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Top 10 Games Like Infinity Blade for iPhone and PC, Best Alternatives

Gamers, nowadays, want games like infinity blade for android, iOS, and iPhone. The earlier games launched on iPhone were specified for gaming enthusiasts, but the controls of the game were mostly on consoles attached to a touchscreen. Infinity Blade was undoubtedly the first ever Engine 3 developer game developed to play only with the touchscreen.

After immense effort from the developers, the result was quite impressive. People became addicted to the infinity blade because of the surprise and depth of the game’s scenarios. These qualities make Infinity Blade the best game available on iPhone. You may also like our post “Best Games Like Mass Effect in 2022.”

About Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade

Infinity blade entirely relies on a story where you will first meet the God-King at his castle and get assaulted by the Kind badly. The king looks like a villain with a different kind of sword. The king has his guard, and you can’t even beat the guard to reach the neck of the king. Ultimately, you try to fight the guardian and get killed by him, and all your powers get transferred to the God King. Twenty years later, you come back as the son of one who got killed by the guardian to avenge your father. You have to fight the castle’s guardians to reach the king again.

This type of story amazes people, and viewers who watch the gameplay desperately want to know more about Infinity Blade. Unfortunately, as the infinity blade is only restricted to iPhones, non-iOS users got exhausted while searching for newer games like infinity blade for android. In this guide, we will suggest suitable alternatives for the infinity blade.

Games Like Infinity Blade – Best in 2022

The actual demand for infinity blade alternatives came from Android users who miss this sensational game on their operating system. Some of the professional gamers who played infinity blade and reached the top level of the game multiple times also wanted games like infinity blade for iPhone, iOS, iPod, or iPad.

We took the queries of the netizens seriously and filtered out about 50 games that somehow match infinity blade. After playing each game for at least a day, we refined and ranked them again based on the similarity factor. Here are the best games that match infinity blade in either scenario or gameplay-wise.

Eternium – Games Like Infinity Blade For Android

Games Like Infinity Blade

Eternium Review:

The other name of Eternium is Mage and Minions. We rank Eternium at the top of the games like infinity blade for Android. The game is also available to play on iOS like iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You can also buy the game online and play it on your desktop. This game resembles the infinity blade in many ways.

You have to use swords and blades to kill the opponents as you do in infinity blade. When you go to download the game, you might think that the game is not so huge, but while playing it, you will definitely applaud the graphics of the game and the features available in the game.

The characters in the game are well organized, and their responsiveness of them is impressive too. The primary opponents of your character in this game are Minions, which resemble zombies. You can play this game even when you do not have the availability of an internet connection.

Initially, you are going to select a decent character for yourself. Then, build the character yourself by equipping some necessary weapons. When you kill an enemy, you will get some health back. Keep going up with achieving more levels and rewards.

Read More About Eternium on Steam

Blade of God: Vargr Soul – Infinity Blade Alternative

Best Games like Infinity Blade


PG Soul games launch this game. Blade of God is also an RPG-based game that is similar to Infinity Blade. Another similar thing between the Blade of God and Infinity Blade is that both are based on a story. So you know the story, and you play the game well.

The story of the Blade of God game starts with the rebirth of the Hero in between the war shed zone. The Warriors are the Gods, and the Hero who just got reborn is going to play a crucial role. You are supposed to fight and kill various monsters while progressing towards the upper level of the game.

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The graphics of this game are not as good as Infinity Blade, but the view is clear enough to play and enjoy the intense moments of the game. You will definitely get vibes from PlayStation 2 while fighting against the monsters. The camera angles are truly impressive during the fight scene.

In fact, these angles help you in killing the opponent with RPG quickly. As your level increases, you not only gain some points, but your skills and powers also increase. The strengths and abilities in Blade of God are similar to the powers used in Infinity Blade.

Dungeon Hunter 5 – Games Like Infinity Blade For iPhone

Dungeon Hunter 5 Game

Dungeon 5 Game Review:

All the scenes developed in this sensational game are shiny and colorful. You have to use buttons to turn the monsters into streaks involving blood. Inside the game, you are supposed to fight some weird creatures which look a bit difficult to beat. You will need proper weapons to destroy them all while fighting with most of them at the same time.

