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Top 25 Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist – Craigslist Alternatives

No matter what you look for in the classifieds portal to help you buy and sell, I’m sure that you will find it on these 25 sites like Craigslist.

Craigslist.com was one of the first sites to transform real-world industries into the Internet, namely classified ads in newspapers. Thanks to its simple design and intuitive system for organizing ads by region (so you can shop closer to home), it was still strong despite its creation in the 1990s.

Buying with classified ads can also help avoid using more independent online markets, such as paying for service fees or worrying that others have to keep your personal or financial information.

However, this means that you have to do more work when buying or selling, and if the transaction fails, Craigslist may not solve the problem for you.

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Our List Of Sites Like Craigslist

No matter what you look for in the classifieds portal to help you buy and sell, I hope you find it on the other sites like Craigslist.


You may see Facebook as a place to read your friends’ latest status updates or watch a viral video. You may not realize that Facebook allows you to buy or sell locally.

Since almost everyone has a Facebook account, Facebook’s “for sale” list can be quite a lot. In fact, you may be surprised by the large number of items listed on Facebook.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

If you have a hard time selling products on Craigslist, consider listing your products on Facebook. Simply enter your local city name and online courtyard sales to find your local sales group.

Or you can click the “Buy and Sell Groups” button in the “Browse” menu. Alternatively, click the Markets tab on the left sidebar of the Facebook page.

If you’re looking for a specific product to buy, you can search for specific keywords within the group. If you don’t submit any search criteria, the results will be similar to your regular Facebook news feed.

They will be displayed in the order they are published. Be sure to read the rules for this group before listing the products you want to sell. Some groups are more restrictive than others.

Similar to Craigslist, you can’t sell guns with any Facebook Yard Sale group. Selling on Facebook is free.

Let go

You may have seen Letgo’s text “cliffhanger” TV commercial (the spelling of the actual website) a couple of years ago. Other then Facebook, Letgo is considered to be the most well known Craigslist alternative.

Letgo is doing a better job than Facebook on the list of grouped products. You can search for specific keywords or general categories such as fashion and accessories.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

This makes it easier for Letgo to search for items in some way. In addition, the Letgo website is more attractive. As soon as you visit the home page of the site, you’ll see photos of recently listed items for sale.

When you click on the product list, you can also easily view the items for sale from the same seller. Letgo can be safer than Craigslist. You must verify your Google or Facebook account to create a Letgo profile.

While Craigslist has a very simple and clean platform, Letgo allows sellers to be more detailed. For example, in addition to images, you can also use Letgo to post videos.

Finally, Letgo is also very convenient. You communicate through their apps while interacting with potential buyers or sellers.

Therefore, you do not need to list your phone number or email address. This feature helps some buyers and sellers feel more comfortable when dealing with strangers.

Recycler – Sites Like Craigslist

If you live in a big city in the United States, Recycler is another good choice. Recycler was originally a local secret newspaper in Southern California.

It became the national market in 2010 and now has 18 million users per month. You can use Recycler to buy or sell pets, find home rentals, sell used cars and anything else offered by Craigslist.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

When you sell on Recycler, you can quickly post your listing to Facebook and Twitter. To increase your exposure on Recycler, you can also use paid advertising to target specific buyers or markets.

Recycler, as its name implies, helps buyers and sellers exchange items and use the website as a medium of communication.

Although you can also post a home rental, its more popular among sellers who want to get rid of second-hand items.

Recycler offers listing services in most major cities in the United States (such as Atlanta, Boston, and Miami), but if you don’t want to travel to the nearest listed metropolis, the site is useless.

The developer’s original website was based on the idea of exchanging goods and services rather than money. Although the component is still the main symbol of the service, it has been extended to include the main mode of currency products exchange.

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In addition, Recycler is paired with a network of print publications distributed across the country, allowing you to post the same ads online as you would in a print distribution. The list of available publications is quite limited, but the ad exposure is still an ad exposure.


For sites like Craigslist, Offerup is relatively small. However, it still has a large list of products that have recently become more popular with 23 million app downloads.

It also received the Best Application of the Year award from Geekwire. Sellers and visitors can also play their lists on Facebook. Both buyers and sellers can receive ratings.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

This helps make the sales process safer and minimizes scammers. In order to redeem its eponymous product, Offerup allows you to accept the seller’s listing price or make a quote yourself.

If you are not ready to buy now, you can also add the list to your watch list. With the new sites like Craigslist from Seattle, OfferUp has some unique features.

For example, if you download and install the app for your mobile device, you can list the items for sale by taking a photo using your tablet or smartphone and enter some details.

And, like eBay, you can bargain with sellers, no matter what price they think is fair. Whether it is the listed price or the price below the price, you can reach a deal when both of you agree! OfferUp also has some cool security features so you can buy or sell with confidence!


