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Sites Like Tumblr, 40 Best Microblogging Alternatives to Tumblr

Top 40 Sites Like Tumblr – Best Microblogging and Social Networking Platform Alternatives to Tumblr

As a micro-blogging and social media platform founded in 2007, Tumblr is among the pioneers in the world of social media, which is dominating the internet today.

This platform allows you to post writing and multimedia content and share it with your followers.

You can also follow other accounts at Tumblr in order to see their newest posts on your feed.

You can post varioustypes of content on Tumblr, and you are free to make your account public or private.

While Tumblr is still being used by millions of people today, there is a big number of Tumblr users that are trying to find alternatives to this social media platform, due to the recent policy that this platform gave to the users.

This platform no longer allows users to post NSFW content on the site, and they are purging all accounts that are posting NSFW content on the platform.

This became a big turnoff for many users, as they enjoyed this platform as the way for them to express themselves without any restrictions.

Other people might also want to find some alternatives to Tumblr because they want to use something new as their main social media platform.

Tumblr gives you the freedom to express yourself and connect with other people at the same time.

It functions both as a micro-blogging and social media platform with more than 400 million blogs published on the platform.

However, it is not the only one.

There are still many alternatives to Tumblr, so you can use these alternatives if you just want to experience something different and connect with different types of audience in other platforms.

Our List Of Best Sites Like Tumblr

Here are the top 40 sites like Tumblr, the best microblogging and social networking platform alternatives to Tumblr:


Ghost is an independent social media platform that allows you to take control fully of the content, technology, and the audience.

Sites Like Tumblr

This platform can be hosted on your own site, so you can literally have your own social media platform running on your site.

It doesn’t censor or remove content, and you can take full control of what content that can be posted on this platform.


• It is a social media platform that can be installed and hosted on your own domain and server.

• You are taking full control of the tech, content, and audience.

• It is best suited for businesses looking to establish a connection with their audience.

• You are creating your own rules with this platform.

• You can essentially run your own social media platform.

Official website

Mastodon – Sites Like Tumblr

Mastodon is a decentralized social network that allows you to redefine the social media experience.


It gives the power of social networking back to you, allowing you to build your own kind of networking platform, which can be connected with the whole Mastodon community.

It provides a safer social media experience for everyone.

Mastodon can either be installed on your own server, or you can just join the already available networks that use this platform as their main engine.

This way, you can share your thoughts with others in any way you prefer.


• It is available for both individuals and organizations.

• It allows you to share 500-character posts with various customization options.

• It gives you the built-in anti-abuse tools.

• It consists of different types of communities that are connected together.

• You can install it on your own server to run your own networking platform.

Blogger – Alternatives to Tumblr

Blogger provides the free and easy platform for you to create your own blog and publish it online.

Sites Like Tumblr

There are various themes that you can choose for your blog, and you can customize it based on your preferences.

You can follow other bloggers on the Blogger network to get new blog and content recommendations.

You can also give your blog its own domain name.

It is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the market today, as it is owned and operated by Google.


• It is free and easy to start blogging with this platform.

• It is managed by Google and integrated with the AdSense money-making program.

• You can connect with other blogs at Blogger easily.

• There are various themes and customization options available.

• It has built-in analytics to know about your audience better.

Official website


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform that is available both as a standalone software that you can host on your own server, and also as an online platform.


WordPress.com is the online platform that allows you to create your own blog and publish it for free.

There are lots of things that you can do with this platform, including blogging, e-commerce, creating portfolio website, and creating a website to promote your products.

If you want to install WordPress on your own server and build your own blog in that way, you can use the software provided by WordPress.org to do that.


• It is available for free, allowing you to build various types of sites easily.

• It has the network of millions of users and websites.

• It offers affordable pricing plans if you want to enhance your site.

• Various themes and plugins are available.

• Google Apps integration is available.

Official website

Facebook – Sites Like Tumblr

Facebook is the top social media network that is being used by billions of people today.

Sites Like Tumblr

With Facebook, you can share your post with others, whether in the form of texts, images, or videos.

You can add friends to your profile, and you can follow their posts on your Feed.

It can be used both for personal and business purposes.

On your timeline, you can see the updates from your friends as well as from the businesses or services that you have followed.