You will need to spend already assigned gems to hold necessary RPG tools. The Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of those games like Infinity Blade, which provides RPG tools to fight against enemies and beat them all to reach the game’s highest level.

The first thing you will have to do is to select a monster or a character for you to fight against the other monsters in the game. There is no limitation on selecting the weapons for the game. You need to spend the gems you already have and buy the gun you would like to use. Read the description of each RPG so that you should know which weapon to use for various types of scenarios.

Smaller buttons on the controlling menu allow you to spell some fire, while the more prominent button is used to use your bigger weapons. The joystick works fine, and the buttons are responsive too. You need to make yourself comfortable with the controls, and you will enjoy beating your enemies all day long.

Ronin: The Last Samurai – New Games Like Infinity Blade

Ronin The Last Samurai


If we have to rank games like infinity blade based on similarity scores, Ronin will definitely be among the top three games. Like you fight with a sword and blades in an infinity blade, you do the same in Ronin. Fighting with a sword against multiple enemies at the same time results in either life or death.

The design and graphics of this game are totally different from other games suggested in this blog. The graphics look like they are portrayed in ink, similar to old ages fighting scenarios with mountains and deserts around. Another similarity between Ronin and Infinity Blade is that both rely on a fictional story.

Ronin belongs to a war-occupied era where your character had to leave the lord he served for years. The game’s main objective for you is to use your personality to take revenge on your lord, just like you avenge your father in Infinity Blade against the God King.

You’ll need to increase your abilities, skills, and powers to avenge your lord. As your level grows, you will be allowed to gather more weapons to use in upcoming fights. You will have to strive throughout the game to make your character more robust than ever.

Darkness Rises – Games Like Infinity Blade 2 For Android

Games Like Infinity Blade

Darkness Rises Review:

After playing Infinity Blade for so long, we moved towards finding some decent RPG, and as a result, we met Darkness Rises. The best thing about this game is that you play it online with your teammates, just like playing PUBG or Free Fire. The game works equally well for both the operating systems, i.e., Android & iOS.

In most RPGs, you will have to choose a character for yourself. The same goes for Darkness Rises, where you first select a monster-type character to play the game. Unlike Infinity Blade, Darkness Rises allows you to change the gender of the class you choose.

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You can switch between different classes of characters anytime in the game. Each type of character comes with different abilities and skills, while the responsibilities of each class also vary. As you enter the fiction-based world, you will meet other opponents like demons, skeletons, etc.

Darkness Rises resembles Infinity blade because both are running on a story-based scenario. You can opt for completing missions on a daily or weekly basis. You should consider yourself the king of the game as soon as you complete all the tasks of a week.

HonorBound – PC Games Like Infinity Blade

Games Like Infinity Blade 2022

HonorBound Review:

Another trendy RPG game on our list is HonorBound which resembles Infinity Blade in multiple ways. Initially, when you enter the game, you will see some coins awarded to you for joining the game for free. With the help of these coins, you can select multiple features to use inside the gameplay.

Diamonds in this game are a little expensive, and you are supposed to spend them wisely and collect them with effective methods of gameplay. Amber is also a type of currency available in HonorBound to play with the features of different classes. Using the already given assets, you need to increase the assets and make your character capable enough to beat opponents at the highest level.

The battle map needs to be understood before you start the game. Places marked with blue flags are the ones you have already survived and the red ones mean the upcoming challengers you will have to face. As soon as you go to the next game stage, it gets harder and harder.

Remember in infinity blade, as you go closer to the God King, the king’s protectors become challenging to beat. The same goes for HonorBound, where each level is more challenging to complete than the previous one.

Severed – iPad Games Like Infinity Blade

Severed Video Game Review:

The game is a first-person touch screen with beautiful graphics having colorful scenes throughout the gameplay. Though Severed is based on a story like Infinity Blades, the story of Severed is not as big as the story of Infinity Blades. The story of this game revolves around a girl named Sasha who finds herself in a totally different world.

