if you examine the map, you will see the area on the east side of Misty Meadows and the south side of Retail Row.

That’s where the highest mountain in Fortnite can be located. Remember that it is available on the Chapter 2 map.

Once you’ve climbed the peak, you will be able to find the orange flag which signifies that you have reached the challenge objective.

You just need to grab the flag to claim your rewards.


These are some of the highest mountains that you can climb on Fortnite.

As you climb these highest mountains and complete the challenges that are available for you, you will earn various rewards that you can use to improve your gameplay experience.

Of course, there will be more and more challenges that involve you to do various other tasks, and as you continue to complete them, you can get your character better and stronger.

Most mountain peaks that are available in this game might not have a name, so you can just climb them by following the direction and pinpointing their exact locations based on the direction above.

Some of them are located near established areas or places that you can easily find on the map.

So, you will not have any difficulty to find those mountains just by following the direction.

Aside from climbing to those locations, you can also land on those locations if you want to save some time.

When you begin your session, make sure to choose the landing place in one of those mountain peak locations.

This way, you can land on them and grab the flag as soon as you begin your session.

Then you can continue climbing the rest of the highest mountains in Fortnite.

Happy gaming!

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