Oodle is slightly different in helping you buy and sell locally. For other sites, you can only see the listings that the seller actually posted on the market.

With Oodle, some lists will be published directly to Oodle, but they will also sort out other Craigslist alternatives to extend their list.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

For example, in addition to the vehicles sold by actual Oodle members, you may see the vehicles listed by Cars.com. Oodle is also a great way to buy or sell antiques, as they will also list local pickup products from eBay.

This is interesting because it is used to support many third-party websites and claims that there are more than 600,000 listings coming from 80,000 websites every day.

Statistically, they had more than 3 million unique visitors, which is a good traffic. Easy to list and have the usual categories, such as items for sale, services and jobs. Oodle also allows sellers to list through Facebook ads.


Formerly known as EBay classifieds, Close5 is a good choice for local trading in San Francisco, San Diego or Los Angeles. Although there are many other properties in other parts of the country.


You can find anything on Close5. When you browse the product list, the settings look like classic Polaroid photos.

Below each image is the price and product name in the white rectangle. You can text with the buyer or seller in the Close5 app. You can also make offers through the app.


Bookoo (just like I saved a lot of money by using Bookoo) is a Craigslist replacement for home use. You can list one item at a time or promote a garden sale.

Bookoo is located throughout the country. Many locations are in towns with military bases. This makes it easier for military members to buy and sell items through recent moves.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

To help make it more personal, Bookoo lets the seller create a profile that contains short bio and picture. This profile also lists the types of projects you have listed in the past.

Although this site is slightly smaller than the current 2+ million members, it has an easy-to- use buying or selling platform. It has live chat support and social media feels right for the family.

Trove Market

Trove Market specializes in selling used furniture for any room in your home. You can browse online or browse using the mobile app.

Trove will automatically use your location to display the nearest listings, or you can browse the country. Whether you are looking for restored piece of the mid-century, an, antiques or modern style, Trove Market can cater to your needs.

Trove Market

Since most furniture is cumbersome, you may need to purchase it yourself. However, some shippers will ship locally or ship small items nationwide.

This iOS app (coming soon on Android) allows sellers to post photos and descriptions of items for sale. The buyer can then swipe left or right to view items in the Tinder’s interface.

Trove focuses on face-to-face transactions and bring communities together for secure cargo exchange. Facebook login is required, which helps to verify identity and allows users to see if they have any friends who share with buyers or sellers.

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The buyer will also enter a credit card to let the seller ensure that they are serious, and the seller will not receive payment until the buyer has checked the item and pressed it in the app. The seller gets paid through a bank account or Venmo, after 10% deduction of the transaction fee.

Geebo – Sites Like Craigslist

Founded in 1999, Geebo allows you to buy or sell merchandise, heavy equipment, vehicles, real estate and services in 160 communities.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

If you live in a big city like Los Angeles or Chicago, you might want to try Geebo. If you live in a medium-sized city like Virginia Beach, Tulsa or Cincinnati, Geebo is also a good choice.

As a safer way to buy and sell than other online classified websites, Geebo offers “Safe Trade” deals. “Safe Trade” happens when both parties decide to meet at the local police station.

If you are hesitant to try Craigslist because you feel that there is no safe meeting in any public parking lot, Geebo can be a good alternative to Craigslist.


Compared to the other sites like Craigslist listed in this article, Hoobly may have almost the same look and feel as Craigslist.


You can search for anything on this website. In addition, there is a list of products from Canada and Europe. By selling or buying pet animals, you may be most successful in Hoobly because the list for this category may be more than any other product category listed.

You can post or shop for free on Hoobly. Hoobly is a classified advertising site very similar to Craigslist, designed to be minimalist.

However, one major difference is that you choose what you are looking for and then choose where to look for it. Like eBay classified ads, Hoobly is clearly a popular choice for people looking to sell or adopt pets.


Their developers say, when they blended Craigslist, eBay and Etsy, the result was PeerHub. It allows you to trade locally or nationally using cash, credit or Steem currency.

Online Selling Sites Like Craigslist

It can be sold or purchased freely, and using Steem will eliminate PayPal or credit card transaction fees. They also have a social media platform where your ratings and product placements will increase as you follow.

You can find a bit of everything on PeerHub. So if you want to buy or sell traditional and eclectic items, it might be a good market.


The site is completely free to use and you can buy or sell anything. ClassifiedAds.com has a very simple layout that reminiscent of the classified ads you see in the newspaper, except for the uploaded images.


As with many Craigslist alternatives, using ClassifiedAds.com will be most successful if you live in a big city. Although they also have boards for many of the smaller regions of each state.