Her family was abducted and murdered before she lost her senses. A monster continuously tasks baby girl with finding the real culprit behind the murder of Sasha’s family. Finally, she is left with no choice except to fulfill the targets assigned by the ruler monster.

When you play the game in first-person, the non-flow movement between two rooms makes it difficult for you to focus on the game. You will get used to it after you play some consecutive games. A mini-map at the bottom will help you find your target as a newbie. The game gets intense when you survive after beating initial easy enemies.

Sometimes, you will have to deal with multiple enemies at the same time. You have to make strategies to beat the opponents. Sometimes you die, but the good thing is that you can restart from the last enemy you defeat.

Death Dome – Best Game For Android

Death Dome Review

Death Dome Review:

Android users who got impressed with Infinity Blade and wanted games like Infinity Blade for android should not worry, as Death Dome is the most similar game to Infinity Blade available on android. The game quickly got hundreds of thousands of downloads within a few weeks after it was launched, and the gamers’ reviews were satisfactory too.

The best thing about this game is that it has immensely impressive graphics, and the graphics standard doesn’t get low anywhere in the game. This game also resembles Blood & Glory, but the graphics in Death Dome are way better than the one it resembles.

As soon as you start the game, you will see some question marks appearing on the screen. You are supposed to tap them quickly to collect some Glu credits, which will be helpful in the future. Every time you start a mission or a map, these marks will appear, and you will have to collect as many credits as you can.

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If you do not collect the Glu Mobile credits, you will eventually have to buy them. The only thing that is lacking in this game is that it should have provided a little more description about how to play against a cruel enemy monster. Though the buttons are there, sometimes you must swap through the screen to use the ultimate power against solid demons.

Juggernaut Revenge Of Sovering

Juggernaut Review

Juggernaut Review:

Are you looking for an old yet similar game to Infinity Blade? If yes, then Juggernaut is the best option for you. It is slightly an older game but has gotten immense traffic since it was launched. The features available a decade ago were used wisely, and the developers produced a sensational game that was way ahead of its time in terms of graphics and game quality.

This is one of those games similar to infinity blade because both revolve around a story. The entrance video will explain the whole scenario of the story, and you will literally enjoy the sequel of the game. Just like Infinity blade, choose a character for yourself to play in the game as soon as the introductory video ends.

Each character will have a description of what it is capable of doing. The characters are linked with different magics, and each of these is useful in various game scenarios. You will fight one enemy at once on each level of the game.

According to the character you chose, you can use your abilities and magic to destroy the opponent’s character. You can also get instructions on attacking the enemy during the game. Feel free to read the documentation and enjoy beating enemy monsters just like you did in Infinity Blade.

Read More About Juggernaut

Stormblades – 3D Action Game

Games Like Infinity Blade

Stormblades Review:

You can call Stormblades a more casual version of Infinity Blade. You will have swords to swing in front of the enemies to kill them completely. The violence factor is slightly lesser than the actual Infinity Blades, while the enemies keep coming on a continuous interval to keep you active during the mission.

There are specific patterns you need to follow while playing the game. You have to pass through jungles and lush-looking greenery while competing against massive giants and monsters. You can also pause the game for a while to make yourself ready to mess up with the next giant.

If you want to beat the more muscular giants, you must work on dodging moves and attacks. The double tap option is used to stun your opponent by using your highest power. If he dodges the attack, then you are gone. If your attack was successful, you could swipe wildly on the screen to increase the damage given throughout the gameplay.

You will earn cash after beating each enemy, and you can spend the collected coins to increase the strength of your sword. Expanding the capabilities of the sword is necessary because you will need a mighty sword to beat a powerful enemy.

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Games like Infinity Blade were the need of the hour as there were a lot of queries asked by the netizens. We filtered out ten new games like infinity blade for android, iOS, and PC. All the suggested games have got millions of traffic on a regular basis, and they match infinity blade in various ways. Some of these games are based on a story, and others are simple RPG games. Go through the description of each game and find out which game would suit you the most. Do not forget to rate your experience on respective app stores after enjoying the game.

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