You can change the settings on what you can see on the timeline

The privacy of your posts can also be tweaked easily from the settings menu.


• It is the top social networking site with billions of users worldwide.

• You can easily create groups and pages on this platform.

• You can add friends easily to follow other people’s posts.

• You can find mutual friends easily with this platform.

• You can tell others about your hobbies and other personal information.

Official website


Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging and social networking platform that allows you to connect with others and share your posts in the form of tweets.


One tweet can contain 140 characters, allowing you to share your posts in short sentences.

You can also follow other people, and they can also follow your account.

On your feed, you will see the tweets made by people that you have followed.

It is one of the simplest and most engaging social media networks around.


• It allows you to know what’s trending worldwide.

• It allows you to communicate with other people in short tweets.

• You can also insert small multimedia files on your posts.

• It is available via the browser and mobile apps.

• Millions of people are using Twitter worldwide, so you can easily connect with your friends and popular people on this platform.

Instagram – Alternatives to Tumblr

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to share photos and short videos with other people.

Sites Like Tumblr

It is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With Instagram, you can take photos and share it with your followers right away.

You can also filter your photos before you share them with others.

On this platform, you can write captions for your photos and let others comment on it.


• It is nicely integrated with your mobile device, allowing you to take photos and share them right away on this platform.

• You can filter your photos with different filters to make it look better.

• It can also be accessed via desktop browsers.

• You can interact with other people on this platform by commenting on their posts.

• It allows you to post short videos as InstaStory.

Official website

Pillowfort – Sites Like Tumblr

Pillowfort is a social media and blogging platform that you can use to share your work with others and establish the community based on your preferences.


The good thing about Pillowfort is that it offers a safe environment for you to connect with others without having to deal with the negative side of social media.

It gives you the power to control your privacy and your content.


• It has various communities created by the users of this platform.

• It has the blocking and blacklisting features to ensure your account is safe for you.

• It has the threaded comment sections to make sure the conversations go smoothly.

• It allows mature or NSFW content without having to tag it manually.

• You can totally control your privacy and content on this platform.

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NewGrounds provide the social media network and community platform for artists, writers, musicians, developers, and voice actors to share their work online.

Sites Like Tumblr

On this platform, anyone can share their best work, discuss it, and connect with other like-minded people to form their own groups and communities.


• It allows the users to submit their work to the platform.

• It allows the visitors to rank and vote on the content submitted by the users.

• It is a high quality social networking platform for creative people.

• You can find lots of arts, music, videos, games, and other types of work shared by the community.

• It features the community portal that allows the users to communicate with each other and discuss their work together.

Medium – Alternatives to Tumblr

Medium is the writing platform where writers can write about what’s on their mind and share their writings with others.


On Medium, you can find various ideas being expressed in the best writings by various types of writers.

It is the platform that focuses on empowering people with useful insights and original ideas about various things that matter.


• It is the place where writers can share their ideas and connect with each other.

• It features insightful and original content not found elsewhere.

• It is not filled with fake content and ads.

• It is the place to start the engaging discussions about various interesting topics.

• It’s a great writing and networking platform for writers, experts, and journalists.

Reddit – Sites Like Tumblr

Reddit is a compilation of networking communities that are categorized based on people’s interests.

Sites Like Tumblr

On Reddit, you can find almost anything to discuss, no matter how strange you might think it is.

It is the place where people can discuss many topics, whether it is mainstream or non-mainstream, which often done anonymously.


• You can find lots of topics of interest that you can discuss with others on this platform.

• It is a very simple discussion platform that anyone can use.

• You can share posts in the form of texts or multimedia files to start the discussion.

• It is one of the most popular discussion platforms on the internet, so you can always find interesting topics to discuss.

• The number of users is growing rapidly, with new discussions being posted on a regular basis.


Ello is the social network for creators.


It is the networking platform that is built by the artists and for the artists, allowing them to share their best work with other like-minded people.

Various artists are sharing their best work on this platform in various categories, such as fashion, web culture, art, design, and many more.

This platform is updated regularly with the latest work shared by participating artists.


• It is a great platform to see the best work from various artists.

• It allows artists to collaborate with brands, agencies, and others to market their brands.

