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Kodi Alternatives – Top 20 Apps Like Kodi For Media Streaming

If you are looking for the Best Kodi Alternatives, this post is just for you, read this comparison to make your choice.

Kodi is one of the most popular media center software that allows you to manage your media files, as well as stream media files from various online sources.

It is simple and easy to use, and you can turn your PC into a strong media hub just by installing and using this software.

As a media center and streaming software, Kodi might be the number one choice that many people use today.

But, there are other good alternatives to Kodi that you can use to do just the same thing.

Best Kodi Alternatives Ranked

Here are the top 20 Kodi alternatives that you can use as media streaming and media center for your devices:

Plex – Best Kodi Alternatives

Plex is a media center and media streaming software that allows you to put together the media library that you have.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Not only that, you can also enjoy Live TV streaming using this software on the compatible devices.

It has the updated catalog of various streaming sources which you can access from the main dashboard.

You need to be logged in to use this service.


  • It is compatible with various devices, including Apple, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon, and more.
  • It puts together all your media collection in one beautiful dashboard view.
  • It can be used as a Live TV streaming software as well as the DVR software without having to subscribe to any cable subscription.
  • There are also free movies and TV shows that are available to stream from the dashboard.
  • It also includes millions of music and podcast, which will be added to your music collection.

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Infuse 6

Infuse 6 is an elegant media player and media center app that you can download for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Best Kodi Alternatives

With this app, you will be able to add your media library and integrate them in one place.

Also, you can access your media library from various sources, such as local files, cloud storage, network stream, and many others.

It has a nice and elegant user interface.


  • It is compatible with any media file format that is available on the market today.
  • You can synchronize your media library between your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV easily.
  • You can stream your media from anywhere through the cloud stream.
  • You can organize your media collection automatically, as the app will download the metadata information for your media after they are added to your library.
  • You can download subtitles automatically via OpenSubtitles.org.

Stremio – Best Kodi Alternatives

Stremio is a media center software that you can use to organize your media collection easily on various platforms.


The software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. With this software, you will be able to keep your media library in sync on any device that you own.

You can also add various media channels that you can stream on your device using the add-ons functionality.


  • You can discover various new media contents easily on the dashboard, as it is always updated.
  • You can see all your media files in one dashboard, so that you can easily find and play them.
  • You can track the media files that you have watched with this software.
  • You can also organize your media library automatically as you add more content to it.
  • You can cast what you watch to the big screen, so that you can enjoy watching with a better experience.


MediaPortal is a software that allows you to transform your PC into a dynamic media center that is always updated as you update your media library.

Kodi Alternatives

It can be connected to your TV, so that you can watch TV series and movies from one single dashboard.

MediaPortal can also be used to listen to radio and music, as well as view pictures and slideshows.


  • It can be integrated with your TV to provide you a better media experience than your regular TV.
  • You can stream any music or video from the HTPC network.
  • It can also be accessed on the go via the web or mobile app.
  • It is compatible with certain remote controls.
  • You can play and organize your local media library, including Blu-ray Discs and DVDs.

Emby – Alternatives to Kodi

Emby allows you to build your own personal media library on your device, which you can access anywhere and anytime.


It creates a media server for your media library so that you can play your media files from anywhere, whether on desktop or mobile devices.

organizes your media library automatically as you add more content to it.

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Accessing your media library is just a matter of signing in to the same account and clicking the play button.


  • You can use this software to stream live TV as well as record TV programs.
  • You can watch the recordings in your DVR anytime you want.
  • You can access and stream your media library from any device using the same account.
  • You will get notifications every time there is an activity in your media server, so that you know what’s going on in your media library.
  • It is equipped with parental lock options to disable access to certain media files.


Mobdro is a free video streaming app for Android that allows you to access various streaming channels on the go.


With this app, you can discover various video contents to stream from all over the world. All streams can be accessed for free, and you can also share the video you stream with others.

Moreover, you can also download and save various video streams for offline viewing.


  • This app is available for Android phone and tablet.
  • You can stream various video contents for free.
  • Various topics are available to stream in various languages.
  • You can bookmark your favorite stream and track your watch history.
  • You can download any streamed video for offline viewing later.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a software that allows you to watch various TV series and movies online for free.

