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What is League Of Legends? iRiverAmerica!

League of Legends is a most viral multi-player online game that runs on the concept of battling with the opposite party.

This is a team-based game wherein out of five powerful champions only two teams initiated to face off the enemy and destroy their base ground.

Here you have complete opportunity to turn your play strategies and run on the ground with some secure killing and then get your way to the victory.

Today, it runs on a free premium model and involves nominal or micro transactions.

The Beginning Of Gaining Popularity

It was started in 2009 and suddenly gain good visibility with its attractive features and gaming styles.

At the initial stage, there were just a hundred players which got multiplied to countless numbers and reached 11 million players back in 2011.

Further, the popularity of such game was positively hyped due to the animations used and efficient technical support which led to 65 million players in 2014.

These numbers continue to hop and jump in 2017 where it received a big chunk of players- 100 million players.

During this stage, a competition was getting very much tough as various developers are initiating to imitate the concept with some breakthrough additions.

Comes With Roller Coaster Ride

As a result, in 2018, the counts of players were slightly reduced due to the existence of cut-throat competition. Therefore, it slowed down to 75 million.

Further, the developers have identified the cause and gave extra effort in order to gain back that unique popularity.

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Therefore, league of legends player count again hit to 100-120 million players with a great and vast comeback.

It was full of the rollercoaster-like journey where the developers initiated and strive constantly to upgrade the game and add mesmerising effects and feel to the gamers for an attractive battleground.

During this stage, League of Legends was flourishing with a strong change in Riot Games that gave birth to League of legends.

It has increased its employee count to 300 back in 2011.

Roller Coaster

The Reflection And Counting Of Stats in 2011

Innovations and improvement were never at rest for League of Legends. Professional developers have constantly added new features and animations to maintain the interest of gamers.

For an instance, he has prepared a stats board for counting the no. of minions were killed, calculation of gold collected and earned and participation of no of champions so that they can estimate the counting and accordingly prepare the futuristic model.

In 2011, 10.5 million hours played every day which was equal to 1197 years – that is really a big number.

In the same year, league of legends player count began with 32.5 Million registrations, 4.2 Million daily players, 11.5 Million monthly players and 1.3 Million players playing at the same time.

Flourishing Stats Of 2012

In the coming years, 32 million players hit the gaming platform with some really good improvement in the stats counting.

The league of legends player count got 70 Million registrations with 12 Million daily players, 32 Million monthly players and 3 Million concurrent players.

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The stats represent the gamers are getting more excited to play this game with a tinge of addiction to win the board and kill the opposition party.

To your surprise, on an average ofmore than 1 Billion play hours every month. In fact, out of the data obtained mainly the segmentation of 16-35 years old were playing the game on a daily basis.

Appealing Growth And Slow Down Period

It has been apparent that the stats of league of legends player count are constantly increasing with utmost zeal and zest that shoot up to 67 million in 2016 with a doubling effect in daily players, registration numbers and monthly players.

Further, it was a Eureka moment when it crossed the most appealing and desirable count of 100 million players in 2017.

In fact, the counts of players were equal to a country that holds 100 million population.

Recent Stats Of League Of Legends


It would be surprising to know that the main inspiration behind the launch and development of such dame was Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Defence of the Ancients.

This was really a surprising moment of joy to celebrate the leading position in the gaming industry.

Though it dropped in 2018 to 75 million due to some reasons with was boosted by strong marketing, attractive music system and appealing cinematic.

Today in the year 2020, it has collected a total of 115 Million monthly players with an excellent price pool money of $75 MILLION which was earned out of some borderless Tournaments.

Therefore you can visit League Feed to follow the trends of League of Legends.

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