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Top Funny and Scary Mobile Games to Play This Halloween

Halloween is a bright and fun holiday for the whole family. It is time for jokes, fabulous and unusual costumes, and, of course, games.

There are many multiplayer horror apps and facetious family games that will not let you get bored. However, your smartphone can do much more than entertain.

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Let’s consider the best representatives of mobile games to play this Halloween.

Troll Quest Horror 2

The game is from a series of quests with elements of horror. It is an exciting quest that is full of fun moments.

This time you need to scare or make the negative characters laugh. Many logical puzzles and simple tasks need to be solved to achieve your goal.

On the way, you are waiting for scary dolls and evil cactus. But that’s not all, be ready to meet an unusual bride, feed Dracula, go shopping in a Shoe store, cure a shark’s tooth, and much more.

Each level is a small funny episode with its characters and its own story.

The main thing is to use your wits, solve the puzzle, and go to the next level.

Go through level after level, have a good time with the horror heroes, and earn the maximum number of points.

Don’t forget that you can use hints if something doesn’t work out. Good luck!

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles for kids

This is a festive Halloween collection of kids’ puzzles. Children are waiting for 24 bright and scary pictures, each of which can be divided into 6 to 56 fragments.

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The time to solve the puzzle in the game is unlimited. After the image is collected, the children will see a small animation and hear ominous funny sounds like a Very Scary Laugh.

Halloween Town Racing

Halloween Town Racing is a simple and straightforward car racing game for everyone! Enjoy spooky Halloween graphics, pumpkins, ghosts, and lots of surprises in the levels.

Find hidden passageways and secret goods. This free game is easy to play for kids, but fun to enjoy by everyone!

The game has simple controls., and you can’t crash in this game. Move forward, collect stars, twist flips, and admire the real “dark” landscape with ghosts, pumpkins, and other evil spirits.

The game is an organic mix of old-school arcade games with themed races.

You will surely enjoy the excellent graphics, designed in a cartoon style, as well as very charming characters, despite their positive image.

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Halloween Legend

A game is from the genre of three in a row on Android, made in the style of Halloween.

Collect identical figures of three or more in a row and remove them from the field while earning points.

The more you make up rows of witch hats, pumpkins, and skeletons, the more points you earn.

Use all your logical thinking to solve the problem and disenchant ancient tombs, defeat spiders, and other enemies with special bonuses.

Complete more than 300 levels and try all the game modes. Discover new challenges and set records, climbing higher and higher in the leaderboard.

Colorful graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack will create an appropriately festive mood for children and their parents.

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Bouncy Bill Halloween

This app is an arcade puzzle game where you need to hold a cute turtle Bill on the platforms to the desired location.

Platforms come across various things: slippery, breaking, moving, teleport platforms, and so on.

All this is done in the spirit of Halloween, with ghosts, pumpkins, and appropriate music.

Carefully look around, see how to achieve the goal, and begin to act, driven by an energetic, truly Halloween soundtrack.

You will find many unique adventures and levels that can be overcome with jumping up, excellent reaction, and ingenuity.

Halloween Running

Cute green Goblin is waiting for a lot of adventures in this Halloween night.

He will have to overcome many dangerous obstacles: fires and ghosts, deadly pendulums, and other traps that are just waiting to stop him on his way to the finish line of the next level.

Simple but beautiful graphics, cheerful music, and very thematic obstacles will help you not just brighten up, but have fun many evenings.

Bingo Quest: Halloween Holiday Fever

Dynamic Lotto in a genuinely festive Halloween design with a very atmospheric musical accompaniment!

It would be best if you were prepared because the numbers will fall out at short intervals, so you need to focus on two cards and react as quickly as possible.

Halloween Solitaire

Probably, no witch in the magical world of Halloween does not like to lay out solitaire. In this case, we have to play a reasonably simple Mahjong type of solitaire.

At each level, the cards will be laid out more bizarrely, and the top ones will be opened. You need to collect pairs of free cards, and if there are no such cards on the field, you can open a card from the deck.

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Halloween Runner

Help the little girl escape from the evil pumpkin-headed monsters that are chasing her. Collect candies and various bonuses on the way.

The girl must escape from the ghostly forest. Run as fast as possible. Avoid different obstacles and dangers.

Especially beware of monsters with pumpkin heads, do not let them catch the girl.

The further you manage to escape, the more candy you collect, the more points you will be awarded.

Train and set new records in this mobile game made in the style of Halloween.

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