ClassifiedAds.com Like OfferUp is a relatively new Craigslist-like site from the Seattle area. It was launched in 2006 and is 100% free to use, which means that no ads will cost you money to post.

It also allows you to create an account with Facebook, but like Craigslist, it does not require you to have an account to post ads.

Free advertising in the US

Since 1999, free advertising in the United States has been around. It still has a very basic layout, reminiscent of about 2,000 websites.

Unlike some other sites that allow unlimited distribution to sellers, free membership with free advertising in the US allows you to list only two products at once.

If you are a frequent visitor or need other sales features, you will need to upgrade. The Gold membership for each 25 advertisements is $10. Or you can choose premium membership, unlimited ads for $9.99 per month.

To purchase free advertising in the United States, you only need a free membership. According to US free advertising, their most popular lists are dogs, horses and houses.

Free advertising in the US is almost as long as Craigslist, and it seems to share the same aesthetics through simplicity.

You need an account to post ads on free US ads; a free account allows you to post ads for free, but the upgraded account comes with additional tools and ways to get your ad exposure.

Free advertising in the United States is a fairly popular classified advertising portal for adopting or selling pets, especially dogs and horses.


The site offers online classified ads in over 60 countries. The site accepts paid advertising from national retailers, so not every listing is local. If you live in Los Angeles, Miami or New York, you may have the best chance with Locanto. Those cities are their characteristic boards.


Advertising on billboards is free. However, you can extend your ads to other cities for an additional fee. The third-party ads from your listing can be removed by paying a minimal fees. For an additional fee, you can pay to send ads to the top of the buyer’s search results.

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Trovit is a classified search engine that is great for purchase. With Trovit, you can search multiple online taxonomy databases at home, in the car or at work. The site is organized quite well and has an easy navigation. Just choose your country (Trovit operates around the world) and choose your theme.

Craigslist alternatives

You can choose to view the home, car or work at the top of the page. After that, you’ll be instructed to narrow your search to find listings for items near you. Please note that not all regions currently have a list of Trovits. This fact may affect whether you find a car, home or job near your neighborhood.


Most eBay auctions and sales are sent via email. However, for items that are too large or too large to be transported at a reasonable cost, there is a local pick-up option. You may want to consider this option when looking for or selling antiques, flat screen TVs and cars (eBay motors).


If your product is not sold locally on Craigslist or other websites, eBay is also a good choice. Although almost anything can be sold on a local classified website, market demand may be weak.

For example, winter fur coats or snowshoes may be sold in Alaska at a higher price than the Louisa estuary. One disadvantage of eBay is that, in most cases, they charge for listing and sales.

These fees can cut your profits as you sell. However, you can raise the price at any time to pay for eBay listings and sales.


If you can really spell the correct name, then this is a beautifully designed website, and interestingly owned by eBay who also owns a part of Craigslist.

sites like craigslist

Just like Craigslist and Backpage, this is a general setting for the area of sale defined by the city, as well as various websites for foreign countries.

The usual classification categories are here, depending on the city, with a reasonable number of lists.


This site has a nice fresh layout with localized sites in American cities and states, as well as versions from around the world.


A useful hot search feature to view current popular content. From a sales point of view, this is also relatively easy to list, with a variety of common list categories.


This is a popular choice for the UK to view more statistics on current visits than Craigslist.co.uk. The site is divided into different cities, and of course you should buy and sell in the place that best suits your stay. This is a great place for British surfers.


Clamor is a website consisting of a private, audited local community group. Jon groups, such as children’s clothing, electronics, or furniture, based on the items you want to buy or sell, and sort the list by distance, price, novelty, or popularity.

You can use the Clamor window on Facebook to post items for sale and publish them on the Clamor news source.

The site is free for buyers and sellers who trade in cash, but sellers can accept credit card payments by paying a 6.5% transaction fee through Clamor.


Known as “a private social network in your community”, the site (also available as an iOS or Android app) is similar to a community bulletin board where neighbors post items for sale, alert each other to security issues or find a babysitter or other service offering Business.

To foster community trust, users must verify their home address and publish with their real name. Like friend.town, Nextdoor connects users but does not process payments or promote meetings.

Craigslist is a long-standing website that helps millions of people sell items they no longer need or want. The simplicity of the site makes it attractive.

The fact that it can be freely listed and sold also helps to make Craigslist popular. Craigslist’s long-standing trading history and easy-to-use website make it popular among many buyers and sellers.

And, you can find anything you might want on the website. However, there is no reason why you cannot use some other alternative sites.

They will increase your exposure in listings, especially for sellers and more products and services to view for the buyer. In General, they provide more marketing opportunities.

If you like this list of top 25 Sites Like Craigslist, please share it with your friends and tell us which one of them is your personal favorite?

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