Best Kodi Alternatives

You can install this software on your device and start streaming any video content that you want via torrents.

Since the software uses torrents as its main network streaming technology, you can stream any shows or movies in stable connection with the highest quality.


  • You can stream your favorite movies and TV shows via torrents for free.
  • There are plenty of movies and TV series that are available to stream right away, updated daily.
  • There is no restriction in the movies or episodes that you can watch with this software.
  • You can stream at the best quality to provide the best viewing experience for you.
  • You can also display subtitles for the movies or shows that you watch.

MrMC – Alternatives to Kodi

MrMC provides a high-quality media center and streaming software to bring all your media libraries in one place.


It is designed to be used with television and remote control for easy navigation.

You can add the media library from the local media files that you already have in your local storage, or you can connect with various other media streaming apps like Plex and Emby.


  • You can bring your local media files in one dashboard and integrate it with online media servers.
  • It supports the playback of DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.
  • It can play most media formats that are available today.
  • The user interface is designed for TV use, along with remote control support.
  • It is available in Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Apple TV, and iOS.

Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server is the software that allows you to turn your desktop computer (Mac, PC, Linux) into a media server that can be accessed from various devices.

Best Kodi Alternatives

As long as you have the same Wi-Fi network, you can access the content on your media server from any device.

You can use any DLNA device to access your videos, audio, and photos using this software.


  • You can connect to your media server via any DLNA-enabled device, such as desktop, mobile, and game console.
  • It is available for free, and it is being updated regularly.
  • You can stream your photos, videos, and audio using this software.
  • It supports the display of subtitles in your movies or video content.
  • It is compatible with a wide-range of file formats.

OSMC – Alternatives to Kodi

OSMC provides an open-source media center that allows you to access and organize your media library from one simple place.

Best Kodi Alternatives

It is completely free to use, and you can set it up without any complicated steps. It also has its own App Store, which allows you to add more functionality to this software.

It can play various types of media formats with high compatibility for various streaming protocols.


  • It is easy to set up, and you can organize your media library in a matter of seconds.
  • You can use this software completely for free.
  • You can add additional apps to extend the functionality of the software.
  • It is compatible with various media formats and streaming protocols.
  • It is based on the combination of Kodi and Debian Linux.

JRiver – Best Kodi Alternatives

JRiver provides the most comprehensive media software that allows you to organize and access your media library from a single dashboard.

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With this software, you can access your videos, music, photos, and images from any device and integrate them into one library.

It is also great for TV viewing, as the user interface is designed to be easy to use for TV display.


  • You can integrate all your media files and access to various media services using this software.
  • You can play any video or audio using this software, and you can also access Netflix, YouTube, and other services from the dashboard.
  • You can access your media using DLNA-enabled devices.
  • It can also be used as a home theater software, which you can control with only five buttons.
  • You can view, edit, and organize your photos from within the software.


PlayOn is the software that allows you to record any streaming videos, so that you can watch them offline later.

You can watch and record the streaming movies from Hulu and other services.

You have the choice to either play the media on the cloud or play on the desktop.

If you choose to play on the cloud, you don’t need any PC to install the software, and you can get a free cloud storage for a limited time.


  • You can connect with the top streaming services and record their shows with this software.
  • You can record the videos for unlimited time, with a very low cost per recording.
  • You can cast your offline recordings to your TV to watch on the big screen.
  • You can start recording your favorite TV shows for an entire season with only one click.
  • You can also access and organize your local media files.


Kokotime allows you to organize your media content in one elegant user interface that you can access anytime.

For every media content added to your library, the app will download the artwork and other related information automatically.

So, each media file that you have will appear neat and well-organized. It is available for the Android platform which can be played on smartphones, tablets, and TVs.


  • It has an elegant and unique design that makes browsing your media library a smooth experience.
  • There are various add-ons available to add more functionality to the main app.
  • The app will automatically index the artworks, reviews, and other information for your media files.
  • You can display subtitles when playing any video content with this app.
  • It is equipped with the media player that is capable of playing various media formats, as well as a file manager function.

Usher – Best Kodi Alternatives

Usher is a personal movie assistant app that you can download for your Mac operating system.

This app will help you to manage and organize your movies, videos, and photos, as well as integrate your iTunes and Photos library.

You can manage both your local files and files stored on the cloud storage, so that they are ready to access anytime.

