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The Root Of Our Gaming Obsession – Why We Play!

Games like PUBG, block puzzles, and Fortnite has taken the world by storm. In just a few years, mobile gaming has leapfrogged video gaming consoles and PCs as a potential platform.

This may be a recent phenomenon, but most mobile games have been quite an exceptional pastime for many of us and continue to explode, witnessing millions of new users every day.

A short and simple answer to the root of our gaming obsession is the sheer fun and engagement that comes along.

At face value, puzzles may seem like mentally stimulating activities. However, there is not much evidence to prove that any puzzles’ learnings may be transferred into real life.

The more we play, the more we get better at the gameplay. The urge to compete, progress, master, and grow gets us all engaged in this form of entertainment.

What further makes us addicted or obsessed with a particular game, besides the storyline or visuals, is how each level offers a sense of satisfaction and achievement when we accomplish those smaller, attainable goals.

Although it’s short-lived gratification, the rewarding nature of games absorbs us more into the gameplay.

Moreover, the freedom to get creative and control our choices is why we enjoy playing games too often.

Of course, this may not be everyone’s experience, but a moderate amount of gaming certainly satisfies the void we may feel that nothing else may satiate.

Here you may argue that mobile games may not come as close to the deep satisfaction that real-life connections offer. But at least games attempt to do so!

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Games make us happy, and these are excellent sources of positive emotions.

We enjoy games just for the sake of enjoyment, plus the activity taps into our optimism.

Winning further adds to the adrenaline as you’re involved in a challenging yet achievable activity.

This switches on your superpower mode no matter you’re playing alone or with other virtual players.

Not just that, playing Sudoku, jigsaw, block puzzle, or any other game just for 10 minutes a day feels like an excellent escape from the everyday monotony.

The feeling you get, that spontaneous scream on beating your high scores, and spending time mindfully rather than randomly scrolling through social media feeds, takes you to that aha moment, which is why we love playing games.

Gaming is a cross-generational activity, for it’s entertaining, helps improve your concentration, and also enhances your multi-tasking and problem-solving abilities.

All those reasons are enough to make you start playing if you haven’t already!

So wait no more – grab your phone, download your favorite block puzzle, battle royale, board, word, or strategy game, and get going right away!

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