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Games Like Wizard101 – 20 Best Alternatives to Wizard101

If you’re looking for the fun Games Like Wizard101, read on to know your options.

Wizard101 is a fantasy MMO game where you take the role of a student in a wizarding and magic school.

As a student, you are embarking on an adventure filled with magic, fantasy, and mystery throughout your gameplay.

In this game, you need to help save the world from various dangerous threats that are trying to destroy it.

Our List Of Top 20 Games Like Wizard101

If you like playing Wizard101, there are more games like this that you can play. Here are the top 20 games like Wizard101:


MilMo is a fantasy MMO game that allows you to experience an epic adventure with lots of monsters and bosses.

Games Like Wizard101

The colorful world is great for kids to enjoy, along with its simple gameplay.

In this game, you can create your own hero avatar by customizing various aspects of your hero, such as the armors, haircuts, clothes, and more.

There are lots of rewards to get when you start leveling up your character.


  • You can explore the colorful world with a great and simple action gameplay while beating various monsters and bosses.
  • You can fully customize your hero avatar.
  • Lots of titles to unlock, rewards to get, and power-ups to collect.
  • You can have your own house and design it in any way you want.
  • It is completely free to play, and it is available via Steam.

Twin Saga

Twin Saga is an anime MMO game that will put you in the world called Aetherion, a beautiful world that will become the main theme of this game.

Games Like Wizard101

The twin goddesses that were entrusted to take care of the world are quarreling with each other after tens of thousands of years have passed.

In the middle of the chaos, you are chosen as the hero to prevent the world from meeting its ruin.


  • There are various classes to choose from, including Swordmaster, Mage, Gunslinger, Cleric, and more.
  • You can fortify and refine your gear if you have enough materials to do them, allowing you to level up your gear over time.
  • You can also join a guild to combine your strength with other players.
  • The game is set in a beautiful world with beautiful graphics and visual effects.
  • You can have various professions, such as Gathering, Fishing, Farming, Crafting, and more.

RuneScape – games like Wizard101

RuneScape is a fantasy MMORPG that you can play for free on the web, or you can download the game file and play it directly on your computer.

Games Like Wizard101

It is one of the most popular MMORPG today, and it has been available since 1999.

The gameplay of RuneScape still follows the original, but the overall game has been modernized with remastered graphics in 2020.


  • You can play this game on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and it will soon support iOS and Android platforms as well.
  • You can create a free account and play using your account whenever you want, continuing where you left off.
  • It has undergone the overall graphic remaster that allows you to enjoy modernized and more beautiful visuals while exploring the same world.
  • You can train your unique skills in any way you want without any class restrictions.
  • There are hundreds of story quests that you can play to move yourself forward in the storyline.

Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes is a cross-platform MMO game that can be played on PC and mobile devices.

Games Like Wizard101

You will play with other players in an epic adventure that is full of fantasy, magic, wizards, and more.

In this game, every player that you come across in the game is the real player, not bots.

You can play as any hero that you prefer, battle monsters, explore dungeons, build villages, and do lots more things in this game.


  • You can play with other players around the world, no matter what platform that they are using.
  • There are thousands of quests that you can complete in this game.
  • You can forge and level up your weapons and armors.
  • You can do various things, such as gardening, ranching, fishing, and other leisure activities.
  • There are lots of mounts that you can ride to travel to different places in the game.


EpicDuel is a fantasy MMO game with RTS gameplay mechanics, allowing you to battle other players to win.


This game can be played on the browser, and it allows you to develop your character to battle other players in the turn-based RTS combat style.

It is set in the fantasy world with lots of updates coming every week.

As you go through the game, you can earn various achievements for the actions that you have done in the game.


  • It presents a great fantasy world with RTS gameplay elements for you to enjoy.
  • You can create your own custom character and level up your character as you fight other players.
  • It is a browser game that can be played on any browser.
  • You can gain access to new weapons, armors, and styles once you start earning Varium (the in-game currency).
  • It is updated regularly to give you new challenges with every new update.
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Dungeon Blitz – games like Wizard101

Dungeon Blitz is a free-to-play MMORPG that gives a great emphasis on casual gameplay.

Games Like Wizard101

It means that you don’t need to get stressed out just for playing this game.

You can play this game for whatever hours that you want to put in and always be able to have fun with it.

When you leave the game, you will save your progress, so that you can continue your adventure later on.

It’s available for browsers that have Flash Player installed.


  • It is a fantasy MMORPG where you can explore dungeons casually and go through your adventure in a breeze.
  • Your progress will always be saved automatically, so that you can continue your adventure again later.
  • It is jam-packed with actions, and you can do various things like using magic, attacking your opponents, defending against your opponent’s attacks, and so on.
  • You can collaborate with other players to go forward in your adventure.
  • You can play this game on the browsers without having to download anything.

Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is a game about adventuring in an alien world where you became stranded and forced to survive there.

Spiral Knights

It is a whole new world for you, and you need to do whatever it takes for you to survive.