• You can see the featured posts, trending posts, and recent posts on this platform.

• It is updated regularly.

• You can connect and communicate with like-minded people using this platform.


DeviantArt is an online community consisting of artists and art enthusiasts.

Sites Like Tumblr

Artists can share their work on this platform so that others can discuss it or even download their arts.

This platform is always updated on a regular basis with new arts that are shared by various artists.

Each day, there will be featured arts that are featured on the home page of this site, which are called Daily Deviations.


• It is the platform where artists can potentially connect with their fans and communicate with them.

• You can find beautiful arts being shared by various artists.

• You can also download the files from your favorite artists if they permit it.

• The Daily Deviations provide fresh updates for you to check out.

• You can discuss the arts that you like directly with the artists.

MeWe – Sites Like Tumblr

MeWe is the social networking platform that calls itself the next-gen social network.


It provides the online networking platform without any ads and spyware.

You are in control with the content that you post on this platform without worrying that your data will be stolen or spied by any third-parties.

It can be used by people 16 years and older.


• It provides the pure social networking platform without any ads and spyware or unnecessary features.

• It is completely safe from negative aspects of mainstream social networks, such as intimidation, bullying, cybersecurity, and more.

• It is built with trust, control, and love, ensuring everyone to get the best experience with this platform.

• It is available for mobile devices as well.

• It complies to the Privacy Bill of Rights.


Minds is a social networking platform that allows you to connect with other people freely.

Sites Like Tumblr

It is the leading open-source networking platform that brings internet freedom for all of its users.

Also, you can earn cryptocurrencies and free promotions if you contribute to this platform regularly.

It is also available on Android and iOS.


• It is a trusted and secure social media network where people can gather freely.

• It is available for mobile apps as well.

• You can earn free promotion and cryptocurrencies with your contributions to this platform.

• It respects the Internet Freedom and Bill of Rights.

• It is an open-source platform.


PixelFed is a photo-sharing platform that allows anyone to share their photos with others and discuss them.

It is free to use, and it offers an ethical photo-sharing platform for everyone.

It doesn’t have any ads, and it offers features that are focused on the user’s privacy.

It can be run on your own server as it has an open-source license, so everyone can use it as they please.


• It doesn’t have any ads in the timeline or anywhere else.

• Timelines are ordered properly without any specific algorithm.

• You can explore new content and add many filters to your photos.

• It doesn’t have any tracking, and it is completely secure for everyone.

• It is focused on the user’s privacy and security.


Write.as is a minimalist writing platform that allows you to use the distraction-free writing tool and publish it to various platforms right away.

You can also link your account with other social media accounts to make it easier for you to publish your writing immediately.

It also allows you to create a minimalist blog and put your own domain name into it.


• It provides the distraction-free writing platform for everyone.

• You can create a blog and use your own domain name for it.

• You can also link your account with other social media networks.

• You can set the privacy settings for your posts easily.

• You can start writing even without signing up to the platform.

Pinterest – Sites Like Tumblr

Pinterest is the place where you can share images and other multimedia files with other people.

The good thing about this platform is that your images will be organized in such a way that they are visually appealing for others to explore.

In this platform, you can follow other accounts, and they can also follow your account to get the latest updates from you.


• It organizes the photos that you have shared in the visuallyappealing way.

• It is a great place to share your ideas about various things.

• You can connect with other like-minded people easily.

• You can pin any image you like to your account feed.

• You can communicate and discuss your ideas with others easily.

Grav – Alternatives to Tumblr

Grav is the software that allows you to build faster websites using the modern flat-file CMS.

It has an open-source license, so you can install this on your website easily.

It is similar to WordPress, but it has its own unique features that allow you to build your own website faster.

It uses the flat-file architecture to make your website look modern and appealing.


• You can share your writing with others once you’ve installed this CMS in your server.

• You can build a website or blog where you can share your ideas freely with others.

• You can let others communicate and discuss your posts easily.

• It is easy to install, and it is completely free.

• It uses the flat-file architecture that is highly optimized and customizable.


Telegra.ph provides a minimalist writing and publishing tool that allows you to write your story and publish it right away.

It has a very minimalist user interface that is easy and comfortable to use for anyone.