It uses the Apple QuickTime technology to watch and play any movies that you have.


  • You can create folders to sort your movies, photos, and videos in your library.
  • You can extend your library by letting the app to read the media content in your external drives.
  • You can play any movies or videos from within the software using the QuickTime player.
  • It can be seamlessly integrated with iTunes.
  • You can search the media files that you have stored in the library, as well as extend your search to find online media content.

Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix TV is an app that allows you to access various movies and TV shows in one single tap.

You can find various titles that you can stream right away from the app, and they are being updated regularly

It doesn’t have any ads on the app, and you can fetch the subtitles for any shows from within the app.


  • It has the best servers for streaming, allowing you to stream any shows with the fastest speed.
  • It supports Chromecast, so that you can cast your streaming videos to your TV.
  • The movies and shows that are available in this app are free to watch without ads.
  • It supports more than 200 subtitle languages if you want to add them to your movies or shows.
  • It also has a built-in media player that allows you to play local media files smoothly.

CinemaHD – Alternatives to Kodi

CinemaHD provides an APK for Android devices that you can use to access HD movies that you can stream for free.

This app has a clean interface that allows you to browse movies that are available for stream and play them right away.

It connects to various stream sources that you can access on your phone, tablet, or smart TV.

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  • There are various movie stream sources that you can access using this app.
  • It has a clean user interface that allows you to browse various movies and play them smoothly on your device.
  • It supports various types of Android devices, including Nvidia Shield, Fire Stick TV, and many more.
  • It has the plugin player that allows you to stream media content with your phone.
  • It allows you to perform unlimited streaming for your favorite movies and TV shows.

Tversity Media Servers

Tversity Media Servers is the media sharing and screen mirroring software that allows you to access your media library from anywhere

. It allows you to stream your local media files from various DLNA-enabled devices, as well as stream media from various web sources

Not only that, you can also mirror your screen while doing various activities, such as gaming, browsing, playing media files, and so on.


  • It allows you to stream both local media files and web sources using various devices.
  • It is available in the free and paid version, with the free version having a limited functionality.
  • It supports various media formats and devices, such as phones, tablets, video game consoles, and more.
  • You can also use it to mirror your PC screen on other devices.
  • It is a small and lightweight software with low minimum system requirements.

MythTV – Kodi Alternatives

MythTV provides an open-source DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that you can use for free, allowing you to record the videos that you stream online.

It can also be used as a media center hub that will integrate your media files into a single media library that you can access at any time.

You can add various media files, such as videos, music, and photos into your personal library.


  • You can watch analog and digital TV and record the shows that you like using this software.
  • You can detect and skip commercials in your recordings.
  • It can be used as a media center hub to manage all your media files.
  • You can control this software remotely via web browsers.
  • It also has a parental control system to keep your kids away from mature content.


Tvheadend provides a TV streaming server for Linux, Android, and FreeBSD with various compatible input sources.

Not only that, it can also be used to record TV streaming that you can play later for offline viewing. You can stream analog as well as digital TV channels using this software.

The software is regularly updated with an active development team constantly adding new features to it.


  • You can use this software to stream TV channels and record the shows.
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms, such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Android.
  • You can create multiple TV profiles using this software.
  • You can also stream IPTV using this software.
  • It supports the changing of themes, and it has a good and user-friendly interface.


HDHomeRun allows you to stream Live TV with various devices, such as smart TV, PC, Apple TV, Android devices, game consoles, and many more.

It can also be used as a DVR application, which allows you to record the TV streams that you perform in real time.

You can add a network storage to save your recorded streams, so that you can view it later.


  • You can stream Live TV using this software, as well as record any TV shows that you want to watch later.
  • It can use the network storage drive to save all your recordings.
  • You can use it with multiple devices, and it also supports multiple users.
  • You can continue watching where you left off.
  • You just need to connect the device with the wired ethernet connection or Wi-Fi to use it.


These are the Kodi alternatives that you can use to manage your media files, as well as stream other media files from various online sources

Some of these apps also support digital video recording, which allows you to record your streamed video files and store it for later viewing.

If you want to use a good media center and streaming software for your PC and other devices, you can try one of these apps right now.

So tell me, which one of all these Best Kodi Alternatives is your personal favorite and why?

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