Your starship is crashed and has been raided by the hostile enemies.

So, it is your responsibility to take on the adventure to the core of the planet to fight back.


  • You can take an adventure on a hostile planet to fight enemies along the way to reach the very core of the planet.
  • You can join other players once you reach the basecamp (the Spiral HQ).
  • You can customize your weapons and arsenal in whatever way you like, leveling them up every single step of the way.
  • You can explore the Clockworks, the dungeon that is filled with mysteries and monsters.
  • You can use the Arcade to get access to the Clockworks, with each access being unique to the others.

DOFUS – Wizard101 Alternatives

DOFUS is the tactical MMORPG that you can play for free, where your quest is to collect the dragon eggs called DOFUS to unlock their powers.


The game is set in a medieval universe, and there are various types of characters that you can find in this game.

You will fight the evil enemies that have stolen the dragon eggs, fighting them with the tactical strategy gameplay.

Planning and strategizing is important for you to win in this game.


  • The tactical gameplay has various elements, such as positioning, damage, tank, healing, and summoning.
  • You can upgrade your character and choose between 18 available classes.
  • You can form alliances or join a guild in order to strengthen your skills to defeat your enemies.
  • You can also have a house that you can customize in various aspects.
  • There are various professions that you can choose, including hunter, farmer, alchemist, smith, and baker.

Hero Smash

Hero Smash is a web-based free-to-play MMO game that allows you to create a super-powered character that will become a legend among the people.

Games Like Wizard101

You can take part in the full action gameplay that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Not only that, this game allows you to team up with other characters to defeat your enemies together.

You don’t have to download or install the game in order to play it.


  • You can customize your character in various ways in order to give their best performance in battle.
  • It features a real-time combat system combined with a cooperative multiplayer element.
  • There is the Super Power Skill system that can give you various powerful attacks and abilities to use against your enemies.
  • There are interesting cut-scenes to watch in-between your gameplay.
  • It keeps on getting updated with new features that you can use right away.

Magicka – games like Wizard101

Magicka is a beautiful action adventure game set in the world full of magic and wizards.


The world setting is based on the Norse mythology, with various fantasy elements that you can find throughout your gameplay.

Your task is to defeat an evil sorcerer that has put the world into chaos.

In this game, you can play cooperatively with other players, and you can use various magic attacks to fight your enemies throughout your adventure.


  • You can play this game with up to 4 players, battling the enemies along the way in your adventure.
  • It has the dynamic spell system that allows you to cast different spells to your enemies.
  • The world has beautiful visuals with lots of fantasy elements based on the Norse mythology.
  • There is a story campaign containing 13 levels that you can complete in order to go through the storyline.
  • There are also the challenge and versus modes that allow you to challenge your magic skills against other players.

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is an online fantasy action MMORPG that sets you in the world called Dracania.

Games Like Wizard101

In this world full of chaos, you are the hero that will put back liberty and justice for your people.

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There are various types of heroes that you can choose in this game, and each hero has their own skills and abilities.

You will battle your enemies using the PvP gameplay to prove your worth in this game.


  • It offers an intense action MMORPG gameplay that allows you to participate in fast-pace battles with your enemies.
  • The heroes that you can choose in this game include Ranger, Steam Mechanicus, Dragonknight, and Spellweaver.
  • You can participate in the PvP battles with other players to prove who’s the strongest in this game.
  • You can download this game to your computer to play for free.
  • There are two expansions available: Sands of Malice and Rise of Balor.


Aion takes you in the world full of fantasy, where the big war is raging in the region.

You will take the role as a winged hero to participate in this big war, with lots of skills that you can use.

This game can be played in a solo adventure mode, or you can join other groups to complete various group quests that are available throughout the game.

It is a free MMORPG with stunning graphics and visuals both for the environment and the characters.


  • You can complete solo adventure quests or group quests in this game.
  • Lots of challenging dungeons that you can explore to level up your battle skills.
  • You can choose to take side between two main races that are having big conflicts in this game.
  • There are four classes to choose from in the beginning, namely Scout, Warrior, Mage, and Priest.
  • It is a free MMORPG filled with fantasy elements that are presented in the stunning high-quality visuals.

Elsword – Wizard101 Alternatives

Elsword is a free anime action MMORPG that allows you to take an adventure in the beautiful anime-style world where challenges are always available for you to overcome.


With its beat ‘em up gameplay, you can find this game really enjoyable as you fight hordes of enemies in front of you.

It is presented in the style of manga, so you can see really interesting and cute dialogues as if you are reading a digital manga.


  • The combination of anime and manga art styles make this game really fun and enjoyable to play.
  • You can beat your enemies with the side-scrolling beat ‘em up style gameplay full of action.
  • You can choose different characters and grow your characters as you fight more enemies in this game.
  • You can work together with other players or battle against them depending on the mode that you choose.
  • There are lots of attacks and combos that you can unleash in this game.