You can start publishing your writing by going to the home page and then write the title, name, and your story.

Once done, you simply click publish.


• It offers a minimalist writing and publishing tool that allows you to publish your writing right away.

• It also has the API that you can use for other platforms.

• It is connected with Telegram, and you can post on your Telegram account via Telegra.ph.

• Your texts can be richly formatted and edited based on your preferences.

• It’s a simple way to share your ideas to the web.


Known provides a collaborative social publishing platform that can be used by groups and individuals.

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You can share your writing, photos, and other multimedia content with this platform.

It can be installed on your own server to be used as a blogging platform or as your own social media platform.

It can be used on any device.


• It can be used by a single user or a group of users.

• You can find familiar social media features like tags, bookmarking, and feeds.

• You can share anything you want in the form of rich texts and multimedia files.

• You can tweak the privacy settings according to your preferences.

• You can get updates when someone responds to your posts.

VK – Sites Like Tumblr

VK or Vkontakte is a social media service based in Russia that offers the platform for you to stay connected with your friends.

With VK, you can share your thoughts about many things so that your friends can read it.

The focus of this platform is to help people to connect with their friends and contacts, as well as favorite businesses and services.

It currently has more than 97 million monthly active users.


• You can easily connect with your friends, family, and other contacts and stay in touch with them.

• It features many businesses and services that you can connect with.

• You can share your thoughts in the forms of texts, photos, and videos.

• You can communicate with others via public comments and private messages.

• It is available for both Android and iOS, with simple and clean user interface.


Movim is a decentralized social platform that you can use to create your own community.

This platform allows you to share your thoughts, discuss various things with others, keep updated with what others are doing, and create or join the communities of like-minded people.

This platform can be installed on your own server, or you can join the communities that have been built using this platform.


• It is a decentralized platform that you can install on your own server.

• You can share your writings, photos, and videos with this platform.

• You can either make your posts public or private.

• You can like and comment on the posts made by others.

• You can join any community based on your interests.


Postach.io provides a blogging platform powered by Evernote, which you can use to publish your blog posts and share your thoughts with others easily.

You can also turn your Evernote book into your own blog or website, which others can access.

It provides a simple and straightforward process to create a site based on your Evernote Notebook.

Your site will be published immediately so that others can access it right away.


• With this platform, you can turn your Evernote Notebook into an accessible site or blog.

• You can share your thoughts with others as easily as writing a post on Evernote.

• You can add various pages to your blog once it is published.

• It is very simple and easy to use.

• You can customize various aspects of your site or blog with this platform.

WriteFreely – Sites Like Tumblr

WriteFreely provides a simple and minimalist writing platform that you can install on your own server.

It is completely created in the way that allows you to share your writings with others without any distractions.

You can either create your own blog with this platform, or you can create a community with it.

It uses ActivityPub to connect with other sites on the WriteFreely platform, as well as other platforms.


• It provides a blogging and writing platform that is simple and minimalist, free of distractions.

• You can build a community with this platform, or you can use it to build your own blog.

• It can be connected with other social platforms like Mastodon and Pleroma.

• You can share your thoughts with others via your writing.

• It has a simple and lightweight installation that can run on any server.


LinkedIn is a social networking website aimed at professionals and businesses.

It helps professionals and businesses connect with each other and do business together.

It can also be a good place for anyone to find job opportunities for their local job openings.

LinkedIn is the place where you can share your professional thoughts and insights about your market or expertise.


• This platform allows you to connect with other professionals and potential business partners.

• It is a good community platform for professionals and job seekers.

• There are lots of business categories that you can explore in this platform.

• You can share your thoughts related to your expertise and business market.

• You can advertise your skills, products, and services to your audience.

Amino – Alternatives to Tumblr

Amino provides mobile communities across many interests that you can use to share your thoughts about various things.

It is a social media network geared for mobile users, connecting various types of people based on their interests.

It has various features such as chats, favorites, blogs, polls, and many others.

It also allows you to build your own community with various custom design features.


• It is focused on mobile users with the ever-growing topics of interest.

• It allows you to share your thoughts with others, as well as communicate with them through chats.

• It is a robust community that keeps on growing around the world.

