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Best Way to Remain Up-to-Date With New Games!

The gaming industry is an ever-growing industry coming up with new and better games every year for players worldwide.

There are many games offered by PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, which can be easily played. These act as the best entertainment and allows players to experience adventure in their life.

With so many games available to play, the demand for the latest update and blogs related to games is also increasing.

Today players are looking for such platforms where they can get the right information about the new game and the latest reviews, news, etc.

If you are also in search of such a platform, then goodgam.es is a platform to visit!

Some of the popular games rocking in 2020- 

1. Final Fantasy 7 remake

This game is a remake of the 2020 action role play game developed as well as published by Square Enix.

The players in this game role play as a mercenary named cloud strife!

The character joins avalanche, which is a terrorist group and tries to stop the powerful megacorporation Shinar from utilizing the life essence of the planet as an energy resource.

To read more about different games and related events of the game, visit-: https://goodgam.es/

2. Fortnite

It is also an online video game released in 2017 and developed by epic games.

This game comes in 3 distinct mode versions that share the same gameplay.

Fortnite saves the world is a tower defence shooting survival game. Maximum 4 players are needed to fight zombie like creature and defend themselves from traps.

Fortnite creative is another mode where players have the freedom to make their world as well as battle arenas.

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The third mode is the Fortnite battle royale. This game is easily accessible on Windows, PlayStation, macOS, and Xbox One.

3. Among us

This game got released in 2018 but suddenly got shot on the top list of app downloads.

The game has gained more than 86 million downloads by this September.

This game got attention when famous personalities on the twitch streamline about the game. Some of these famous personalities include pewdiepie and ninja.

Thousands of players are tuning in to twitch to watch and play a game involving a spaceship with an alien imposter.

Among US is a multiplayer game in which you can see characters similar to telly tubby figures in a spacesuit.

This game has gone viral within a few months, and players who have not yet played the game must go to goodgam and there you can read all about this game and its gameplay and all related articles.

If you have questions about whether this game will have a sequel or how many players can play this game?

Then you will find the answer to these questions where easily by joining the goodgam.es platform!

4. Genshin impact

Another game that is rocking on the AppStore and google play store is genshin impact.

This game has become one of the best games of the year! This game is free to play the game and can be played on ps4, pc, ios devices, or even android devices.

Genshin impact is a role-playing game featuring an open world where the players battle, take benefits of gacha style monetization as well as use elemental magic!

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Apart from that, players can earn new weapons, new characters, and other resources as the game progresses.

This game is set in teyvat, which is a fictional world, and it has several nations having their own elements.

Players can switch between four interchangeable characters in this game.

If you want to read and know about this game and want to get the latest news, then you can follow this game on https://goodgam.es/.

You can even turn on notification get the latest updates about genshin impact!

Why join goodgam.es? 

1.      Game of different genre- 

Goodgam.es is a platform where players can find games of different genres.

No matter if you are looking for shooting, RPG, adventure, stimulation, sports, or other genre games.

Everything is available here. You get an easy browsing option to browse games, and all you need to do is sign up or log in.

You can sign up using your Google account, Twitter, or Facebook account! Also, you can join the goodgam.es discord server.

It is a very safe and convenient platform that offers full security to user’s information. Players need not to get irritated by ads as ad-free browsing is the best feature provided by the goodgam.es.

2.      Best Resources for gamers

On this platform, you can read resources collected from Twitter, steam, eurogames, etc.

You can read the articles according to the game genre. Like if you like RPG games, then you can read the content related to RPG games.

This will help the player discover in-depth knowledge about the game, and players can thus, remain up to date with the information.

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3.      Follow favorite games- 

You can easily follow or unfollow any game that you like or dislike. You can see how many players are following certain games.

By looking at the follows of a specific game, you can understand which game is more prevalent among players. Also, you will come to know which game is more liked by the gamers these days.

When you follow a particular game, then you can read on the profile about the date of release and developers’ game.

Also, you can easily get the description and know that on which platform certain game can be played. So, the player will come to know whether the game is available on Xbox or PlayStation or pc or mobile!

Therefore, if you want to join goodgam.ea today, then you can download it from the play store and make your account!

This app is downloadable on Android, iPhone, or Pc and other devices! It offers the best user interface and the best experience for gamers worldwide!

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