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5 Top-Tier Game Art Outsourcing Companies: Gaming Industry Foundation

Game development consists of many processes and details that must be carefully monitored to achieve a successful result.

However, if you try to close all tasks on your own, the staff will most likely be overmanned to unprecedented sizes.

The project managers will not have time to coordinate dozens of intersecting workstreams, edits, questions, and more.

An excellent solution to this problem is to outsource a task to a third party.

An outsourcing company can take on art, animation, modeling, or any other task you decide to assign to them.

This will greatly streamline the development process as you have time to focus on the game’s key elements.

Choosing a good studio is not so easy: there are many of them, and the list of services is basically the same.

But we are ready to help you. Our experts have done a little research and identified 5 best game art outsourcing companies that really have something to say and show. Let’s see them.

Kevuru Games

This is not just a concept art outsourcing studio but also a full-fledged gaming company that covers all possible processes for creating a game.

For 8 years on the market, the studio managed to work with Epic Games, EA, and other famous clients who appreciate their dedication to the game business.

The main feature of the studio is that they always offer more. The team is not satisfied with the average result: each of their projects is unique and stands out from others due to creative ideas, a non-standard approach, and the most modern technologies.

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Here you can order the execution of any task from concept to full-cycle game development.

Silicon Studio Corporation

This is a fairly large Japanese company engaged in in-game art and the creation of video games.

Its feature is a profound knowledge of game mechanisms and all the intricacies of known engines. They even built several of their own engines.

Everything related to the gaming theme is definitely their element. Therefore, cooperation with them will be a successful and profitable solution.

The only caveat: since the company often deals with its own projects, it will not always take on a side task.

Therefore, all of this must be discussed in advance.


Continuing our hit parade of proven outsourcing studios, we must mention Wizcorp.

This is a team of passionate people who are well versed in the gaming field, conceptualization, design, and, of course, the technical side.

Their portfolio is very well structured: you can see what tasks they performed for different projects.

You will notice the design, development, and even the creation of a game engine among them.

Amata K.K.

Meet another member of the Japanese gaming industry. In addition to classic game art outsourcing services, the studio offers assistance in VR and the creation of graphics for videos and even films.

The company actively collaborates with clients worldwide, creating concepts, models, scenarios, and sound elements for entertainment projects of various genres and technical characteristics.

One of the company’s clients is Nintendo, which speaks for itself.

Bon Art Studio

This company is in good standing with such world-famous companies as Disney and Gameloft.

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They set their hand to creating Order & Chaos and Dead Rising famous games, the first of which was even adapted for mobile devices.

The main activities of the company are concept development, character modeling, environment rendering, and animation.

The team will also happily take on the tasks of creating trailers and developing games from scratch.

Why It Makes It Sense to Transfer Art Tasks to Video Game Outsourcing Companies?

Delegation of tasks is an important process of working on large projects.

That is why many companies, including such giants as Epic Games, EA, and FoxNext, often outsource the tasks of creating art, models, and animations to various game art outsourcing companies.

Choosing a good partner is the key to success and excellent results.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the portfolio and look at previous clients’ reviews: this will give enough information to decide to start negotiations with an outsourcing studio.

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