• You can build your own community with various custom design tools.

• You can monitor your community with the built-in analytics.


Soup.io is a personal publishing platform that allows you to share tumble blog posts which consist of short texts, multimedia files, and web links.

It is less complex than a full-blown blog or website, so it is perfect to be used for personal publishing.

This platform allows you to do various things, including sharing multimedia content, create a Scrapbook, and create a Lifestream.

It is free to use.


• It is a personal publishing platform that you can use to publish anything, including NSFW content.

• It is free and simple to use, allowing you to share various types of multimedia files.

• You can put all interesting things on the web via the Scrapbook feature.

• You can also put everything that you have created online in one place via the Lifestream feature.

• There are various features like Friends View, Customization, Domain Names, and Groups.


LiveJournal is the place where you can write your journal online and share it with the world.

You can post your ideas, insights, life story, and other things and let your posts get read by other users.

The platform also provides the ratings system for the best journals in any given time.

You can find stories about various things in this platform.


• It has various communities with various topics of interest that you can explore.

• It has the ratings system to determine the best journals to check out.

• You can share your life stories, ideas, and more.

• It can be explored based on your region.

• It is easy to create a blog with LiveJournal and discuss your posts with others.


Posthaven is a simple paid blogging platform that makes it easy for you to create a blog and make it lasts forever.

It is the platform designed for serious bloggers to post and share their content online without worrying about their blogs getting shut down or hacked.

This platform pledges to its users to keep all the posts intact forever.


• It is a platform where you can safely store and share your content online.

• This blogging platform is designed to last forever.

• It is easy to create a post in this platform, as you can also do it by sending an email.

• It gives a premium look for your blog because you are paying monthly fees for it.

• You can add multimedia files to your posts and encourage discussion for it.

Dreamwidth – Alternatives to Tumblr

Dreamwidth provides the networking community that allows you to share your thoughts, writing, artwork, and various other things with like-minded people.

You can also find the communities that cater to your topics of interest in this platform.

You can control the privacy settings for your content so that you only share it with the people that you care the most.

It is available as a free and paid service.


• You can create your own community where you can share various things with like-minded people.

• There are hundreds of communities that you can join in to see what others are creating and sharing.

• You can take full control of the privacy of your content.

• It is an open-source and community-centric platform, allowing you to express your thoughts in any way you want.

• It’s easy to find people with the same interests as you.

Plume – Sites Like Tumblr

Plume is a social blogging and collaborative writing platform that allows you to create your own social network and federate it with other similar networks.

It is an open software that can be connected with other similar software using ActivityPub and Microformats.

You can find various instances of Plume spread across various websites and networks.

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• It is a huge network of independent and federated social media sites using the same basic software, which is Plume.

• You can write once and publish your writing everywhere.

• It has a great diversity, allowing various types of topics to be featured on the platform.

• It can be connected with other networks like Mastodon and Pleroma using ActivityPub.

• You can install it in your own server.


Redaxscript is a modern and lightweight content management system (CMS) that you can install in your own server.

It allows you to write content for your own site or blog and share it with others easily.

It offers great features catered for both developers and designers, allowing you to create the best website or blog that can be accessed by anyone online.


• It has a responsive design that can adapt your web or blog theme to various devices.

• It uses modern CSS to make sure that your blog will look great on any device.

• It is easy to install with the Installation Wizard feature.

• You can create and share any type of content that you would like others to see.

• You can add multimedia files easily without restrictions.


Hawaar is a unique social networking platform that allows you to share your attitudes with others.

There are no restrictions on how you might behave in this social media network.

However, there is the rating system that will determine whether you are an Angel or Devil.

If you receive lots of compliments from others, then you become an Angel.

But, if you receive lots of criticisms from others, then you become a Devil


• It is a social media platform with a fun and unique concept.

• You are free to express yourself in this platform.

• You can post compliments and complaints to the posts from others.

• You can follow others and interact with them.

• You can post with texts and images.

Pixiv – Alternatives to Tumblr

Pixiv is a Japan-based online community platform that meets artists together to share their work and connect with each other.

On this platform, you can view the work done by various artists in various categories.

There are comics, novels, sketches, and other types of work that you can find on this platform.