Pirate101 is a game about exploration, where you play as a pirate that commands a pirate ship to sail the mysterious unknown worlds.

This game is suitable to be played by kids and adults, and it is free to play.

In this game, you can create and design your own pirate ship that can bring you to the adventures around the world.

Not only that, you can also battle other pirates along the way.


  • You can create and customize your pirate ship and level it up along the way once you’ve embarked on your adventure.
  • You can also recruit new crews for your ship and train them to help you in battles.
  • You can battle other pirates that you meet in the sea while you explore the unexplored worlds.
  • There are lots of treasures that you can find along the way.
  • There are lots of quests available to uncover the storyline and level up your character.

Toontown Rewritten

Back in 2003, there was a game called Toontown Online made by Disney.

However, it is no longer available today.

Toontown Rewritten is a fan-made game that is made to resemble the original Toontown Online made by Disney, featuring the MMO gameplay that can be played by people of all ages.

It is free to play on the web, and it is trying to revive all aspects that were provided in the original Toontown Online.


  • If you were playing Toontown Online before, this game can really bring back good memories of playing that game.
  • You can create your own toon and then battle your enemies (called Cogs) in this game.
  • You can meet and interact with other players in the Tooniverse.
  • You can play this game directly on your browsers.
  • This game is completely non-profit, but it has attempted to relive various aspects of the original Toontown Online for the players.

AdventureQuest World

Adventure Quest World is a fantasy MMORPG that you can play directly on your browser without installing any software.

It takes you to the non-stop action and adventure that are full of magic, spells, wizards, and everything in between.

You can create and customize your own hero in this game, and you can also upgrade the weapons and armors that you have.

The world is constantly being expanded to provide you more challenges in your quests.


  • It is a 2D fantasy action adventure MMO game that has beautiful visuals to behold, as well as beautiful cinematic cut-scenes.
  • You can play the game directly on your browser without any installation needed.
  • You can create your own character and level up your character as you progress.
  • Weekly updates will bring you more challenges, quests, and various new objectives to achieve.
  • You can change classes in this game, so you are not stuck with only one class throughout your gameplay.
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Trove – Wizard101 alternatives

Trove is an MMO game with voxel graphics that allows you to take on the adventure in an open-ended world.

There are lots of quests and treasures for you to find in this game, and there are lots of enemies and bosses that you can battle as well.

The world is procedurally generated, which means that you will always see something unique when you explore the world in this game.

It has a leveling up system like any other role-playing games.


  • It offers unique voxel graphics full of fantasy elements in this game.
  • The world is procedurally generated, which gives you endless possibilities in your adventure.
  • There are lots of quests to complete in this game, whether they are story-driven or sub-quests.
  • You can build your own world in this game and use your creativity fully.
  • There are lots of enemies and bosses to battle in this game.

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is a free-to-play MMO action game that allows you to delve deeper in the universe created by DC Comics.

In this game, you can meet various superheroes and villains from DC Comics as you embark on an adventure filled with intriguing quests and challenges.

It is available in various platforms, and you can simply install the game to start playing it.

You can also customize your own character in this game.


  • You can create your own unique character before starting your adventure in this game.
  • You can take the side of either the hero or the villain.
  • You can meet various characters from DC Comics that are already popular throughout the world.
  • You can delve deeper in the adventure with the DC Universe as its world setting.
  • It is the game with an intense action gameplay that you can play with other players worldwide.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a long-running and popular fantasy MMO game that you can play on PC and MacOS platforms.

This game is based on the Warcraft universe, with humans and orcs battling each other.

So far, there are two expansion packs that are available for this game, namely Battle of Azeroth and the upcoming Shadowlands.

You can play this game in third-person or first-person point of view.


  • You can select your race or faction before you embark on your adventure.
  • You can create your own character and customize various aspects of it.
  • The landscapes and storylines are consistent with the ones available in the previous Warcraft titles.
  • You can switch between the first and third-person point of view throughout the game.
  • You can battle monsters, complete quests, and level up your character as you start your adventure in this game.

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy adventure MMO game that you can play for free on PC and MacOS.

It offers the competitive play for players in this game, with two main modes that are available to challenge you.

The first is PvP mode, where you can battle against other players in this game.

The second is World vs.

World, where you can collaborate with other players to battle against other players in a grander battle scheme.

Aside from completing the main story, you can also complete the dynamic events available in this game.


  • There are various races available that you can choose, and each race has their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • There are also various professions that you can choose in this game.
  • There are main story quests and dynamic quests that you can complete.
  • Two types of competitive play are available: Player vs. Player and World vs. World.
  • It is full of fast-paced action combat that will test your skills in this game.


These are the games that you can play as an alternative to Wizard101.

If you love the MMO game with lots of magic and fantasy elements, these are the games that you should pick today.

The good news is that most of these games are available freely, meaning that you can download and play them right away.

Some of them don’t even need any installation or download in order for you to play them.

Let’s get started!

So tell me which one of all these games like Wizard101 is your personal favorite and why?

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