You can search various types of artworks that have been posted by various artists.


• You can bookmark the posts that you find interesting.

• You can tag your post so that others can find it easily.

• You can connect and share your work and ideas with other artists.

• It is available worldwide.

• The premium subscription allows you to unlock various extra features.


WeChat is a messaging and social media application that allows you to connect with other users as well as send private messages to them.

This platform is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

You can easily connect with your friends, family, acquaintances, and other contacts using your phone number.

Video calling is also available for you to use, allowing a video conference of several people in one.


• It is available for multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and via the browsers.

• You can connect with your friends and other contacts via your WeChat ID and mobile numbers.

• You can also share your thoughts and life experiences using Moments.

• The voice calls and video calls are completely free.

• You can also communicate with others using various stickers to make it even more engaging.


Shareist provides the content marketing platform for small businesses.

With this platform, you can share your content with others by posting it to the linked social networking accounts.

You can use this platform for free.

It is mainly designed for business purposes, allowing you to collect various types of content from multiple sources.

You can also set the privacy of your content and work with others to create a better content for your business.

Sharing your content online is easier with this platform.


• It provides small businesses a way to share their content with others without having to log into each social media account manually.

• You can collect various types of content from various websites to establish your ideas.

• You can collaborate your work with others and keep your projects organized.

• You can easily gauge the engagement rate of your posts so that you can create similar engaging posts later.

• You have the full control to keep the content private or not.


Youllo is a relatively new social microblogging platform that is geared toward the adult audience.

It allows various types of adult and NSFW content to be posted on this social media network, as well as allow users to share their posts with others.

It also has the feature that allows you to import your Tumblr blog to this new platform.

It is available for free for 18 years old users or older.


• It allows every kind of explicit content to be posted on this platform.

• It allows you to migrate your Tumblr blog to this new platform easily.

• It is completely free to use.

• It allows you to create your own microblog where you can share your stories with others in any way you want.

• You can also follow other users and interact with them just like in any other social media networks.

WhatsApp – Alternatives to Tumblr

WhatsApp started as a simple instant messaging platform before it transformed into a mobile social media network.

With WhatsApp, you can register your phone number and connect with others by exchanging your phone number with them.

Not only that, this platform allows you to send instant messages, perform phone and video calls, as well as update your status.

You can also create groups with WhatsApp, and you can communicate with other members easily.


• It is used by billions of users worldwide, so it is the most popular instant messaging and social networking platform for mobile devices right now.

• You can also use WhatsApp Web by connecting your account with the browser version of the app via QR code.

• You can create groups and update your status easily.

• You can communicate with others via instant messaging, phone calls, and video calls for free.

• It is connected with your phone number, so it is very simple to use.

LINE – Sites Like Tumblr

LINE is a communication and social networking app for mobile devices that you can use to connect with others for free.

You can send messages to others or perform voice and video calls easily, whether it is one-on-one communication or group communication.

You can also share your photos and videos with others and get the latest news within the platform.

It is the platform designed for you to engage with others and express yourself fully.


• You can connect with others in more ways than just sending them instant messages.

• You can share your photos and videos with others directly from your phone.

• It is jam-packed with lots of features, including games, video conferencing, news, store, and more.

• You can add stickers to your chat to make it more engaging.

• You can use many face filters and effects to make your communications and sharing even more exciting.


Tumblr might be hard at work in purging all the NSFW content that have been posted by lots of users over the past few years.

But, it won’t stop the users in trying to find alternatives to this social media network.

Some people might just feel angry with the latest policy applied by this social microblogging platform, but some others might just want to find something new for the way to express themselves.

There are lots of different social media networks that are available today, including the new ones that offer lots of exciting features for the users.

Although some of them have already been in the market for more than a decade now, many people still didn’t have the time to try them.

So, if you would like to try something different from Tumblr, the social networking platforms that have been listed here might be your next choice.

Of course, each platform has its own ups and downs.

Some platforms might only be able to be accessed via mobile devices.

So, you can try the ones that appeal to you, whether you are a desktop user or a mobile user.

Once you’ve chosen your platform from the best Sites Like Tumblr, you can just get familiar with it and start connecting with others in the usual way you have done with Tumblr.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start connecting with others today!

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